Church and King Mob

Tommy “Fuckin” Robinson aka Steven Yaxley-Lennon whipped up his barmy army in Peterborough this weekend into a hysterical frenzy over the student demonstrations, declaring “We support British Police. We are your allies” encouraging that “Every English Defence League member should shake the hand of a British Policeman”. While members are salivating over the forums with HM Armed Forces “patriots” threatening to “slap” teenagers at the next demonstration, the ever evolving nature of the EDL is reaching an interesting development as it morphs into an extra-parliamentary lobby group that can “defend” and “respond” to “British” interests. And the emphasis is definitely on Britain not just England, as the word was repeated over and over again with Union Jacks flying at the centre of stage.

“In 1930 if everyone had the attitude they had today, we would all be speaking German, we stood up to the biggest tyranny, the biggest tyrant of the world.” Did you Tommy? Did you really? Wasn’t it the “communist scum” who have taken to the streets over the past few weeks and battled the forces of the State, be the same type of people who in the thirties would have battled the Police at the battle of Cable Street to stop Mosley or who went to Spain to take up arms against Franco? “We never want to see British Police attacked by people of this country.” Right, okay I get it now, if we were in the 1930’s and people had the attitude you are expressing then you would be Mosley’s Blackshirts. Just replace the word Muslim with Jew. Banging on about a “two tier system” one for the “British” people and the other for “the Muslim population of this country”, but what about the bankers Tommy? What about corrupt Politicians? What about Police that have countlessly beaten and killed?

“We are the true voice of England. We are the patriots.” But what side of history does the English Defence League purport to claim? It is certainly not the history of the Poll Tax Riots, Peasants Revolt, Captain Swing, Match Girl Strike, Rebecca Riots, London Dock Strike, Gordon Riots, Miners Strike, Levellers, Luddites, Monmouth Rebellion. Instead Tommy declares Winston Churchill to be “a fucking prophet” (or more aptly the same man who as Home Secretary ordered the Army onto the street to crush the General Strike of 1926) “disgusted” by the vandalism done to “our monuments”. It is clear to see that class traitor Mr Robinson has firmly aligned the forces of the English Defence League with the ruling class claiming “we are all people of this queen”.

“You’ve had students living off their dad’s fucking bank card, who have never ever lived a normal day in their life, they do not understand what it is to be a working class member of this community.” Sorry is that the same student demo thingy where they are kicking off about unfair cuts affecting the most vulnerable sections of society i.e the working class? Would that be the same masked up black, white and asian teens claiming to be from “the slums of london” and fighting for their chance to advance in life? If you were there on the day you would see the diversity of the young and old, from all backgrounds, all races and religions, fighting united against an exploitative ruling class of politicians, bankers and royal parasites that bleed us dry. Not the bogeyman of Islam.

It is becoming more obvious by peeling away at Tommy Robinson’s “fucking” speech in Peterborough, that the English Defence League is developing into a quasi-fascist movement, cosying up to the monarchy, the police force and the shit scarred government. They claimed to be solely against religious extremism but it becomes clear that they are attacking anti-cuts movements from a nationalist perspective, believing to be acting in the nations interests, while not questioning the inequality of bailed out bankers and rich tax dodgers like Vodaphone and Philip Green. Diverting attention instead at the students and school kids demonstrations plus the trade unions, while venting racist sentiments towards Muslims, exposes their true intentions as lackeys to the ruling class content to be dogs licking shit off their masters heels.


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  1. This is interesting:

    “We are going to start attending homecoming parades of British troops, and when the Islamic militants abuse our troops and threaten them, we are going to physically stand in their way,” Mr Griffin said to thunderous applause from the crowd.

    He also said that the party would increasingly start demonstrations against mosque-building programmes in Britain, using the recent demonstration organised by the party’s branch in Milton Keynes as an example.

    “The British people have already shown that they are willing to start supporting the British National Party in increasing numbers,” Mr Griffin said.” End Quote.

  2. Fuck me, the best post I’ve seen written on the WAG website! Spot on!
    We have alway said that a real working class movement would be the grave yard for the EDL – lets make it a reality in 2011!

    To EDL: WE are now the biggest street movement in the UK.

    And to boot, Camden anarchists were out last night taking down the new MAC “xmas is evil” posters that were posted around Euston/Regents Park Estate a few nights ago. ;-0)

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  4. Nice article, but for me it contains one fatal flaw. Religion is also quasi-fascist. The Abrahamic monotheist faiths in particular.

