Solidarity With The Students

The Media exposes it’s true role in our society, brandishing the students who took direct action yesterday as mindless vandals and attempting to outcast them as a small minority, establishing a status quo that the bureaucrats of the NUS and the parasitical Left (SWP etc) enforce. As usual a scapegoat is wanted to explain away this phenomena and the whitechapel anarchist group are no strangers to playing this game, but it is not about our group or about the anarchist movement. The actions of the day were carried out by free thinking, brave and passionate individuals who articulated their frustrations through action that struck at the core of Power. We do not dismiss them as a crazy fringe. We stand shoulder to shoulder with ALL students who took direct action. Arrests are already over fifty and the State is sure to try and make an example of these young people so as to crush any opposition and instill fear within our society. We ask all those who will be and already are being affected by the cuts to stand together – the RMT, Striking Firemen, Claimants being forced into slave labour, the mass of unemployed – the Student body has shown the way and we must step up to the challenge. All protestors who have been arrested must be supported in all the means we have at our disposal – general strikes, mass occupation and direct action – we must stand shoulder to shoulder in struggle and not roll over and take it. The fightback is on.



34 responses to “Solidarity With The Students

  1. Oh the irony of you and that boneheaded son of an arse licking butler creaming your pants over a so called riot started by MIDDLE CLASS students is classic. The sons and daughters of the Hampstead Twitterati salute you (well at least until they all start getting nicked that is). Hahaha.

  2. So besides the extra expense of higher fees,unemployment,loss of those benefits that make life a little more bearable for those on low pay..the British Gas are making it even more of a worrying time this winter by hiking a massive 7% on bills this winter,how much more can people take ?whats up with the government by allowing these extortionate price rises ?thought they told us we are all in this together !!! what a load of CRAP ***
    Percy “S” xx

  3. You people really are living in happy fluffy la la land aren’t you? You have no idea how the world actually works at all. Furthermore, it is because of the state, which you so revile, that you are even able to openly hold the views that you do and behave in the manner that you do. In the majority of the world anyone attempting to do what you did at Millbank would have been gunned down by state police. Please, in all seriousness now, read Adam Smith and Thomas Hobbes and at least try to see the world as it actually is rather than how you would like it to be.
    Rule Brittania and God save the Queen.

    • @Brit Neocon, you will find that anarchists have a better understanding of how the world works because they take a critical look at everything the current system represents. For example, the British state as recent as 1972 did shoot and kill protesters ( 26 unarmed people, killing 13, many of them teenagers ) on Bloody Sunday. If you know the history of popular protest in the UK over the past 200 years there were many many massacres carried out by the army and police against its own citizens. We may look back at it now saying how barbaric these situations were but it was people of your ilk that would have been cheering on the slaughters. The reason that doesn’t happen now its not because the state suddenly decides out of morality but of necessity. Since the move from a disciplinarian method of government, to governing by “social consensus” and social democracy, the state uses other means to repress and delegitimise those that disagree with it. The dominant narrative under neoiberalism was all about the development of new forms of control and regulation, judging by the mass passivity of the population, it has been the most effective means to maintain order. What you are seeing now however is a break down of this consensus, and it comes as no surprise its the youth and student population – yet to be disciplined through work and debt – that are the most rebellious.

      Hobbes wrongly argued that a stateless world would lead to a “war of all against all”, well surely thats the state ( no pun ) we are in now no? Capitalism’s economic dominance could only grow by breaking the cooperative element that was existing amongst large swathes of the population, with much of the means of production held in commons, and so 200 years later we have the marketisation ( “war of all against all”) of every element of production and social reproduction. Everything has a price, traded in competition against each other, forced to be competitive or die. This is the mantra of Adam Smith, and the world we have currently is due this skewed view of the limitations of human cooperation – in fact you will probably argue that human cooperation doesn’t exist.

      You end your post with the words “Rule Brittania and God save the Queen.” and you say we live in a la la land! We don’t want to be ruled by Brittania, God or Queen, we are rebelling against these liars and thieves.

      For a free, borderless and stateless world!

  4. ” Any more info on the planned campaign for disruption to the 2012 Olympics”???
    i am sure it will appear on W.A.G. as those that are in early planning stage of this demo will want all to know…. imagine 50,000 sitting in the approach road to the stadium….. CHAOS !!!! or What… Percy “S” xxxx

  5. Less of the sectarianism please. Whatever you might think of the SWP, it’s clear that they are not trying to uphold the bureaucratic consensus of NUS, ULU and the Labour party. They have supported the occupation, and many of their members were amongst the first people into the building on the day.

