“Any right minded individual witnessing today’s violence would want to condemn it” – Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Paul Stevenson on Sky News last night.

 Fuck Off! You’d be mad not to love it.

WAG were proud to be out yesterday and proud to be a part of the best protest in Britain for years. Last night demonstrators battled the police, smashed up the treasury, attacked Courts AND had a crack at the royal family. Could you have a better attack on the state?

Every person who landed a blow to a copper, a brick through a window or a dent in the car of the parasitic royals is a Working Class Hero. Not one of them should ever have to buy a drink again, and there’s soo fucking many of them.

We were a bit knackered from heckling inside the Tower Hamlets council meeting on Wednesday but got out for the day early to join in the protests against the tripling of university fees and EMA being abolished. We got to Trafalgar Square for 12 and watched the groups gather until the main march reached the area, we watched the crowds float past and knew it would kick off. There were a lot of students, hardly any stewards. In the crowds there were loads of homemade banners, a fair few black flags and masses of heavy looking masked up kids. The kind of youth that when you see them on the street at night you want to cross over the road to avoid passing them. Brilliant. The air was electric, the last two protests had hammered home their ideas with violence; you could tell that this one would end the same, this was the last chance to save affordable education.

The crowds moved forward trudging towards parliament, we followed at the back and gasped in disbelief as we watched nearly the whole march walk slowly into a giant kettle. We held back, seeing people in the know splitting off from the main march and then watched as bit by bit the police trap closed.

We walked back up to Trafalgar square, heads down, there was no chance of the cuts being resisted tonight if everyone was standing around in a kettle. We found crowds milling around at the top of Whitehall, more and more people were hanging around there.

Boredom set in, it looked as if nothing was going to happen. Thousands of protestors would watch massive cuts to education come in as they stood in a monotonous police controlled space. Then reports started come to us from inside the parliament square kettle. Reports of violence, the people trapped by the police were resisting!

Most of our lot went to the pub to warm up for later. I walked down, using side streets to doge police lines and get as close to the kettle as possible. At the edge I saw a vast amount of riot police, horses and vans. I could just hear and catch glimpses of clashes.

I watched four police carrying a knocked out copper away from the angry mob, and followed them up a side street to see more coppers being treated by medics as they lay on the street, most unconscious. Fucking ace.

I walked back up to meet with the other WAGs and got a call that a crew had broken out and were heading up. We caught the crowd and swept down Whitehall with them until we smashed into a line of police, scuffles started. Fires sprung up around us as the crowd lingered. We decided to move off seeing the police regrouping.

 As we turned we saw a line of filth walking down truncheons and shields in hand. fuck! We’d been so interested in the front of the crowd we hadn’t kept an eye on our backs and now a police kettle was closing in. We dashed to the side vaulting a fence opposite downing street, many of the young stopping to help the elderly and less healthy over the fence. Once over we darted up an ally, people at the end feeling the breath of riot police on the back of their necks.

We burst out onto the street just behind the kettle. Close one. Our lot regrouped and found more crowds of angry protesters. We soon realised there wouldn’t be an attempt to trap any more of use, the side streets to Whitehall were filled with police vans, all empty. Every reserve copper was down in Parliament Square trying to control the more intense fighting.

The mob began to grow, more and more bottles and bricks were being thrown with some powerful fireworks set off at the police. After an hour of hanging around with this half-hearted struggling, news came out of the vote being passed. The Tories had won. Suddenly the crowd turned, with shouts of “OXFORD STREET” filling the air.  They began marching up, a chant beginning and joined in by all of us of “KILL THE QUEEN, KILL THE QUEEN, KILL THE QUEEN” …. what a chant.

The mobs numbered swelled to over a thousand as Trafalgar square was taken over. Hundreds began leaving to march up on the roads, shouting otherwise peacefully, until we reached the bottom of Oxford Street. Large barriers to road works were smashed out of place and pulled into the roads making barricades, blocking the path of any police vans.

