Revolting Peasants

The day started off with us trudging down to our old haunt Bank for 12 Noon prompt, despite the usual stereotypes of Anarchist time keeping we were there bang on time, but then the waiting began. Two hours in total. The Police presence was tiny, though they did enjoy ducking behind pillars and spying on us when we met up with some more famous anarchists, though being a WAG means the police are always interested in your activities anyway. We spotted the FIT Copper from television programme Bargain Hunt who took the wisecracks on the chin to be fair. He never should have bought those stones though!

Around 1pm we decided to tie up our banner, only to be told by climate camp prefects that “This is an autonomous zone. Could we not put it up!” at which point we decided to act autonomously and put it up much to the amusement of the journalists. We then went to the pub. Or as one Times journalist described it: “Demonstrating surprisingly efficient organisation, the Whitechapel Anarchists have taken a collective decision to sit out the bingo and go to the pub!” Despite winding up the “Tranquility Team” about the fact we had come straight from the Westham / Millwall game and trying to spread a rumour that it was Hackney Wick there really was nothing else going on. So the pub it was.

A few pints later around 2pm and we are on our way to Cutty Sark Greenwich on the DLR line to Blackheath. The chosen spot for the Climate Camp. And what a historic place – Wat Tyler and The Peasants Revolt! Will the thronging masses be ready to smash the religious and state institutions like their forefathers/mothers did..? Not entirely. The walk up to Blackheath was much amusement for us WAGs as people dared not stray from the pavement and obiedently marched two by two. When we pointed out that maybe we should take the streets and walk in the road we were told “No” by one eager eco-warrior. I mean you wouldn’t want to stop the traffic now would you? Anyways we broke from the crowd and walked in the road. And then the crowd followed. For some this was probably the most revolutionary act they have ever committed.

Arriving on site our top priority was securing the supply lines as a crack team ventured into the leafy village of Blackheath in search of an off license. Back on the camp we set up a large piece of fencing (which we “found”) attaching our WAG Banner and a number of Red/Black Flags, the cherry on top being a booming sound system. For the next few hours all was jovial, with much alcohol consumed, a football kick about and crap dancing amongst an assortment of WAGs, punks, old RTS, Cambridge Anarchists and other nefarious characters who congregated around us.

The first bit of trouble came from a man who was obviously employed by the Camp to help set up tents, the kind of prole who during the Peasants Revolt would have defended Lord and Lady Rupert’s Estate against members of his own family, who with no warning came shouting at us to turn the sound system off. But his major mistake happened when he threatened to “Get my Sledge Hammer and smash it up!” Out of everyone on the camp to try and bully and intimidate he sure picked the wrong crowd. Let’s just say it didn’t take us very long to convince him otherwise.

Then the shit hit the proverbial wind turbine. Superintendent Julie Pendry and some other lackey Copper (Possibly Ian Thomas) were wandering around undisturbed. They were taken into a tent for a cup of tea and a chat with members of the Officer Class while Climate Camp prefects defended the door, initially to keep out press, as they blocked up the entrance so no one could see or hear what was going on. Climate Camp made two tactical errors here. Firstly allowing the Pigs onto the site (Which was fenced off by this point with only one main entrance). And secondly by allowing them asylum in a tent right next to our mob. Oh dear.

And so it began. Heckling. Shouting. And a few choruses of Harry Roberts. People flocked from all corners of the camp to get involved. But the mood was split. Conflict between those opposed to the police presence and those willing to protect and tolerate (And in some cases welcome) the old bill. Climate Camp soft cops warned us that “It’s not best to act like this with media around” which just goes to show that some involved in the Camp have so much faith in the corporate media, police and state that their hopes for real radical environmental change are merely liberal posturing at best. At this point a spray can was used to much artistic effect as “ACAB” was decorated on the tent, though the artist was stopped before he could finish “KILL POLICE”. The sound system was then pushed up against the tent so that the inside occupants could listen to the brilliant Dead Prez rap about the joy of politically motivated drive by shootings.

Finally the two little piggies were rushed out, protected by Camp prefects, but given a run for their money by us lot. Barrages of “SCUM”, “MURDERERS”, “BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS” and “WE HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN ABOUT IAN TOMLINSON” were hurled at them until they managed to escape out the main gates. With back up now assembled. FIT Watch’s finest did a brilliant job in undermiming their presence and they all finally left as the angry abuse continued letting them know that they were not welcome.