  6. More representative is the report from Leeds Class War students on Ian Bone’s blog:

    “First and controversially i want to give credit where it is due to the student members not only of the SWP but also of the other “trot” student groups. I’m not one to usually say this as the SWP are a hundred times more annoying to deal with in the small pond of the university than they are in the real world. But these comrades, and I today have no difficulty calling them comrades, actually followed their words with deeds and got stuck in with the rest of us, paper sales forgotten. Today these people acted like class conscious students and not like the pawns of their political cliques and I only hope they can keep it up.”

    • While I don’t disagree that there are very decent people in the SWP, as in their membership who did take very militant action on the day, I think the point being made about the “parasitical left” keeping the status quo is that the SWP (As in their leadership) have a history with events like this in claiming the victory while also not supporting those who took the risks. There are many many many examples going back years and years – for example The Battle Of Waterloo where AFA (Anti-Fascist Action) destroyed Blood&Honour, despite the fact the SWP (ANL) held a march miles away, they have re-written their history and claimed this as their victory. Again with the Gaza demo’s a few years back, the SWP/STC/Left claim these mass mobilisations as a victory, but where were they when asian kids are getting locked up for two years for throwing plastic bottles at riot police?
      There will always be decent members joining the SWP because there is very little alternative BUT the leadership will never change it’s tune because they have the same tactic – recruit for the Party and be the vanguard so that they can take power.
      Just watch how it unfolds.

  7. WAG what the f*ck, you can’t do this. No leaders, No spokesman! Especially not to the mass media. You’ve just given them the raving lunatic they want.


    • Yes, absolutely no talking with the media, they are liars and thieves. Do not deal with these peoples or you will be dealing with us.

      Greek Anarchist

  8. I’m a student, I took action against the government on the 10th, I was more than happy at the storming of the Tory HQ and I can tell you that myself and many other of my fellow students included are furious at the Whitechapel ‘Anarchist’ Group for letting this skinhead thug release this ridiculous statement to the BBC in our name!

    WAG you are obviously a brainless bunch of hooligans, keep your mouth shut! This is not your rebellion!

    The Students

    • Where did he say it was in “your name”? And how do you know he ain’t a student, cos he ain’t got a posh accent? What’s wrong with what he said? It wasn’t phrased like Shakespeare but it was 100% correct. It wasn’t like he was supporting throwing fire extinguishers off buildings, which all reasonable people agree was a stupid and wrong act (if it was by a student and not a provocateur – ya never know). He was stating the blatant truth that there would have been virtually no coverage if it was all totally peaceful. Did you see any coverage of the rally for Ian Tomlinson in July that took over the street in central London? Not a peep from the media about that, not even from the Guardian. How about the march and rally for Jimmy Mubenga who was murdered by the U.K. Border Agency and G4S, that took place on Friday? Again, no coverage at all. So WAG is right – it wouldn’t have even made page 13 of the papers without y’all’s militant action. An action which you take part in, so I am really at a loss to explain why you feel so strongly against the speaker (who I don’t know, by the way) unless it is class prejudice, as suggested by phrases like “skinhead thug” (which are not synonymous, and how can you tell he is either a skinhead or a thug?)

    • “Student”.

      Thank you for your highly entertaining display.

      Doesn’t quite fit in with your “Oh, tuition fees will make education a privilege, and the poor will suffer” bullshit ( bullshit because statutory grants of up to £3000 a year are still applicable for council estate kids) and shows you up as being a cynical self-centred hypocrite.

      “Oh, we’ll claim its all about the chavs we’re campaigning for. As long as they keep their grotty little snouts out of it, of course.”

      Just keep sipping that sherry, old bean. You know it makes sense.

  9. @ “The Students”

    have a word with yourself. WAG will speak to who we want, when we want. We did not release a statement on behalf of “the students” we spoke to Talksport as WAG so what’s it to you? You’re the one trying to represent all “The Students” you bellend.


    The only raving lunatic i heard there was the interviewer. Kev did not get drawn into his attempts to bring out some sort of sensationalist statement, and actually sounded reasonable, coming out easily on top in the debate. if you’re looking for a raving lunatic have a look at yourself.

    • We are not talking about talk sport, the interview on talk sport is not an issue. nobody listens to that.
      We are talking about you making students looks morons on prime time.

      • ???? what the fuck? so you dont mind WAG talking to the media as long as nobody hears it?! how does that work?