  5. Students living off their dad’s credit card? I came from a low-income one-parent family and was eligible for the full grant for living expenses, the LEA financed my tuition fees and I still needed a loan, which I am still paying off at around £80 per month, nearly 10 years after I started paying back at inflation-index interest rates. If tuition fees had been £9,000 per year plus living expenses, I would certainly have been deterred from taking a degree as well as going on to take a Masters later. A degree is the only way to get yourself out of a situation of disadvantage, but let’s not kid ourselves that the slums will be abolished by education – the UK has far higher levels of literacy than 150 years ago, but the same slum still exist with a few more for extra measure. What does the EDL propose? Violence against those who want an education? I sometimes wonder whether its “celebration” of white working-class identity is really an appeal to “know your place” and revel in being brainless and disempowered, satisfied that there is someone with a darker skin to kick below you. Suffice it to say, I doubt the fascist football hooligan firms will declare their love for the police who stand in the way of a fight over a corporate football shirt.

  6. It’s been kept quiet in the press but did you lot not hear about the EDL breaking through to try and have a go at the anti-fascist demo? Bout two hundred little scrotes gave the filth the run around through a forest and came towards the side of the demo across a field. Bout 150 asian lads and anti-fascists ran them almost immediately, some of them got some of the most brutal kickings I’ve ever seen. Bodes well for Luton, hope you lot will all be up there.

  7. alan on tyneside

    This being on the same side as the police, shake a bizzie by the hand stuff is quite a high risk strategy isn’t it? I know a few people in North Shields who might be tempted to align themselves with the EDL, but that will completely alienate them.

    Obviously they have decided to go for a 1930s Germany role; I was worried by a few reports on the net of fascist groups roaming about in London later on Thursday night picking on the unwary. Not just a straw in the wind eh?

    Can I just say one more thing? I was a teenager in the 60s; I can’t run around very quickly now but I am so proud of what’s you are all doing. Very fucking proud. In solidarity. A.

  8. Realistic anarchist

    They are right though about being the biggest movement in Britain at the moment. Have you see how many members they have got on Facebook – 64,000. Anarchists and leftists on the other hand have got a fraction of that number. Also we are not going to beat the state by engaging in pointless battles with the cops outside Parliament. We need to rethink our tactics regarding the student demonstrations. A peaceful student day of action doesn’t have to be a failure – remember how successful the EDL have been up to now because they try hard to keep their events peaceful and thus attract ever increasing numbers. A peaceful 100,000 student demo would have far more impact than a violent 4,000 strong one.

    • “they try hard to keep their events peaceful”
      Yeah right… like running around throwing bricks at takeaways with terrified families cowering inside…
      And are you implying that the students and their supporters are not trying hard enough to keep events peaceful? Sounds like you’re buying the media bullshit about cops “defending themselves” from rampaging aggressive “feral” youths… it’s the other way round mate…

      • Its only the edl that do this right? Every edl member attacks innocent folk do they? Seems to me you are buying into all the media bollox.

      • This rasta cunt’s been exposed as a racist, you can figure anything he says is bollocks.

      • Stephen and Swifty – EDL go to hell. And the so-called Welsh Defence League too – all 10 of them. By the way I’ve seen a photo online of the one scrawny little cunt who was in Swansea holding a sign saying “patriotism isn’t racism” – when he takes his shirt off you see a rather prominent swastika tattoo. Not that that’s a surprise, since they were sieg heiling us in Castle Square that day, right next to the ruined castle that was bombed by the Nazis in WW2.
        Stay the fuck out of Swansea you cunts – there are no problems here between Muslims or anyone else, we all get along around here and you lot are about as welcome as an attack of herpes.
        And it ain’t only Muslims or Black people who hate you, trust me a lot of the white sports fan types who you think of as your natural support base hate your guts too. CYMRU YM BLYTH (hope I spelled that right 🙂 EDL stay out of Wales.

      • Like I said rasta is a racist cunt, fuckin’ stupid one too, hate is what he’s about like it drips from every word he writes. I’m not EDL, but the likes of him so viciously opposed to them. Well, I’m definitely going to have a look, with racist cunts like this rasta and the state media so opposed to them something is up…I’m not sure what but something isn’t right with the picture. Are you lot Anarchists or just marxist variants trying to escape that ideologies’ record of mass murder, totalitarianism, and economic failure?