Heated discussions then abounded. We should say that people shouting at the police were not just our group but was a mixed mob of anarchists and sound newly found comrades from the camp who got involved. It was made clear to Climate Camp prefects and others protesting against our actions that we have a right to stand up and be heard when the police, who are oppressive violent functionaries of the State and ruling class, enter a space that is supposed to be liberated and collectively organised for radical purposes of real change from  the old order. Obvious to many was the fact that decisions had been made and people were kept in the dark which exposes the hierachical nature behind the non-hierachical rhetoric.

Many at Climate Camp experienced the Polices full force on April 1st, for some of us we experience this on a day to day, but despite some class divides common ground was found and can be built on. For radical change to make a real impact on our lives and environment we must be empowered as individuals, as a combative force willing to level the class system, opposed to all forms of oppression inflicted upon us from the State. For the freedom of all people. For the freedom of the planet and all her creatures. The police can not be reformed. They protect private property and the ruling class. They always have and they always will. They are the enemy.

For the author of this blog it was the DLR back to Shadwell but some WAGs are camping on site. A text message was received: “Loads of support for the action against the cops tonight, be good if WAG came back, judging by the mood, definitely welcome.”

We will be back on Friday discussing live from the camp on Dissident Island Radio at 7pm exactly what went on and some of the controversies around it possibly dispelling rumours.

On a closing note all those involved in the camp have come together out of a respect for each other, the general atmosphere on site was friendly, positive, constructive and highly enjoyable. This can only remain if the police keep well away as expressed in the open letter to the MET.

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  1. Good show me ol’ hearties, what?

    With deep and ingrained solidarity from me workplace in Haringey. Wish I was there, sounds like brilliant fun. To think that they’d take police into a tent right beside you lot… ingenu!

  2. selfindulgent bollocks.

  3. middleclasssnob

    I don’t get it… Why are you trying to impose your politics and ideas on others…. like you say the protesters are mostly middle class students, for me it begs the question why don’t you have your own ‘anarchist climate camp’ ??? These protesters obviously want to liaise with the police – maybe they think it’s a waste of energy to attack the pawns? Maybe it’s clever to placate the police in order to achieve bigger and better things…

    There’s plenty of other green spaces in London, why don’t you go off and set up your own camp up. You can all wear black and scream at coppers all day….? Or is it easier to hide behind others?

  4. Christian Evans

    Gwayne, ta for the cider but wow does my head hurt today…

  5. How to change the climate, WAG-style.
    Get drunk.
    Shout at the cops.
    Accuse everyone around you of counter-revolutionary compromise.
    Go home.
    Well done chaps!

  6. What sorts of things do WAG do, in terms of achievements or amitions? I’m sure that you have some very interesting beliefs, about how society should live and how other protestors should behave, but what sorts of things do you actually do? Raise awareness of how people can exist cooperatively and without hierarchies?

    I only ask because it seems to me that the campers have done much more to educate people about anarchism and how it is a practical alternative than any explicitly anarchist grouping I’m aware of, and yet it looks as though you lot aren’t very impressed.

    So maybe I’m a bit confused about what you really want? I assume you’re not Daily Mail anarchists who just want a bit of conflict and aren’t really bothered who with?

  7. I believe they are a local group, founded after last years bookfair, who distribute local paper WAG which has a pretty high distribution – couple of thousand each issue. They’ve been involved in big protests like Gaza, Mayday, G20 as well as local demos such as Ian Tomlinson, Tower Hamlets College. Involved in local campaigns with market traders to stop gentrification, stopping evictions at social centre and Ocean estate in Stepney. Do lots of housing stuff with London Coalition Against Poverty and hold regular public meetings as well as pretty good socials – Radical History Pub Crawls and the Spitalfields Fair which was a brilliant family day for community – nice comments on indymedia. Listening to some of the dissident island interviews they are working with local groups across london to form a radical london network. You can find that out by reading the rest of the blog. They are probably the most active anarchist group in london.
    I always thought Climate Camp was anarchist? I mean they have Reclaim The Streets and Earth First on their flyers? And doing it at Black Heath and mentioning Wat Tyler, Peasants Revolt etc etc. I guess if you use the symbolic history of the mob then you better be prepared when they turn up.
    The environmental crisis affects the poor the most so I can see why CLASS STRUGGLE Anarchists would turn up.
    Sounded like fun and put the shits up a few liberals so sounds good to me. Well done WAG!

