Mob Rule in West London

For many of us, March 26th was set to be the big one.  The anger and spontaneity of the student movement, but joined by other people from all walks of life who’s very survival is being threatened by the cuts.  We wanted to join the dots and link our various struggles in an all out class war against those who now can’t even be bothered to give us the crumbs from their table.  To make them long for the days when we’d accept that pittance and leave them alone.

At the very least, we did succeed in joining up all the various anarchists across London that day who had come from every corner of the country and beyond. Once the bloc converged and headed to its intended target there was no stopping it, and police were either overpowered or outmanoeuvred every time they attempted a challenge.  Paint bombs and smoke grenades obstructed the work of various FIT teams who tailed the bloc, which had swelled until it made up a sea of red and black flags.

The mob roamed the streets from Soho to Mayfair and built momentum as it went, leaving graffiti, toppled cops, bewildered tourists and smashed windows in its wake.  From HSBC, Santander and Lloyds, to Jewellers, luxury auto dealers and even Ann Summers, countless targets along the improvised route were trashed.  But it was on Piccadilly where it was presented the opportunity to unleash its anger upon the ruling class themselves, rather than their symbolic representations.  The crowd acknowledged this, and as we approached the building a chant went up –‘THE RITZ, THE RITZ, WE GOTTA GET RID OF THE RITZ.’

They didn’t, of course.  But for anyone who witnessed the daring assault on the Ritz Hotel, no doubt remains as to whether would have succeeded in thoroughly scaring the shit out of any rich scum contained within.  The Porsche centre in Mayfair was the last to fall, as the mob reached Hyde Park and was finally confronted by large numbers of knuckle-dragging TSG, drooling at the prospect of not having to engage asymmetrically, on unfavourable territory filled with bystanders.  The terrible wave of black masked militants finally broke and scattered in every direction.

While some of yesterday’s details and what will become of the movement are still uncertain, one thing is not.  All afternoon the West End was ours.  And by nightfall when the totality of the days events were revealed, we were witness to scenes unheard of for years as barricades burned in central London.

This is not to fall into the same self-congratulatory trap as morons on the left who would hold hands, sing the Internationale in Hyde Park and call it a day, pretending they’ve struck a critical blow at the very heart of the system.  Hundreds of people were arrested or brutalised in Trafalgar square.  Some sad misguided individuals are still deluded enough to think they can engage with the police on a human level, which yesterday’s occupation of Fortnum and Mason has shown us can only end in betrayal.  The anarchist movement certainly delivered yesterday, but there is still much work to be done.  We may have shaken the enclaves of the wealthy to their foundations but we have not dealt them their final hand.

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  1. Great job yesterday!


    • Your comment is both juvenile and retarded. It doesn’t deserve a response but as i had a couple of minutes to kill you get one.

    • The caps lock key is to your left. Oh hang on! We can’t move that way because socialism!

  3. Could you please kindly point me to a society where anarchy ever worked? Or any social/technological progress that was the result of anarchist movements? Are you anti-capitalist? Ever thought about moving to North Korea?

    • Read up on the philosophy of Anarchism and the parts of the world that attempted to put it into practice. Like in Catalonia and the Ukraine. Your suggestion of moving to North Korea is stupid. Your ignorant self should move there and let us get on with improving things over here.

    • can you please kindly point me to a society were democracy ever worked?

    • Scientific progress is not the result of political/economic systems, rather it is the result of study by individuals and groups. Democracy didn’t discover DNA any more than communism invented the colour TV or solved the Poincaré conjecture.

  4. The ultimate irony – an ‘anarchist’ site trying to moderate comments. This is so fucking embarrassing.

    • True Anarchists have manners and respect for others-unless you’re an exploiter of people. If you post up rude insignificant and down right abusive comments for no reason your damn right it shouldn’t remain. Keep it in context and then you can say what you like. It’s not censorship, it’s consideration for others that don’t want to read nonsense.

  5. Great stuff!

  6. Scientists report that a policeman in a laboratory displayed human-like intelligence after being given a keyboard to amuse him. Between bouts of furious masturbation he tapped idly at the keys, eventually producing a sentence-like construction using random english words.

    This one must be at least a superintendent.

  7. @one, thank you for your bright suggestion of moving to North Korea, but we politely decline. We leave hobnobbing with fat, corrupt dictators, and kissing their asses to get a bit of their oil, or land or weapons or whatever else that is soaked in blood, to capitalists like yourself. We’d much rather worry about ourselves, the poor, the homeless, the jobless, the voiceless such as Ian Tomlinson, Menezes etc while you go about shopping in the West End, blowing thousands of pounds of blood money generated from sweatshops, buying expensive and beautiful goods manufactured by the slave labour of hapless prisoners, pregnant women and children in countries terrorized by the very same dictators. Have a nice day.

  8. Middle class students thinking they are tough.
    Bet most of the WAGs are from middle class families pretending they are working class. Losers who can’t do well in society!!!

  9. Seriously, you guys make me laugh so hard. Rich scum? Im from a working class family, but who do you think pays for everything in society? Corporate taxes and business taxes is where the vast majority of tax revenue comes from. WEeve never had it so good. In the past us poor folk have had to tolerate a lot of bullshit, now i don’t know anyone on my estate with a 360 or ps3, and flat screen tv. Anarchists?? you have a fucking website and you organise yourself…. YOUR NOT ANARCHISTS! you just a bunch of idiots that go around smashing other peoples property, helping cause damage meaning thats money going on the stores to be fixed, higher insurances meaning in the end i have to pay more tax or i get less benefits. All you guys going out smashing shit up should be locked away for good. The guys that are peacefully protesting, and making your point, GOOD ON YOU!!!!

    • I am a self-employed home-owning person with a car, wife and kid and pay the upper rate of income tax, but I don’t find it fulfilling. I know the Class War lot will sneer and baulk at me for being some middle-class numpty, but I’m not the enemy. I think my work is mind-numbingly boring and uncreative, I am distressed by the amount of needless poverty in this world (and I’ve seen far worse poverty than exists in the UK) when there are people with surplus resources at their disposal and I dislike being controlled and don’t want to control others. Charity and taxation won’t change the situation fundamentally, as much as many of us try by giving to worthwhile causes and working voluntarily.

      Whatever the amount of paper money and worthless numbers held in computers in my name, it doesn’t make me or anyone else free. It just means that I don’t suffer materially, which is better than worrying about where your next meal is coming from. But given that poverty exists to keep me comfortable, I’m not living an ethical life.

      Is that all we are as human beings? Is that all we can become? Is life just collecting more and more stuff that we are told to buy? Is this where 200,000 years of evolution has taken us? Is this the end of history? No, no, no, no and no. We can make history. Human beings can liberate themselves from want and control and the target should be the governments and corporations. No choice between the ideological tweedle dum and tweedle dee in parliament will provide us with change. Democracy is a charade.

      We can liberate ourselves and the window smashers are freedom fighters. These are just broken windows, a few fireworks thrown at cops armed with CS gas to equal the score and some stink bombs for good measure. Compare that to the number of victims of the war machine that trundled into Iraq to win some corporate contracts and make some money – against the wishes of the majority in this country. Anarchists are not the criminals, the politicians are.

