Youth on Whitehall

At 11 O’clock WAG set upon Queens Mary university, to join mass student ranks for a day of action, armed only with specially produced Bust cards (detailing legal rights when arrested). However, there was no student presence was on the streets, business seemingly normal in the college, except for a few police riot vans dotting the areas side streets, with nothing happening, WAG moved onto central London arriving at Trafalgar square at 12.

We decided to avoid the student march from mallet street, wishing to avoid the usual sterile leftish posturing, socialist worker carphone warehouse esque sale crews, with dead slogans and touching faith in completely out of touch leadership. Trafalgar square was immediately more interesting, school kids were completely un regimented, spontaneous and an elemental force to be reckoned with, As would later prove to be the case. The School Kids, eagerly snatched up the Bust cards and with mostly home made banners swept down Whitehall via downing street and were blocked at the bottom of Whitehall by a massive police presence, the kids trashed and gutted an isolated police van, and when unable to advance anymore a party began, complete with sound systems. Police kettle’d this crowd, (of over a few thousand)  and a combination of partying an clashes with police mixed with a few bonfires and mass hypothermia carried on until late at night – those in the kettle eventually being released one by one, alienating not only the next generation of kids out on the streets, but also pissing off their parents.

It was heartening to see lots of black school kids, Muslim school girls and kids masked up under hoodies all out for trouble, these were only the kids held captive in the kettle- unafraid of the police and definite throughout their whole experience.

These were not the only kids, as night drew in over a thousand more kids turned up outside the cordon on Whitehall. The useless trade unions planned turn up at 5 o clock didn’t materialise, with later events not being taken by trade unionists or even students , who were remarkably absent throughout the day but by more school kids, mainly teenagers with a few familiar faces and seasoned trouble makers all masked up.

Police lines were reinforced with nine vans around 20 horses and two lines of riot police, the kids refused to be moved off and sustained constant battering from the police lines, instead of giving in the mob of youth fought back, with bottles and bits of wood being chucked at the police and F.I.T teams – eventually the police sent the horses on the crowd separating people for a few minutes.

When a second line of police was seen walking down from Trafalgar square to kettle the second mob. Instead of waiting for the police trap to close a side street was taken by over a thousand of us, leading us past the kettle and up to charring cross station, the streets were flooded and we raged down to Trafalgar square, large bins being thrown in the street creating small and flimsy barricades that were then set on fire, chairs stolen from cafes like ‘pert’ and smashed against various buildings windows (sadly the glass being too strong to break) the mob carried on moving, circling back and running up the strand , vandalising continuing the whole way up to convent garden where the police started appearing again and the mob started to disperse, disappearing into the shoppers around. By this time most of the camera crews had fucked off, the rampage only being caught on CCTV.

Later a second crew went on a similar path of destruction after Nine with equally great results. What a brilliant day. The more opposition on the streets the better, with the ballot box unable to bring about change, the unions paralysed, and ‘the left’ boring the fuck out of everyone there’s little else that can be done except resort to violence and vandalism on the streets aimed at the police and state.

As always, remember to mask up at events and chuck your coats an shoes if you did anything really fun last night.


10 responses to “Youth on Whitehall

  1. Particularly loved your patronising of ‘blacks and muslims’. I suppose it was a bit of a shock for your white selves to actually be in contact with such exotic creatures for the first time in your little isolated white lives.

  2. I read that comment to mean it is encouraging to see young people from all backgrounds coming together to stand up and fight back against attacks on all normal people.

    You’re the one making the big deal out of race, WAG are based in WHITECHAPEL and have a diverse membership of black, white, asian, female, male, old and young so dont start chatting shit about race and “white lives”

  3. Nice response to the assaults by the state of late. This weeks arrests just say they still not learnt. More trouble plz

  4. Bluenose, I generally agree, but historically and present-day it’s always been white people (in particular the white ruling class but also working class who absorb their ideology and are used as their front line troops) who have been “making a big deal out of race”. The main reason black and other people “make a big deal out of race” is in *reaction* to that. And when Black, Asian etc. people *are* so often patronised it’s not surprising if we sometimes leap to conclusions about that. But yeah, to Burka Shirker, I’ve met some of the WAGs and bluenose is correct about them. I really don’t think they meant to be patronising at all.

  5. see for recent pieces by j.w.

  6. Rasta, I really enjoy reading your posts on here. Your comments are always bang on and its good to have a voice of reason amongst the frequent madness.

    You’re absolutely right. Bit of a knee jerk reaction on my part because, as anarchists we always try to fight against the tactics used by the rich to divide us.

  7. The students from QM set off at 9am, that’s why you’ll have missed them…

  8. AK-47’s for eeeeverybody

  9. Exellent and good luck tuesday. I think more pressure needs to go on the condems over other cuts. The students are right to be angry but its the welfare cuts that will hit people first.

  10. i (with my dad) was present at the democratic convention at chicago in the sixties- it was so f*&%ing amazing! i really think bill clinton didn’t exactly get the right treatment he deserved-he handled it quite shrewedly i believe. also without renny harlin or whatever his name was at the chicago eight trial it would have been a complete kangaroocourt- a jabberwocky.

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