  8. Bang on with Julius Beezer on this one.
    What did you achieve? Absolutely fuck all.
    What will the Climate Camp achieve? I’ve no idea. But it is getting shitloads of press and keeping the issue in people’s minds.
    And as for the people at Climate Camp being middle class – er, hello? The biggest driver behind the outrage over the Met’s policing of G20 was – yes, The Guardian. Maybe you Whitechapel anarchists don’t read the Guardian, (cos it’s as middle class as it comes, innit) but in my book getting the coppers who beat the shit out of people at G20 sent down is a better job than just going out and spitting on coppers at random…

  9. Just wanted to let you know that not everyone on this site was against what you did. Thanks to you guys Julie Pendry didn’t even try to come on the site today. It would be great to see you back here and I for one will buy you some cider if you do come back.

    Loving the sound system too!


  10. Good job WAG. There is a worrying lack of capitalist critique with the Climate Camp some times.

    Last time around the Police beat everyone and killed a man, why should they be trusted? They certainly shouldn’t be legitimised by being invited in for talks. Keep them out of the camp, and keep to the principles of the police statement put out by Climate Camp before the swoop. “The best thing the police could do is stay away from the camp”.

    Lets try and make the coverage of Climate Camp look at the issues at stake though, We should be concentrating on the fact that Big Business is shafting the planet and all of the people on it, through pollution, through attacks on workers, the poor and on any social justice. Coverage shouldn’t just be a “are the police going to kick off again” feature.

  11. “I guess if you use the symbolic history of the mob then you better be prepared when they turn up.”

    Damn straight.

    I think the acts of WAG in this case are far, far more important than people seem to be making out. Remember, these coppers aren’t interested in participating constructive negotiations or allowing peaceful protests. Remember G20? Climate Camp had the shit kicked out of them by hundreds of Met knuckle-draggers. The only reason they (claim to) want a softly-softly approach this time around is because they realised that they can’t get away with the sort of violent tactics that they so desperately want to use. I think WAG (and the many, many others who joined in, don’t forget) were perfectly right to hound the cops out. How dare they waltz in and demand an audience, and how dare the self-proclaimed leaders of Climate Camp welcome them in with open arms!

    The bottom line is that the liberals among us want desperately to think that if we are nice to the government and their attack dogs (the police), they’ll be nice to us back. If we have slick PR then the media will get on our side. If we are 100% passive and peaceful then the police won’t beat us up. Etc etc.

    History has proven these liberal assumptions not to be the case, time and time again, but they still don’t learn.

    There’s a place for co-operatioin and there’s a place for confrontation. If a mass squatting action on public land in the capital city isn’t meant to be confrontational, i don’t know what is.

    Well done WAG for shaming these clowns. Just don’t get drunk next time – it’s bad PR don’t you know 😉

  12. capitalism is great!

    That’s actually a really good idea, lets have an alternative “anarchist” climate camp, never mind that that climate camp was originally an anarchist thing. oh wait isn’t that separating good protestors from bad ones? soooo we’ll have our alternative camp which the police can beat without problems, and they’ll have their liberal camp where people confront the root causes of … yappiness!

  13. Interesting article here about why Climate Camp could actually be inhibiting any chance of meaningful change, by enforcing an insipid, moralising ineffectual orthodoxy to the whole process of protest.

    Yesterday’s experience at the camp was like being incarcerated in a forced labour camp staffed by legions of sadistic self-righteous schoolteachers. With all of the financial resources available to the camp, it feels like a sadly wasted opportunity that this prototype of the desired eco-utopia seems to be so closely modelled upon a suffocatingly conformist bourgeois gated community.

  14. painfulcutstocome

    Well done WAG!

    Ignore the tossers, if they could get past their clique posh wank they might get noticed and not have half the populace cheering the cops on when they got attacked at the G20.

    And ‘spitting on coppers at random’ has been around years Simon Cowderoy. Before you try to have it BANNED…don’t be stupid, it’s already illegal.

    Now knock off this hobnobbing with the State and it’s machinery, makes you look like wankers.

  15. “Out of everyone on the camp to try and bully and intimidate he sure picked the wrong crowd.”

    You’re so butch.

    “a spray can was used to much artistic effect ”

    Hard core!

    Can’t decide which I dislike more – the pretendy anarchists or the trendy middle class lefties.

  16. There are plenty of class struggle anarchos at the camp. Most of them didn’t just set up a sound system while everyone else built the camp around them, and they didn’t throw their toys out of the pram when the legal team got wrong-footed by the police coming on site.

    It was all so terribly -male-.

    Shall we watch that No Pretence film one more time?

    Still in denial chaps?