    • I dunno if you’re EDL or just naive, but either way, I don’t care how many members they have on facebook, it’s how many they can get on the street that matters. No EDL demo has been anywhere near the size of the student protests.
      And I’d suggest you have a rethink about all this “keep their events peaceful and thus attract ever increasing numbers” stuff – apart from the fact that EDL demos have often been pretty violent, and the violence is obviously a part of their appeal, how do you explain the fact that the student movement took off after the violence at Millbank, rather than people being put off by it?

    • Truth is that the EDL is most likely to be a government-run operation to draw away support from the BNP and organise the fascists and hooligans on their terms. They also create a convenient outlet for working-class anger: “Paki-bashing”. Better for an angry young white man to hate Muslims than hate the system that causes his problems. They are not peaceful, they are racist thugs. What’s interesting is their sudden growth and organisation, their mysterious leadership and now their offer to be law enforcement thugs.

      As for violence, I’m against beating up coppers except in self-defence. But I’m all for attacking the engine of the state – either in symbolic terms (as happened to the Treasury windows) or in a way that causes it harm or it ceases to exist (the Ploughshares women who smashed up fighter jets due to be sold to the developing world). It’s the system that is wrong, not the pen-pushers and goons who earn a fairly modest wage out of it – kill one and they will only be replaced by another. Beating a cop within an inch of his life just for the joy of it doesn’t create any political change or change in public consciousness, arguably it’s counter-productive.

  9. what a set of pricks edl are. class traitors the lot of them. they are attacking the cops one weekend and now they’re having a love-in with the fuckers. middle class student theory is bullshit – the kids who get ema are not middle class rich kids. what a set of cunts this edl lot are and now we can see their true colours coming through.

  10. Yaxleys Mortgage

    So to recap then… Basically a cop-beater telling his chav army about what he’s do to other cop beaters…

  11. The hypocracy in here Stinks….double standards from the ‘left’ as per.

  12. Right.
    To start this one off, No, We aren’t labelling the EDL as every single member being a fascist cunt.
    HOWEVER, as some muslims are extremists, some EDL members are cunts.
    Sadly, it happens to be that the cunt is more prevelant within the EDL than the terrorist is in Islam.
    EDL protest peaceful?
    Are we forgetting the amount of drunken thugs that roam the streets afterwards looking for anybody different to bottle?
    Quite simply put, students arent violent, they’re angry, violence can be a product of violence, however the student protests arent violent towards innocents, when they’re violent, it’s towards either brutal riot-police thugs, or towards GOVERNMENT PROPERTY.
    Students aren’t roaming the streets looking for non-students to pick on are we?
    We attack the beast at it’s heart.
    The EDL don’t go hunting through the caves of afghanistan for the REAL terrorists, they just generalise through looks.
    As the police label all hooded youths to be trouble.
    The fact of the matter is, This government wont change, The people in this country won’t change.
    They’ll continue to Bend over and watch the x-factor.
    I don’t condone violence on any level, but if the EDL wernt just battering british people, perhaps i’d have some empathy with their cause.
    So, from me?
    Fuck the government.
    Fuck the EDL.
    Fuck Monarchy.
    Infact, fuck the lot of you.

  13. I can see this getting really ugly…anyway great blogpost and spot on analysis. The fascists are the enemy of democracy its always going to be their downfall. Things are heading towards more freedom and more openess not less. Interesting times lie ahead I feel ….

  14. It’s a damn shame that you didn’t make a deeper analysis sooner, the EDL are fascist, and have not mutated in any real way, their leadership has always been made up of sections of the most extreme-right wing nuts surrounded by disenfranchised young men of different classes. This set-up has been the same with many fascist groupings throughout history. It is worth while perhaps rethinking your position on the overexaggerated importance that you give to opposing both islamic extremism and nationalist fascists, the former are minutely small and find fertile ground amongst those alienated by imperialism and the same overexaggerations of extremism that WAG has troublingly poised (to the same tune of the right wing press, the police and the blair government), the latter is a growing movement that is in cahoots with the state as forces of reaction.
    I personally saw EDL chanting support for the cops at Day X2.

    It is time to end the divisions in the anti-fascist movement, they grow stronger each day, and these minor rifts divide us and weaken us. Closer links between UAF HNH and the various anarchists are a neccesity.

    Come on guys lets get our shit together.

