As the Whitechapel Anarchist Group we created nine street
papers, five posters, two pamphlets and dozens of leaflets. All of these were distributed
on the streets, over the course of two and a half years we printed and handed
out over 32000 pieces of propaganda

We always believed it was important to keep a historical record
of what we had produced, too many anarchist groups vanish without leaving a
historical trace so were over the moon that all of our papers are now accessible
at the Bishopgate Archives.

Over the years we have been part of dozens of interviews,
radio shows, TV shows, news programmes and helped many students by answering
questions for dissertations. These interviews were rarely at convenient times
for us so we never sorted out getting copies. But if you do have video footage,
photos, interviews or anything else of us please could you make a copy for us
to hang on to.

The Descent of WAG and the rise of ALARM!

This is the last post on the WAG website. Two years of Anarchy in the heart of the East End came to end when ALARM! (All London Anarchist Revolutionary Mob) met for the first time two weeks ago. Over 80 people turned up, crammed into a hot room above The Calthorpe Arms.

We came together to form a Class Struggle Street based Anarchist organisation, and we are in the process of doing that now. The main Mob will be meeting each week in different locations around London, to talk politics, decide on what actions were taking and sort out any problems.

Throughout London there are also borough groups being set up, Islington, Camden, Waltham forest, Newham, Lambeth, Southwark, Croydon, Barnet, Greenwich, Hackney, Harrow, Hammersmith & Fulham, and of course Tower Hamlets all have ALARM groups up and running, with more forming each week.

This blog has always walked a fine line between local and national news, we’ve been active and been at the front of most battles over the past few years, and we are hoping ALARM will continue this on a London wide level, but for updates from Tower Hamlets please tune into

Sound The ALARM!

Founding Meeting this SUNDAY 15TH MAY 1:30pm for a 2pm Start at The Calthorpe Arms, 252 Gray’s Inn Road, King’s Cross WC1X 8JR.

Alarming Times…WAG is Dead!

After much discussion, Whitechapel Anarchist Group are ending the WAG project. This is not because we, as individuals, no longer believe that anarchists and anarchism can play a role in building a better world. It’s because we believe that, after two and a half years, the existing WAG structure and focus is not living up to its full potential in the face of the cataclysmic upheaval in the political culture of this country.

Since the founding of WAG in October 2008 we’ve had a good run. We initially gained notoriety in the build up to the G20 protests in 2009, ‘infiltrated’ by the Daily Mail while unloading thousands of provocative ‘Storm the Banks’ posters.

WAG’s activity oscillated between sporadic forays into anarchist community organising and involvement in mass actions taking place across London. This inability to commit to either/or was something we have struggled with throughout our history. There were times when WAG was a militant local anarchist group, taking part in mass squatting actions, supporting local strikes, clandestine action, local demos, anti-fascism, organising the Spitalfields Fair, screening films, hosting benefits, local radical history walks and promoting our ideas with a free paper. But as one of the only Anarchist groups in London stepping out and really saying something, WAG was essentially a first point of contact for anyone in London who wanted to meet likeminded people. This was an exhausting and exhilarating model – a load of up-for-it people from all over London moving from one crazy event to another – all the time being surprised by the magnitude and militancy of each action and the controversy our involvement caused.

Then came the trashing of Tory Party HQ at Millbank and the beginning of a mass movement against austerity in the UK. WAG members were in the media defending the actions of the students on the day, getting involved in occupations, legal support, counter-surveillance, direct action, union organising and town hall actions. As individuals, we had never been busier. But WAG, as a group, was surprisingly inactive. One thing became clear to us throughout this process: WAG was a means of co-ordinating the efforts and ideas of it’s members to the fullest extent in an increasingly political environment – but one that remained, nonetheless, a political vacuum. However, it was failing to do the same in this new, highly politicised London.

Austerity Britain, post-banking crisis (with another possibly on the way) has seen the capitalist system stumble – we see a weak coalition government pushing cuts and poverty on to all of us. In response to this a new movement is rising – student occupations, unemployed youth rioting, whole communities laying siege to town halls. This is what we should be a part of and we need an Anarchist organisation that can be part of it.

This has led us to embark on a series of much-needed reflections about what form an anarchist group should take and what function it should serve in today’s volatile climate. At a time when so many people are dramatically re-assessing the way they relate to the world around them, why should we be any different? We are revolutionaries, not conservatives. We refuse to become another dinosaur of the left, unable to break with the habits of a lifetime.

So, rather than become everything we hate, we decided to be true to ourselves as revolutionaries and roll with the spirit of rebellion that we find ourselves so inspired by. This means the destruction of what we have become accustomed to – and held back by – and the creation of something new, ambitious and essentially, uncertain.

We want to reorganise as anarchists. Out of the ashes of WAG we are calling for a new organisation to be formed.