  17. Yo – i’m in WAG and am fully down with the looser defined politics = up for it class struggle environment that can attach itself to anything from anti-cop brutality demo’s to keeping Tower Hamlets services open. WAG rox my sox. But the tone of the article suggests you went with an antagonistic attitude towards the camp. The throwaway last paragraph doesn’t cancel out the general tone that sounds like you think Climate Camp is Softy Walter and you are Dennis the Menace. If you do, then as other people have said, don’t go!

    Climate Camp is an interesting beast with many an intrigue – its a kind of (KIND of) deviant-anarchoid project that mixes up anticapitalist rhetoric and 90’s NVDA to get media attention and activist attention – then makes some very straightforward and achievable demands (no new coal, no 3rd runway etc.). Indeed, it is a fudge. It certainly aint class struggle anarchism. But so what? If you want a relatively open forum to meet young people who are up for direct action and direct democracy, it’s great. I see it as a holiday personally – certainly more fun than flyering the dole office getme?

    I can see your problem with the cops being on site, but you must SURELY be aware Climate Camp has always had a communication line with the cops – they have agreed compromises, like daily tours and liaison delegates. Don’t act like this is a big surprise comrades! If you want to change that i’m afraid you got to join your local Climate Camp group and spend your year wiggling your hands like a fanny at meetings up a down the country. I don’t care enough about CC to do that, so i accept their choice for the few days i’m there. I’m not gonna be able to change it by get drunk and playing Rage Against The Machine outside a tent am I?

    …I look forward to totally contradicting everything i just said by getting drunk and aggressive this weekend. See you there!


  18. It was a mistake to let the cops into the camp – that has now been rectified. No police will be allowed into the camp now. This is a consensus decision made by the camp as a whole. As a result the cops are threatening to stop all negotiations, and can be seen in their true colours. I hope the Whitechapel Anarchists who left the camp last night will return. The Climate Camp is non-hierarchical and all decisions are made by consensus. That for me is anarchism in practice. There are people of all backgrounds, classes and ages in the camp, and I think they are doing something which should have the support of all of us, WAGS include.

  19. *to Gubulgaria*

    You say:

    “I only ask because it seems to me that the campers have done much more to educate people about anarchism and how it is a practical alternative than any explicitly anarchist grouping I’m aware of, and yet it looks as though you lot aren’t very impressed.”

    sorry mate but that is total bollocks. I know a whole generation of young people who went into the Climate Camp eco-protest scene aged 16 to 20 and are massively dedicated to it – and fair play to them, the risks they have taken and time they have put in are more than impressive. But they have learned exactly fuck all about anarchism and still have massive faith in the state and state institutions to sort out the crisis, even if they fight for change in a way which is considered anarchist (NVDA – its not actually anarchist, it comes from the Civil Rights movement! People think its anarchist cos of Earth First! in the 1990’s).

    Climate Camp is not their to educate people about anarchism – directly democratic communism. Certainly the camp itself is similar one vision of an anarchist commune, but its hardly mind blowing. Most people don’t need to see evidence to know you can live in a field for a week and not need a grand overlord. The challenge is to convince people that production, healthcare, housing – all of societies infrastructure – can be run by the whole of society democratically. That’s anarchism.

    Climate Camp is trying to stop the climate crisis, not salvage “anarchism” as a concept.

  20. Despite the concerns about the obvious hierarchical make-up of CC decisions I’m glad you’re involved. I think class-struggle anarchists should be in on the act as the environmental movement grows in the next few years, like with the anti-poll-tax movement. I know a couple of campers who were half-hearted trots become more involved in the anarchist movement through actions like this, as well as disillusionment with being bossed about by CC Head Boys. If the camp is going to be genuinely non-hierarchical we should be inside the camp, taking apart the leadership structure there first. Good luck with the camp in the next few days, I’ll pop down if I get the chance. Hopefully the CC can be wrestled from the hands of liberals by the sheer number of people who turn up wanting leaderless dissent.

