URGENT! Vigil in Solidarity with Alfie – Nearly Killed by Police Yesterday

VIGIL AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY TODAY: Middlesex uni students are inviting all those horrified by the police violence experienced on yesterday’s student protest to join them in a solidarity vigil at 3.30pm TODAY outside Charing Cross hospital where student Alfie is being treated having narrowly missed being murdered by police batons at yesterday’s protest. Send messages of support for Alfie to +447870215764. SPREAD THE WORD!

“Attacks on police officers and property show that some of the protesters have no respect for London or its citizens,” so said Tory Home Secretary Theresa May, just hours after proving she had no respect for the young and the poor by voting to pull the rug of higher education from beneath their feet.

Last night’s student protest against the trebling in tuition fees has been characterised in the media as unprovoked mindless violence. But the main violence to be seen came not from the students carrying placard sticks or overturning litter bins. After all, shattered glass can be replaced–shattered futures can’t.

The real violence came from the police force, seen to use horses to charge at dense crowds of people, beat protesters unconscious and even get caught on film pulling a student from his wheelchair.

One protester, Alfie Meadows, was beaten as he tried to leave the area. He fell unconscious and underwent a three hour operation for bleeding on the brain. Others report that police refused to allow another unconscious protester out of the kettle to receive medical help.

As one anonymous protester reported to the Guardian, “I was outside the kettle in Parliament Square yesterday watching as riot police fought with protesters and then split like the Red Sea to allow two charges of police on horseback into the crowd. It was absolutely horrific to witness. These are dispersal tactics used on the continent but the Met are using it against people who have nowhere to run because they are kettled. The horses charged at high speed and from where I was they seemed to end up wading through the protesters. It’s a miracle that no-one was seriously injured, or even killed.”

This was not simply the case of police responding to violence and disorder. Before the protest had even begun, Scotland Yard was already straining at the bit for a fight, using inflammatory language unseen since the G20 protests in 2009 which saw the death of Ian Tomlinson.

Meanwhile, David Cameron has moved beyond talk of a “violent minority”, now preferring to label most of those who came to stop the fees as “wanting to pursue violence and destroy property.” This is the talk of a man who is scared of opposition from the streets – it’s not easy to con the brave student movement into dropping their opposition to fees. They aren’t Lib Dems, after all. But it is also his attempt to brand all those wanting to stand up to his coalition of cutters as a violent mob, hell-bent of destruction.

But one thing is clear—the movement does not end here. In 1990, the poll tax became law, opposition on the streets continued, and police used horses and truncheons to beat protesters into submission. It didn’t work and the poll tax fell.

The gamble by the police was that using extreme violence against school students would scare them off the street. This gamble has failed. It has simply increased the anger of these young people, who have been taught a valuable—if painful—lesson in whose side the state is on.

This is still only the beginning.


22 responses to “URGENT! Vigil in Solidarity with Alfie – Nearly Killed by Police Yesterday

  1. Friends,

    I am fully behind you. I would ask you if you would use the very old fashioned protest technique of sitting down. Thousands of people sitting down are obviously peaceful. They cannot be accused of doing anything other than sitting down. People at the front of the protest don’t have to hold on to the barriers and therefore don’t get their hands smashed by the police, and therefore don’t get properly angry enough to lift up the barriers.

    With very best wishes

    • People tried this last night in Whitehall. They may not get their hands smashed by the cops, but that’s only because the cops will be too busy manhandling them out the way. This tactic was also tried by the Climate Camp in Bishopsgate last year, with the result that large numbers of utterly peaceful people got a battering. If you’re sat down the police may find it harder to hit your hands, but your head will present an inviting alternative target.

  2. Saw Che on Channel 4 news. She was great. Keep up the brilliant work.

  3. I really hope Alfie Meadows has been turned into a retarded gibbering vegetable, that’ll be fackin’ hilarious!

  4. Painting nonsensical prose on walls and statues, smashing windows in phone boxes and buildings is unproductive. It solves nothing and turns the public will against you.

    Attacking two Londoners who are on their way to the theatre is unproductive. It solves nothing and turns the public will against you. Don’t do it.
    Protest *peacefully*. Maybe you should all stop paying your income tax or something like that. 😉

  5. Haven’t you guys heard that Queen Camilla and Charles are shocked by their car being attacked?
    Get things in perspective!
    Glad to hear Alfie is recovering, shame Charles & Camilla are OK.
    Re sitting down. It is a tactic that can be effective but not the answer to everything.

