London Talk-In Debate Sat 26th Feb

Che from Whitechapel Anarchist Group is part of a panel discussion on tactics of political demonstrations.

Saturday 26th Feb 3:00 p.m 11 Soho Street


Following the recent Protests against Government budget cuts and tuition fee increases, the LONDON TALK-IN, with the help of its panellists and audience will explore and debate the tactical options open to Protesters.

  • How do we define the word ‘Violence’?
  • Should protesters be 100% ‘Non-Violent’ at all times, even when kettled/attacked by Police?
  • Is ‘Defensive Violence’ by Protesters justified in a way that ‘Offensive Violence’ is not?
  • Are Anti-Property tactics truly ‘Violent’ and are they justified tactically and/or morally?
  • Is Violence against Police ever justified whether ‘Offensive’ or ‘Defensive’?
  • Are there Spiritual and Moral implications of Protesters’ choice of tactics?
  • Is Radical Street Protest itself, (‘Violent or Non-Violent’) an outdated mechanism/dead end for getting ‘results’?
  • And in a ‘Bigger Picture’, do Protesters/Activists need to move on to other ways of thinking about ‘Political Protest’ in general and/or the Changes they want to see?

This debate will give Protesters/Activists a chance to interact with the ‘Public’ (Mainstream and Alternative) on questions of this kind and hopefully we can all move the Political Protest Paradigm forward.

CLAIRE SOLOMON: President, University of London Union/Veteran Protest Organiser
PROFESSOR CHRIS KNIGHT: Radical Philosopher/Prankster/Founder Radical Anthropology Group
ELLIE MAE O’HAGAN: UK UNCUT Campaign Organiser/New Left Project
CHE: Committed Militant Radical Activist/Whitechapel Anarchist Group

Additional panellists may be added.

Host: Jeff Laster (Parallel-Younversity/Synergy Project)

The featured debate will be immediately followed by a related talk REACT OR CREATE? by a speaker from ENLIGHTEN NEXT, the ‘Integral Consciousness’ Group and it will expand on certain themes in the debate about how we can move on from Protest to more advanced methods of Change:


5 responses to “London Talk-In Debate Sat 26th Feb

  1. vegan cafe?
    does that mean i cant get no milk in me tea?

    il jus have to brave that hardship i spose..

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  3. Smuggle in some ‘CoffeeMate’ and snort it in the bogs! Simples.

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  5. Any way we could get someone to film the debate?

    I cannot make it but would love to see it all 🙂


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