Local Victory

News just out that The Troxy Venue has cancelled the UK-IC event due to mounting public pressure. Well done everyone that phoned in and complained.

As reported in The East London Advertiser:

A controversial Islamic conference due to take place on June 20 has been scrapped by the Troxy. The Commercial Road venue was set to host ‘The Book that Shook the World’ but has changed its position after signing a council pledge. A spokesman for the Troxy said: “We recently signed up to the council’s No Place for Hate campaign and feel that some of the speakers have the potential to clash with the terms of the pledge.” Although none of the speakers due to attend the conference are on the government’s banned list, a number of complaints were received.

Some very quick back tracking by the Venue and Tower Hamlets Council! So will the English Defence League now cancel their counter-demo? And what about the UAF march? Who funnily enough didn’t really seem to know much about the speakers at the conference and didn’t want to hear about them either…

19 responses to “Local Victory

  1. guess which other group is calling this a ‘victory’…

  2. uaf is still going to march but EDL cancelled shat it wen they saw we were so many united against them NO PASARAN

  3. I think the threat of 3000 EDL helped a lot to stop these people.

    Every body involved should be given credit.

    • What, including your psychotic frothing-at-the-mouth bigot friend “the last prophetess”???
      You do a good job sounding so-called “reasonable” but a man is judged by the company he keeps, buddy.
      Fuck the EDL.

  4. Oh and yes, we have cancelled our protest and we are off to Wembley for the 27th as there is one there to.

  5. Rasta, look at the video I have posted on the other thread, that’s the company I keep mate.

    • Congratulations! You’ve managed to find an idiot with dreadlocks to chant “E – E – EDL” along with you! Am I supposed to be impressed?
      I’m from Guyana, where there are hardly any white people, but loads of African and East Indian-descent people, many of whom unfortunately hate one another’s guts (the reasons why are too complicated to explain in a short post, but it’s got a lot to do with the divide-and-conquer strategy of our former overlords, the U.K.) In our recent history we had a certain guy who went by the “call name” (nickname) of “Fine Man” (meaning skinny), a dreadlocked self-proclaimed Rasta (a fake Rasta in my opinion, but Rastas have no central authority to define who is and who isn’t a Rasta). Ostensibly in order to strike a blow against the current East Indian-dominated government that has been very racist against African people and which had a death squad that dumped hundreds of mutilated African bodies into ditches under the guise of “fighting crime”, “Fine Man” took his revenge by ordering his army of child soldiers to go into a predominantly East Indian village (made up of Christians, Hindus and Muslims) and randomly pump bullets into people – men, women and children from six year olds to grandparents. Do you think for one minute that I support that motherfucker because he looked like me, had dreadlocks and also claimed that he was Rasta??? I most definitely do not!
      And by the way, guess what book he almost certainly used to hype up his teen and pre-teen killers to do their dirty deed? The Holy Bible. Check Joshua and Ezekiel for just a couple of the various points in the Bible where God supposedly orders his prophets to go into “the enemy”‘s area and kill every man, woman and child there – every living thing, in some cases.
      But the Bible is morally superior to the Koran in your strange worldview??
      ALL these religious books can and have been used to justify atrocities. On the other hand, tons of nice and decent people live nice and decent lives following the more nice and decent principles that can also be found in ALL of these religious books – or without any religious book at all.

  6. Rasta, he’s not a mug and you should remember that EDL have killed no one mate, we may be rough and rowdy but that’s it.

    You can’t blame us, the people for what’s going on anywhere round the world, we are the forgotten working classes, ignored for generations.

    As for holy books, you can keep them mate, I follow no religion nor ever have.

    I have not asked you to support him, only to understand him, he is taking a stand that requires courage. Also to prove that EDL are not racist, I’m not saying that there aren’t a few idiots who are racist, but nowdays they are few in number because we make it very clear they are not welcome.
    I am not trying to convert you to EDL, only that you get your facts right.

    So a question for you, is there anything at all you Like about this country,surely if you live here there must have been something that attracted you here.

    I have no intention of posting on that forum as I know little of the situation there, it does seem as tho the police there are out of control but I wouldn’t dare offer an opinion.

  7. I WOZ BORN ERE…… WIVVIN THE SAAHNDZ OV BOW BELLS… ‘ACKNEY ‘OSPITAL… have you ever heard of “dual citizenship”???
    There are many things I like about every country I’ve ever lived in or been to, which is several! Why, because I like this great planet we live on… the earth!!!
    You don’t seem like you’re a “bad person”, I wouldn’t want to beat you up or anthing, you or the geeza and geezette in the video… but the EDL is fucking rubbish man! Get away from that crap if you’re a decent human being! They are blatantly scapegoating one group of people, namely MUSLIMS not “islamo-fascists”, as if MUSLIMS as a group are to blame for your problems as a working class person… mate… most Muslims in this county are working class too! How many Muslims do you actually know? Do you know ANY Muslims besides “Abdul” who I gather is your one token “Muslim” whatever-the-muslim-equivalent-for-a-tom-is?
    Your so called Sikh boy (I say so called cos I know some great Sikhs and believe me he does not represent them) said straight up on the record on video “God bless you all… even the Muslims… cos you’ll need it when you’re burning in fucking hell!” followed by a roar of approval from the crowd.
    Do you deny that happened????????