  6. You rabel rousers, who have done nothing but obsene destruction, should be rounded up and sent to fight the Taliban. I lost 3 limbs there.

  7. Let hope the police do it properly and actually kill a few of you mongs next time then!

    • Your sick wish will be granted I suspect when the cuts really start to bite, sadly. However, that’s also when things are going to get very interesting.

  8. ide say that the government has been the ones causing obscene destruction look at you 3 limbs and most of brain gone

  9. A sit down protest is a limited effect propaganda tool – ie: when plod eventually start to clear the road or whatever, you get lots of pictures of heads being cracked with batons. Bear in mind that the MSM is always going to spin events to the cops agenda, so the police brutality pics are only going to be seen for what they are on sites such as this one. I for one don’t fancy getting my head split open for a pretty meaningless photo-op. Better to keep things moving to avoid arrest and taking it to the cops / places of interest etc when the opportunity arises and escape routes are available.

  10. Is there any chance you guys would protest outside of London? You’re making an awful mess. And by the way what would be the point in higher education in an anarchist society? I understand mum and dad probably didn’t give you enough attention but please go and seek attention in a place where I don’t live.

    As much as drawing a willy on a statue is probably not going to bother many people, it really irritates me!

    • “And by the way what would be the point in higher education in an anarchist society? ”

      Please explain.

    • Alex

      This is the Whitechapel Anarchist Group website. Whitechapel traditionally considered to be in London. This seems to have escaped you.

  11. I would like to make a suggestion and I mean it in positive spirit and not as a criticism. You are getting a decent amount of MSM attention right now and that should be built upon. However, having a delayed moderated messageboard that quite frankly does not appear to be moderated often, leaving comments hanging for an age, stiffles any debate and renders it a mere visitors book. I’d suggest lifting the modding for a bit.

    Look at some of the right-wing “libertarian” blogs to see how it works in practice. They’re free flowing and highly popular, even if the content can be fucking hateful. However, you should be out there declaring and defending a position and allowing free flowing debate, instead of hiding in the shadows and blocking comment on your articles. I would like to think you’re thick skinned enough to handle the arsehole comments that you would surely receive.

    Anyway, just my twopence worth, not a member of your collective so feel free to disregard, obviously.

    Best, always.

  12. This is still only the beginning – indeed it is.
    Parliament, The Treasury, The Supreme Court, The West End and The Royals – all in one day !
    The ipod-youtube-facebook generation wakes up ! Who’d have thought it !? Thank you Nick Clegg !
    The establishment are truly rattled, you can hear it and see it in their responses.
    In their pompous arrogance they expected to carry out their vicious policies unopposed. Expected docile compliance from the “dumbed down” masses.
    Images of Thursday night’s violence, especially the attack on the Royals, went all around the world. They are rattled and embarrassed.
    Their reaction will be to use force, to stamp this out before it goes any further. We need to be aware of this, to be on our guard, to look after each other.
    In the new year, as millions of people are affected by their cuts, opposition will grow. Eventually the unions will march. It won’t be “just kids” any more. Kettling and batons will be useless against hundreds of thousands of people.
    Similar groundswells are occurring right across Europe, messages of support and solidarity are increasing. People are increasingly disgusted with their corrupt ruling banker elites. People are beginning to try to imagine a different way of doing things. A genuinely fair, just and equitable society where we are genuinely, collectively “all in this together” . Instead of the vile pretense and mockery we are fed at present. It is happening, slowly. Be patient.
    This is the first time I have visited your site.
    I would like to send my love and best wishes to all of you.
    Caterpillarhood. xxx

  13. Caterpillarhood. What a refreshing message. Some of the antis are so obnoxious it makes me think they have nothing sensible to say. Not everthing has been perfect in the resistance – SURPRISE, SURPRISE- these were often spontaneous reactions to police tactics that were provocative and counter productive. They have really helped to radicalise the whole situation.
    It the State isn’t worried it should be. They have had a monumental cock up over these demonstrations and given anarchism the kiss of life.
    I know they didn’t do it because they love us but let’s have more of the same and maybe some of our dreams will be realised.

  14. Highlighted on my last post some weeks ago…WATER jets are being sought as they are trembling with fear for the OLYMPICS weeks….. secret meetings with government ministers and LONDONS Mayor have taken place….
    xxx watch this space xxxx

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