Red & Black Club Returns!

Once again Whitechapel Anarchist Group and Dissident Island Radio present the Mighty Red & Black Club, the number one social for all anarchists, libertarians, commies and nefarious nutters to come together and have a great time. Plus since the smashing up of Millbank we will no doubt have one or two undercover journalists or coppers present! COME JOIN THE FUN!

FRIDAY 19TH NOVEMBER from 8pm onwards at Larc (London Action Resource Centre) 62 Fieldgate Street Whitechapel London E1 1ES.


18 responses to “Red & Black Club Returns!

  1. Red and black? Anarchy and communism? GREAT looks like you’re about to ruin any chance of a realistic rebellion in this country, just like the anarchists and communists have ruined every other rebellion in Europe and in the past by completely undermining it with dodgy flag’s and unrealistic age outdated ideals.

    Just one question, who’s pay role are you on?

    • I don’t think they are on any pay role. It’s your mother who is actually on a pimp’s payroll. You see, your mother is a whore and she sucks cock 24/7. Its the only she can get you through your life. Have you wondered why you are a spotty faced cunt who looks like a diseased piece of shit??? your mother was anal fucked every night for the last 10 years, hence her saggy clitoris and bleeding arse hole. Your mother was paid 50p for every blowjob she gave. But even then, she was not good enough. Dirty little whore!! tell your mother to stop selling her dirty diseased pussy on the streets of London. Dirty bitch is a disgrace to England!

      • MC Tinie Membah

        Take note of the deranged words from ‘fuckthenus’. They are the words of 21st century anarchism.
        I agree that the ideologies from over 200 years ago, which were formed and written for the benefit of mainly russian and german peasants toiling in fields all day long, and who got around by horse and carts, have absolutely NOTHING to do with modern day life. Where, for example, you can be born working class yet by the time you leave university you are no longer working class.
        Seems that so called ‘anarchists’ are just as tied to ancient texts and theories than any member of an organised religion is, maybe even more so. Which kind of defeats the object of being an ‘anarchist’!?!?

  2. OK so now we know where to find you if you talk to media again.
    Watch out do not talk to media!
    Greek Anarchist

    • This is a great blog, but why is it such an idiot magnet?
      Cases in point above…
      And wot’s the so-called greek so-called anarchist gonna do, throw a firebomb into the WAG offices like some of his or her idiot comrades who didn’t bother to check whether there were any workers still in that bank before they burned it down (and burned three working class people alive with it)?
      If they don’t talk to the media, how the fuck are people supposed to hear about them or ever begin to have the first inkling what anarchism actually stands for? We don’t have our own media powerful enough to disseminate ideas as widely as they need to be disseminated yet.
      But some people just want to stay in their little self-created ghetto and only talk to one another and constantly waste their breath preaching to the converted and pose like a big macho stick-waving molotov-throwing “revolutionary” instead of reaching out to the wider community, many of whom would agree with our ideas if they only knew what they were.

      • Just to be clear… I wasn’t trying to dis the Greek anarchist movement as a whole, just any idiots in it such as this fella and whoever didn’t bother to check whether there were still people in that bank before burning it down.
        Respect to the Greek anarchist movement as a whole though.
        “Fuck the NUS” – your posts would be more appropriate in a rap battle than on a political blog. Actually, even in a rap battle, you can be as offensive as you like but the idea is to be witty and creative about it too… Immortal Technique dissing his opponent by telling him “I’ll fuck your wife while she’s pregnant and come in your kid’s face” is offensive, sexist, thoroughly reprehensible, etc., but it’s also funny as fuck and makes you stop and say “damn… did he really say that??!?” Whereas “your mother is a whore and I’m going to anally fuck your sister” is just stupid and offensive full stop, with no redeeming qualities.

    • oh no, not this sad pathetic greek fucker again! i though i had already anal fucked your mother to shut you up! you pathetic pussy fucker, go back to protesting in greece you sad wank stain. I bet you still masturbate to pictures of George micheal, your “true” hero. Fucking queer cock sucker!
      go fuck yourself!

  3. Everyone cool down. “Greek” anarchist you sound even worst than a sterotype, why use the word “Greek” in your title? Are you patriotic, therefore nothing to do with us!

    David M, I think you should get your history straight. Behind every movement are ordinary people struggling, what makes an anarchist is a consistent rejection to authority and hierarchical power which has often meant that anarchist were at the forefront of repression when standing up against dictatorships in Russia and Ukraine, as well against fascists in 1920’s Italy and in the 1930’s in Spain.

    Anarchists and our history have nothing to be ashamed about, we reject ANY struggle being taken over led by those with reformist agenda who seek to rebuild their power on the backs of other peoples actions. I don’t speak for WAG but what they were trying to do is speak up in SUPPORT of students who were brave enough to take the action they did. WAG NEVER claimed to have organised it, in fact them going to the media was to rebut claims that anarchists organised anything giving praise solely to the efforts of those that were involved.

    Saying that, you could all wind up merchants and NECTU pigs, am I may be wasting my time! :-0)

  4. It should be pointed out that – David M, Anarcho, Greek Anarchist and The Student’s are all posting from the same ip address –
    Split personality??

  5. With events unfolding around the student riot, peoples concerns about cuts, lack of jobs, a royal wedding that has to be paid for etc etc there are legit reasons why more people not in the know should be educated.

    Going out in the streets, works places and sites like this are great but sadly as seen above with all the madness the average jo bloggs on the street will not get involved.

    Wise up!

  6. boyfromfishponds

    WAG I’m working a night shift with my mate Matt and we are loving some of the people that post comments.
    fuckthenus aren’t you a little sweet heart.
    ”It’s your mother who is actually on a pimp’s payroll.” Lols
    ”Your mother was paid 50p for every blowjob she gave. ” Proper Lols
    And my favorite ”you pathetic pussy fucker” follow by ”Fucking queer cock sucker.”
    fuckthenus I’m laughing at you not with with.
    Oh and if you gonna think of a come don’t do the mum stuff cause my mum loves the cock.
    You bell end.

  7. Some comments were removed from this thread, if the person involved has a problem then please speak to WAG members involved directly, do not post personal attacks on this blog.

  8. Any chance of deleting all the fuckthenus comments? Doesn’t exactly add anything to the debate does it, none of their comments have, just a brain fart of nasty sexism and homophobia every time. Get rid!

  9. I enjoyed the Red and Black Club. Thanks for the hospitality.

  10. Quite revealing how by trying to pose as degenerate Anarchists they are actualy indulging the sickest thoughts that are lurking in their twisted minds as a result of representing a diseased & warped ideology of corruption & greed .

    It’s like a person joining the police or the prison service for the wrong reasons : they hate people & want to be nasty to them , but outwardy want to hide it behind a veneer of respectability & professionalism.

    Civilisation is becoming more insane by the day , by which i mean those who think they are civilised are showing clear signs of psychosis . RM

  11. Oh yeah , i meant to say fair play for leaving all comments up whatever , if i had not seen that sick shit i would not have had the opportunity to tell them what exactly is wrong with them , Ta nicely , RM

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