  21. Simon, I don’t think your point that the gaurdain “led” the outrage over the G20 policing lets climate camp of the hook over collaboration with the police.
    Middle classnob, how clever a tactic was it to liase with and placate the police over the city climate camp? I ended up getting battered down Old Street as people (including us evil Wag anarchists) tried to link up with the besieged climate camp in order to strengthen numbers against the ongoing police violence.
    Maybe the climate camp “invisible leadership” felt at home taking a little trip down to Gravesend to talk public order tactics in front of the mock up council estate that forms the training ground for a bunch of uniformed thugs who batter people with impunity on demos. Do you not think that somebody should have forseen how that looks to the people on the recieving end of the police, not just in an isolated “political” context but in the everyday realm of petty harrasment that typifies much working class interaction (certainly informs my own) with the police? Or maybe we just need to be “educated” about that as well as about anarchism?
    The fact is that there could be a tragedy every time we are on the streets if it wasn’t for the solidarity and bravery shown by those who stand up to the police and protect thier mates.
    I hope people take the time to read the other articles in this blog to understand what Wag are up to in terms of local poitics and wider issues.

  22. The Climate Camp – as I understand it – believes that there is no solution to climate change through capitalism – apparently it’s for anyone who’s fed up with empty government rhetoric and corporate spin. This clearly sets it somewhat at odds with the powers that be; hence, perhaps, the police behaviour at previous Climate Camps. From the belief that there’s no solution to the problem through capitalism comes a corollary, that capitalism itself is a problem. And short of troops on the streets, the frontline defenders of capitalism are the police. Where at first it seemed that the ‘officer class’ of the camp had assumed a principled position with regard to the police, it now seems that they are prepared to meet with the police, after giving people attending the camp a clear indication that the police were not welcome.

    This is dishonest.

    This is counter-revolutionary compromise. The revolutionary rhetoric of doing things for oneself, of making a change without pleading with government or working with corporations, suggests a coalition which means what it says. Yet this is far from the truth. Leaving aside for one moment the class composition of the camp, it is hard to believe that people who were out at Sipson, who were out at Kingsnorth, and who were out on 1 April can have much politically in common with those who decide to have a meeting behind closed doors with the same officers who’ve shown their feelings forcibly in the past.

    Turning to the press, it’s hard to support any dealings with the media when it’s the same media who for decade after decade have rubbished protesters, who have published ludicrous slurs about demonstrators. Newspapers are businesses, they’re in the business of selling papers and they will spin stories to achieve that objective. People who remember what shit the media spew may recall the Guardian’s sister paper the Observer publishing wank about May Day demonstrators preparing for violence with samurai swords – ‘Police marksmen on May riot alert’, Observer, 22/04/01. This claimed that “Specialist firearms teams are being drafted in to police this year’s May Day demonstrations in the City of London over fears that rioters armed with samurai swords and machetes will infiltrate the protests.” And what about the more recent shit about Earth First! published by, er, the Observer on 9/11/08, which claimed without a shred of evidence that EF advocate “culling” 80% of people. This was a cop-placed article, which they were forced to apologise for after people complained. And let’s not forget that the Guardian was the biggest cheerleader for that well known socialist Anthony Blair. It’s a hard liberal middle class paper for people who like to think themselves liberal but who hate the working class. Space forbids a full discussion of the crap they’ve produced, but I hope I’ve shown the Guardian Media Group are not the demonstrators’ friend.

    As for the Guardian’s role in the reporting of the G20, they wouldn’t have run it without much of the hard work being done by people like those from WAG who were involved in publicising the truth around the death of Ian Tomlinson. Left to their own devices, the Guardian wouldn’t have covered events in the way they did as the police would have had matter broadly their own way. The biggest driver behind the outrage over the Met’s policing of the G20 was the outrage of the people on the demonstration, not some do-gooder journalists.

    If a popular campaign around climate change is to get anywhere, what it needs like a fucking bullet through the cranium is the self-selected leadership of the radical environmental movement to remain in place. They can sit down and hobnob with the cops, if they like. But by doing so they show the gulf between them and the ordinary, working class people of the country who need to be engaged should any meaningful campaign succeed. And frankly few working class people are engaged with the Climate Camp. The placing of the camp shows the class roots of the people who make the decisions – plonked right in one of the most middle class areas of London. It could have been in Hackney, in London Fields, say, or Hackney Downs. It could have been in Tower Hamlets, in Victoria Park. It could even have been in Hammersmith and Fulham, on Wormwood Scrubs. But all of these would have meant coming into contact with the working class, something I believe the organisers particularly desire to avoid. Instead, the nice middle class burghers of Blackheath are the only people who by dint of living nearby are going to come into contact with the campers, the only people who won’t have to travel to meet them. As I say, the camp could have gone to east London and met ordinary people and protested against such abominations as the Olympic park while being down the way from the City. Yet the organisers seem to think the camp should be in perhaps London’s rearmost backwater.

    As for the cops getting sent down, I’ll believe it when I see it. In the meantime, carry on spitting.

