Cuts that we can all agree with!

So it’s finally been announced that the wedding of dear ol’ Wills and Kate is to go ahead on 29th April. The apathetic response from the general public to this news reflects the growing discontent with maintaining this group of inbreds. With the current cuts to public funding, the slashing of the NHS budget and the removal of other basic services, it may come as a surprise (although considering the track record of the royal family we doubt it) that the monarchy has magically managed to muster up a tidy sum of an estimated £80 million to pay for the event.

People are rightfully pissed off. While members of the working class are suffering from the worst economic hardship in decades, with thousands of job losses and the repossession of homes, the monarchy is planning to swan around at an event costing a ludicrous amount. To add insult to injury it’s being paid for out of YOUR pocket.

The Royals have stated that they are aware of the economic situation and so will be making a contribution towards the cost of the wedding. Can the royals, considering their lavish lifestyle ever have an understanding of the economic situation?

When you consider that the Civil List (which takes £8 million a year from the public and gives it to this long obscure list of blue bloods) is the main source from where the funds will be coming, it is apparent that actually, we are the ones footing the bill. It’s time to turn out the lights at Buckingham Palace. This is not 1981. There is no love for the royals this time around and people are not going to be so easily distracted from the economic crisis created by the rich.

The royals are not going to get the adulation that they expect on the 29th, with a sea of disaffected working class men and women which have been created by being ostracised time and again. This is a calling for a repeat of the actions of 30th January 1649 and 21st January 1793.

We call on all workers, students, anarchists and trouble makers, who are sick of having to support this group of self righteous scroungers who look down upon us, to come to this event and make history with cuts that won’t be forgotten.



One response to “Cuts that we can all agree with!

  1. Protest, protest ,protest, freedom of expression, lovely jubbly, c u there.

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