WAG Local Paper

Issue Seven JUL/AUG10

Issue Six MAR/APR/MAY10

Issue Five SEPT09/OCT09:

Issue Four JUN09/JUL09:

Issue Three APR09/MAY09:

April 1st Poster:

Issue Two FEB09/MAR09:

Issue 1 DEC08/JAN09:

Founding Freesheet SEPT08/OCT08:

8 responses to “WAG Local Paper

  1. Rest In Peace Ian Tomlinson 01/04/09

    “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”
    Elie Wiesel

  2. I found you through youtube. Keep up the good work, let’s free the world once for all from the massive bankers. Let’s make it a better place to live…

  3. Whitechapel is an area of London that has been largely settled by people from Bangla Desh, so I doubt very much that you lot have much in common with them and that they would have much time for you. Bangla Deshis tend to prefer traditional society and aspire to a white middle class lifestyle or at least the chance for their children to get a good education and a good job so they can marry a good man/woman and strengthen their family. All very normal and healthy, and a million light years from the usual white inspired pathologies – kill the family, kill the Queen, blah blah blah, that so-called anarchists represent.

    By the way, you have noticed that the majority of people in Whitechapel are Bangla Deshis haven’t you, or do you think that you’re living in the London of 75 years ago?

  4. My comment is awaiting moderation! How fucking pathetic. have I strayed onto the cbeebies anarchist forum by mistake?

  5. What’s a “Bangla Deshi”? Is that a new musical genre like “Bhangra Twitch” or “Dub Hopscotch” or something?
    If you actually mean “Bangladeshis”, what makes you think that all Bangladeshis are one homogenous group who all share the same opinion?
    (BTW “homogenous” doesn’t mean “homosexual” or “homophobic”… I’m just bringing that up because you suggested that these “Bangla Deshis” want to marry a good “man/woman” (transsexual?) … nor is it “homo genus”, like the “genus homo” sapiens… tonight’s homework is to look up the meaning of “homogenous”, martin_uk).
    PS could you point out where in anarchist doctrine I can find the calls for “killing the family”? Now killing the queen, that’s another matter, I would be fully in support of that except that it wouldn’t be worth it for someone to face a life sentence for getting rid of a symbolic figurehead. PS why are these “white inspired” ideologies?
    I hope you ain’t a blackman Martin_Uk! We got enough Trevor McDonalds and Baroness Scotlands disgracing the race without you adding to it!
    PS Since you are against moderation, I presume you like to spend your blog-visiting time trawling through thousands of porno ads/invitations to buy mobile phone contracts/opportunities to donate your bank account details to deposed Nige Rian or perhaps Bangla Deshi princes, etc.
    PPS I am not a member of WAG (don’t live in Whitechapel for one thing, although my 90-s0mething non-Bangla Deshi grandmother does), but I like what they stand for.
    Methinks thou art an idiot, good sir… of course, it doesn’t have to stay that way if you’re willing to open your mind a bit…

  6. If y’all publish my response to martin_uk above, just wanted to correct something: I meant to say Trevor PHILLIPS not Trevor McDonald. Trevor McDonald is just a guy doing he hustle reading the news as far as I’m concerned, I have nothing against him, he could be a closet radical for all I know. Trevor Phillips on the other hand is an utter embarrasment to Black people in general and Guyanese in particular.
    And speaking of Guyanese politicians, may I take this opportunity to say “the only good MP is a dead MP” – Bernie Grant R.I.P.
    “I think the police got a bloody good hiding” – Bernie Grant MP when asked for his thoughts on the Broadwater Farm uprising

  7. You guys take he breath away from me

  8. You guys take the breath away from me

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