  23. O0o dear, sounds like you wags have ruffled a few fluffy green pullet feathers up the wrong way, naughty naughty. Lets hope you dont get accused of leading them astray eh! Heaven forbid, lest they might become binge drinkers or brew crew ere the weekend

  24. Looking at some of the cliched and uninformed comments above by those criticising WAG was like reading a tabloid editorial. For example, attempting to mock stereotypical working class speech patterns by saying ‘innit’ just reveals the depth of their insidious class prejudice. I wonder if they also suddenly break into patois when discussing Jamaican people? Probably not I’d imagine, because they are careful to reserve their bigotry for those sections of society that they have been conditioned to regard as inferior…but yet whom it is still considered socially acceptable to publicly discriminate against.
    As for the person asking “Why are you trying to impose your politics and ideas on others?” Well, I guess some of the capitalists whose offices Climate Camp invade might ask the exact same question. The answer is that we’re not trying to impose anything, but merely trying to resist the imposition of a narrowly defined elitist and puritanical mindset upon a movement that we have as much right to be a part of as anybody.
    The very fact that it has been urged that we should “go off” and set up our own camp somewhere else exposes a deeply ingrained authoritarian desire to exclude dissenting voices in a sinister form of ideological apartheid.

  25. i used ‘innit’ cos it illustrated my point perfectly, not cos i was talking down to fellow WAG members, and also – cos i use the word innit in my normal speech.

    You prat.

  26. I wasn’t referring to you Bill, but to Simon who used it sarcastically in the 8th comment, I didn’t even see that you’d said it, and still can’t see where. So you’d better watch out before you jump in with those assumptions and personal insults mate.

  27. wow you are such wevolutionaries! The state is shaking!

  28. @Dave Bones,

    no one said the state is shaking.

  29. I said the state is shaking and I meant it with sarcasm. I am sorry there are no Police for you to fight with this time. Maybe they have learnt something from the death of Ian Tomlinson and the subsequent attempts to cover up their resposiblility for it.

    I understand a lot of people have a reason to mistrust Policemen, but a lot of people I have known over the years who call themselves “Anarchists” also have personal issues with violence and abussive parents etc that they channel into obsessions with Police which wont get them very far. Therapy would be a lot more of a constructive option.

    Were you all to hit every Policeman in riot gear till they were all lying down what would happen? Would society be better? Don’t you think that these football hooligans would suddenly find themselves in employment?

    Seriously, if the cops are leaving this one alone this time it is a good thing. Relax. Do something else. Build a compost loo or a 12Volt sound system or something instead maybe? Something constructive.

  30. Stop embarrassing yourself Dave. You talk like you’re some kind of all knowing guru, yet your whole post is full of laughable ignorance. We did have a 12v system there for your information, so maybe you’d better get your facts straight before you wade in with your worthy advice and end up looking like a muppet.

    Strange how you berate anarchists for being ‘violent’ yet conveniently ignore state violence which is thousands of times worse and happens on a constant basis. You’ve revealed yourself to be just another apologist for the ruling classes, whether you realise it or not.

    I reckon the ketamine you eulogise on your blog might be affecting your judgement mate. Go and seek your self publicity elsewhere…wasteman.

  31. Ok Simon/Bill Stickers I get what you’re saying now, you used two different names on this thread. Well, maybe I got it wrong then that you were trying to sarcastically talk down to us from a middle class perspective. That’s probably because I would never have imagined that somebody who considers themselves to be part of WAG would show such blatant disrespect, contempt and disloyalty towards their comrades as you have.

  32. “Don’t you think that these football hooligans would suddenly find themselves in employment?”
    I’m not sure what you mean here. Are you saying football hooligans have the same motivations as the police when it comes to violence? If so how do you know?Do you know why hooligans fight? Please |”educate” me.

  33. “Maybe they have learnt something from the death of Ian Tomlinson”
    Yeah, make sure you get away with it!

  34. I am saying that if all the Police werre lying down you know damn well that Capitalists would hire people much worse than them to protect their interests.

  35. Dave Bones – I’m pleased to see that you agree the police are there to defend capitalism’s interests. Now, can you tell us who everyone else should hire to deal with the daily anti-socials crimes in working class communities up and down the country which the police don’t bother to deal with?

  36. “I am saying that if all the Police werre lying down you know damn well that Capitalists would hire people much worse than them to protect their interests.”
    And that’s your argument for excusing thgose who collaborate with the police?
    I’m not etirely critical of climate camp, a lot of people with great ideas and a lot of energy are involved; but also critical is an abillity to organise safe spaces without the police, Until we are capable of doing that anything else is wishfull thinking. Climate struggle can’t be seperated from social struggle.

