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Church and King Mob

Tommy “Fuckin” Robinson aka Steven Yaxley-Lennon whipped up his barmy army in Peterborough this weekend into a hysterical frenzy over the student demonstrations, declaring “We support British Police. We are your allies” encouraging that “Every English Defence League member should shake the hand of a British Policeman”. While members are salivating over the forums with HM Armed Forces “patriots” threatening to “slap” teenagers at the next demonstration, the ever evolving nature of the EDL is reaching an interesting development as it morphs into an extra-parliamentary lobby group that can “defend” and “respond” to “British” interests. And the emphasis is definitely on Britain not just England, as the word was repeated over and over again with Union Jacks flying at the centre of stage.

“In 1930 if everyone had the attitude they had today, we would all be speaking German, we stood up to the biggest tyranny, the biggest tyrant of the world.” Did you Tommy? Did you really? Wasn’t it the “communist scum” who have taken to the streets over the past few weeks and battled the forces of the State, be the same type of people who in the thirties would have battled the Police at the battle of Cable Street to stop Mosley or who went to Spain to take up arms against Franco? “We never want to see British Police attacked by people of this country.” Right, okay I get it now, if we were in the 1930’s and people had the attitude you are expressing then you would be Mosley’s Blackshirts. Just replace the word Muslim with Jew. Banging on about a “two tier system” one for the “British” people and the other for “the Muslim population of this country”, but what about the bankers Tommy? What about corrupt Politicians? What about Police that have countlessly beaten and killed?

“We are the true voice of England. We are the patriots.” But what side of history does the English Defence League purport to claim? It is certainly not the history of the Poll Tax Riots, Peasants Revolt, Captain Swing, Match Girl Strike, Rebecca Riots, London Dock Strike, Gordon Riots, Miners Strike, Levellers, Luddites, Monmouth Rebellion. Instead Tommy declares Winston Churchill to be “a fucking prophet” (or more aptly the same man who as Home Secretary ordered the Army onto the street to crush the General Strike of 1926) “disgusted” by the vandalism done to “our monuments”. It is clear to see that class traitor Mr Robinson has firmly aligned the forces of the English Defence League with the ruling class claiming “we are all people of this queen”.

“You’ve had students living off their dad’s fucking bank card, who have never ever lived a normal day in their life, they do not understand what it is to be a working class member of this community.” Sorry is that the same student demo thingy where they are kicking off about unfair cuts affecting the most vulnerable sections of society i.e the working class? Would that be the same masked up black, white and asian teens claiming to be from “the slums of london” and fighting for their chance to advance in life? If you were there on the day you would see the diversity of the young and old, from all backgrounds, all races and religions, fighting united against an exploitative ruling class of politicians, bankers and royal parasites that bleed us dry. Not the bogeyman of Islam.

It is becoming more obvious by peeling away at Tommy Robinson’s “fucking” speech in Peterborough, that the English Defence League is developing into a quasi-fascist movement, cosying up to the monarchy, the police force and the shit scarred government. They claimed to be solely against religious extremism but it becomes clear that they are attacking anti-cuts movements from a nationalist perspective, believing to be acting in the nations interests, while not questioning the inequality of bailed out bankers and rich tax dodgers like Vodaphone and Philip Green. Diverting attention instead at the students and school kids demonstrations plus the trade unions, while venting racist sentiments towards Muslims, exposes their true intentions as lackeys to the ruling class content to be dogs licking shit off their masters heels.