    • I think WAG and anarchists from the old AFA (Anti-Fascist Action) / Antifa have had a far deeper understanding of the EDL than say the UAF/SWP/Left for a long while:

      You should also pick up the pamphlet they launched at the Anarchist Bookfair about how they organised locally against the EDL and Jihadists:
      There was lot’s on this blog about that back in June. if you search back you might find it.
      I think this article is less to do with WAG’s analysis and more to do with pointing out the obvious of Tommy Robinsons speech at Peterborough that all the EDL are getting raging semi’s over at the moment.
      Sorry but I think you are wrong about the jihadists, uaf and Hope not hate… they are all full of bullshit… wouldn’t go near the UAF/SWP – just read any decent book on the history of anti-fascism (No Retreat, Beating The Fascists) to find out why… the jihadists are a problem – they pry on young angry men (just like the EDL) and destroy lives – no problem working with progressive muslims as wag have done, but lumping all muslims together (like the EDL and UAF) is a recipe for disaster…

      • I think the article is illustrative of a flawed analysis that is changing with the blunt realization that the EDL is a thinly veiled conventional fascist body. The sound recording, at least the first one, shows exactly the same kind of problems of analysis that I think have been troublesome with the WAG line. Especially the idea of confronting “both fascisms” The idea of there being a massive jihadist threat that we have to confront in our community is an exaggerated paranoia and is the product of the propaganda spewed out by the war machine. It’s been clear to us on the left for quite some time that islamophobia has been whipped up with terrorist attacks as justification, the state has been allowed to be so barbaric to the Muslim community precisely because there was a long period where this narrative of a muslim threat was accepted. It is imperative that we challenge it because its clearly how the racists and the fascists grow and it even helps to create islamic extremism as a response of the oppressed to the identity that is painted for them. its up to us not to buy into this exaggeration of a threat, and to challenge it at every possible juncture.

        When the government, the fascists, the imperial machine, and the media are whipping up hateful stereotypes the burden does not weigh on us to attack the archetypal depictions of these stereotypes: because to do so is to accept the narrative of the islamophobe in our actions, even if our argument runs against some of the more despicable trends in their lie, it is still based on the overarching framework of an imperialist ploy, and however nuanced we are in our thinking, by engaging with their propaganda in this way we still perpetuate that lie.

        The hostility to the UAF which is clearly rooted in genuine ideological reasoning as well as a conventionally inane left-wing tribalism, is at the heart of a rift that is so absurdly counterproductive it is almost comedic. And I fear that in your hurry to distinguish yourselves from the largest, broadest, most united part of the antifascist movement you have made the wrong call, one that both weakens the antifascist movement and yourselves. So what the SWP dominate the UAF? So what the police have sometimes to protect the UAF? this is an argument to build until we don’t need protecting rather then to denounce the whole of UAF.

        It seems that whenever radical left politics in the UK needs to be fighting back there is always many a group that makes the simple and popular connection that all things SWP= bad. With a situation as important as this the mistake is magnified ten-fold. Unity in the coming fights against the ConDems is vital or we will be smashed in the streets on the pickets and elsewhere, and not only by cops but by EDL fascists as well.

  15. total fucking scum

  16. EDL are just a right wing bunch of racist scum . The students that marched on London were from all colours , all religions , all social backgrounds , some wealthy , some poor . We saw a massive united demonstration 4 times over , against the corrupt , government that ministers whom fill their pockets with illegal expense claims ( even pornographic films ) , whom bail out banks , yet force the honest average man and woman to struggle . They are about to increase VAT , Increase fuel duty , And they are truly fucking our most brightest and intelligent young people , our students , out future ,and Lastly they are about to put at risk single parent families , the sick , the vulnerable , buy cutting their housing benefit by a massive 33 per cent , Shelter fear a wave of homelessness. I long to see next year a demonstration, where the students join with the people of Britain pissed off with VAT and Fuel rises , Joined also by single parent families now at risk of losing their homes and who knows , maybe all the miners from the 80’s whos lifes was wrecked too may want to finally get their voices heard too . If all were to demonstrate on one day , their is simply not enough Police and Armed Forces to contain us , the government would fall , it would force parliament to Vote a NO Confidence vote in the government , and change would have finally happened in the UK , Lets do it ! Lets say enough is enough is enough , and let all honest and decent people of Britain be able to afford a decent standard of living and decent education and decent housing , with decent job opportunities .

  17. As an arm-chair supporter of the EDL (on the basis that it is multi-racial and opposes Islamic extremism in this country, something in everyone’s interests) I’m disappointed that they’re not supporting the students.