  37. ““Anarchists” also have personal issues with violence and abusive parents etc that they channel into obsessions with Police”

    Dave Bones, your a fucking idiot.

  38. What he said ^^^^^^^^^^^

  39. Great, I’ve linked all my mates in to come & laugh at the webels…. 😉

  40. “Collaberate with Police”. You little knobend. I am embarasssed for all of you wannabe anarchists. I’m sorry the UK is too polite for you really. Go somewhere where people really have to fight the Police. I’m sorry there’s no trouble at Climate camp. Ian Tomliosnon died. Thats the way it is this year. Sorry darlings.

  41. Seriously tho I can’t with my whole heart argue with anarchists. Some of my best friends are anarchists. I have been telling them the same thing for years. You are just a bit obsessed with policemen and police tactics and because of this Capitalists are laughing at you because they won’t run out of Policemen any time soon.

    Climate camp 2009 is full of people being taught how to break the law to prevent climate change. They are plotting and planning. Lock ons, die ins, they are doing guided tours for local residents showcasing what they are doing blatantly and the chief of police down their said in the papers

    “I hope they are successful”.

    me too.

    Their motivation isn’t Policemen but policemen will have to try and get in the way of them and some of them might learn from their experieneces. They know how to deal with violence. It is boring. Really boring. I’ve seen it on protests for years. Its boring. Really boring ritual processional bollocks. I’m not a guru, don’t let me stop you if you are enjoying yourself. Energy is going to run out, it is going to happen.

    Seriously tho addessing Mr dark soldier- nice one I heard your sound stystem it is great, cheers for pulling me up on that one. Thanks for reading my blog or my ketamine posts anyway and I am seeking publicity? really? err.. on a blog? I don’t think so.

  42. You have not decided the cops cannot enter the camp. The cops have decided not to enter. If the cops change their mind and want to enter they will, I doubt your little campsite is considered a “no go area” buy any police officer in the land. Wake up (at 11am..) get real (your windmills don’t spin in the high winds of Blackheath – so much for micro generation) and accept that only capitalists can stop climate change. They will invent new tech to sell to the world in order to make a few quid ou of preventing climate change. That’s the best you can hope for.

    • You cock. I’ll leave the cops issue aside, because you probably know more about it than me, because you’re probably a cop. Of course, you wouldn’t take that as an insult but believe me, it was intended as one.

      I’m not sure where this knowledge of the windmills is coming from, but they *were* spinning in the high winds of Blackheath. And if you think that capitalism is going to stop Climate Change, you need to wake up to the real world. Capitalists like yourself are, and you should know this by now, selfish cunts. You don’t give a shit about anyone else, and you don’t give a shit about the evironment.

      Capitalism is drastically hindering the prevention of climate change, because it only cares for profit and your shitty illusion of power. You bastards wont stop ripping the earth of all its minerals if it’ll make you a few quid. And you think that you can just invent something that will fix the problem?! What if nobody does? Then we’re all pissed because you’re all stuck up your own arses.
      How about you try it our way and then if some magical device is made by the wizards then we can go back to living in your shitty, fucked-up world.

  43. Bravo42XrayAlpha


  44. Bravo42XrayAlpha

    MiddleClassNob, your a wanker, I’d stick my boot so far up your arse, you think Dr Martens made fuckin hats you cunt.

  45. Bravo42XrayAlpha

    Fuck you Dave Bones, yer fuckin plum, I’ll hit you so fuckin hard your fuckin ancestors will feel it.

  46. Bravo42XrayAlpha

    I do not speak on behalf of WAG, I speak for myself only, I’d like to round up you fucking little rich cunts and you middle classmummies boys and kick the fucking shit out of each and everyone of you.
    Sorry WAG, they’re all cunts, the rich and those middle class pansies.

  47. cambridgeanarchist

    Yeh fuck the soft cops. Unfortunately the climate camp is divided between authoritarian liberal twats and the rest of us trying to put over a coherent opinion against capitalism and the state. A lot of ppl in our group have been pretty disillusioned and some of us will not be coming back to any future climate camps.

    • Dude, you can’t just leave Climate Camp in the hands of the authoritarian twat that brought the police tea. Stay and make it a better place rather than leave and let it fall to waste.