      If 500,000 people had followed this same action in London on Saturday instead of standing around being lectured to by Ed Miliband (a man who advocates the objectives of government policy, only over a longer time frame), the political class would be hiding in their compound right now just like Gaddafi and we would be discussing real change.

      Anarchism is about freedom through destroying what constrains us as individuals and as communities. I noticed that someone wrote grafitti at the demonstration on Saturday that said “Revolution is in the mind”. That’s so true on so many levels. Think about it hard.

      • I’m not a member of Class War, but I don’t think the people I’ve met who are associated with that loose group would sneer at you. If you worked hard and saved your money to get the things you feel you need, nothing wrong with that. It’s people who exploit others to get ahead who I have a problem with. Good post BTW

    • How do you know they’re not anarchists when you plainly don’t have the first idea of a clue what “anarchist” means?
      And as for “helping cause damage meaning thats money going on the stores to be fixed”… leaving aside debate as to which tactics are the most effective at which points in struggles, isn’t there another way to look at that, viz: “helping cause damage that’s money going on paying working class people to fix the stores” – job creation!
      As for corporate taxes and business taxes, us poor folk like me and you pay a much higher percentage of our income on taxes than do the wealthy and especially the corporations. But as long as idiots like you have a fucking flat screen tv I guess there’s nothing to worry or complain about is there. After all, that’s what life is all about – having a fucking flat screen tv.

  10. Here come the pointless detractors.

    “Could you please kindly point me to a society where anarchy ever worked?”

    In our day to day business, there are a lot of things we do voluntarily and very capably without the need for State or money. Why not have the whole society based on voluntary association and mutual solidarity?

    “Or any social/technological progress that was the result of anarchist movements?”

    True, anarchism hasn’t contributed to the advancement of technologies, such as nuclear bombs, surveillance, satellite television, etc. But perhaps it can advance the mind.

    “Are you anti-capitalist? Ever thought about moving to North Korea?”

    Ho, ho, ho. North Korea? Nothing could be further from the vision of a society without hierarchy. You may disagree over tactics and approach, but please read some anarchist philosophy to understand those you criticise.

  11. Caterpillarhood

    Here we go, the establishment attack dogs are barking mad ! I wonder why ?

    Great day yesterday ! Congratulations to everyone involved !

    Much, Much More to come !

    Love and Best Wishes,

  12. Couldn’t agree more with Caterpillarhood!
    I think a few people could do with doing some research on anarchism but that’s always the case!
    I always find it a little disappointing that people are so down on human beings. Without control, we can thrive. A small example but just remember under Thatcher, we had to look after ourselves. Communities set up their own crisis centers and support groups to help each other with issues like domestic abuse. We need to start building alternatives in our communities because we cannot trust state provisions.

    Keep it up!

    • “We need to start building alternatives in our communities because we cannot trust state provisions.” There you go a bit of sense, now if you can keep the marxists, neo-marxists, the crypto-marxists and the fuckwits who are unaware that they are just another brand of marxists out of the work you will actually achieve something besides pointless vandalism. Long live the productive creative anarchist.

      Oh that last comment of mine you lot deleted, Did I hurt rasta’s feelings? Shocking I only thought he had two, moral outrage at his constant experience of racial injustice and slavish bootlicking smarminess at anything that served as an authority reinforcing his constant experience of racial injustice and obcession with all things racial.

      Was it the “fat white girl remark”, did that cross an imaginary line?

  13. What a bunch of Muppets who commenting on here… You are getting mad over people smashing a large corporate outlets but when these very same corporations stealing from the pocket of 90% of the population. What do you do??

    The government are cutting services left right and center and you are moaning about people taking action… I suppose once we actually get to the stage when of reaching the dystopian 1984 you will be happy.. I bet you are working for the establishment who are bunch of thieving criminals.. Open you eyes and look further than the Rupert Murdock media..

    • “What a bunch of Muppets who commenting on here… You are getting mad over people smashing a large corporate outlets but when these very same corporations stealing from the pocket of 90% of the population. What do you do??”

      If all you want to do is destroy shit and tear everything down, without having built up alternatives to provide for the needs of the people, because if you are not in the service of the People, you are just another frustrated and resentful little douche bag aristocrat dressing up as a revolutionary in your cute che guevara t-shirt, ever so fashionable palestinian keffiyeh and not a clue in the world.

      Fuck me!

      rasta, that was quick. What do you do lurk on here all day? no job? Glad to hear your thickening your skin, but you continue to display delusions of grandeur or at least a tendency to ward exaggeration. “scream obsessive abuse” Did you see any exclamation marks on any of the shit I’ve dumped on your head? The “fuck me!” is an expression of shock, not an invite or a form of abuse directed toward you, though you might, given your previous self- flattery, consider me a bit of a tease. I say, coyly batting my eyes. No exclamations so no screaming, most of my insults are directed at you quite dryly. I take no pleasure bitchslapping the disadvantaged, certainly don’t get excited about it. You and those like you just aren’t that important. I just think you are a colostomy bag, with all the analytic insight and wit of such.
      What was the other exaggeration you employed? ah yes, “all day long” A posting here and there doesn’t really take that long, even a lengthy one. Perhaps, that isn’t an exaggeration on your part, we could be working with qualitatively differing faculties. To string a few paragraphs together takes me a few minutes, and with you to string a few words and sentences takes all day long. poor thing. I am glad you find my writing amusing, confirms a theory I have that you don’t really comprehend much of what you read.

      • Stefan Davis

        “If all you want to do is destroy shit and tear everything down, without having built up alternatives to provide for the needs of the people, because if you are not in the service of the People, you are just another frustrated and resentful little douche bag aristocrat dressing up as a revolutionary in your cute che guevara t-shirt, ever so fashionable palestinian keffiyeh and not a clue in the world.”

        Do agree that that the government is in bed with the banking system?

        If I get something stolen from me then the procedure of resource is though the establishment. When large banking system defrauds the population what is the recourse to get this rectified? You are very quick to condemn but you offer no solutions.

        I offer the perspective that you think the bank bail outs are justified and the government is not run by corrupt two face kleptocrats. If that is not the case how does one stop this rotten cesspit?

      • Emphasis on the “mildly” amusing. You’re not actually funny or anything (other than funny peculiar).
        Stefan Davis, further perusal of “Swifty” aka “Cameron”‘s contributions to this blog will reveal that the main method he sees of improving society is to get rid of “the muzzies”, by which he means Muslims, all of whom are rampaging al qaeda terrorists and rapists of virtuous white women in Swifty/Cameron’s book.

  14. Well done WAG. Brilliant articles, brilliant actions, brilliant group. Keep it up!

  15. During the march from Marble Arch to Piccadilly Circus I noticed that cops were standing in front of some (apparently random) shops, but as well in front of all 3 Boots branches we passed by. Did I get it wrong or is Boots a coveted target? Wasn’t its complete protection a little too explicit? Which interests stand behind this specific business that reserve it such a massive protection by public officers? Thanks in advance for any serious clarifications.

  16. Um, as far as I’m concerned you can scream obsessive abuse at me all day long. I find it mildly amusing, if anything. But perhaps Miss Maverick and co feel that your mindless dribblings are taking up space that could be used for more relevant posts? Just guessing.

