A Winter Warmer from the World of YouTube…

Best riots of 2010 to a festive anthem. Deck the halls, and all that.


9 responses to “A Winter Warmer from the World of YouTube…

  1. After and during the battle for parliament square the media questioned students about the violence. Students and activists alike kept it cool, clear and to the point, from conferences at universities and voxpops on the street they stated that any violence you have seen is a response to the violence by the police attacking our democratic right to protest, what you’re seeing is self defence.

    Then along comes WAG : The Telegraph quotes WAG saying “In order to win we need more violence on the streets. More smashed windows, more hospitalised coppers’ and that the site of unconscious cops was ‘fucking ace’.

    WAG every time you touch yourself when you here your name in the media know that it is because you are everything the right wing press could have asked for.
    Think clappy hands ‘n that, think Charlie Gilmour, think you lot royally fucking this whole thing up for students and anarchists alike, think before you post any more stomach churning blogs.

  2. King of the Anarchists

    “any violence you have seen is a response to the violence by the police attacking our democratic right to protest, what you’re seeing is self defence”

    maybe you think that its only okay to fight if your forced to defend yourself, we dont think that. The police are very violent, and Anarchists need to be even more violent against them …..you havent even looked at the telegraph articale as youve used a different quote to the one they used.

    why dont you fuck off back to your yeti filled pointy head squat

  3. romanticanarchist

    I haven’t seen the Daily Telegraph article. But I very much enjoyed the Winter Warmer post – very festive and relaxing. There’s only so much Megadeth or Dead Kennedys an ageing anarchist can take! It can also get really depressing being cast in the role of ‘victim’ all the time by the left. Ask survivors of domestic violence or child abuse. Many on the left seem to want to keep us in that role of victim. It’s a question of power you see. They despise spontaneous action and they are afraid that people will act together and fight back without the guiding hand of the self-appointed lefty political elite. From what I can deduce, Whitchapel Anarchist Group is a proper libertarian, socialist organisation and other genuine anarchists should not be scolding it like some sort of naughty child in public. Similarly, I suppose differences in strategy or approach with other comrades, need to be addressed effectively and in a mature, anarchist fashion.

  4. Agreed.

    I, for one, am sick of the bitchy way in which certain sections of the anarchist movement in london – namely the “im a bigger anarchist than you” pseudo-intellectual squatterati – air their grievances with WAG.

    Especially when they know us all personally, they could come and have a reasonable discussion with us at any time. However, it would appear that the fetishisation of clandestine activity is something that affects every aspect of their lives. Ironically, cloak-and-dagger whinging is about the only form of clandestine activity that ever gets done by this particular subsection of our movement.

  5. Participating in the recent series of protests has for me been a useful reminder of exactly what the state’s exercise of power involves. Put quite simply, the police violence has a purpose – to deter people from taking to the streets in future for fear of being on the receiving end of a baton charge…or worse, risking death by being crushed in a kettle… The question is – do we as anarchists accept that we merely respond as victims to the police violence or do we get proactive and take possession of the streets? I for one have no desire to be seen as a victim, particularly as I’m serious about changing the world we live in, therefore I’m in agreement with A, romanticanarchist and King of the Anarchists on this one. If the police think that the majority of protesters fear them, they will continue to hold sway on the streets and will succeed in stifling any form of dissent. On the other hand, if we take and retain possession of the streets, then it opens up many possibilities for us to move beyond mere protest to something that has the potential, if we play our cards right, to make the state and its institutions fear us. I know where I’d rather be – in control of the streets!

    I could go on at length on this but as I’ve already written a piece on what we’re up against, here it is – http://essexrebel.blogspot.com/2010/12/what-we-are-up-against.html

  6. There is nothing wrong with people choosing to move freely. If people paid by the state decide to stop this that is their choice.

    We don’t need to be apologising or claiming that we are victims when we decide to act with others to liberate space.

    Winners don’t whine.

  7. Petrol prices up & up,heating fuel up&up.. transport fares on the rise.not to mention food and the other basics of life, the protests have been lame until now..like the title of one of the great Norman Wisdom films “TROUBLE IN STORE” Cameron & Co. take note..even the normally law abiding man and woman who have scraped to pay a mortgage for 19yrs. only to lose their job leading to family breakdown and the loss of their home with only 6 years to go before they thought the bricks and mortar would be therirs…people can only take so much bullying…. 2011 Trouble in Store.. Percy “S”

  8. I (individual, not as ULOccupation) am split. I will not condemn what WAG says. It is against my principals to obstruct different forms of protest unless people are getting hurt, and all violence against protestors towards living beings (save the random gang beating protestors up on the 9th) HAS all been in response to the police. I think for now that is how it should be. At the moment this is a student movement, of which the vast majority, do not want to see violence against people, and quite a lot are unsure or debating about the damage to property. Obviously if they are getting secularist about the property then that is an issue, but those occupying and those who come back for every protest are largely discussing it amicably as different blocs.

    I think that right now, whilst people are still not getting the message that these protests are about more than university fees, the focus has to be on making our points. They are starting with the cuts which they think will have the least public support. When the rest of the austeric cuts come, however, it may be a different story. When the majority of the working class and a large section of the middle classes are supportive then it makes perfect sense to want to be ahead of the police violence and physically stopping the government, but until that point, unless they see only equally met force, the public will become afraid of us, and look to the police for protection.

    A lot of police are not bad people and it is their job which is flawed. The MET are dicks, but they bring in coppers from all around for these protests. Now dont get me wrong, im not going to defend them, but my neighbour the chief inspector is a family friend with 2 young girls ive grown up looking after, so forgive me if i cant help see a more human face when i hear a police officer on a demo saying he thinks the kettling is bloody stupid, the cuts are ridiculous and that my local Tory MP is a ‘dim tim’. I would like to be at a time where the officers know they are standing against a large amount of people and have a choice to make , and somewhat understand it, before seeing damage done to the brain, heart or nervous system, or something equally serious, as a desired outcome.

    In short, I dont support violence against people at this stage, and i think a very large majority of the student movement that this is being done in the name of does. i dont anyone should be condemning the opposing opinions though. Anarchists arent leaders. if the people dont want violence then there wont be any apart from response. the opinions of wag dont change that. they should be welcome to it. I think it is a mistake also, to assume each member of WAG will have the same opinion. It isnt a national organisation of people with a strict manifesto. its a local organisation of similar minds, and you get a very different style from different posters.

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