WAG / Climate Camp Debate: Police Violence & Class

So what really happened between the police, anarchists and climate camp on wednesday 26th? Representatives of both WAG and Climate Camp debated LIVE from the Campsite on Friday 28th August 2009, giving their version of events and continuing into a big discussion on class struggle, the camp organisation, the media and liberalism.

Split over three videos.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


4 responses to “WAG / Climate Camp Debate: Police Violence & Class

  1. Too much is being made of this in my opinion. Some slightly pissed anarchists told the police to fuck off and people wanna have an extensive debate about it. FFS

  2. It does seem a bit of a storm in a tea cup but the “extensive debate” on liberalism, class and the environmental movement is actually very interesting!

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  4. Have a look at the following video on youtube, ‘robocop’ having a bit of downtime, shooting his friends on a London rooftop.


    One law for them? me thinks so….

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