East Thurrock Radical Action up and running!

WAG took a trip to Essex today to show solidarity with East Thurrock Radical Action and help with distribution of their new working class news sheet, the East Thurrock Heckler.

It is great to see new local groups springing up in response to the Con-Dem coalition and bringing out propaganda that people can relate to. Featuring in the first issue of the Heckler was a critique of David Cameron’s “Big Society”, news on a kids’ park pulled down by the council and an excellent piece on benefit cuts and changes.

Good on East Thurrock Radical Action. Local, community based groups are a very effective way of organising, and putting out a free paper is a great way to get going and let people know that there is an active group in the area they can get involved in.

WAG encourage everyone to get involved in local community politics, especially in the need to fight the upcoming cuts. If there’s not a group in your area then set one up!

Check out the Heckler at the East Thurrock Radical Action blog:



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