Aaron Porter: Wanker.

Excellent article from Libcom analysing the serpentine manouverings of NUS president Aaron Porter. This is a lesson for all of us in the struggle against the cuts, as our ‘elected’ leadership in all avenues will, no doubt, show their true colours.



4 responses to “Aaron Porter: Wanker.

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    I must say that those young ones on Tuesday made me feel so alive, I enjoyed watching them keeping the plod running everywhere, 30 years I’ve been getting stuck in, but I never felt like I was middle aged, I felt young and full of vigour once more and memories flooded back of the days when we fought racist cops on the streets of Stoke Newington.
    These youngsters are truly inspirational, their tactics of avoiding police kettles were truly fabulous, they were the teachers on Tuesday and a lesson to us all. Congratulations to each and everyone of them from all at London Class War.

  4. Aaron Porter i feel,sees himself as a career politicion. He doesn’t want anything that appears to be anti-establishment on his record.
    This should be all you need to know about this young man. Is he truly supportive of members of the NUS? No, he is supportive only of Aaron Porter and his own ambition.
    So a message to Mr Porter. Support the wishes of the rank and file or FUCK OFF and let someone with some fuckin backbone do the job. This is the future of working class kids in your hands, and you ain’t up to the job!
    Fight the System

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