We want this to be a London wide class struggle anarchist group with the spirit of WAG that works across the whole capital and has strongholds in borough groups.

We want you to be a part of this…

We want to topple this government

We want to bring the revolution home.

Sound the ALARM!



SUNDAY 15TH MAY 1:30PM (2PM Start) CALTHORPE ARMS 252 Gray’s Inn Road, Kings Cross, WC1X 8JR

PART ONE: Introductions

(1) Introduction: Why the meeting has been called and the hopes to come out of it.

(2) Proposed initial structure ALARM! (All London Anarchist Revolutionary Movement)

  • (a) How ALARM! breaks up as both a London wide organisation and local borough hubs.
  • (b) Roles of Secretary and Treasury for ALARM!
  • (c) Roles of Borough contacts.
  • (d) Assets: Red&Black Club Social, Black Rose Martial Arts Club, Discussion Group, Communication Group.

BREAK (15 minutes)

PART TWO: Foundings

Everyone who returns is now taking part in the official founding of the ALARM! group.

(3) Nominate and elect roles of Secretary and Treasury

(4) Nominate and elect Borough contacts.

(5) Agree on ALARM! Meeting dates – it has been suggested weekly.

(6) Creating a political Manifesto.

(7) Communications:

  • (a) Website / Blog.
  • (b) Email list / Forums.
  • (c) Online – facebook, twitter etc.
  • (d) Printed – paper, posters, stickers.

PART THREE: What’s next?

(8) Strategy forward.

(9) Announcement of upcoming events / dates.

Red & Black Club One Year Birthday Friday 15th April

Come meet the anarchists! It is the 12th Red & Black Club this FRIDAY 15TH APRIL 8pm onwards at LARC (London Action Resource Centre) 62 Fieldgate Street Whitechapel E1 1ES.

Come and celebrate at the number one regular anarchist social event where you can rub shoulders with London’s most nefarious of individuals. This month we have a fancy dress theme – Police Infiltrators and Undercover Journalists – if you come as a Police Infiltrator it does mean you may end up spending all of your money on drinks for everyone, likewise if you are coming as an undercover journalist you may find it better to just stay at home and make shit up, maybe re-hash the same old tired stereotypes from the eighties.

Come drink and be merry, meet anarchists and libertarians from across London, let’s raise a glass to the brave warriors of March 26th! We have a packed bar to assist! Join us in dancing around the rotting head of PC Blakelock or join the pagan ritual of pissing on an effigy of Kate Middleton.

The theme of music this month is anti-police! What’s your favourite anti-cop song?

You will also be able to pick up fresh off the press the brand new WAG Bulletin Sheet with a very big surprise announcement…

A Call for a decentralised global mobilisation at the G8 summit 2011


On the occasion of the two-day G8 summit in Deauville (France) some
comrades launched a general call for a decentralised global
mobilisation.  The reasons behind this proposal are, on the one hand, to
not let the counter-summit itself become a further experiment (training)
of brutal police repression while, on the other, to let the manifold
local struggles, with their own paths and insights, take advantage of
their differences and make the concomitance with the summit – which is
the symbol of all the deprivations and violence to which we are being
subjected – a moment of ramifications, multiplication and contamination.

The fields that these official summits have for long time advocated to
rule are the same on which our daily struggles resonate widely.  The
spaces of discontent and of lack of a quiet life – from the Greek mass
protests, the student (though not only students) rebellions in France,
Italy, the United Kingdom, to the ones in North Africa, to which we all
express our solidarity and complicity – are sharply increasing
realities.  They are the ultimate evidence of the failure of a system
committed to profit and indifferent to our lives, which are cast into
misery and despair.

Those who will smile and take the ritual pictures during the summit are
the same who omit the cyclical nature of this crisis, telling us that
the worst is over, that difficulties are now behind us.  They are the
same who foment fights amongst the poor, in the  stubborn attempt to
divide natives from migrants, to chose the good and the bad, to point
out the abnormal in its several exceptions.  Under the pretext of
security, controls are intensified, repressive practices are
experimented, techniques of internment are being refined in prisons,
migrant detention centres and in all the structures embracing
marginalisation as the organising principle of the social peace.  Thus,
while existences get literally ruined, guilty of not having a piece of
paper assessing their citizenry, in the streets the army and the police
become specialised in enforcing unjust and dangerous laws that force us
into miserable lives where there is nothing but sacrifice.

Although the unrest grows stronger among large groups of people, and
the basis for a general rebellion starting for Europe are there, we
believe there is still a lot of work to do.  We believe that the
mobilisation called for the 26th and 27th of May can be an opportunity
for the different movements to gain strength and courage, to get back to
talking to people, to create support and solidarity, to exchange
experiences, to try to grow and progress beyond national boundaries.

