Beaten Up, Fitted Up, Don’t Let Them Get Banged Up: Solidarity with Simon Chapman and the Thessaloniki 4!

A demonstration will be taking place at the Greek Embassy in London on the first day of the trial at 2pm, Friday 14th January 2011.

WAG call upon other groups and non-aligned individuals to attend en masse in solidarity with Simon Chapman (a father from the East End) and his co-defendants as they begin re-trial for events that took place at the anti-EU summit protests  in Greece, 2003.

Simon’s story is particularly compelling, as there is substantial evidence of a Police stitch-up, unfair trial and not to mention the struggle within the prison walls that resulted in the defendants going on hunger strike and winning. For more background information, click here.

Cops planting Simon with bags of Molotovs.

Now, more than ever, the Greek state is desperate to imprison Anarchists and radicals in order to quell the wave of rebellion that has swept the country since the death of Alexis in December 2008 and the introduction of crippling austerity measures since then. A revolt that has sent shockwaves throughout the global ruling class and has seen the likes of our very own New Scotland Yard desperate to train the Greek Police in methods of control and containment.

However, they aren’t the only ones who can think and fight internationally. When we attend demonstrations like this, we are not only showing solidarity with the individuals involved but strengthening the international movement against austerity and cuts that we are trying to build – the same movement that saw Greek youth fight their way through Police lines to get to the British Embassy and support the British student revolt at the end of 2010.

So, with that in mind, let’s bring a united front to the streets of West London and a clear message to the courtrooms of Thessaloniki: THEY ARE NOT ALONE!

Friday, 14th January, 2pm

Greek Embassy, London
1A Holland Park,
London W11 3TP
Nearest tube: Lancaster Gate, Central Line





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