No Ifs! No Buts! Lets Fuck Up The Cuts!


EVERYBODY OUT!! Spread the word, bring some friends, banners, flags, instruments, pots & pans etc. Be creative! Let’s make as much noise as possible to show them exactly what we think of the planned £38million cuts to public services and jobs.

The next Tower Hamlets Council meeting is on Wednesday 8th December from 6pm at Mulbery Place, 5 Clove Crescent, E14 2BG and it is vital that YOU turn up! Join the carnival…

All WAG’s, anarchists, libertarians, ne’er do wells, nutters and trouble makers descend onto the Council Meeting at 6pm promptly! Skive work, get in the area early and come prepared for fun!

We recommend due to the adverse weather conditions that everyone comes wrapped up warm – don’t forget to wear gloves, hooded tops, hats and scarves to cover up from the cold.

This will then be followed up on THURSDAY 9TH DECEMBER with mass actions in central london to shut down the city in defiance to the tuition fee vote in parliament.

Things are hotting up in our winter of discontent…


24 responses to “No Ifs! No Buts! Lets Fuck Up The Cuts!

  1. Thats very Frank

  2. @fuckthenus just wanted to say have loved your contributions to the comments on this public blog, you are a real fruit loop, not laughed so hard for a while! Can’t wait for you to respond about anally raping my mum or something witty that you’ve picked up from the playground.

  3. @fuckthenus
    why express your anger at the libdems, capitalism, the world, as extreme misogeny????
    Its obvious youre a woman hater, but your endless expressions of sexual violence against women, really worrys me.
    WAG – some site moderation could be in order here, why should anyone who comes of their own volition to this site have to read this shit? So many people have experienced rape and sexual violence at some point in their lives, that there are bound to be visitors to this blog who will find fuckthenus’s comments triggering and extremely disturbing.

  4. Can we please remove comments by fuckthenus?

  5. whitechapelanarchist

    Comments left by fuckthenus have been removed. We will not tolerate offensive anti-woman and homophobic drivel on this blog.

  6. Hi,
    Is there a particular reason why this meeting or is it just a pre-xmas party protest. Just asking because the agenda online looked as boring as ever and no mention of cuts unless i was missing something, cheers

  7. Now why would an anarchist be unhappy about the shrinking of the state.

    Change your name, you wankers.

    Oh – and get a job and start paying some tax.

  8. Erm, just out of interest, why are you protesting against cuts to the State?

    Personally speaking, I find the State cannot be small enough, yet you seek to defend and even enlarge it.

    Slash it, burn it, starve it.

  9. students had 13 years to protest against labour who are wholly responsible for destroying higher education in the UK

    your anarchy will harden the hearts of those of us who are determined to see this country put on a sound financial footing after the economic anarchy of labour

    from now on you will have opposition wherever you go, see you on the streets

  10. Hang on, am I correct in thinking that a bunch of anarchists are complaining about government cuts?

    That sounds very statist to me. Shouldn’t anyone calling themselves an anarchist be protesting that the government cuts don’t run deep enough. Did I misunderstand the generally accepted definition of anarchism as being a theory that all forms of government are oppressive and undesirable.

    Or did I miss the memo that redefined anarchism as a “theory that all forms of government are oppressive and undesirable, unless they’re giving me free money for housing, tabs, and white lightning, and I don’t even have to work for it

  11. King of the Anarchists

    As class struggle anarchists surely massive cuts to welfare should be resisted.
    Sure, anarchists want a world based on co-operation instead of competition with no state dictating how we should live…. but where not living in that utopian place, we living in a dirt poor broke arse country with massive unemployment. These cuts to education and welfare are an attack on working class people by ruling class scum. As working class anarchists were not going to let the benefits of the current system, that have been gained over centuries through struggle, be lost.

    don’t cuts benefits, cut a Tory!

    • There is no money left. We have to cut, economise, spend less. If it’s a choice between police, nurses, firemen, teachers, or paying for people to get an extra 3 years in the education system, then it’s an obvious choice surely?
      It was all spent in less than a decade. Sold the gold, and most of the public buildings (PFI), and then when that didn’t work they borrowed, then started printing extra too. It didn’t work.
      Go look at Greece/Portugal/Ireland. We’re next. We’re broke.

  12. Your Royal Highness

    You are a Marxist, not an Anarchist. Anarchists do not see “class” just millions of individuals. Anarchists do not fear unemployment because they work for themselves. Anarchists do not expect or require anything from the State, least of all control of their money supply (in your case State benefits/handouts) and the education of their children by the State.

    Keep up the good work, you’ll soon be working for the council installing CCTV cameras and looking forward to a nice State funded pension.