    If they want to be patriotic they should support the students rather than the corrupt elite. To blame the students is shallow, unprincipled political opportunism. It does imply, as someone above suggested, they want to ‘suck up to plod’ so they get special treatment at their next demonstration.

    Not cricket.

    • twl: They are not all about opposing Islamic extremism, they oppose Muslims and allowing them freedom of worship. For instance, they like burning Qurans, beating up Muslims, smashing shops run by Muslims and opposing mosques, so they hate a group of people for their religious background. It’s prejudice and since the vast majority of Muslims are not European, it is bound up with racism – the motivation behind hatred of Muslims is racist. Islam isn’t for me, neither is Christianity, but if you want to believe in Allah or whoever and it doesn’t infringe on my freedom, it’s your business and you’re entitled to it.

    • “it is multi-racial”
      Adolf Hitler had Jewish ancestry (fact). Does that mean he wasn’t an anti-semite?
      EDL is 99-plus percent white, because they’ve got one or two token non-whites in there doesn’t make them “not racist”.

  18. EDL is 99-plus percent white, because they’ve got one or two token non-whites in there doesn’t make them “not racist”.

    Isn’t it a bit patronising to be described as a “token non-white?” Are you suggesting they’re paid to be there? That they’re masochists who love to hang around, and be abused by, racists? Maybe the EDL isn’t actually a race-based group. I grant you it might be a mostly white group but if it says it’s multi-racial and multi-religious then you can’t call it fascist. A fascist group will say it’s fascist and aggressively pursue their fascism. So I think you’re attacking a group that shares common ground with you. I also think the EDL is attacking a group that shares common ground with it. I despair of all who fight amongst themselves while our “masters” contine to munch away at the trough.

    twl: They are not all about opposing Islamic extremism, they oppose Muslims and allowing them freedom of worship. For instance, they like burning Qurans, beating up Muslims, smashing shops run by Muslims and opposing mosques, so they hate a group of people for their religious background.

    Technically they allow moderate Muslims to join the EDL. I dare-say there might be one or two members from that community.

    Do you not agree that if the group was actually only about protesting against Islamic extremism it would be worth having? I read a recent post by the UAF linked Searchlight Magazine in which it said it would up its coverage of anti-Islamic extremism. As I said, EDL and the left are not that different in some ways, principally because it’s a single-issue group.

    … at least it was a single-issue group.

    • I didn’t call them fascist actually (although I think they basically are, and the ones who came to Swansea were out-and-out Nazis, to judge from little clues like the sieg heil salutes and the fact that you can check some of em out on youtube with their shirts off displaying swastika tattoos – I suppose they’ll claim they’re using the ancient native american peace symbol, not the nazi swastika…?)
      I don’t know if the token non-whites are getting paid… I would imagine the so-called “Sikh” guy is, since he’s high up in them and someone’s making money off all the EDL merchandise. Regardless of whether or not they’re getting paid, I think they are complete and utter idiots. Especially when you consider that some of their “buddies” are going around making monkey noises, etc. at Black counter-demonstrators… like Mutabaruka chants “I listen de news and I get confuse, a black man join the ku klux klan…?”
      There are already groups and individuals combatting Islamic extremism. A large percentage of them are Muslims.
      “single issue group… protesting Islamic extremism…”
      PS there are certainly no practicing Muslim members of the EDL. If there were, doncha think they would be parading them at the forefront to show how “non discriminatory” they are?
      You don’t even have to like or agree with Islam, let alone Islamic extremism, to see that Muslims are definitely “the new Jews” nowadays, as far as being scapegoated by far-right groups. As WAG’s article stated, just substitute the word “Jew” for “Muslim” and it’s plain as day what the EDL are about.
      “if it’s multi-racial and multi-religious you can’t call it fascist”
      People of any race or religion can be fascists. Fascism is a political ideology and modus operandi, not a race or religion. Nazism is only one kind of fascism.

  19. * not anti-Islamic extremism. Islamic extremism. Searchlight is now taking Islamic extremism as a legitimate fascistic threat.