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  18. You must be the only anarchists in the world protesting against the reduction of state spending and state power? You aren’t fucking anarchists… you’re Trots, commies and armchair Marxists who have no idea about the theoretical roots of anarchism. Read up on your Rothbard you illiterate fucks and call yourself socialists. Don’t stain the real anarchists with your statist behaviour

    • Who the fuck is “Rothbard”? Let me guess, a little-known “individualist” “anarcho-capitalist”/U.S.-style “libertarian” (the type of people who, when they talk about abolishing “laws”, they mean laws against child labour and workplace health and safety laws… )
      The theoretical roots of anarchism lie firmly in the struggle of the poor and oppressed against the rich and powerful. The difference between anarchism and state “socialism”/”communism” is that anarchism says that the means should be compatible with the ends, rather than the ends justifying the means, and that anarchists find the idea that the state will somehow melt away and abolish itself, as Marxists say, ludicrous – since as long as there is any clique with more power than the average person, no matter if that clique calls itself “the dictatorship of the proletariat” or whatever, that clique will end up defending its own power and privileges rather than defending the masses. As has been proven time and time again in state so-called “socialist” or “communist” societies. But as far as the economic ideal of communism, i.e from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs, the large majority of anarchists have always agreed with that.

  19. I’m not an anarchist… though I have a lot of sypmathy with a lot of people on this site an can understand the rage and frustration with people on this website and the acts of vandalism and destruction carried out at a lot of protests lately. However it strikes me that a lot of your comments on the posts are far from anarchistic… they tend to be more “Humanist”. A care and compassion for the people in sweatshops across the world, a worry about the state of African and third world countries a fear for the money and jobless. An anger towards the greedy and corrupt. perhaps some of you need to take a closer look at where your loyalties (or more accurately – passion) truley is. If you are a true humanist then an anarchistic society is not for you. If you are a true anarchist then a humanist society is not for you either. I do know the difference so please don’t lecture me that they are one and the same after i’ve finished my say. If you are a true humanist then rioting with anarchists won’t work, as you will be branded as trouble makers and your views and points will be largely ignored by the majority of tax payers. If, however you do care about the state of the world we live in and want to see it evolve for the good of everyone then start your own group or look elsewhere as it’s becoming quite clear now that anarchists groups are making a bad name for themselves, deserved or not. There is nothing wrong with being angry and demonstrating that anger, it makes me smile to see London torn to bits, but to what effect? Is anyone listening to what you have to say? Or are they just sat back, gobsmacked at the nerve some of you show? I mean come on… Policemen volunteer to protect society, not to have lightbulbs of amonia thrown at them, they are only doing what they have been ordered to. You educate enough people and make some valid points… who knows, you may get a situation like Cairo had, where the armed forces/police… refuse to get involved… thn you have a revolution on your hand. I’m an ex-squaddie and I know that not all squaddies and coppers are happy with what they have to do from time to time… So come on people… wisen up… what is it you want to achieve? World peace, a safe and corruption-less place to live in? Socialism? Humanitarianism? Less aggressive capitalism? or true…. no-law, no rules, no protection, survival of the fitttest Anarchism?

  20. I wish I’d known about WAG when I lived in Whitechapel, I found out about you through Resonance and I’m really impressed by your group!

    @newintown – Boots, Vodaphone, Topshop and BHS were all coated in police because their owners don’t pay tax on profits made in the UK. It is the greatest irony that companies who don’t contribute to public services get the full support of them when needed. If I was a copper, knowing my job was on the line, I’d stand aside and let the bricks fly.

  21. I don’t think any amount of rioting is going to stop the austerity. The ruling class need to do this badly.

    I’m not agianst rioting – and i certainly don’t think its immoral. Its just not a strategy for getting rid of cameron and co.

    What we really need is a general strike. Realisticly only the TUC can call it. They don’t want to. How do we change this? No amount of slaging of the TUC is going to help, thats for sure.

  22. well said dan.respect.

  23. Managed to stick with the group for most of the day, here’s some shots I took:


    and a little vid:

  24. @ Stefan Davis

    Alternatives just off the top of my head commercial and personal boycotts of a specific bank just one cause it’s collapse. If changes aren’t make, repeat with another, Make it impossible for an mp to spend a day without the issue being thrown in their faces join the tory party, get enough people doing that and it will truly scare the shit out of the powers that be. Exploit every tool in the democratic arsenal available. Voluntarily participate community groups and agencies that provide help for those in need. Anarchism is unachievable fantasy without individual effort and responsibility for collective welfare. I don’t pretend to have anywhere near all the answers, but there are questions to ask: Is it in the service of the people, and is it productive? Being just two, there are certainly more.

    now for that shitstain rasta,

    “rapists of virtuous white women” you really are disgusting, let me explain something, the victim of a rape is never at fault for the crime. Do you fucking get that, rasta? Not by virtue of anything they do or wear, as you imply with the sarcastic inclusion of “virtuous” in your little shpeal. No one ever invites a rape. You piece of shit. Next, No human deserves to be raped because of their skin colour, you can’t get more disgusting rasta, especially when you are discussing children. How racially fucked in the head are you? like you are so damaged that you cling to the barest threads of humanity. If there is a human anywhere left inside you rasta, I weep for him, get help.

    As for all muzzies being terrorist, don’t be a fuckin’ idiot. Best estimates are 10 to 15 percent of the population are radicalized or sympathetic to the islamist cause. So out of say 2 million in the UK, that’s 200000 to 300000 sympathizers and outright “gunna’ blow myself up for allah ’cause of iraq, afganistan, Russian atrocities in chechnya, Indians won’t give the rest of kashmir to pakistan, nasty Philippinos won’t convert to islam and the white geezer down at the chippie called him a “paki”. What was that poll done of muslim students in Britain, 40 percent want sharia in Britain and 30 something think it’s cool to kill for their religion. These are real problems, people like you who want to minimize or excuse this shit because most, though not all, muslims are brown skinned are today’s racists. Trying to run cover for the faults of a belief system, by accusing critics of being motivated by racism is a wicked inversion. Unless you are like rasta and believe supremacists should be excused if their ideology is religious and their skins aren’t pasty white. I’d tell you to like my sweaty bollocks, rasta, but I have the feeling intuition you would consider it an invite.

    • For the record, I am against rape. Just in case that was unclear to anyone else other than lunatics such as “twisty”.
      “get enough people [joining the tory party] and it’ll truly scare the shit out of the powers that be” – real pant-pissing material here. Keep it up and I made move you up a notch from “mildly” amusing.

  25. Rodney Trotter

    I am an oldie , a former official in the NUM (Miners Union) . In our strike in 1984 – 1985 I saw first hand the vicious actions of the London Met police in the mining villages of South Yorkshire . They broke our strike and allowed Thatcher to target the Labour movement in general. I remember vividly the police laughing at striking miners . Im an old bloke but I say with all my heart
    I love the brave kids of the Black Block . You did a good thing . Keep strong .
    Goodluck .

  26. “The state acquired a monopoly of physical violence, which is legally regulated and only the state has the right to kill (legal death penalty), to exercise violence against any social group and criminalizing violence in all other social institutions or in different fields of action. At best, this was done to control the violence and there are constitutional guarantees to the respective legal instruments to reduce it. But the violence of the state, open or hidden, there is always a component of item itself.” Max Weber, Politics of a Vocation.

