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21 responses to “Watch This

  1. eastlondonpunk

    haha well fucking said i dont think most people could of put it in a better way

  2. Completely agree. We have to play the Politicians at their own game and get an organised direction started. I write for plenty of fringe sites if anyone is interested.

  3. I think you posted the wrong video.

    I saw a “Che” (tributes to mass murderers, how sweet) demanding more state looting of private wealth and more state debts lumped onto the working man.

    So where’s the anarchist?

    • FYI: her name’s nothing to do with Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara Lynch.

    • What fucking hallucinogens are you on if that’s what you saw? Did you see golden dragons flying out of the computer as well? for fuck’s sake.
      Gwaaan Che – excellent interview. I put it up on “Africa Speaks” as well.

  4. rasta this one’s for you. Another interesting vid, Man in the vid is my Brother.

  5. rasta this one’s for you. Another interesting vid, Man in the vid is my Brother.

    • So you are black now? How embarrasing if so. Funny you never mentioned that before. Or was one of you adopted? Or do you mean your “spiritual” brother?
      By the way what the fuck does your post have to do with the thread? The admin are indulging you enough by allowing your obsessive dribbling rants on here, the least you could do is stay on topic. If you want to rant about Muslims and big up your retarded brethren in the EDL, do it on one of the threads related to that subject.

      • By the way what a fucking pathetic house negroe this fucking punk is, talking about “our flag” and “our bible”. He needs to take a look at this:
        and take a good long look in himself and clean up his heart and make peace with the ancestors whose blood still cries out for justice. I’ll let *my* brothers (from other mothers) take it from here:

      • fucken’ hell, rasta, you are truly one of the thickest planks, I’ve ever fucking run across. It’s like bull(not-smart enough to be a bear) baiting, with a really fucking dumb bull. A species not known for wit or intelligence, so to be a fucking doughnut, among them must make a domesticated animal like rasta a wonder to his kind. Do you ever get tired of being in error, rasta? Does constant wrongness get’cha down?Let’s see you postulated that those opposed to islam did so out of racism, the partyline over at the vaunted swp and uaf, it is demonstrably false as the video I posted in the tiniest of ways demonstrates. As to my claim of “Brotherhood” with the individual in the vid, I simply meant my brother in Humanity. I agree with much of what he said politically, as well, so there might be something of a figure of speech. Paranoid little rasta, paranoia about my identity, claiming to be black? I’d ask where the fuck you dredged that up from but some of you latter remarks reveal the source. rasta, This is the same fucktard who was sure that those homophobic stickers for a gayfree eastend were the work of the EDL to sow division between the muslims and ? gays? the non-homophobic? That sounds like sound tactics. Anyway, cops released a photo of one stickerer, looks asian, actually subcontinental, doubtlessly Hindu or Sikh, they caught on cctv. Surprise of surprises, him and another they caught in possession of said not lovely stickers said that they had gotten them from beardos hanging out around the at the east London mosque. So much for rasta’s edl stunt, as if those assaulted don’t know the vast majority of gay beaters and bashers have been muslims. Considering that their religion demands Homos die, beating the shit out of some old gay couple seems safe and not the end of the world.

        So Black people who don’t think and express along acceptable political lines are “uncle toms” and “house niggers”. People only think along lines of skin colour, eh? Seems those terms are used by others to attack dissent, and freedom of thought among those of more recent African descent. Believing black people are supposed to think alike on issues is inherently racist. Again rasta as his comment demonstrates, is a baseline racist, oblivious to it demonstrates he is just a very fucking stupid one, dumb like a domestic animal, bright as any cud chewing beast of burden.

        And to that other petite twat, la anarchiste-romantique, or may be la petite commissar would be a better moniker for you, definitely more descriptive. If divergence from approved orthodoxies is of excessive distress for you maybe you should surrender your freedom of will to say, the swp, or some trot outfit. They love dogma and obedience, you might feel more at home there.
        The romanticmarxist or the romanticsocialist, what do you think? What constitutes success or failure for an architect, number of big ego projects or more-like, what you meant, how much money they make?

        On or off topic you are still a hypocrite, rasta, just to fucking dim to see it. The topic seemed rather open, post a vid others should see, Or in my case post a vid to piss off and expose a racist cunt. That would be you, rasty Thanks for making it so easy.

  6. romanticanarchist

    Here’s a great 3 point plan for all of you out there completely obsessed by muslims:

    1. Buy a dodgy earthship from some failed architect.
    2. Lock the door.
    3. Don’t fucking come out.

  7. children of the sunshine ……..nice one rasta.

    • Yeah man, dead prez is the shiznit. What a breath of fresh air it was when their first album came out amidst all the brain-dead bling-and-champagne-advertising jingles that pass for “hip hop” nowadays (at least in the over-ground; in the underground hip hop is better than ever, but what’s the point of brilliant socially conscious music that’s listened to by about five people who are already “converts” anyway…) Plus I seen M1 at the front of the rally in NYC against the execution of Shaka Sankofa back around the turn of their century so I know they walk their talk as well. Oh, and they are on friendly terms with a rather white buddy of mine, for the information of those idiots who want to label them “racist” or whatever.
      Dunno about the Uhuru movement though, me and my ex-girl went to one of their meetings in NYC and while I agreed with a lot of what was said, there was way too much personality-cult type homages to the great chairman Omali Yeshitela… despite his being on point about most issues, I don’t like that kind of leader-worship.
      Right I better stop now, having dissed the edl loon for not being on-topic… don’t want to sound like a hypocrite….:)

  8. Swifty – The “thick plank” is the one that needs to come crashing down onto your little pin-head. Don’t think for a moment that I would waste time talking to you in real life. I’m not a violent person, but anyone coming up in my face with the sort of spittle-spattering rants you come up with will find them interrupted by a broken nose, or if you are bigger than me I’ll just aim for the testicles and the eyes. Fuck you and fuck your stars and stripes waving pathetic sambo “brother”, may the ancestors curse him. Oh and fuck whoever put up those posters, whether they were edl or muslim, sikh, hindu or “rasta” for that matter. I said I would bet money the edl put em up as it would fit in perfectly with their “strategy” [using the term loosely], not that they definitely did.

