One response to “Climate Camp And Notting Hill Carnival

  1. Bravo42XrayAlpha

    Brilliant radio interview last night, one point was missed about the role of legal obserevers, inside Climate Camp they appeared to be doing a number of duties which would be considered to some as PREFECTS / STEWARDS / SECURITY. As I understand it, the role of a legal observer is to observe the antics of the police during any demonstration, rally or action, those that behave badly (As many do) have their numbers taken and a quick note is written down describing the incident.
    What took place on Climate Camp on Wednesday last could not be described as Legal Observers carrying out their role, it appeared they were forming a ring around the tent containing those police who were inside the tent with their cups of tea and French fancies. I’m glad that there were plenty of WAG’s an associates around which shows we stand by our comrades on site, on the streets and in our own communities, continuing our struggles against those who continue to protect the wealthy. Many Climate Campers will obviously return to their lovely middle class little towns and villages once the Climate Camp ends, back to their nice little office jobs, but we’ll still be striking back at all the wrong going on in our area and in areas where people are constantly oppressed/sacked/ vicimised. We shall never give up an never give in. I wish you all the best and hope to hook up again soon.

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