    Violence is not a concept good or bad. The violence is directly related to life itself on earth. It can not be ignored or eliminated. Beyond good and evil of ethics, violence is an element of nature and human life. It is in life, located in nature and everyday life. It is polymorphic. It is authoritarian or liberating, repressive or insurrectionary. It is necessary. It is something we can not deny it, because there simply are not able to uproot it as long and tough as we try. Therefore we can not talk about violence and non violence. We can not be supporters or critics in general and vague, since this would lead to an endless and pointless prolixity. By the same reasoning should be considered to be nugatory “the condemnation of violence from wherever it comes from” and those who advocate this, if they meant their words and trying to implement a departure from “every form of violence” they would seem like beings floating in a vacuum.

    The violence since the debut/outbreak of the “bourgeois legality”, the parliamentarism, not only ceased to play a historic role, but it is today also, as in all previous seasons, the base of the ruling politic class. The capitalist state as a whole is based on violence and its military organization is itself a tangible proof.
    Institutionally acceptable form of violence is poverty, unemployment, the threat of dismissal, a form of violence is to live with the horror of survival. But a violence that tends to get the dimensions of a “natural” evil, a violence that will not criminalized in any court and the perpetrators will enjoy a smooth immunity.

    As every action brings a reaction, so that violence brings anti-violence. The socially revolutionary violence. It is necessary to destroy the existing authoritarian system and within the framework of the social competition that can not defy a peaceful solution, at least from the authoritarian side, anti-violence is indispensable as a tool for personal and social liberation. The use of anti-violence, on the one hand prove its instrumental role in the movements and the revolts – it is the mean
    not the end- on the other hand the liberating context of the aggressive act itself. The attack clearly indicate the responsible and partisans of the exploitation and oppression system and compose simultaneously a small but comprehensive blow against them. Even declare the belief that substantially there is no respect at all for these institutions which violently and daily crushed our lives. Only coercion. At the time of the widespread conflict and the use of anti violence the authority is challenged, the coercion is raised and the social subjects attacked again in ministries, banks, police stations and the department stores, realizing that all they have to offer is the brief joy of their destruction. We suggest, then, social violence as one of the means for the state’s destruction and its exploitative relationships.

  27. During the last few protests I’ve been very happy to see that at least some people still care about what’s going to happen to the people in Britain. Thank godness organisations like yours exist! Shame ‘anarchy’ has recieved such a negative reputation.
    It’s a damn shame that people dissing you are just sitting on their asses waiting for someone else to fight for the rights we have fought for for hundreds of years. People needs to stop taking the rights we’ve got for granted and start realising that they can easily be taken away from us again and that’s what’s happening right now.
    No wonder one gets angry when the government has completely stopped caring and listeing to its people!
    With you all the way.

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  29. miss maverick, you claim you don’t censor anyone, yet whenever i post anything you delete it. whats the matter? can’t handle the truth?

    you all know george osborne wants to lick my cock and kay burley wants me to anal fuck her. so print my message now you pussies.

    lets see if you print this message. don’t be shy. i can verbally rape any anti anarchist with my left testicle on their tongues.

    thats why william hague shut his mouth. my big bollock was foaming on his tongue.
    sexy balls always work wonders

    • You’re nuts. And as i can see the world can now see one of your posts. Although not too sure how grateful we all are. Hope you’re happy now.

  30. I think Rasta is the most passioniate queer in the whole of England. i bet he foams at the mouth waiting for some old posh cock to sit on his tongue and just layer the cum on it.

    cum on Rasta, show us your true feelings!
    don’t be shy.

    its ok to be a queer.

    • I’m actually heterosexual, not that it’s relevant to anything. Also, I am not in England.
      fuckthenus, I suggest you seek some help from the NHS while it still exists. Or there’s always the charity “mind.” Good luck – having experienced mental health difficulties myself, I know it’s not easy.

  31. To all the halfwits on here who offer nothing but abuse signifys one thing, they have nothing to offer that could even be remotely termed reasonable. I’m referring to them that hide behind a regime that,s long had its day . There’s large cracks now beginning to show really for the first time in the 70 odd years that I’ve been around (yes another elder). Not everyone can see it, least of all those who don’t want to, there again don’t credit it with the intelligence it hasn’t got. In the words of my old grandma’ they bring fuck all to the table.’
    Moving on , I was heartened by the events recently ,opposition put forward that works! The parasites are rumbled and their dumb enough to be protectors are suffering with uncertainty. It’s been a long time coming and if I only get to glimpse the beginning of it I’ll die a happy person.
    When the next event takes place I’ll be there( one stick not two) in the meantime I’d like to thank all you young bloods for showing the way and if any of the greed driven clowns who get on here think at best I’m an oddity then think again, you would be suprised at the number of older people rejuvenated by your actions.
    All the best for now

  32. Dim rasta counseling another on mental health issues, without the slightest bit of irony or seemingly self-awareness, but loads of conceit. Rich. As far as his attitudes toward rape, says he condemn rape. How magnanimous of him, I assume, contrary to his previous snide remark, that condemnation extends to little girls that don’t meet his moral standards?

    As far as ratsa’s critique of the just off the top head suggestion that people could join the tory party and his ridicule of the idea. It’s funny how this idiot believes he has wit enough to offer an opinion that has the slightest relevance. As I said that was just of the top of my head but here are some possible utilities to such an activity. An understanding of the inner workings and understandings of the assumptions that create and define the party’s policies. Connections with any possible sympathetic elements within the tory base could be formed, always a benefit unless you are just a fucking fanatic. If enough people were to join who were not typical or traditional tory constituents policy could be influenced.
    If the tories really are an enemy, as opposed to just a political opponents, having eyes and ears in their organization would always be handy. It’s the last thing they would expect.

    Not much of a thinker are you. rasta? not very creative? Well, at least you think rape is bad. Good boy with a pat pat on the ‘ead. One last thing about your remark about the rape of little girls, I assume you were sleazily referring to the stories of muslim pedophile gangs in the north targeting non-muslim girls for sexual exploitation specifically because they are non-muslim. Non-muslim isn’t just native British girls, but girls of an Afro-Caribbean background, and Sikh and Hindu children. All considered “fairgame” because they exist outside the muslim community.
    If you don’t have a problem with this targeted sexual exploitation. The question of why come roaring to the fore. For some like rasta, based on his singling out “virtuous white girls”, it is conceivable that they feel that,
    considering the resentments expressed over historic wrongs suffered by
    Africans and others at the hands of white Britons, these little girls somehow deserved it.

  33. I’ve not seen a single coherent argument against anarchism in these comments by detractors.

    As for Islamists, I’m against them like any ideology that imposes authority on others. But I don’t think Islamism is inherently worse than the “liberal democracies” that have caused misery for millions. All authority is to be fought against.

    Yes, there are no doubt male chauvinist Muslim men involved in rape and human trafficking, but this is not unique to Muslims. The sad thing is that vulnerable girls are getting into situations of exploitation and that is not a problem caused by Muslims but a problem relating to how women are still treated and that a lot more needs to be done to emancipate women.

    • A sane, balanced and reasonable reply – but the words “pearls” and “swine” do come to mind.

      • thing is rasta you don’t demonstrate sanity, aside from your paranoid delusions with regard to people’s identities, and obsessive racism, you are incapable of recognizing sanity, balance or reason.

