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From Her Subjects

We oppose the royal family. All this publicity to ‘celebrate the royal wedding’, it rubs us up the wrong way. We hate it. But in the press there’s no reasons coming out as to why people hate the royals.

Here’s why we’re against them.

We often hear how the monarchy have no power, they’re just figureheads. Fuck off. They have more power than me or you, how many doors do you think the name Windsor can open for you? Clegg’s been moaning about sharp elbows recently, well the royals have got diamond tipped razors on their elbows.

Apparently their power is meaningless. Balls. It’s her majesty’s courts, her majesty’s prison service, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary,  her majesty’s armed forces. Even her majesty’s government. And finally us, Her majesty’s subjects.

If you want to have a good look at who controls British society look at the honours lists. Look at the awards handed out from her majesty. Yeah sure there are a few youth workers from Hackney, a dustman from Peckham but the rest are the rich, the powerful. Everyone eventually succumbs, even our cultural rebels; the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, all have bowed in submission to Her. Even Mr Rotten of Pistols fame declared his disappointment at not being invited to play the queen mum’s birthday.

They act as a symbol for conservative values, the family. Blue blooded presiding over all. But it’s all a front, them preaching family values when it’s clear even from a glance that Harry isn’t Charles spawn, the duke’s a racist idiot, and Charles didn’t even have the sense to stop waving as a mob surrounded his car and started booting in the doors last year in London. Diana holds a soft spot in this country’s heart. I like her because she was the only one with enough sense to run like fucking mad from this psychotic family.

The monarchy is the cement that holds the bricks of state together in British society. When you talk about removing it you’re not spoken to seriously. There’s no debate about republicanism, you might get a quick “well the tourists love it” (a bizarre reason to keep a form of rule from the dark ages)

But for the most part you’ll just be called a party pooper, spoiling all the fun.

The fun? People bowing down to this mad shit. We look to the middle east for inspiration, the removal of unelected  heads of state that no one thought would fall. Not one person in WAG has ever lived under any rule other than that of her majesty Liz 2. She has been at the centre of state and government for nearly 60 years, we want her gone.

But us wanting her gone is different from what’s being expressed in the name of “anarchy” throughout the mad papers.

The high points so far have been in the Sun and the Standard, where we hear tales of 40,000 anarchists planning to attack the wedding backed up by soldiers. Protesters mingling with families and waiting to attack. This is all bullshit seeping out into the press from the Bolshevik Chris Knight’s camp.

And of course this has fuck all to do with Anarchy.

Some of the biggest lies in the press come from a source from the Standard, a builder, ex-soldier and ‘black bloc’ member revealing all in a shock horror Katie Price-esque story. Scaring the British public with his carrying of a gas mask, catapult and hammer with him on protests.

We have been aware of this guy for a while – we were suspicious of him after we found he was posting about “infiltrating” us on the EDL forums. This confused individual has found himself as confidante to prankster Professor Knight: both of whom have been more than willing to collaborate and fulfil the mainstream media’s hysterical spin. We don’t know whose agenda he’s pushing forward, but it certainly isn’t an anarchist one.

Some of us will probably be out on the day, but not in an official WAG capacity, more to witness the surreal madness of people weeping at the sight of two boring ugly people being chained together in holy matrimony. But a lot of us won’t be there, and couldn’t give less of a shit, why get yourself nicked when all our forces are going to be needed on May 14th to disrupt the right wing gathering under the Rally Against The Debt name. We pick and choose when to come out on the streets and make a nuisance of ourselves, not having the media or police dictate our actions.