Eventually, this call is nothing more than an invitation to all those
who will read it.  An invitation to take action to make something
possible to happen in Europe, something that can question the centrality
of a summit that is not ours.  Something useful as an exercise, hoping
it will be the beginning of a progressive, continuous strengthening of
our struggles, that must become everyone’s struggles. Therefore, we
invite everybody to take action at any scale.  From graffiti writing to
actions,  leafleting, debates and meeting.
The distance from Deauville is a possibility.
Free the imagination, we need determination!


Valencia towards the G8.

From Her Subjects

We oppose the royal family. All this publicity to ‘celebrate the royal wedding’, it rubs us up the wrong way. We hate it. But in the press there’s no reasons coming out as to why people hate the royals.

Here’s why we’re against them.

We often hear how the monarchy have no power, they’re just figureheads. Fuck off. They have more power than me or you, how many doors do you think the name Windsor can open for you? Clegg’s been moaning about sharp elbows recently, well the royals have got diamond tipped razors on their elbows.

Apparently their power is meaningless. Balls. It’s her majesty’s courts, her majesty’s prison service, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary,  her majesty’s armed forces. Even her majesty’s government. And finally us, Her majesty’s subjects.

If you want to have a good look at who controls British society look at the honours lists. Look at the awards handed out from her majesty. Yeah sure there are a few youth workers from Hackney, a dustman from Peckham but the rest are the rich, the powerful. Everyone eventually succumbs, even our cultural rebels; the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, all have bowed in submission to Her. Even Mr Rotten of Pistols fame declared his disappointment at not being invited to play the queen mum’s birthday.

They act as a symbol for conservative values, the family. Blue blooded presiding over all. But it’s all a front, them preaching family values when it’s clear even from a glance that Harry isn’t Charles spawn, the duke’s a racist idiot, and Charles didn’t even have the sense to stop waving as a mob surrounded his car and started booting in the doors last year in London. Diana holds a soft spot in this country’s heart. I like her because she was the only one with enough sense to run like fucking mad from this psychotic family.

The monarchy is the cement that holds the bricks of state together in British society. When you talk about removing it you’re not spoken to seriously. There’s no debate about republicanism, you might get a quick “well the tourists love it” (a bizarre reason to keep a form of rule from the dark ages)

But for the most part you’ll just be called a party pooper, spoiling all the fun.

The fun? People bowing down to this mad shit. We look to the middle east for inspiration, the removal of unelected  heads of state that no one thought would fall. Not one person in WAG has ever lived under any rule other than that of her majesty Liz 2. She has been at the centre of state and government for nearly 60 years, we want her gone.

But us wanting her gone is different from what’s being expressed in the name of “anarchy” throughout the mad papers.

The high points so far have been in the Sun and the Standard, where we hear tales of 40,000 anarchists planning to attack the wedding backed up by soldiers. Protesters mingling with families and waiting to attack. This is all bullshit seeping out into the press from the Bolshevik Chris Knight’s camp.

And of course this has fuck all to do with Anarchy.

Some of the biggest lies in the press come from a source from the Standard, a builder, ex-soldier and ‘black bloc’ member revealing all in a shock horror Katie Price-esque story. Scaring the British public with his carrying of a gas mask, catapult and hammer with him on protests.

We have been aware of this guy for a while – we were suspicious of him after we found he was posting about “infiltrating” us on the EDL forums. This confused individual has found himself as confidante to prankster Professor Knight: both of whom have been more than willing to collaborate and fulfil the mainstream media’s hysterical spin. We don’t know whose agenda he’s pushing forward, but it certainly isn’t an anarchist one.

Some of us will probably be out on the day, but not in an official WAG capacity, more to witness the surreal madness of people weeping at the sight of two boring ugly people being chained together in holy matrimony. But a lot of us won’t be there, and couldn’t give less of a shit, why get yourself nicked when all our forces are going to be needed on May 14th to disrupt the right wing gathering under the Rally Against The Debt name. We pick and choose when to come out on the streets and make a nuisance of ourselves, not having the media or police dictate our actions.

Watch This

Were you arrested at the Anti Cuts demonstration on March 26th?

Defendants’ meeting – Saturday 2nd April – 2pm – University of London Student Union, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY

Were you either charged with an offence or bailed to return to a police station soon? We know it’s a worrying time and information can be difficult to come by. We also know from previous experience that it can be isolating and intimidating. The best way to deal with this is to meet others in the same position as yourself and stick together. The police want you to feel isolated and alone – but meeting and talking with other people facing the same pressures, and working together, can make everyone stronger.
So, we are calling a DEFENDANTS’ MEETING on  Saturday 2nd April – 2pm – University of London Student Union, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY

It could help your case to attend and it will definitely help your confidence. This is a meeting for DEFENDANTS ONLY. If you are not a defendant or accompanying a defendant you WILL be asked to leave.