    • Searchlight says…so it must be so…bit lat to the game. These marxist wankers subscribe to one of the greatest mass murdering ideologies the world has ever seen. Morally bankrupt scum who subscribe to a dead, actually more undead ideology. Guess all the people they were calling fascists, racist and islamophobes for opposing the islamists were fucking RIGHT, and now searchlight says it’s ok to oppose islamic fascists, good little leftys can safely do so without worrying themselves into a frayed knot at the prospect that they might be racists or islamophobes. Thank the nonexistant MASS OPIATE, searchlight making it safe to oppose female genital mutilation, marital rape, pakistan’s and bangladesh’s record of gross cleansing of Sikhs and Hindus, the persecution of the Copts in Egypt. The scum marxists over at searchlight hope everybody ignores their ideologies’ record of mass murder and totyalitarianism that at least puts them on par with the nazis and other fascist outfits.

  20. alan on tyneside

    “What’s interesting is their sudden growth and organisation, their mysterious leadership and now their offer to be law enforcement thugs.”

    Agree with that DB; also particularly interesting in this context is a double page spread on the EDL in the Daily Mail today;

    The comments don’t make pleasant reading, but maybe that was the point?

  21. Hey folks

    Good analysis of why Tommy Robinson is talking bullshit, but less of the sexist language, perhaps – in particular the use of the word cunt in such an offensive manner. Not all of us are macho pricks… You know, politics is just as much about personal solidarity against all forms of repression.

    • It’s a bit more complex than that, no? I’m a woman, and a feminist, and I’m not offended by the use of the word cunt. Also somewhat ironic that in your next sentence you use the word ‘pricks’ as an insult. If you don’t think people’s genitalia should be used as an insult, don’t do it.

      • yep – the irony, I hoped was fairly obvious and pointed. It may be more complex an argument for an off-topic comment, but the effect remains fairly basic.

  22. Agree with that DB; also particularly interesting in this context is a double page spread on the EDL in the Daily Mail today;

    That’s an interesting article. You wouldn’t want that group getting too cozy with the police, or with student protesters for that matter. However – it is just one individual and you can pick out bad apples in all groups. There were guys just like that asshole at the student demo on Friday throwing bricks, snooker balls, metal poles and flares – and many of them actually came from abroad to participate.

  23. Here’s the correct link.

    The equivalent of these EDL hooligans

    It is understood anarchists from Italy, Germany, Spain and Latvia were among the militants who brought mayhem to the capital.

    Others came from as far away as Argentina, arrived in London at least a week before the protest and were involved in planning the attacks on the Treasury and the Palace of Westminster, The Mail on Sunday has learned.

    Some are thought to belong to an anarchist group called Black Bloc, which originated in Holland and Germany, and has taken part in riots all over the world.

    • That’s such a stupid assessment, it’s comical. Typical Daily Fail! There is no anarchist group called “Black Bloc”, it’s a term loosely applied to any anarchist seeking to take direct action at a demonstration and differentiated from the “Fluffies” who avoid confrontation. There were no evil Argentinians travelling to the UK hell bent on destroying London, perhaps in the hope of getting control of the Malvinas! It’s just ridiculous propaganda. For the most part, the unrest was pretty spontaneous.

  24. The Daily Mail is giving their readers the impression the violence was astroturfed by foreigners, our police the victims of their brutality.

    While the new toys were a foreign element (flares and paint balls) the violence was as spontaneous as it was at Millbank.

    Likewise the Daily Mail want to give the impression the EDL are all a bunch of football hooligans and that their protests are never peaceful. There is clearly a hooligan element, but it’s not entirely true that it’s just hooliganism for hooliganism’s sake, and many of their protests have been peaceful.
    e.g. I googled this

    I don’t want to defend EDL too much though. The more I look into it the more I think they could go out of their way more to emphasise their inclusiveness. Drunken neanderthal chest-beating is not the most refined way to put across your point; and if you took them at their word they do have a valid point.

  25. The message I am getting from this movement is a negative one. Educated people know that violence breeds violence. Passive resistance is the rational solution to

  26. alan on tyneside

    Bit of trouble in Rome this afternoon; probably those pesky Latvian anarchists again. Gawd, those guys sure do move fast.

    Seriously, I’ve been thinking a bit more about the Peterborough speech. Seems to me that the EDL have certainly been wrong-footed, like many others, by recent events in London. Bunches of working class kids causing effective mayhem on British Streets, but unfortunately from entirely the wrong side of the political spectrum. Masked up like the kids in Exarcheia! Waving red & black flags! Very bloody inconvenient.

    But maybe the ‘cuddle a copper’ rhetoric is not them trying to position themselves as a proto-SA group; maybe the model they have in mind is more of an Ulster paramilitary loyalist/RUC/British Intelligence Creature type of thing? That might work.

