November 24th

National Day of Direct Action on November 24th. Everyone to the streets!!


19 responses to “November 24th

  1. Oh dear. Maybe getting a monosyllabic, slurring, umming and ahhing, pretty clueless, northerner to be a “spokesperson” wasn’t exactly a wise move. An own goal in fact. But I suppose whle he’s busy anarchying then he can’t be robbing peoples houses, so he get’s a plus point for that. The grinning, nodding old man who was obviously relishing his time in the spotlight didn’t help either. Going on about schoolkids made him appear very creepy. For a bandwagon jumping/glory stealing excercise I give you 3 out of 10.

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  2. The ineloquence and complete idiocy of the first guy is currently amusing many people on twitter Fame at last.

  3. You can see the amusement on that reporter’s face at the garbled nonsense reasoning of these two troglodytes.

    “Whitechapel anarchists doing what Whitechapel anarchists do.”

    I guess that would be spouting utter drivel and making complete fools of themselves then.

    Rule Britannia and God save the Queen

    • “You can see the amusement on that reporter’s face ”
      Think you’ll find that’s a look of frustration as he failed to lead them into the ‘violence’ sound-bite he was hoping for – never trust the Blatant Bullshit Corporation, or any other company that’s happy to imprison pensioners for that matter.

      Does anyone really use the word ‘troglodyte’ outside of 19th century fiction?

      Rule thyself and goddess save us from the neocons.

      • Facebook and Twitter were full of people commenting (and laughing heartily) about the total lack of eloquence in this broadcast. Believe me the interviewer was not frustrated whatsoever, the only struggle he faced was finding anything at all which was anywhere near semi articulate that could be broadcast. Trust me, you have serious problems if these are the best spokespeople you can find. Thanks for the comedy gold though.

      • Granted there was a lack of ‘eloquence’, Rusty, but it wasn’t an after dinner speech and you’ve got to admit those were awfully loaded questions. Hard to be at your best when you’ve got to be on your guard.

        The only good media is Media Lens – – and the Beeb and their ilk should be avoided like the plague wherever possible. But in the absence of anything remotely resembling a true working-class voice in this country I think the WAG did well to step up to the plate. And you have to admit that, as per usuall, there isn’t exactly a queue of people who are willing to put their ideas – and their arse – on the line 😉

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  4. “Does anyone really use the word ‘troglodyte’ outside of 19th century fiction?”

    Prat Neocon never left the 19th Century! 😉

    Keep up the good work WAG!

  5. This didn’t make it to the BBC, you guys really are morons.

  6. I think watching the BBC is reformist. I’m a bigger anarchist than you!

  7. Well done lads you werent compromised

  8. Pretty uninspiring stuff. The northern lad is quite cute though. Who is he?

  9. It should be pointed out that – David M, Anarcho, Greek Anarchist and The Student’s are all posting from the same ip address –
    Split personality??

  10. Yeah, anarchist man, I fit in well with the student protest as I feel comfortable mixing it with middle class protestors because real the working class are so horrible to me because they think I’m a pretentious twat and all my other anarcho’s don’t these proles know that I am the vanguard of their workers’ revolution, they will bloody listen to me when I’m the leader of their workers’ councils.

    Vive le revolution (and some other trendy foreign words)

  11. @fuckthenus

    The level of your ownage is simply immaculate. You leave no area uncovered I am so impressed! please teach me some of your basics!
    I am serious !

  12. romanticanarchist

    Most journalists from the BBC and most politicians who make it to speak on TV etc are educated at Oxford or Cambridge. Their public school backgrounds allow them to become proficient at speaking in public. By comparison we are permitted a very limited education, just enough to learn their rules by heart and respect our betters. We’re encouraged to be intimidated by their loud haw haw voices and their articulate, reasonable manner. The two lads speaking in the video above are heroes. The gutless lackeys criticising them in the posts above should have their throats slit and their heads mounted on spikes outside the department of education as a warning.

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