Remove scum bag MP’s!

The 23rd of March 2011 was the day a few MP’s got it! Alistair Darling, Danny Alexander, Charles Kennedy, Peter Hain to name a few came out on this glorious sunny day on a not so glorious subject, the budget announcement of the year.

Our aim was simple – the four of us armed with just a mega phone, home made poster and baby on board badge for protection against possible rough action – to make an MP cry on live TV. With Ian Bone, Chris Knight, Rik from South London and myself Yodet Gherez armed with class war anger and a short temper let it rip! We had no mercy as the bewildered Toffs and chums waited for the signal ‘lights-camera-action!’

The media parted ways for us like the red sea for Moses as we approached. The first MP on the radar was Lib Dems alcoholic Charles Kennedy with assistant in tow walking past us.  Heckling had never been made this easy I thought as we reminded Kennedy of his weakness and invited him for a pint in the pub. It’s a cheap dig but we weren’t there to make friends whilst MP’s see it fit to dictate our lives. Besides, his assistant was only too glad to oblige and join in the fun by giving us the finger. Glad to point out today was a charade, with our presence or not.

The next highlight was to be Alistair Darling (with out the Darling). Questions were raised as to why his eyebrows and hair failed to match in colour? However standing in front of Sky News was to be distracting him some what and he unfortunately didn’t answer that all important question. So I did the decent thing and stood next to him showing the international media my home made poster.

Our presence was felt and we called it a day. A punch up was avoided even in the midst of having to defend ourselves from the usual dumb ass upholding ‘democracy’ public. I’ll end this how we ended the day on College Green: ‘if it wasn’t Tory scum making these cuts it would have been the Labor lot. Now sod off!’

8 responses to “Remove scum bag MP’s!

  1. To invite an alcoholic to the pub as some kind of jibe is beneath contempt. You should feel very ashamed.

    • To have MP’s do what they do is beneath contempt. You should feel very ashamed to be protecting such scum that would be only too happy to sell you and your family down the river in order to further their career. Have some perspective here. They give as good as they get.

  2. Genius poster. Bag em and bin em!

  3. Get a life you anarchist cunts, the old bill need water guns n rubber bullets, or just batter your muggy heads in.

    • When you grow a brain cell let us know’re not offensive. Just retarded. And i hope one day the old bill ”batters your muggy head in”. Have a good day now.

  4. If you are anarchists why do you want the state to provide jobs and benefits for you? Shouldn’t you be living outside of the controlling state? Or is the truth that you could not envisage a life supported by your own efforts without the help of the nanny state? Just admit it and vote Labour like the rest of you so-called revolutionaries. Pathetic.

    • Miss Maverick

      ”If you are anarchists why do you want the state to provide jobs and benefits for you?” Since when the state provide these jobs for us? There have always been jobs that need doing. The state merely gives us the impression that they some how are creating jobs for us to do when in fact they create jobs that are the cause for deprivation. Yeah we really need stock brokers withholding those essential goods from the starving until their profit margins go up. And don’t let me get started on those ever so adored and much loved bonus bankers.
      There are different aspects of the state that the state would like to take complete credit for but shouldn’t be given. For example-administration on a local scale in a society is not a bad thing. But privatization and profiteering on a large scale? I don’t think so.

      ”Shouldn’t you be living outside of the controlling state?”
      How do you live outside of the paradigm of the state when as soon as you’re born you need a birth certificate? want to go traveling? get a passport! etc etc.
      It’s virtually impossible when the state is in every aspect of our lives. Now this doesn’t mean i want the state, it merely means it has successfully intruded very impolitely on us and has control over the way we run things.

      ”Is the truth that you could not envisage a life supported by your own efforts without the help of the nanny state?” We don’t need the state to survive-the state needs us.

      Vote Labour? Nah. MP’s don’t do it for me. Too much fannying about, shit stirring and awful toupée’s.

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