Banned by the Borough

Tonight (Wednesday 23rd February 2011) Tower Hamlets Council held a meeting to usher in the ConDem Government Cuts of at least £70 Million over three years, hitting one of the most economically deprived Boroughs, while Mayor Lutfur Rahman tried to dress them up for his own political gains.

Around 50-75 of the usual culprits involved in the Tower Hamlets lefty activist scene (SWP, Unison etc) held a small demonstration outside the Town Hall which seemed more interested in chanting support for Mayor Rahman – “We say Rahman, We say fightback” ?? – than anything else. The symbolism of resistance, militancy and placard waving was fulfilled meaning people could go home satisfied.

Meanwhile members of the Whitechapel Anarchist Group had arrived early, avoiding the demonstration and queued up with other residents of the borough to obtain the few seats available to the public, a tactic that worked well last time, but this time the MET were out for revenge and despite people being spread out amongst the queue, individuals were not just refused entry but pulled aside, intimidated and information was attempted to be gathered.

The excuse for refusing individuals entry was given as Town Hall security pointing us out as trouble makers, though interestingly enough people were pulled aside by the Police who had never before been at the Town Hall, it was an obvious attempt by the MET to intimidate individuals involved in and associated with the Whitechapel Anarchist Group as this also seemed to be the main line of questioning. Also having retired to a local boozer the landlady and bar staff were very helpful in letting us know that the Police had been around there earlier during the day, questioning and warning them specifically of WAG’s presence, although the landlady said we were no bother last time and great custom!

Putting these pieces together it becomes clearer and clearer that the old Bill are trying to gather information on politically active individuals and use intimidation as a form of pressure and mind games. They are obviously shitting themselves as the economic situation deepens, people are beginning to mobilise and the daunting TUC Demonstration with an array of activities (Staying in Hyde Park for 24 hours, bottling Ed Milliband off stage etc etc) approaches ever closer on the horizon. And it also goes to show how out of touch they are – while they believe the hype and hyperbole about WAG in the mainstream media – which we ourselves admit is a piss take most of the time, they think that intimidating members of WAG will have a big impact on stopping the growing dissent. Far from it! As they try to cut off one head of the hydra others pop up in resistance.

The old bill may think that focusing on WAG they can somehow try and stop the building movement that is gaining momentum since the smashed windows of Millbank, but the truth is this movement of resistance is growing ever stronger everyday and in no way is led by one group or grouping of individuals. Tonight despite our defeat in Tower Hamlets we hear that Lambeth Town Hall has been occupied and a People’s Assembly has been held. We know that over the coming few days in the Boroughs of Hackney, Newham etc, as budgets are announced they will be resisted in many forms.

The State and the Police will try to intimidate individuals and groups they know about, but this will not stop the inevitable. More and more people are standing up and taking militant action which will only increase due to the repressive actions of the government and it’s lackeys. The resistance will spread like wild fire.

Don’t let the bastards keep you down!


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