It’s coming yet for a’ that

This coming Saturday 26th March 2011 the Many Headed Hydra will be stirred from it’s sleep and lay siege to the City of Capital.

The smashed windows at Millbank in November last year represented the destruction of the old epoch as the seeds of youth took root entering a new political age, a refreshing uncharted terrain spurned by passion, enthusiasm and creativity driven by a burning optimism. Rapidly the dimension of street based anti-authoritarian politics flourished, the violent unrelenting attack upon the struggling population by an agenda of cutting public services while massaging bankers swollen pockets, opened up the floodgates with a thousand flowers of resistance blooming and up for the fight.

The economic situation spirals further out of control due to it’s inherent nature of mass exploitation being built upon shifting sands, the rich getting richer while the poor starve to death will always come back to bite you. Locals have taken to the streets en mass attacking the Town Halls, flash mobs have blocked the flow of profit by blocking corporate shop entrances, occupations of campuses have become hubs of debate and activity. Internationally the ideas of freedom, liberation and revolution have come to life against terrifying oppressive forces, the touchpaper has been lit and truly engulfed the World with inspiration. This is not the Poll Tax and this is not Stop The War. This is something very new.

It’s time to use our imaginations and go further.

See you on the streets.

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