Discussion Group

Once a month on the second Tuesday of the month the “Discussion Group” meets to talk about and share ideas on specific topics. This is not a chaired meeting but a forum for free flowing discussion and a space to look in depth at particular issues to develop our understanding and political analysis.

(1) Tuesday 5th October 6-8pm “The Cuts”

(2) Tuesday 9th November 6-8pm “Fascism / Antifascism”

(3) Tuesday 14th December 7-9pm “Building an Anarchist Movement In London”

(4) Tuesday 11th January 7-9pm “Student Movement”

(5) Tuesday 8th February 7-9pm “TUC March / Royal Wedding”

(6) Tuesday 8th March 7-9pm TBA

Everyone is welcome. This is usually from 7-9pm (starting promptly on time!) unless stated otherwise.

Larc (London Action Resource Centre) 62 Fieldgate Street Whitechapel E1 1ES

5 responses to “Discussion Group


  2. WORLD STRIKE 2012

    If you agree that the abolition of money would be a fine solution to most of our problems, and that we could create a much better system where EVERYTHING – food and drink, clothing and housing, water, heating, education, health-care and entertainment – shall be FREE for everybody – why not join the World-Wide Strike on the opening day of the Olympic Games in 2012?

    The Strike will begin the moment the Olympic flame is lit – the signal for all who support the abolition of money to cease work, demanding a new fair world of TRUE freedom and democracy.


  3. Totally down with the idea to have no money in ‘society’.. But it won’t just stop happening – its what keeps the elite in control.. we have to get the people to understand why their money is not worth anything in order for money to never exist..

  4. Your all doing a fantastic job,
    however you need more militant organisation and equipment to battle against trained forces. Why are you not equiping yourselves with helmets for baton protection? reviewed escape ideas from kettling?. I see the point of balalavas and all in black however bodily protection will aid for a stronger fight that will back the forces off, even ‘piano wire’ to protect from horse back charges!. seriously keep up this hard work, your efforts are needed and you have full support from me.

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