    • Fuck off Tory dickhead. Class relationships are very real and very oppressive, and pretending that they don’t exist just enables them to carry on fucking people’s lives up.
      “Anarchists do not fear unemployment because they work for themselves.” – That’s us told, all those of us who don’t have enough money to start our own business are now banned from being anarchists. Tell you what, instead of spouting shit about what you think anarchism is, why not have a look at what real live anarchists actually did in the Ukraine, or in Spain, or in Whitechapel for that matter?

      ” Anarchism is not a beautiful utopia, nor an abstract philosophical idea, it is a social movement of the labouring masses.”

  13. Just let me know when you guys get serious and are ready to form a Black Block.

  14. speechless about parliament square other than


  15. It is finally so obvious to me now what is going on here. The anarchists need government to continue growing in order for it to continue providing them financial support. The moment there is a threat to that growth then they see their livelihood threatened. If their government handouts are cut they would then have to actually get a job, leaving them no time/energy for their intimidation tactics. I am finally seeing it now — they are simply parasitic organisms, like fleas fighting to prop up the sick government dog until they drain its last drop.

    • Please do not confuse these idiots with real Anarchists who live peacefully outside of the State.

      • What, you mean hippies in teepee villages or some shit? Fuck outta here. You only live peacefully because you’re no threat to the state. Not everyone has the privilege to be able to run off and live in a fucking teepee mate. Some people are stuck in the inner cities.
        Anyway, as soon as they want to develop the land you’ve got your little teepee built on, your peaceful way of life outside the state will be over.

  16. @ Nothingislostforever.

    I’ve just checked your blog, which says this, amongst other things:

    ‘In the long run, the only arguments we can really rely on are those based on communist economics. Not “if this people paid x tax then we could afford y”, but the far simpler and more revolutionary position that “we need this, and we will fuck you up if you try to take it away from us”.’

    So why are you even disputing with Old Holborn?

  17. Why do things always end in violence, have you ever thought of a passive response. Can you imagine what would happen if all those protesters that were in London the other day just kept silent, I mean really silent a mass silence, thousands of students and supporters just refusing to talk to anyone,,
    Politicians Teachers Policemen the general public, anyone in authority, just moving around on mass in utter silence. I think you might be surprised at the amount of media cover this would attract from around the World, as well as
    Support from the public, rather than having the Public upset by your actions.
    Think about Mahatma Gandi, look how much was achieved by his passive
    Actions. And as for attacking the Cenataf, nothing you could do would alienate the public more, you really should be ashamed of that particular stunt
    And I would of thought that a guy like Charlie Gilmour, would have had more
    Sence than that, after all he had some beautiful influences on him while he was growing up and Sullying the name Gilmour , that let’s face it, is almost a religion to all us Floyd followers,, I hope Mr Gilmour senior has a word in his
    Shell like. GET THE PEOPLE WITH YOU NOT AGAINST YOU. And remember violence never works, it just escalates the problems, good luck.
    A supporter.

    • Why are you on about “you”? Neither WAG nor any other group was “leading” those protests. I would tend to agree with you about the Cenotaph, due to people’s sentimental feelings about lost loved ones in wars and so on – I’m all for defacing the statue of that genocidal scumbag Winston Churchill though (“There is nothing wrong with the use of poison gas against barbaric tribes”, “drive the rats back into their holes” [re striking Welsh miners], and he was directly responsible for deliberately causing the starvation of approx. 3 million people in the space of one year in the Indian subcontinent – to name just a few of that great “anti-fascist”‘s quotes and achievements). But anyway, no one can control spontaneous actions of a massive crowd, so what’s your point?
      As far as pacifism, there’s only so many times you can sit there passively while someone is violently attacking you for no reason. I might be willing to do that myself to make a point, but I’m not gonna stop myself from intervening when I see em whacking other people for no reason, ganging up on defenceless young women and whacking them repeatedly on the head while they’re curled up in a foetal position (as happened to Tahmeena Bax), leaving them almost dead and bleeding from the brain (as happened to Alfie Meadows – and then the fucking cunts had the gall to try to turn him away from the hospital!!!)
      PS re Gandhi – leaving aside his anti-Black African racism (well documented) and his hideous attitude to his own wife and other women (again, well documented), his nonviolent movement would never have achieved anything if (a) the british state hadn’t been weakened by fighting ww2, and (b) there weren’t also militant revolutionaries giving the brits a glimpse of what might happen if they didn’t want to deal with the non violent protesters.
      Similarly, while this may be apocryphal, I heard that MLK Jr. said that the Black Panther Party was the best thing that ever happened to the civil rights movement because suddenly the gov’t was willing to listen to him as being relatively “moderate” (not to perpetuate the myth of MLK as some kind of passive moderate wimp – although advocating non violence, he did have a very radical social vision, especially towards the end of his life).

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