  34. The morons with the dumbfuck comments are cops-obviously.

  35. ” But I don’t think Islamism is inherently worse than the “liberal democracies” that have caused misery for millions.” Spoken like some one truly ignorant of history, perspective or the slightest bit of sense, and a bad case of moral equvilancy syndrome. Here’s the illogic these kind of idiots peddle. Women in the “liberal democracies” experience discrimination in terms of pay equity. and I’m sure others can fill in a host of other inequities. Women in islamically dominated countries face discrimination so they’re both pretty much the same. Till you actually fucking examine both cases, Liberal democracies destroyed the open slave trade, muslims institutionalized it in their religious law. Don’t believe me, read Tariq Fatah’s “Chasing a Mirage” he documents it quite well. Are you familiar with phrase honor killing”? How many natives of Liberal democratic states practice that foul custom? I read recently that based on islam based huhood laws of pakistan 75% of women in prison are rape victims who couldn’t find 4 male witnesses to verify that they were raped. Want to be a Christian girl in iraq, eygpt, indonesia, or bangledesh were cases of abduction, rape, forced conversion and forced marriage to muslim are common place? How about a girl going to school in afghanistan with a little acid thrown in your face to discourage you. Maybe the gender apartheid of saudi arabia is more to your tastes? It would be possible to go on all day, demonstrating the glaring differences between the “liberal democracies with all their faults” and the consistently inequitable and horrific shitholes islam produces. That’s just in terms of the treatment of women, dan, you are a fuckwit moron if you believe that islamist and liberal democracies are even comparable. Odds are you are just another ignorant fool who makes his judgement without reference to facts.

    “Yes, there are no doubt male chauvinist Muslim men involved in rape and human trafficking” You mean like the boat load recently convicted of it. What was it 48 out of fifty were muslims with all the victims non-muslim. Do you think maybe muslim clerics record and making public statements to the effect, that uncovered women and girls invite rape, which is inline with orthodox islamic teaching has anything to do with it? You’re a fucking fucking apologist for islam and paedophiles, proportional to their part of the general population no group is as over represented in these cases as muslims, and no group specifically targets children outside their groups confines. Tell you what go find some of the parents and families of these kids and explain to them that contrary to the facts islam had nothing to do with the sexual exploitation of their children, Tell’em it was societies fault, or tell’em like lord achmed that labour peer, it was because they(the pervs) were in unhappy in arranged marriages. Then explain why, while you do see pimps targeting children in all groups, muslims are so grossly over represented and their victims are always non-muslim.

    It constantly astonishes me, the inability and ignorance of those who claim to be progressive in recognizing differences between cultures, the constant assumption that others dance to a Western tune. That other peoples on this planet posses civilizations in their own right. with attendant drives, histories, values, priorities, ambitions and perspectives. Not every thing Non-westerners do is related to, or driven by something the West has or hasn’t done. To assume it does is racist, and a denial of an other’s humanity, expressed for good or ill. As in a society that decided to practice human sacrifice, institutionalised slavery(cough…sudan) or female genital mutilation, or demand the execution of homosexuals. As examples, I find it impossible to see all cultures as equal, not even close. If you see Liberal democratic culture as the equatable to islamists you belong in therapy, heavy duty therapy. I have no problem saying the West is a superior culture, backed up by the fact hordes of people are dying to get to those countries, and the invitation to others live elsewhere for a given length of time as a poor person see which provides more opportunity and personal freedom.

    • Liberal democracies have invaded and plundered countries for their wealth, without any mandate from the people in the countries that invaded or from the people who were forced to fund it through their taxes (our “representatives” voted for a war, predicated on a pack of lies, that the majority opposed). One million innocent people have died as a consequence of the invasion of Iraq, a country that now has a problem with Islamic extremism that it did not have before, courtesy of the US-led invasion and Iranian intrigue. I won’t defend any Islamist atrocity or this fascistic ideology, but as a threat Islamists pose less of a risk to human lives than militarism in the name of liberal interventionism.

      As for your complaints against Sharia, I would agree that it is cruel. I would not defend it at all, but I’m not going to attack every single Muslim for it. Fact is that when Muslims are given a choice, they spurn Islamism. Hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis – most of them Muslims – fought the Pakistani Islamic Republic for freedom and ever since they have campaigned fought for freedom and against exploitation with few adopting religious extremism. But you seem determined to vilify all Muslims, which makes you a prejudiced ignoramus.

      Any ideology based on authority, whether Islamist, Communist or Liberal, is the enemy of freedom. All should be opposed equally.

      If you have a problem with what people are saying here, why are you obsessively posting rants and personal attacks on an anarchist blog? What do you hope to achieve? I really can’t understand people like you. You are just wasting your own time and everyone else’s time. You haven’t come with any coherent argument, you are not particularly intelligent and the few points you make are undermined by your haranguing and your evident hatred of Muslims. This particular blog is about the demonstrations last Saturday. Why not just stay on topic?

  36. Aren’t anarchists supposed to favour no state and voluntary co-operation?

    All I saw in London were pro-state tax parasites demanding more of other people’s money extracted from them under the violence of law.

    So where were the real anarchists?

    • Miss Maverick

      There aren’t enough people that are radical enough YET to bring down the Government. Tell me how ‘real’ Anarchist would have gone about it on the 26th? you can’t click your fingers and hey presto the way you envision the world becomes a reality. It takes time and much more than one demo.

      And this makes no sense:
      ”All I saw in London were pro-state tax parasites demanding more of other people’s money extracted from them under the violence of law.” If that’s all you saw i urge you to get some glasses.

      ”demanding more of other people’s money”. You what? It’s not money that belongs to them when they dodge tax and haven’t actually produced anything! And if you’re referring to those evil benefit scroungers then you’re buying right into the Governments scapegoating tactic. Do you really think it’s a good idea to to go back to the dark ages or the years of Dickens to have a decent society?
      As for the 26th I was demanding that we no longer hold a place in society that allows big business to exploit. That one day we do away with the filthy rich because immediately then we do away with the the penniless poor. If you see can’t how the mass population is being fucked then why don’t you go out and make your millions if its so easy.

      • Who are the parasites? The people who do nothing but feed off the labour of others while giving nothing in return. I don’t think people on benefits are parasites or if you want to see them as such, they are not taking much more than they need for their basic needs, often less. The biggest parasites are those who profit from exploiting others, the people with the power to hire and fire and therefore have power over our welfare, the people the teachers and police tell us to respect and bow to because we need them to give back a fraction of the value of our labour. There are plenty of other kinds of parasites, such as politicians, trade union leaders and the royal family. A radical restructuring of society would free all of us, including those with a parasitic relationship with the rest of us. Why should human society require sustaining inequality for the sake of order and distribution anyway?

