Red & Black Club One Year Birthday Friday 15th April

Come meet the anarchists! It is the 12th Red & Black Club this FRIDAY 15TH APRIL 8pm onwards at LARC (London Action Resource Centre) 62 Fieldgate Street Whitechapel E1 1ES.

Come and celebrate at the number one regular anarchist social event where you can rub shoulders with London’s most nefarious of individuals. This month we have a fancy dress theme – Police Infiltrators and Undercover Journalists – if you come as a Police Infiltrator it does mean you may end up spending all of your money on drinks for everyone, likewise if you are coming as an undercover journalist you may find it better to just stay at home and make shit up, maybe re-hash the same old tired stereotypes from the eighties.

Come drink and be merry, meet anarchists and libertarians from across London, let’s raise a glass to the brave warriors of March 26th! We have a packed bar to assist! Join us in dancing around the rotting head of PC Blakelock or join the pagan ritual of pissing on an effigy of Kate Middleton.

The theme of music this month is anti-police! What’s your favourite anti-cop song?

You will also be able to pick up fresh off the press the brand new WAG Bulletin Sheet with a very big surprise announcement…

4 responses to “Red & Black Club One Year Birthday Friday 15th April

  1. Anyone see the news just now? They have seen fit to announce that Ian Tomlinson was “five times the drink driving limit” when he died. Well, since he wasn’t fucking driving, what the hell has that got to do with anything????
    Here’s one from Sizzla Kalonji – someone who seems to suffer from a bit of multiple personality disorder to those of us who have followed his career from “black woman and child, for you I really have so much love” to “fuck the woman til dem vagina burn dem” and “squeeze trigger, hail king selassie the real black nigga”… but when he’s not ranting about homosexuals or trying to be some sort of pseudo-rastafarian version of 50 cent, he can be very good indeed:

  2. And here’s one for Smiley Culture:

  3. eastlondonpunk heres a couple of good ones

  4. imbianchino pazzo

    love that song

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