  48. Hit me. I wont hit you back. Just make sure you are wearing a fuckin yellow jacket, a helmet and have a fucking number on your shoulder. I can’t take arguing with you seriously. I love all of you.

  49. I’ll struggle to say something useful. There are places in South America where people are REALLY fighting with policemen for their homes and their way of life NOW. Not in some imagined future. If you want to do it for real as opposed to on a controlled dance in London every so often why not go there? Help them.

  50. Killing those you percieve to be middle class? Yes Hitler had the same idea about Jews and the disabled.

  51. Dave, I think it’s about time for you to crawl off back into your K-hole mate, because there seems to be a non-hierarchical consensus decision around here that you’re really a bit of a bell end.

  52. Helping people abroad: the best way to help them is to do stuff here rather than pissing off halfway round the world and parachuting into someone else’s country.

  53. Which public school are you going to xrayalpha….. sounds like you’ve got a guilty cons….. is that why you are doing the keyboard webel bit.

    It’s so easy to be brave, still, school next week…. 😉

  54. Cheers Mr Soldier another great K reference. I’m sorry to challenge your concensus. I am living now. I can’t live in some imaginary future and black doesn’t suit me. Makes me miserable.

  55. What is this “Dark Soldier” and “Bravo42XrayAlpha”? What sort of imaginary world do you inhabit? Doesn’t this guy who wants to kill veveryone who disagrees with him worry you?

    To me he sound exactly the same as some of the riot coppers I have met over time. You are peas in a pod with them. They want to enforce their will with violence on everyone they don’t like too. You are what you hate. Doesn’t that bother you?

    I could debate with the wombles without anyone threatening to kill me. I disagreed with them but had and still have respect for them. Whats your problem?

  56. Dave, you’ll never manage to pass your GCSE in art if you spend all your time obsessing over us lot.

  57. If you’re not going to address what I am saying just keep the K jokes coming

  58. You aren’t saying fuck all of substance to address.

  59. Nevermind. I’m not obsessed, vaguely concerned, but nevermind.

    GCSE Art. Very good. Cheers for looking at my art too. GCSE Art. Very funny. There weren’t such things as GCSEs when I was at school. Anyway, good luck with your anarchism and all that.

  60. @Bravo42XrayAlpha

    Fuck you.
    Sorry, but I’m a middle-class pansy and I’m all for the smashing of the state. I completley agree that we need class empowerment and that the police are all cunts.
    It’s dark times when people on the same fucking side are fighting with each other.
    Viva the revolution comrade(!)

  61. Apparently members of the whitechapel anarchist movement want to undermine an environmental group because they dont hold exactly the same views on anarchism as them.

    Sounds a bit authoritarian to me. From this article it sounds like your sole reason for attending climate camp was to abuse the police, try to impose your idealogy on other less anarchist minded campers (yes the whole point of consensus decision makers means the consensus contains varied points of views) and generally just capture attention by being loud and drunk.

    Thats called activism nowadays is it? Sounds fucking schoolboy to me.

  62. LOL WAG ‘anarchists’ make me laugh – really just a bunch of brew crew and wanna-be thugs with more in common with the BNP hooligans than really anarchists. Defacing and vandalizing equipments hired by the camp, sitting on their arses drinking while other put in the work of building in defending the site, divisively stirring up shit and reinforcing the false stereotypes of anarchism. With friends like these who need enemies.

  63. A slight complaint

    Can I just say, with regard to the person who put their name up on the comments box as ‘Nestor Makhno’ — you counter-revolutionary White Guard scum!! If you had a time machine and ended up in Russia in the early twentieht century, good fucking riddance I say, you damn reactionary, anti-Semitic bourgeois liberal tool.

  64. A slight complaint

    ‘Nestor Mahkno’ Jesus Christ, fuck off.

  65. @A Slight Complaint. What the fuck are you going on about?????? “Counter-revolutionary White Guard scum” ?? “anti-semitic”?? You know absolutely nothing mate.
    Try by reading Peter Arshinov’s first hand account of Makhno and the Ukraine during the russian revolution – “The Makhnovist Movement 1918-1921” published by Freedom Press.
    You have just exposed how ignorant you are.
    Dick head.

  66. Don’t worry too much about more liberal climate campers being upset with your actions. It probably would have been best if you didn’t play the anarchist theatre out in front of the media. But the same people condemning your behaviour will no doubt be glad you’re there next year when the police are back to their old tricks of physically invading the camp.

  67. Pingback: Day X3, 9th December: They won the vote, but who won the riot? | Cautiously pessimistic

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