A night at the Gaddafi ‘s

I stood staring; I knew there were people that lived like this. But I never knew how close they were to my shitty little flat. A quick tube ride from Whitechapel and I was in Hampstead.

It was obvious that anyone living in any of these houses was a wanker and deserved a kick’ in. But one stands out a little bit more than the others. I’d seen pictures of the house in The Times before. Except now it had a large banner on the roof of the Libyan dictator’s face with a massive red cross through it. This was the house of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the second son of the Libyan dictator.

I moved in through a window on the ground floor where a couple of heavy’s were keeping watch on who entered, not letting any journalists in an keeping an eye out for the Gaddafi supports that had been spotted outside earlier.

There was a large meeting going on, the main point being discussed seemed to be about how to have a meeting….I listened for five minutes to a group of hippies talking about what hand singles to use as a group of young Libyans and a various anarchist trouble makers looked at them in confusion.

Fuck this, I walked off an was given a tour of the house, saw the eight bedrooms, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and a cinema room. Nice.

When I got back the group was still talking about hand signals, but finished off an started to have an even longer discussion about the role of the house, whether beer should be banned, how many people should be allowed in. All necessary questions, but not being involved with the collective I felt more comfortable strolling off.

I went had a chat with a few people in the cinema room, they had the right idea, drinking, dancing and having a bit of a cultural exchange, a few of the Libyans singing songs and the English squatters returning with songs about Harry Roberts. Brilliant.

I watched a media frenzy outside as various people tried to get into the building, and a spokesperson repeated the press release from the collective ‘topple the tyrants’

After a few hours I headed out the window and walked off down the street. As I left I looked at these rich fuckers houses again. I couldn’t help but wonder about the people in these mansions. If I knew someone in my tower block was in the NF or BNP, I’d start hassling them, make their lives uncomfortable. But these rich shits seemed more than happy to settle next to a dictator.

One even told the Daily Mail “I had spoken to one of the security guards who was British and he explained who they were. It didn’t bother me, all manner of people live here”

When things kick off after a year  of further cuts, when there’s urban rioting. I’ll head back to this street, with an axe an petrol bombs. See you soon Hampstead Gardens.

For more info http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2011/03/475379.html

Great work topple the tyrants


9 responses to “A night at the Gaddafi ‘s

  1. Brilliant piece! When things do kick off,hopefully ill be beside you armed with petrol bombs and an axe myself!

  2. this piece perfectly describes how i felt yesterday when i went chez gaddafi. i’d never been to Hampstead before either and was truelly shocked to see that the gaddaffi house which is worth 10 million apparently is actually one of the smaller houses around there.
    Although the sight of houses bigger than many london primary schools is truelly depressing, it does serve to focus to the mind on the task ahead and reminded me of a slogan i’d read in a green anarchy journal somewhere, “the world isn’t dieing, its being killed and the people who are killing it have addresses”………many it would seem are in Hampstead.

  3. Interesting last sentence, with an equally interesting reply from antonthethug. Very interesting indeed.

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  5. Dear Plod

    Your job next.



  6. Whilst supporting the popular uprising against Lunatic Clown Ghaddafi, we mustn’t romanticise it, project our own hopes and aspirations onto it, or assume that everything is a clear-cut case of “good vs evil”. In particular – while feeling for my Libyan friend’s people whose village is being bombarded by Ghaddafi’s forces as we speak – I cannot forget my Black African people who are being scapegoated and lynched as “mercenaries” when they are not (of course I have no sympathy for the actual mercenaries regardless of their skin colour or country of origin). This article may not make for comfortable reason by Libyans concerned about their people on the ground, but they and others need to read it anyway. I support all people’s struggle for justice but I’m not going to sit back and watch my Black African people pay the price for other people’s crimes as we have so frequently, all around the world:
    As I said on another site:
    Lots of confusion on Libya. Amidst all the smoke and mirrors, there’s a few things I’m clear about: (1) It definitely seems that some Black African people are being targeted as scapegoats and as African people [speaking for myself] we need to shine the spotlight on this; (2) The extent to which it is happening is unclear and we cannot rely on sources from the Ghaddafi regime that may be exagerrating it, nor sources from the resistance that may be sweeping it under the carpet – not all Arab and Berber Libyans are vicious racists, nor are they all virtuous revolutionaries [and there are also Black Libyans]; (3) it definitely seems that there are some non-Libyan Black African people being used by Ghaddafi as mercenaries who have killed civilians trying to protest in Tripoli; (4) there are also Arab and Berber people, Libyan and non-Libyan, who are being used as mercenaries, like the one who killed my friend’s relative as he left a mosque to try to join the protests in Tripoli a couple weeks back, so “not knowing who is who” is no excuse for targeting people, since mercenaries could just as well be Arab or Berber Libyans as Black Africans from elsewhere; (5) Ghaddafi and sons are definitely a bunch of murderous nepotistic nutters, not the real “freedom fighters” they are suddenly pretending to be, so soon after associating with terrorists like Blair, Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Obama etc. etc. [for all the faults of Yasser Arafat or Nelson Mandela, they used to hang out with a somewhat better class of “terrorist” in that regard]; (6) If and when the west intervenes it will be for the west’s interests NOT the interests of the people of Libya and everyone of all races and backgrounds in Libya should bear that in mind – if you make a deal with the devil, the devil will always want his due.

  7. “All political systems in the world today are a product of the struggle for power between alternative instruments of government. This struggle may be peaceful or armed, as is evidenced among classes, sects, tribes, parties or individuals. The outcome is always the victory of a particular governing structure – be it that of an individual, group, party or class – and the defeat of the people; the defeat of genuine democracy.” THE GREEN BOOK – MUAMMAR GADDAFI

  8. joe Macdonald

    You come on your own and I will give you a kicking. One on one the gentlemans way. I know you cowardly anachists go in groups and only attack when you vastly outnumber the victim(s). Bunch of cowards who run when its one on one. Then you go bleating of to the courts if anything happens to you. You want the money, hand outs, health and the protection of big governemnt but put sweet FA into it.
    WAG are a bunch of sad losers who are just jealous of people who do ok. Don’t kid yourself about working class people. There are plenty of working class people who have done very well for themselves.

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