WAG on Talk Sport Radio:

Bonfire Night Nov 5th:

David Cameron Fuck Off Back To Eton:

Fighting Talk: AFA (Anti-Fascist Action) Documentary Part 1:

1st May 2009 Anarchist Rally (Clerkenwell Green) Part 1:

See the full rally by clicking HERE.

28th March 2009 Anarchist Rally (Speakers Corner) Part 1:

See the full rally by clicking HERE.

Battle of Cable Street:

Ian Tomlinson (R.I.P) Video from The Guardian:

BNP Membership accidently leaked?!?!?!?!

Police Assault at G20 on April 2nd:

Greek Solidarity in Dalston Hackney:

Police attacking Climate Camp on April 1st:

Phil Ruff on The Siege Of Sidney Street:

1960’s East End Pie & Mash Shops:

6 responses to “Video

  1. why arent there any comments? Shame. Just the kind of movement that would suit me.

  2. Love the Battle of Cable Street footage!!! I have never seen this clip before. Excellent.
    Any plans to oppose the planned Somerstown death camp vivisection lab? It must not be built. We need homes in Camden not more animal testing labs!

  3. If information is power, here we should charge up

  4. Jody McIntyre , disabled student demonstrating , dragged from his wheelchair , by the Metropolitan Police , previously beaten with s baton by the Metropolitan Police , disgusting , totally disgusting x

  5. how do you feel about social services snatching children away from parents for reasons such as “possible future emotional harm” or one of the parents has a disability, the children are snatched at birth because the mother was abused in care as a child. Our government has set adoption targets for the SS and it’s all about money, these families are dragged through the corrupt family courts, there is no jury, social workers tell lies about the parents, each child they put up for adoption is worth at least £250,000 to the corrupt family court system of forced adoption, and this governments spends over £1.2 billion per year from destroying families and launders it through this secret family court system, now they want to increase the number of adoptions four fold, that would mean more innocent families destroyed, while they leave children like baby P to be tortured to death because they can use that as an excuse to destroy more families. research the injustice of forced adoption for yourselves .

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