  37. joe Macdonald

    So WAG has killed all the toffs, then the police, then the engineers, then the doctors and everyone who disagrees with them. Don’t say you don’t believe in violence. You advocate violence against people who don’t believe in what you want. So you have your society and everyone has to be an anachist – if they disagree they will get a good hiding!!! London and the UK burns – it would be so funny watching the anachists trying to build their society!!! Loads of discussion and then they find nobody would want to do the dirty jobs or the boring jobs. They would then suggest to take it in turns. Wow wit would be a really efficient society!!!They can believe in their twisted ideas because they get all the benefits from a structured society. Don’t go on about the cuts – there is still education and a Health service. Most countriesdon’t have a free health service (lile here in Australia) but I can’t imagine many of the anachists going to other parts of the world. They are too busy with large chips on their shoulders to go and work. They just get benefits from society and think it is their right not to have to work. If they cared why not try and actually help poor people (not in the UK) in the world rather than smashing everything up. WAG is just a forum for middle class losers. Oh wouldn’t they love to give me a good hiding – they wouldn’t do it on a one to one basis. They would have to out number me to prove how tough they are!! Also WAG are a bunch of cowards

    • So many assumptions. Firstly, I don’t see anarchists harming anyone who disagrees with them. Despite what you say, there have been few killings attributed to anarchists in the past 150 years – literally, less than you can count on both hands and certainly fewer than the Aboriginal people slaughtered in Australia! Rather, anarchists have largely caused mischief to big business and the police, who are the cause of the suffering you are complaining about.

      Secondly, fundamental to anarchism is the principle of mutual aid, not charity. We can all help each other. I’ve lived in the developing world and seen that there is nothing more disempowering and patronising than white people “helping” the natives. I’ve seen Catholic missionaries such as Mother Teresa’s awful Missionaries of Charity demand religious conversion of the most marginalised people in return for basic necessities. I greatly admire those who genuinely want to help and work selflessly to improve the lot of people who are less fortunate and while they certainly help at a micro level by easing suffering a little, at the level of society the fundamental structures that caused the suffering remain the same.

      For me, the important thing is to fight for their right to access to resources, rather than trying to ameliorate an unfair system. For instance, I can best help the Oriya tribes who are losing their land for mining activities not by giving them blankets and making them rely on my donations but by doing my best to oppose the company that is causing them misery, the UK-based Vedanta Resources. I can best help Bangladeshi garment workers who work in miserable conditions by campaigning against those businesses in the West that earn billions from their exploitation. I want people to stand on their own two feet, not remain locked into a situation of dependence and exploitation.

      It might be funny for you to see anarchists build a society, but is the current situation really that good when two-thirds of the world’s population is living in abject poverty? There is the chance for everyone to be liberated from want and serfdom and that’s what I am campaigning for. The current system is inhuman. Why should someone earn millions getting commission from moving money around a bit while a nurse earns sweat shop wages for actually helping save lives? What does that say about our system’s priorities?

      • Miss Maverick

        ”Despite what you say, there have been few killings attributed to anarchists in the past 150 years – literally, less than you can count on both hands and certainly fewer than the Aboriginal people slaughtered in Australia!” Good one!

    • From Bob Black, ‘The Abolition of Work’:

      It is now possible to abolish work and replace it, insofar as it serves useful purposes, with a multitude of new kinds of free activities. To abolish work requires going at it from two directions, quantitative and qualitative. On the one hand, on the quantitative side, we have to cut down massively on the amount of work being done. At present most work is useless or worse and we should simply get rid of it. On the other hand — and I think this is the crux of the matter and the revolutionary new departure — we have to take what useful work remains and transform it into a pleasing variety of game-like and craft-like pastimes, indistinguishable from other pleasurable pastimes, except that they happen to yield useful end-products. Surely that shouldn’t make them less enticing to do. Then all the artificial barriers of power and property could come down. Creation could become recreation. And we could all stop being afraid of each other.

      I don’t suggest that most work is salvageable in this way. But then most work isn’t worth trying to save. Only a small and diminishing fraction of work serves any useful purpose independent of the defense and reproduction of the work-system and its political and legal appendages. Twenty years ago, Paul and Percival Goodman estimated that just five percent of the work then being done — presumably the figure, if accurate, is lower now — would satisfy our minimal needs for food, clothing, and shelter. Theirs was only an educated guess but the main point is quite clear: directly or indirectly, most work serves the unproductive purposes of commerce or social control. Right off the bat we can liberate tens of millions of salesmen, soldiers, managers, cops, stockbrokers, clergymen, bankers, lawyers, teachers, landlords, security guards, ad-men and everyone who works for them. There is a snowball effect since every time you idle some bigshot you liberate his flunkeys and underlings also. Thus the economy implodes.

      Forty percent of the workforce are white-collar workers, most of whom have some of the most tedious and idiotic jobs ever concocted. Entire industries, insurance and banking and real estate for instance, consist of nothing but useless paper-shuffling. It is no accident that the “tertiary sector,” the service sector, is growing while the “secondary sector” (industry) stagnates and the “primary sector” (agriculture) nearly disappears. Because work is unnecessary except to those whose power it secures, workers are shifted from relatively useful to relatively useless occupations as a measure to assure public order. Anything is better than nothing. That’s why you can’t go home just because you finish early. They want your time, enough of it to make you theirs, even if they have no use for most of it. Otherwise why hasn’t the average work week gone down by more than a few minutes in the past fifty years?

      Next we can take a meat-cleaver to production work itself. No more war production, nuclear power, junk food, feminine hygiene deodorant — and above all, no more auto industry to speak of. An occasional Stanley Steamer or Model-T might be all right, but the auto-eroticism on which such pestholes as Detroit and Los Angeles depend on is out of the question. Already, without even trying, we’ve virtually solved the energy crisis, the environmental crisis and assorted other insoluble social problems.

      Finally, we must do away with far and away the largest occupation, the one with the longest hours, the lowest pay and some of the most tedious tasks around. I refer to housewives doing housework and child-rearing. By abolishing wage-labor and achieving full unemployment we undermine the sexual division of labor. The nuclear family as we know it is an inevitable adaptation to the division of labor imposed by modern wage-work. Like it or not, as things have been for the last century or two it is economically rational for the man to bring home the bacon, for the woman to do the shitwork to provide him with a haven in a heartless world, and for the children to be marched off to youth concentration camps called “schools,” primarily to keep them out of Mom’s hair but still under control, but incidentally to acquire the habits of obedience and punctuality so necessary for workers. If you would be rid of patriarchy, get rid of the nuclear family whose unpaid “shadow work,” as Ivan Illich says, makes possible the work-system that makes it necessary. Bound up with this no-nukes strategy is the abolition of childhood and the closing of the schools. There are more full-time students than full-time workers in this country. We need children as teachers, not students. They have a lot to contribute to the ludic revolution because they’re better at playing than grown-ups are. Adults and children are not identical but they will become equal through interdependence. Only play can bridge the generation gap.

  38. joe Macdonald

    Also why whinge about the cuts – I can’t see many anachists paying tax to the NHS or education. They are all receiving benefits or beating up peole who don’t believe in their twisted logic. I think we should call Gadaffi to eliminate these losers

    • Have many anarchists have you actually met? Regardless of the stereotypes pushed by the politicians and the media, anarchists are ordinary people just like you. We work, we pay our taxes, we shop in tescos, our children go to school, we use the nhs: we are normal people trying to make a decent life for ourselves, our families and our communities. Some of us may be on benefits, but so what, arent people on benefit entitled to whinge too.
      We do wash and most of us dont live in squats and we certainly dont go around beating up people who dont agree with us. So we are just as entitled as anyone else to whinge about the cuts.
      At least most anarchists have gone beyond just whinging and are actually trying to fight the cuts, and build a better future for us all, including for losers like you.

  39. joe Macdonald

    It will also be funny to watch all the bid capitalist business move out of UK and to China, india, Australia and rest of Asia. Where they are welcome. So funny to watch the anachists losers not having anything to smash up any more. You Brits are just so thick.