    And as to having things in common with them, well, you would want to try to maintain some dialogue with the kids in the audience, but I’m afraid my first reaction to watching the guys on the platform for a couple of minutes was to ask myself how quickly I might be able to learn to use a Uzi efficently.

    Only joking. Only joking.

  27. alan on tyneside

    I know it’s going off topic, but here’s a link to the Guardian’s gallery of images from Rome today;

  28. alan on tyneside

    EDL announce that Terry Jones will not be coming to Luton in Feb next year:

  29. this is a link to a march on monday 20th starting picadilly circuis at 12.
    allegedly a set up by EDL, page is full of spineless weekend revolutionaries discouraging people from going rather than confronting fashist scum.
    we need people DOWN. spread the word

    (and no im not an EDL agitator…or am i ;p)!/event.php?eid=179218858770566

    • Is this the demo that the organisers have sent the plans of the march to? That have failed to clarify why their admins are pro-Geert Wilders ( a fascist politician )? And whats this about “confronting fashist scum.” what the fuck are you talking about?

      Avoid like the plague.

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  32. Full transcript of speech:

    TR: I am english, you are english, we are english.
    CROWD: Grunt grunt!!!
    TR: Churchill was english, well that’s what wikipedia said when I looked his name up last night. Churchill was a patriot. Churchill is a prophet. If he was alive today I would give him a loving and patriotic blowjob for sure.
    CROWD: grunt grunt grunt!!! Then spontaneously bursts into a chorus of “Wankstain Till I Die”.
    TR: Churchill fought against tyronnie. He defeated the biggest tyrons in the world. (go back and check, @ 5:58 he actually calls them tyrons lol).
    TR: Churchill was actually Luke Skywalker who defeated the evil tyrons. And in 1930 if the likes of us were around then we would all be speaking German by now. Nine whole years before the war even started, that’s how much of a prophet Churchill was. I’ve got a hard on now, sorry.
    CROWD: Grunt grunt grunt!!!
    TR: Also we really love the police. Except the muslim ones. We hate the muslim ones of course, but the rest, we love ’em all.
    CROWD: Ugh??? we hate the filth don’t we?
    TR: No. The filth are our friends. Shake them by the hand. They are english.
    CROWD: ok we will. They might even let us off for smacking that paki last week.
    TR: We hate students. They are PR for muslims. They don’t know about muslims cos they are not working class like wot we are. We live it everyday, especially on friday when local muslims force us to attend mosque and pray with them. That’s how much we have been islamified in luton.
    Also, let’s not forget little johnny who rode his bike from watford to wipe grafitti off Churchills groin. Did I mention that if Churchill was alive today I would do more than wipe his groin?
    CROWD: Grunt grunt!! Look there’s a paki over there, let’s chase him lads!!

    End of speech.

    • whitechapelanarchist


      • This is the same EDL that have probably pissed on more British monuments than anyone else I might add. And Stephen Laxley, you did more than shake a bobbies hand a few years ago which got you sent down for assault ;-0)

  33. Pingback: English Defence League (EDL) plant Angriff auf Studierenden-Demo « Entdinglichung

  34. Are you lot on this blog taking all this too seriously ?. In the 70’s in our village we had a Mr Valkes who use to parade around his bedroom with the curtains drawn back dressed , what to him was an S.S. uniform, with his knob hanging out. For the rest he was a London commuter. A village legend. At the same time we had the National Front with Martin Wedster on the T.V. and in the newspapers. An odd man who’s only claim to fame nowadays is he can describe Nick Griffins bum down to the last freckle ?. A miracale considering he led an anti gay party. Fascisme should always be took seriously whenever you come across it these days but it don’t lie with these people. Although its still important to demonstrate and stop them. There is a little bit of it around everywhere. When its identified its delt with ( mostly) from all sorts of people not just anarcists. This bunch of odd balls dont have a chance whatever they call themselves now. I look forward to reading about this Steven Yaxley Lennon in the future years after his first scandal , probaly sexual (they always seem to be) After that they just become sad old lonely men. Check the history going back to the 70’s yourself.

  35. It might seem not worth taking seriously, but bear in mind that it is the anniversary of the New Cross fire (massacre) today, and it only took one racist lunatic to toss a molotov into that party… these people spreading hate need to be countered at every turn and exposed or they grow like a fungus in the dark.

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