 The mob descended down the street stopping at the tax dodging Vodaphone and Top Shop, doors were locked to the stores before anyone could get in so boots and ammo went flying at the shop windows. The crowd kept moving, using the roads to travel further up, numbers began to drop off and finally we started to hear police sirens. We decided to step back and moved down the road.

As we walked back we saw a second crew were having a crack at Top Shop, we saw protester and Christmas shoppers becoming one. The police protecting the stores confused and pissed off that they couldn’t identify the surrounding mob of vandals. We carried on to Trafalgar square. Police were everywhere. We knew there was still fighting outside Parliament but had no way of getting them help, time to fuck off.

As we left we heard that Camilla and Charles car had been done in by the oxford street mob. Shit we must have missed that by moments. Smiles spread over all our faces, these royal Muppets had decided that it was safe enough for them to swan around on our streets and had paint thrown over their car and the windows smashed. Best news of the day.

On the tube back to Tower Hamlets we joked around, the students had lost. But these kids were really pissed off, when the Tories come for the NHS or move in on housing benefit these kids will be back on the streets, with their parents. Knowing that in order to win we need more violence on the streets. More smashed windows, more hospitalised coppers and many more assaults on royals.


13 responses to “LUNACY IN LONDON

  1. What an amazing write up, i loved it, wish i could have been there with you guys in solidarity.. Fuck off police state and monarchy, we have never needed you, keep up the great work.

  2. I cam on to read up on your ‘anarchy’

    you’re aids!! ‘knackered’ from heckling the council… poor you.

    and the main protests you were either well away from or running like diks over fences..

    Anarchists of what exactly??

    you write a good story… next time try being part of it and not just observers!

  3. King of the Anarchists

    “and not just observers!”

    youre right, maybe everyone out yesterday should write a confession about all the bad things they did and post it online and then send it to the police. you nobhead

  4. Tired from heckling!! Oh, poor babies!!! Well done for having a walk around London while everyone else was having a riot!!

  5. Great write up, the first honset report to come out about yesterday.

  6. When you got home did you have a wank?

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  8. Pathetic.

  9. You say this was the last chance ‘to save affordable education’.
    Probably was, if you believe anyone was listening. In the real world, those we elected have looked at the books and decided, on our behalf, democratically, that we can’t afford it. Sorry.
    Trouble is, it’s never really been 100% affordable, and now we’ve run out of cash, it’s even less affordable. Students have had debts for years. I did. Shouting about it won’t help – noone is listening.

    Anarchy doesn’t work – if you’re happy to trash the cities, fine, go for it.
    It’s you that lives there, works there, travels through there. Not me.
    Dumping on your own doorstep has been a bad idea since we all lived in caves – surely your free education must have taught you something?

  10. If you want free education, pick up a book and read it. You don’t need a university lecturer or state funding to make you think. Think for yourselves. Better still, talk about it with others and share knowledge. Universities are just factories for a compliant workforce. When you accept that, fees or no fees don’t matter.

  11. You leftist ‘anarchists’ are insane. You hate the state but you lot want state health, housing and education.
    If you actually opposed coercion you wouldn’t support the violent expropriation of property through the legalised theft called taxation in order to subsidise anything.
    If you want affordable health, housing and education you should oppose state involvement in these areas not call for more. It’s state monopolies that take money from you lot and put it in the pockets of their chums the doctors, developers and professors. Free market health, housing and education free from state regulation is the anarchist answer. It’s the difference between the price of coffee and canabis. One has a market limited by state involvement the other is brought to you by the free market.

  12. brain damage-or-please don’t eat the daisies. that’s all folks. yes youcatholic who started too late- there are penises. go straight to huntsville death row and become a les cowgirl-hint- a butch one. freidan and abzug will get that one.


    One lone anarcho-capitalist right wing libertarian nutter under several guises….”will” “db”…its the same on other threads too.

    This dickhead needs a fucking slap. Failing that, what do other people think about having a policy of deleting his posts in future? If they havent got the honesty to be consistent in their alias one a single thread then they don’t deserve to be heard, in my opinion. It says alot for the quality of their arguments if they need to create the illusion of them having wider support by pretending to be multiple users.

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