From Dhaka to London, Fighting the Bosses’ World…


Sunday saw a new wave of militancy from our comrades over in Bangladesh, with thousands of workers, mainly from the country’s Ready-Made Garment (RMG) industry, taking to the streets in order to demand that their newly-won minimum wage increase be implemented immediately. Minimum wage payments were raised there months ago to 3000 taka(£25)/month (up 80% from 2006) following a climax in the militancy of direct action being taken by the workers. However, most bosses in the RMG industry – despite making sickening amounts of money selling to Western markets – aren’t living up to their promises.

In Dhaka and Chittgong, the largely female demonstrations set up burning barricades in the roads, trashed factories, attacked police stations and fought riot police. Bangladesh’s largest exporter, South Korean-owned company Youngone, was forced to close all of its 17 factories across the country as workers came out to fight.
However, there were three deaths and scores injured as Police opened fire with live ammunition on the demonstrators in a vile act of retribution for the supposed crime of wanting to fight for decent quality of life. It’s true what they say – the Police really are the scumbag lackies of the ruling class.

If the workers force the bosses to meet their demands once more, it will further strengthen the collective muscle of an already impressive movement in a climate of brutal economic and political repression. WAG express their total solidarity.


3 responses to “From Dhaka to London, Fighting the Bosses’ World…

  1. More fire, blazing hot fire! “Rise up fallen fighters, rise and take your stand again, s/he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day…”
    PS a whole heap of workers on the other end of the supply chain (at Primark etc.) are also working class Bangladeshi women. Time for some international links to be forged…

  2. People don’t fully appreciate what sacrifices Bengalis have made and will continue to make for the pursuit of freedom, against the British, Pakistani, military and now corporate exploiters. Millions died in the famines that were caused by British imperial policies, one million died in the war of liberation from Pakistan and for secularism and freedom, thousands died for opposing the military regimes that followed and if pushed they will fight a war against exploitation. With a population about the size of Russia, Bangladesh – not Cuba, North Korea or Venezuela – is a front-line and revolutionary thinking has always been at the centre of Bengali society and identity, going back to the Bengali renaissance. Let’s learn from them.

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