Post: London Action Resource Centre (LARC) 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London E1 1ES

Phone: 0207 377 9088

Public Meetings: Regularly held and advertised in our local paper and on our blog. Check the details and come along. Everyone welcome.

Library: The Library at LARC (Address above) always has members of WAG helping out so if you want to chat and / or have a look through the extensive library, get to know a bit more etc then pop by. Open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 2pm-4pm.

18 responses to “Contact

  1. gaetanobresci

    hey comrades! cheerings from italy! I have been around you for some time… weel done for the group… really really enjoyed to hear some voices I knew on the videos!
    love and solidarity.

    your most affectionated italian comrade.

  2. hello my fellow anarchists any one know when the next march/protest is ?????

  3. Anyone know where I can download a free copy of a tenancy agreement……need it for signing on tomorrow!

  4. Hi,

    We are interested in having a cake stall at the fair…. will be possible?…can you tell us who to contact?


    Flor y Vir

  5. Do any of yous actually come from Whitechapel?
    Coz ur one scruffy bunch a cunts. We used to dress smart round Whitchapel and the Green.
    Get hold of some Aquascutum caps and a few Prada tops yer sruffbags lol.


    some graphics for u all in solidarity from Turkey

  7. Some great visuals at Leon Kuhn …. def worth a look!

  8. Massive respect to your great job in these difficult times we are crossing. Solidarity to all of you.

  9. All the best to you’ll. You have my full support.

    worth reading this….

  10. Guys the coppers have got u in their sights, look into youtube: moneyasdebt part 1 and 2 the antiterrorist talks, also this lecture POWER”THE PEOPLE

  11. So refreshing to see young folks sounding off and actually making a visible move against this godforsaken system. I hope this is just the beginning.

  12. Keep me informed on how I can help from glastonbury at all.

  13. Fantastic to see there are people still in the UK that won’t lie down and just take it , from a bent , Eton educated , millionaire government . Cutting back on the support of students seeking an honest education , increasing VAT , Fuel prices shooting up , and the shocking situation in reducing massively Housing Benefit , and putting at risk single parent families , the sick and the vulnerable . Yet meanwhile they dish out billions to bent banks . Keep it up , tear London up every week , lets overthrow the government , let these bent MP’s know you are not gonna FUCK us any longer !

  14. Marian Franciszek Zmyslony

    Warszawa – Piaseczno, 29.III.2011

    Mr.Chris Knight identified with the camp of anarchists!

    Disturb me the news that the someone would effectively disrupt the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton. If someone has an effect on anyone who has thoughts and ideas to please the dialogue to persuade these ideas. The recent unrest so great that we have to act calm down unrest baseless. Nothing good will come of it, except that the company will earn on ozajmujące be protected. Please! Prymyślcie this issue and the unnecessary provocations zapanujcie.

    (in poland)
    Mr.Chris Knight identyfikowany z obozem anarchistów!
    Niepokoją mnie wieści, jakoby ktos chciał skutecznie zakłócić Uroczystość Zaślubin księcia Williama i Kate Middleton. Jeżeli Ktoś ma wpływ na kogokolwiek kto myśli i ma takie pomysły to proszę aby w dialogu wyperswadować takie pomysły. W tak wielkich ostatnich niepokojach musimy działać aby bezpodstawne niepokoje uciszać. Nic dobrego z tego nie wyniknie, oprócz tego, że zarobią na tym firmy ozajmujące się ochroną. Proszę! Prymyślcie ten temat i zapanujcie nad zbędnymi prowokacjami.


    Marian Franciszek Zmyslony

  15. Looking to get in touch with likeminded people, anarchist to the core

  16. I am really confused. I hope you can clear up some things for me. I live in Charlotte NC and was looking forward to see your organization here. Did you guys not say you would be here?? What happened??

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