Sunday Cinema Café Returns! Post-Valentines Queer Special

Sunday 20th February will see the (temporary) return of Whitechapel Anarchist Group’s Sunday Cinema Café for a Post-Valentines Special.

Within a climate of increasing homophobia in Tower Hamlets WAG felt it was important to choose a queer film to screen at a time when capitalism profits most from its ideas of what constitutes a ‘normal’ relationship and subsequently alienates those who fall outside of it. It is also a time of year where we are reminded of one of the big issues for queers and radicals alike: where does the fight for acceptance on our terms end and assimilation into a sexually repressive society begin?

So in celebration of all those who refuse to have their gender or sexuality policed by borgeois society, we present ‘Paris is Burning’ (1990, 71mins) – an essentially anthropological documentary about working class, mainly migrant, queer/trans New Yorkers and the subcultures they create. Both beautiful and tragic, it evokes many issues that still resonate today. An absolute classic.

So head on down to Whitechapel next Sunday for 2.30pm, where we will be playing 1920s blues music by infamous bisexual Ma Rainey and serving Tea/Coffee/Beer and Vegan Cake at donation prices. Film starts at 3.30pm.

Sunday 20th February, 3pm Onwards, LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, London, E1 1ES.




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