    • Well hopefully when that happens, as it inevitably will, They’ll be a kick ass riot in all those countries you mention. Until it is no longer acceptable, needed nor condoned to be a thieving cooperate business. Working class people don’t welcome fat cats in their country, we want them to fuck off and let us manage ourselves. Need is the mother of all creation-not capital driven ideology. You Joe is the one that’s thick.

      • There is already unrest in Asia. A third of India’s land area is now a war zone where tribal people and farmers have taken up arms against large corporations. Revolution will probably start in Asia, not in Britain.

  40. The main criticism I have of the anarchist movement is its failure to explain itself clearly to wider society, so often people only associate anarchism with breaking windows. And no-one will be bothered to go to anarchist websites to learn for themselves when their prejudices are already created. Advancing understanding requires direct contact with people. Groups like WAG are attempting to campaign within communities and setting up local newsletters in order to defend public services and offer an alternative vision to the authoritarian ideologies. More of this please!

    • Good post, it’s by coming on websites that some of us can learn a thing or two even after three score years and ten. Obviously this is not going to apply to Mr Macdonald from down under, one glance at his offerings indicates a lot longer.

  41. Careful with the ‘Brit’ term Joey they/we are deeply embedded in your heritage and not by choice, shipped off by the very same kind of irksome bunch that you think you have something in common with. Next you’ll be telling us you are one of the gated community … probably maintenance!

  42. joe Macdonald

    So on one side you guys talk about violence is the only way to achieve the society you want, but now you say we don’t use violence against people who disagree with you.
    What are you doing on these demonstrations – trying to bash the police. These are not rich people and they are only doing their jobs.
    Anachists with jobs – who would employ a bunch of middleclass losers!!!!
    You want free houses etc because you are such a bunch of losers and could never afford a house or other luxuries!!!!
    By the way it was you brits who did the damage to the aboriginals. You are such a sad bunch of people on your sad miserable country

    • Jog on, troll.

    • You’re irritating and too stuck in your ways to learn anything new. Those with your attitude will be left behind as more and more people get clued up about how the world is run and choose to do something about it. I’m not even gonna bother responding with proper answers to your comments. You wouldn’t benefit from it and would feel rather dumb for starting this debate.

      • joe Macdonald

        Miss Maverick
        Already lost the argument then. You are a sad middle class loser
        How do you clasify rich. The people you want to bash.
        Are tradies working class or middle class? Most of them earn more than professionals.
        Define working class. I work so am I working class? Will I be safe from your revolution. I suppose you want my house. Do you advocate taking children from parents who don’t agree with you for reeducation.
        You are a sad person, who has failed in life and your so jealous you want to destroy other peoples sucess.
        You call your self an anarchist but want big government and a big state. I think you are a socialist.

  43. The other one which is funny is that when I need some free health I come to london. The nhs does it all for free and I pay no taxes!!! Stupid but its a great service you provide to us.

  44. “Miss Maverick”

    Change your name, you’re “Miss Socialist Conformity”

    Your reply to me at 1.20pm is a complete acceptance big-state dominance in our lives. You have the cheek to call yourself an anarchist and then tell me:

    “As for the 26th I was demanding that we no longer hold a place in society that allows big business to exploit. ”

    It’s the fucking corporatist state which writes the laws to uphold the dominance of big business. Why do you think corportates buy politicians – to shrink government and allow civil society to flourish?!

    For goodness sake, wake up. I expected to find the noble aims of anarchism in here. All I see are demands for more state, more state taxes, more state welfare slavery and more state jobs for more state tax eaters. I can find this socialist crap all over the web. I suspect that’s where you found it. You ask me:

    “Tell me how ‘real’ Anarchist would have gone about it on the 26th?”

    I stayed at home feeling depressed that thousands of pro-state, pro-tax, socialists bolstering a statist demonstration were described across the airwaves as “anarchists”.

  45. @Dan

    You be peddling a fallacious load of shit, and since you brought it up it should be addressed. Moral equivalence between liberal democracy and islamism, your evidence “liberal democracies have killed millions”, Norway is a liberal democracy, so is Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech republic, were are their victims. I suppose, you mean Great Britain, France and the USA, maybe the colonial period or recently Iraq and Afghanistan. The British empire is history and in comparison to say the muslim invasion and colonization of India was relatively benign in that unlike the muslims they didn’t slaughter, rape and enslave their way to through estimates of 60 to high end 120 million Hindus in an orgy of violence described by some historians as the largest genocide in history. Those numbers being gleaned from the works of muslim historians glorying in murdering polytheists. Compare that to the States, and genocide of the native population of the americas, except that was a fucking accident European colonist unaware that they carried diseases for which the native population had no immunity. As well the deaths happened for the most part happened long before the US was established. France and it’s empire, well that started in the North Africa to stop muslims from raiding their country men for slaves, like most things that happen to muslims they bring it on themselves.

    Who said anything about blaming all muslims for anything, as you so hysterically whined. What’s the matter can’t you read, or were your eyes so welled up with tears over criticism of your poor hard done by muslims. You brought up that shithole bangladesh’s rejection of islamist parties in the last election there, I guess I would find that significant and be sympathetic to Bangladeshis if they weren’t currently involved in the largest act of religio/ethnic cleansing in history, since 1948 the Hindu minority has fallen from just about 30% to under 10% with approx 20 million driven out or murdered. I see with muslims given the opportunity killing Hindus is a hard habit to break. You have the sophistication of a five year old with his hands clapped over his ears, screaming, ” I can’t hear you, I know you are but what am I, na, na, na, na, I can’t hear you.” Islamists are the same as liberal democrats, only the severely fucking deluded could hold that puddle of piss, societies that are granting Homosexuals the basic right to live their lives without persecution are the same as a religious inspired idelogy that demands Gays be executed, only debating within itself if it is necessary to torture them first. If you add up all the deaths occurring as result of islam’s imperial/colonial adventures some estimates say 200 hundred million dead which blows any estimate of Western adventures in imperialism out of the water. Only a fucking idiot could suggest the record of islamist and Liberal democrasies are comparable let alone equal. In fact if you include education and medicine, the expansion of human lifespans and reduction of infant mortality more people are alive today because of liberal democracies, than have died as result of those countries incursions into others territories. It is not like they are the first peoples in history to engage in empire building.

    What did you call sharia? Cruel? Are you taken’the piss? A system of law that claims divine authority, requires for male witnesses to prove a charge of rape, doesn’t recognize rape in a marraige, sees women as worth half a man for purposes of testimony , descriminates against non-muslim citizens of countries claiming to practice law derived from it., excutes people for homosexuality, disfigures bodies, etc such isn’t cruel it’s fucking disgusting. I mean stoning a person to death because they fucked the wrong man or woman. What you wrote doesn’t even qualify as understatement. A douchebag trying to make islam more palatable to self-loathing British posers, who will swallow any jizzem pumped down their throats as long as the cock pumpin’ it isn’t white, people who don’t really care about social justice, human rights or the welfare of humankind and will side with any fascist red, black or green if it means fucking the mythical Man. The kind that will react with loads of self-righteous venom if some drunk asshole calls a geezer “nigger” or “paki”, but will grin like an unaware moron while the muslim next to him calls him a “kafir.”