  9. One more thing – your “brother” there really needs to have a wank. I would say “get laid” but I would hate to think of any woman (or man for that matter) having to endure the attentions of such an unpleasant and plainly violent nutjob. I’ve met some pathetic sambos in my time but he really takes the cake. Nice use of language with the “roaches” – a metaphor used by every genocidist and wannabe genocidist from the nazis to the zionist fanatics to the hutu extremists in rwanda.

  10. Rassy, you poor demented and dented twat, you obviously haven’t a clue of who you are. Aside from your unacknowledged racism, if a few paragraphs on an obscure blog can move you to threats of violence you are not a peaceful or non-violent person, and posses nothing in the way of knowledge, self or otherwise. A mouthy gibbon flapp’en his thick lips, while he masturbates and eats his own shit, is the picture you draw of yourself. Cluelessness, that doesn’t seem limited to rasta’s internal world, but to his inclusion of fanatical Zionists, in his list of the genocidal and those who would commit genocide. The numbers of “fanatical” Zionists are so small that they would never have the capacity to commit the crime. If rasta weren’t such a demonstrably ignorant figure, the kind that suck up palestinian propaganda like a 10 quid crack whore who will wrap his lips any diseased cock for another hit. If you want wannabe genocidal types he should have included hamas, they are quite open about their intentions, as they have it written down in their charter. Can’t expect much from rasta, as he’s a mouth breathing, chin moving as he reads, cock-swallowing, unimpressive, unaware little gibbon, better off left in a room without a computer were he can play with himself and eat shit to his heart’s content.

    What happened to the little bangladeshi fuckwit, Dan?? The one that can’t tell the difference between people who build schools and those that throw acid in the faces of girls going to school, or recognize a child rapist. For a self described atheist, he seemed to have a big ass problem being critical a fraud religious figure. Anarchists getting played by islamists like queers getting played by the east London mosque when it says, “we stand against homophobia and hate,” then turns around and plays another round of “spot the faggot” with muslim youth on the premises, gearing them up for another secession assault the queer.

  11. “a mouthy gibbon flapping his thick lips” Ummm, nuff said eh.
    PS all the references to nut-licking, cock-swallowing etc. don’t exactly bolster your anti-homophobic credentials.
    PPS I can only assume that you tend to keep your mouth shut in face to face conversations with people. Cos if not, even “Jesus Christ” would’ve decided “I come not with peace, but with a sword”.

  12. You flatter yourself, I have no problem flappin’ my thick lips in person or in word, I just find empty threats over the internet pathetic, and those that resort to them laughable. As to the examples you sited, that you say raise questions about my commitment to combating homophobia, people read shit from a perspective created by their own unconscious assumptions and bigotries. If you already posses negative views and are bigoted toward Gay people any reference to homosexual acts, although I don’t seem to remember referencing homosexual acts, will seem to you as you already see them, positively or negatively. If you mean in context to reference to you, rasta, you don’t seem much of a man, so I don’t see any reference to your sexuality as explicitly hetero or homo. If race obsessed, one would interpret any insult as racial. Calling one dumbfuck a masturbatory, shit eating gibbon because that’s the image he creates for himself is not the same as calling all Black people monkeys or apes, as you imply. Comparing such a shit filled mouthed gibbon with either the vast body of darker skinned peoples or other primates would be a grave insult to both human beings with a darker hue, and our cousin primates. It is entertaining to taunt a racist with his own obsession, like dangling bits of shit in front of feces chewing macaque and seeing if he will bite.

    Even funnier when this shiteater, compares itself with Jesus, that’s a classic. Here, I will give you a little description, I’m 6′ over, male, a fit 15 stone plus or minus a stone, white or mixed and I like fighting. Can’t help it it’s genetic, and if it’s not family, or training, I take it very seriously. Violence is always a serious matter as once it starts you never know where it will end. I can’t get too specific about my description because that would affect my ability to go were I want, and examine those I wish to examine. rasta poor rasta you are not important enough to impinge on actual priorities.

  13. romanticanarchist

    Rasta, he’s just a very disturbed man – better really not to indulge some people in their, very orthodox, Reagan wet-dream politics. It only encourages them.

  14. yes rasta, do as you you are told, as this little commissar dictates. Don’t address the mean man, besides everytime you open your mouth you look like a drooling fuckwit. Be an submissive little boy and do as your better tells you.

    romantique “Reagan” How old are you? I get most of your doctrine and theory are a hundred years out of date, but you personally, are you in your 50’s, maybe 60’s? Some decrepit fail revolutionary fantasist, who’s time has come and gone, and doesn’t know it time to shuffle of to a pensioner’s home. What’s next? You going to give a lecture on the roll of American imperialism in Vietnam, or maybe how television is a fascist plot/fad. Neil Kinnock for PM. Out of date and time romantique shuffle along, I’m sure there is some nice seaside for you to visit. If you are as old as you sound, please as you shuffle along take your dusty and dated beliefs with you your generation has created enough of a mess for younger people to clean up.

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