If you haven’t been arrested, but you are worried you MAY yet be arrested, or if your face has been publicised as somebody the police want to question, it’s probably best to stay away. BUT don’t be put off from coming if you have already been arrested: attending meetings does not breach your bail conditions.

There will be people with legal knowledge, and we can talk about police use of bail conditions. But, the major part of the meeting will be for defendants to come together and decide if they want a defence campaign, and if so, what type of campaign they want: campaigns like this need to be led by the defendants themselves.

Please pass this on to anybody you know who may have been arrested and charged or on police bail, and please circulate as widely as possible, to anybody who may know of anybody arrested.

Above all – DON’T BE AFRAID! Many people support you and are willing to help, some of us have been in this position ourselves in the past. The police are not all-powerful, they can be challenged, and even getting charged does not mean you will be convicted. Defence campaigns in the past have helped people to win in court, and helped to win support for people facing charges.

This meeting is being organized by the Legal Defence and Monitoring Group ( ) and the Green & Black Cross (

Queers from across the UK working to oppose the cuts!

Following a call out by Queer Resistance, the newly formed group of queers from across the UK working to oppose the cuts, it was tremendous to see a turnout of around 3-400 queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people from around the UK for a Pink & Black Bloc at the March for the Alternative, called by the TUC, on Saturday 26th March.

As a result, there was a visible queer presence proud to be part of the fight against the cuts, with an array of banners, placards and pink umbrellas as well as vocal chanting, marching in solidarity alongside at least 500,000 other people, including local anti cuts groups, pensioners, students, public sector workers, unions and people from all walks of life.

The group met up in the morning at Soho Square with LGBTQ people from all over, including London, Brighton, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and Cambridge.. Queer Youth Network joined as the group created a wonderful march through Soho, linking up with other LGBTQ groups at Cambridge Circus including Queers Against the Cuts, TUC LGBT and NUS LGBT. It then proceeded down Charing Cross on the way to the start of the March, with the colourful demonstration receiving waves from passers-by. Feedback through the day was tremendous, such as two pensioners commenting: “I like walking with those Queer Resistance people. It’s nice to walk with them” and some young people saying that the group was inspirational. With its own sound system and megaphone, the crowds were kept amused with witty repartee about the cuts as the very long March weaved through London.

Next steps for the resistance
There are a number of upcoming activities for Queer Resistance, which people from across the lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer communities as well as their friends and allies are invited to join and become a part of. They aim to give each other moral support and provide safety in numbers. Do wear pink and black, bring any queer banners, placards or signs that you have, or just turn up and join with them.

On Saturday 2nd April, Queer Resistance will be gathering for a picnic at 12 midday in Soho Square, London, to discuss activity to date and plan for future actions.

At 3pm on the same day representatives of Queer Resistance will be joining other anti cuts groups for the United Anti Cuts Assembly, an open mass meeting at UCL to reflect on the March for the Alternative and organise the next stage of the movement. More details available at /

Impact of cuts deepens
Following the financial crisis and the bank bailouts paid with public money, the ruling elite is using the current economic situation as justification to push through brutal cuts to public spending in education, housing, benefits and healthcare. These cuts will have a serious effect on a diverse range of important communities in the UK, not least LGBTQ people. Now is the time to resist these needless ideological cuts, push for the alternatives and fight for your community, your society and your values.

The rise of tuition fees will impact students who are not supported financially by their family and this means the effect will inevitably be felt by many LGBTQ students, as many have increased risk of being estranged from their families.

Other plans include severe cutbacks in NHS spending, meaning local authorities will have to abandon services they regard as ‘non-essential’. This will undoubtedly put sexual health and HIV services at risk at a local level – latest news indicates a 43% cut in funding for HIV services in London. Plans to devolve spending decisions to doctor-led consortia will also create a postcode lottery for health services, effectively leaving those who want to surgically transition unable to do so.

Cuts to education and community resources may mean a further lack of awareness about LGBTQ people in our society and potential rises in homophobic and transphobic attitudes. At the same time, an increase in unemployment and cuts in benefits is likely to lead to the scapegoating of already marginalised groups, including LGBTQ people, with resultant increases in homophobic and transphobic attacks. This is particularly worrying, given that the work of many charities working with victims of hate crimes and domestic abuse, like Galop and Broken Rainbow, are already suffering from the effects of underfunding.

The slashing of the benefits system and legal aid will compound problems for those who need help the most, including the disabled and those unable to work within the LGBTQ communities.

We also aims to challenge the common portrayal of the LGBTQ community as part of a wealthy and influential professional elite, when in reality many are often economically and socially disadvantaged members of UK society.