  8. Sorry didn’t realise that’s what you meant, I thought you meant you originated in Guyana literally.

    Like you have your beliefs on what is right, so do I and I believe that Ismalisation has to stop and that EDL will help stop that.
    Some of our supporters create trouble but I can tell you that the heart of EDL is non racist and is most definitely not against, what I’ll call, the ordinary muslim.

    We coming to Tower Hamlets because we were invited to help stop these speeches. Not to confront muslims, we called it off because the speeches were cancelled, if it was only about confronting muslims why did we cancel?

    Yep, know a few of every group living in Hackney as I do.

    Guramit made a mistake, I saw the speech two days before and it said militant muslims, in the heat of the moment he misread it.
    He is extremely embarrassed about it and he has apologised unreservedly.

    The majority of EDL are decent people, I’ve met and spoken to many of them at demos and they are just ordinary folk.

    We do have some muslims in our ranks, we would like more.
    Abdul, good bloke, travels down from Scotland for most demos. He’s a diamond and loved by us all. I’d hate to be in the shoes of anyone who tried to harm him. He’s an ex muslim by the way and announced it on national TV, in some countries he’d be put to death for that.

    In an equal world the possibility of open borders, of a one world where people can settle where ever they choose, where all are equal, where bankers and the rich don’t live off the backs of folk, where the state is small, is very attractive.

    But, it is not an equal world and never will be, it’s only an impossible dream.
    Your horizons are the whole world, mine are my England, I don’t know if you have children, but I have 3 daughters and 6 grandchildren, with a great grandchild on the way and I fight to ensure that they do not live under the yoke of Islamofascism.

    • Arthur… this is the last thing I’m going to post to ya, OK.
      1) For the record, I was born in London and grew up in Guyana from the age of six, but if I had been born a few years earlier in Guyana, I would still have been British, because Guyana was owned by Britain until 1966. Largely owned, in fact, by a single British family, the Bookers. My ancestors toiled for centuries and lived short and brutal lives under the whip with chains around their necks without ever getting paid a penny or receiving any compensation for the vast wealth we created that helped enable the British ruling classes to build all their vast palaces and “magnificent” monuments, etc. People in Guyana still live in conditions that really haven’t changed that much at all since the days of slavery and indentured servitude (we African Guyanese were slaves and East Indian Guyanese were indentured servants, along with a few Chinese and white Portuguese. There are also the true Guyanese – the Amerindian tribes, of which there are nine.)
      2)I think that’s a bit of weak excuse from Guramit Singh about “the heat of the moment” and “misreading the script”. Anyway, regardless of the truth or not of that, there is no disputing the roar of approval from the crowd. If your “intelligentsia” 😉 is making the distinction between “ordinary” and “militant” Muslims, it seems to be lost on the average punter.
      3) “It is not an equal world and never will be, it’s only an impossible dream”
      That’s what the scaredy-cat slaves told the ones plotting the uprisings before they betrayed them to massa… “freedom is only an impossible dream”… actually equality and freedom is the natural state of the human species, otherwise why are those concepts so attractive to everyone? Even the people who preach the exact opposite use those WORDS to try to attract people… I’m not saying a complete utopia is possible where the lions lie down with the lambs like Jehovah’s Witnesses, but a world that is far, far more equal and free than this one is definitely possible, and the main reason we don’t live in it is that it wouldn’t continue to benefit the tiny minority of people who currently run things, aka “the ruling class”, not the muslims, the jews, the gypsies, the thises, the thats, “the ruling class”, the multi-billionaires who monopolize control over the earth’s resources at the great expense of the earth and all her peoples and other species, who pursue an insane ideology of limitless greed and endless accumulation called “capitalism”, which brings us to point number
      4) Rather than attempting to protect your children and grandchildren from the phantom menace of “Islamofascism” (which would be more appropriate if you lived in, say, Saudi Arabia), you would be better off trying to protect them from the very real menace of greedy businessmen and their cronies in all the mainstream political parties, who as we speak are planning to completely decimate what little social safety net the poor have managed to gain through struggle and sacrifice (the labour movement, the folks who brought you the weekend… and yes, I know many union leaders are corrupt but that does not discredit the concept of unions). This will lead to more crime and social chaos as those at the bottom of the barrel struggle to make ends meet by any means necessary, which will fill up the prisons which will be increasingly privatised along the U.S. model, and prisoners will be a slave labour force. That is not a phantom menace, that is in the process of happening now. You can either join forces with the people attempting to do something about it, or continue to be distracted into a delusional and divisive (to put it mildly) campaign against a phantom menace.
      As has been pointed out on this blog, people on the ground, including many Muslims, have been doing a fine job of exposing and expelling the minority of people who espouse the most extreme and oppressive trends within the very diverse faith that is Islam, such as the speakers at the cancelled conference. The EDL is doing precisely nothing to defeat these trends, but it is doing a lot to alienate ordinary Muslims and perhaps drive some into the arms of recruiters for these very trends that you claim to be against (trends which, by the way, originate largely from the Wahabi movement of wealthy, conservative clerics from… where? Afghanistan? Iraq? Palestine? Yemen? Any of those places that the U.K., U.S. , Israel etc. are busy blowing thousands of innocent people away , in the name of “fighting terror”? Nope… from Saudi Arabia – staunch ally of the U.S., U.K. etc. whose fat wife-beating sometimes-slave-owning sheikhs are feted with the finest foods at banquets with the queen… hey, overfed thieving old slavemasters tend to get along with each other regardless of race or religion eh… [just remember Princess Diana and don’t try to marry into the club, eh… LOL]