    Dan, one more thing, old moehammed consummated his marriage to aisha when she was nine years old and he fifty three or there abouts, If that was the case, as most scholors of islam attest to, did mohammed rape the child?

    • You are guilty of the same essentialising as the Islamists you criticise. Muslims had no more control over the actions of those empires that ruled them than we have over our liberal democracies. I do not feel I should be blamed for the atrocities, massacres and conquests carried out in the name of “humanitarian intevention” or any other liberal ruse for conquering another country, so why should I blame Muslims for whatever wars were fought by their leaders? Muslim society has been ruled by tyrants for much of its history and by definition tyrants are not the expression of the people’s will. As such, what is carried out in the name of Islam by tyrants is not a reflection of the religion and its followers.

      Moreover, there is a great deal of difference between a religious belief and a theocracy. The people who have laid down their lives to resist theocracy, Shariah and Islamic republicans have largely been Muslims. The Bangladeshi war of liberation fought by Bengalis, most of them Muslim secularists, against the Islamic Republic of Pakistan led to a million lives lost.

      Nor is it true that Muslim societies are necessarily more intolerant than liberal democratic societies. Russia has a liberal democracy, but its government will not allow a Gay Pride march – something that has been tolerated in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim society where homosexuality is legal, for years.

      It appears, from your tone and your arguments, that you will to deride everything Muslim in order to persecute Muslims. As an Atheist, I have no love of Islam and certainly no sympathy for Islamists or theocratic states. But demonising Muslims is a fascist tactic no different from the demonisation of Jews and other “infidels” by Islamists.

      • Dan

        It’s like a bag ass old horse trotted over and took a steaming shit. Congrundulations, Dan, I would have though you couldn’t have outdone yourselves in shear unadulterated guilttrip-ridden tripe, but I was wrong.You surpass yourself Dan, sir. I’m, it’s kinda like impressed by carrying no agreement, nor respect, emanating from contempt, but still eliciting a tip of the hoodie, whatever that word is. You seem little brighter than rasta.

        I see someone has been reading the edward said, Guilty of essentiallizing the poor down trod muslim am I? Diabolically demonising muslims? For a fucking atheist you seem to very sympathetic to fucking believers, in word if not deed. I noticed you neglected to answer my question involing situation described in islamic source material, with old mohammed, the founder of islam, being 53, consummating his wedding to a child of 9 years, Aishia. Was such an act rape? Barring religious inspired rationalizations, more gross religious inspired acceptance, would call the act as a disgusting beyond revulsion, because a child of 9 lacks the cognitive capability to form consent. No consent, you ave rape, and it’s just fucking gross, a man old enough to be her grand father. Shiver, and disgust. Kemal Ataturk is reported to have said, “islam is the stench from the corpse of a dead bedouin pervert.” I imagine he was thinking about shit like this little tidbit from old’ moe’s story. Muslims are the only people I’ve met who accuse you of racism and demonization for repeating the baseline tenets of the religion back to them. It’d be funny if not so sad. You should try reading some of the refutations of eddy said’s poo, you will find that his refuted, and dismissed by all but mediocre academics clinging to careers, arab and muslim apologists, and not to bright lefty students or wanttobe students, nursing guilt-complexes over the ills and evils of Western civilization, western colonialism, Western imperialism, keenly unaware. Edward Said sucks camel cock. Repeat from their own witnesses, the rulings of of their own religious authorities back to muslim ear and you are demonising all muslims. Anyone see a problem there? No wonder muslim societies haven’t been able to through of the yoke of the clergy. In part thanks to the effort of Anarchists, the power of the Christian church has been severely curtailed. By that I mean Christians can’t burn people to death in the square for heresy, but they will cut your head off in saudi and iran for saying something a bit off about mohammed the rapist. There you go another way the West is better than islamists, so many it’s hard to pick. I can attack the beliefs of Catholics, infallible pope, fucking please, and not hold the slightest hatred for Catholics. Same goes with muslims, shit on their heads, but no hate for muslims. If you can’t do that you might be damaged.

        That tone you picked up on in my tone and arguments is called contempt. I experience it and it shows through when I encounter fucktarded apologists for vile religious beliefs, who run cover for muslim fanatics by offering idiotic little poops, and telling everyone that these poops are tasty morsels of Truth. Also the contempt I have for people with the ability to smell shit, stand around and politely nibble on their individual turd appetizers, waiting for the next bit of shit to be served up. Telling the truth about islam is never nazi, but thanks for the laugh. Off to do better things.

        Dan, if you have a moment, mohammed fifty something, Aisha 9, Did he rape her?

  46. For any looking for an example of a contemporary productive anarchist, though he probably wouldn’t call himself one, US architect Michael Reynolds. That’s in contrast to these fuckwits at wag, posing for each other draped in the finest of pointless esoterica, bankrupt and outdated theories, frilly self-contradictions, the shallowest of analysis and the most fashionable in loathing of real working class Britons. That’s Michael Reynolds.

  47. I am a drop out and don’t want to work as I am a lazy loser. Can I join WAG.

    • No, what you can do is fuck off to the Windsor Estate and take the rest of the cementheads with you, there you will be quite at home with a threatened species and not before time.

  48. I don’t think the anachists have got up yet. Lazy thick uneducated gits.

    • None of you twats have a very impressive critique of anarchism or anarchists. You seem only to be capable of playground-taunt type language. I guess it goes with following an ideology that basically emulates the mindstate of 2-3 year olds who haven’t been properly socialized. “It’s MINE!!! MINE!!! I DON’T WAAAAAAAAAAANT TO SHARE!!! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!”

      • joe Macdonald

        RASTA – I don’t mind sharing but what you advocate is “take take take” and give fuck all back. When I see you anachists actually washing and working for a living ie giving something back to society then you may have a point. Now all you anachists tell us what you do and then the general population may actually take WAG seriously.
        Smashing things up achieves very little.

  49. Perhaps it’s a little late to be weighing in on this but I liked this part:

    “Hundreds of people were arrested or brutalised in Trafalgar square. Some sad misguided individuals are still deluded enough to think they can engage with the police on a human level, which yesterday’s occupation of Fortnum and Mason has shown us can only end in betrayal. The anarchist movement certainly delivered yesterday, but there is still much work to be done.”

    Looking at this action through video footage it looks like the G20 in Toronto except on a massive scale. Unfortunately in Toronto at Queens park there was the same problem. Anarchists even managed to get blamed for what the pigs did to people. The feelings of helplessness and paranoia in people even reached such absurd levels in some people, it is believed that it was the police who carried out the large scale property destruction.

    Cheers London!! Keep up the Class War!! And don’t forget to give ’em shit during the Olympics!!

    • Speaking of the olympics – G4S (Group 4 Securicor), whose employees murdered Jimmy Mubenga on behalf of the U.K. Border Agency – and it’s amazing that he’s the only deportee to be murdered by them so far considering the methods they use – have the contract for security at the olympics. They should definitely be targeted (as a company, not the individual workers, many of whom could be decent people and potential allies – it’s thanks to whistle-blowing G4S employees that we can now see the training videos they were using that made a death like Jimmy Mubenga’s virtually inevitable).

  50. I have been browsing on-line greater than 3 hours nowadays, yet I never found any fascinating article like yours. It’s pretty worth enough for me. Personally, if all webmasters and bloggers made just right content material as you did, the internet will likely be a lot more helpful than ever before.

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