Hackney Marches Against The Cuts

Hackney Alliance’s “Hackney Marches Against the Cuts” march this Saturday 19th February.

Everybody out to Hackney this Saturday!! WAG Members will be marching with flags, banners and distributing our new magazine “On The Streets”. Please come along and make this march as big as possible!! Also WAG Member Che, fresh from talking on Ian Bones show with Yodet, and preparing for her debate on the 26th, will be talking about the MET Uni occupation at the end rally!!

So get out of bed and get down to Hackney!!! Details below:

We are assembling at Somerford Grove/Stoke Newington Road at 12 midday, with some short speeches, then to march noisily through Dalston and over to Hackney for a rally there at 2pm.

It is vitally important for the anti-cuts campaign that as many people attend this as possible. We have seen recent marchs in Haringey and Islington of c.1000 people and of course we would like to, and expect to, beat our north london neighbours!

Bring your family, friends and neighbours and if you are in a local trade union make sure you branch is bringing it’s banner.

Confirmed speakers ( only short speeches, some before and some after!) include: Rob Williams Vice Chair National Shop Stewards Movement (NSSN), Cllr Ian Rathbone, Ibrahim Avcil (Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services), Brian Debus (President Hackney Trades Council), Chetna Yuvraj (Che) (London Met University Occupier), Women Against the Cuts, Suzanne Beishon (Youth Fight for Jobs), Turkish speakers, Hackney Right To Work, Hackney Stop the War, and many more

This will be a family friendly march with lots of music! And a forewarning; The council’s budget setting meeting making massive cuts to jobs and services will be on Wednesday March 2nd. Again we will want a massive turnout at this meeting.


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