  9. @Arthur – fair enough you do not want your grandchildren to live under Islam – who does! But at the expense of keeping the major threat to all of us still in place – the existence of a tiny minority of aggressive, profit seeking capitalists. Can I ask you that if you are concerned about your families future what do you think about Climate change? What do you think about the mass austerity measures which are going to mean you, your family and children will be paying the debt of the banks for a whole generation.

    Your england is heading for the abyss, and you do nothing apart from target your insecurities on radical islam. An intelligent guy like you arthur needs to make the leap between EDL and real revolutionary politics.

    • “Fair enough you do not want your grandchildren to live under Islam – who does!”
      Ummmm… loads of Muslims??? Many of whom are far from being extremist wife-beating gay-bashing nutters?
      C’mon A… “Islam” means a lot of different things to different people ! Now if you’re talking “Islamism” that’s a different story… or “living under an Islamic government that enforces its concept of Islamic law on people”…
      I always thought it was problematic that that term “Islamism” is so similar to “Islam”, many people get it confused.
      Speaking as someone who wants my grandchildren to live under whatever system of values they choose, I’d be happy if they chose to be Rastas but that’s up to them and I’d be just as happy with whatever they chose… unless it was, like, Mormonism or something 🙂

  10. @Rastaman – Nothing wrong with what I said. I don’t think most people, including muslims, would want to live under an Islamic state. Thats nothing to do with saying muslims are bad, wrong, terrorists is it. Its saying that Islam as a political system is not want I would want to be dominated by – and as an anarchist I mean that for all top-down dogmatic systems.

    • Agreed bro or sis – but the way you phrased it as “under Islam” was ambiguous and could be misinterpreted. Muslims with no desire to impose their beliefs on anyone else, or to live in a religious state, might nonetheless say they want themselves and their grandchildren to live “under Islam” in the sense of living according to the principles of Islam.
      I find that many (not all) of my Muslim friends and acquaintances who are actually seriously religious share an annoying tendency with Christian proselytizer types of worrying about my soul, as I am not Muslim and have no intention of ever being. [It was especially hilarious when one Muslim buddy of mine who wasn’t a very strict follower of the faith at the time was trying to convert me while clutching a bottle of Jack Daniels… ] “But I love you so much, I want you to know the truth…” [unstated is “I don’t want you to burn in hell” :)]… but I make it very clear to them that I will never, ever be a Muslim convert in a million years and not one of em has stopped being friends with me because of that… even after I went a bit overboard with one of em during a debate/argument about religion and said “fuck Islam”, which you could tell shocked and hurt him like a slap to the face … I apologised, not for the content of my argument but for the insensitive way I put it across, an apology which was graciously accepted and we remain good buddies.

  11. I do feel that Ismalism is an immediat threat that has to be countered now, before it becomes established and I hope EDL wake folk up to it and I think we are.

    Hmme, the bankers, I think people have woken up to the bankers now but will they do something, maybe the UAF could change direction and have a go at the bankers.

    Thanks for the chat and I’ll leave you in peace now, no hard feelings.
    Cheers, Arthur.

  12. @Arthur: no hard feelings either and I do hope you see sense and disassociate yourself from the EDL, but that’s up to you innit.
    @everyone who might be interested: here’s a brief video about an anarchist muslim in the U.S.
    Bro. Ali was in prison for taking matters into his own hands in dealing with a local hard drug dealer who raped an 11-year old girl because her mum owed him money. The police were paid off and/or didn’t give a fuck, so he took care of business and paid the price for it.
    Nuff Respect to Ali Khallid Abdullah… by the way, this video only has 50 views and it’s been on youtube a while… like a ton of progressive videos on there, as opposed to Shakira whinin sheself up or whatever… so spread the word and “each one teach one.”:

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