X26 Live & Direct

x26radio is a convergence of radical, independent radio projects co-ordinating live audio direct from the streets of London on March 26 from 10am onwards.

x26radio looks to cover the large variety of protest activity that will be happening on the day – from union marches to protest blocs to direct action – keeping protesters informed and listeners the world over abreast of the latest happenings.

TUNE IN! and listen to news round-ups on the hour, every hour, from your mobile phone or computer…

CONTRIBUTE! call 020 3239 4569 to record a message on the day or ahead of time (we’d especially like to hear your news updates, interviews, promotional messages, calls to action, any speeches, music, poetry).

EMBED A PLAYER! check out x26radio.ucrony.net for links to the stream and code to embed a radio player on your website…

DOWNLOAD THE ANDROID APP! check the website soon for a link to the special android application that will help you tune in easily from your mobile phone while roaming the streets…

Links to the stream will also be available on multiple websites, including Indymedia London, Dissident Island and VisionOnTv. If you’re interested in reporting from the streets or syndicating the x26radio archive, email us here or at x26radio@ucrony.net.

Happy listening…

One response to “X26 Live & Direct

  1. The x26 radio archive is available for download in one hour segments here:


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