        How exactly did WAG make students look like morons on the telly? what part of “if there hadn’t been violence, the media wouldn’t of given a fuck” do you disagree with? Most people i have spoken to seem to agree with what was said on bbc.

    • I’m not talking about Kev’s interview, I’m talking about ‘Alex’s’, and whatsmore now your weird old mate is joining in. You look like the Sex pistol’s version of the Adam’s Family.

      Seriously guys stop talking to the mass media, their just setting you up to undermine the movement and you’re doing a dam good job of helping them.

  10. SWP & Trot bashing seems to be an essential and central part of some anarchists’ identity … and some anarchists also like playing vanguard while at the same time denying to be a vanguard

    • SWP&Trot bashing does seem to be an essential part of some anarchists identity because erm… let me see… they are anarchists which means they are not Lefties (i.e. SWP&Trots), they have decided politically not to align themselves with the right wing (Bnp/EDL) or the left wing (Swp&Trots) because they are against a Statist model.
      Accussing people of being a vanguard while having a picture of Karl Marx is a bit rich.
      Do your research before posting bollocks. I bet you’ve never even met anyone from wag.

  11. “WAG you are obviously a brainless bunch of hooligans, keep your mouth shut! This is not your rebellion!”

    How can anyone claim to have specific ownership of this ‘rebellion’? These cuts are damaging to everyone. And even the tuition fees, like it or not, will have a detrimental effect on the poorest members of our society.

    Your “skinhead thug” comment against somebody you have never even met shows that you are blinded by the institutionalised classism which is still sadly rife in our country – even among the ‘right on’ left.

    If you ever met me – self-educated, Yorkshire accent, experience of breadline poverty, etc. – you would dismiss me out of hand with exactly the same snobbish condemnation. But I’ve already lost my home thanks to the Labour government and it looks like I’m going to lose my job thanks to the Tories. And what is more my son is in the first year of a math degree course. So don’t you dare say it’s not our rebellion!

    The simple truth is that you are embarrassed to be associated with any person who you see as beneath you. If you truly want rebellion then you really need to develop some class consciousness. Otherwise your class bigotry will continue to cloud your judgement.

    In solidarity,

    • Son? We’re not you’re children one thing you are Class War is an old senile grandad dreamer who only has a rag tag bunch of trouble makers listening to your hate filled drivel and cheering your dodgy stickers aswell as your own fabled attempts of fame with your mixed up media interviews.

      You are right about one thing, this is not our rebellion, we never said it was, this is a people’s revolt by the people for the people, not anarshits.


    • “Son? We’re not you’re children”

      Firstly, I wasn’t calling you ‘son’, I was referring to my actual son.

      “one thing you are Class War is an old senile grandad dreamer ”

      Secondly the ‘Class War – Barnsdale Brigade’ doesn’t mean I’m talking on behalf of Class War – or any other organisation for that matter. A few of us in Doncaster use a shared blog, I happened to be logged in to this one when I made my original comment. And fancy wanting to add ageism to an argument about classism – I’m only 41 you cheeky wee whipper-snapper 😉

      “fabled attempts of fame with your mixed up media interviews”

      I don’t trust the media, I’ve never made an interview in my life and if I wanted to be famous I’d go on X-Factor – I sing better than Wagner and am better looking too. My criticism was made regarding vitriolic comments which attacked WAG simply because they didn’t look or talk ‘right’ in the eyes of the person making the comment I answered. Which brings us to…

      “You are right about one thing, this is not our rebellion, we never said it was, this is a people’s revolt by the people for the people, not anarshits.”

      Actually the comment I answered specifically said that it wasn’t WAG’s rebellion, which was complete bollocks and not for anyone else to decide. I’m not a member of WAG – wish I was, but I live in Doncaster – but I can see that they’ve done a lot of good ‘rebellious’ work before Wednesday 10th. Listen to the interview; WAG representatives aren’t even claiming that it WAS their rebellion. You are quite right to say that “this is a people’s revolt by the people for the people”. Anarchists – including the WAG – are people too 😉

      Only a united front – including across the age and the class divide (our culture has already created a wall between both) – will allow us to fight the cuts effectively.

      In solidarity,


  12. To all the internet assassins claiming WAG are trying to take credibility for the millbank event I have one simple question – where is your evidence?

    No where on this blog does WAG try and take responsibility. In fact quite the opposite – listen to the radio interview on TalkSport Radio at 1min30sec: “Let’s get one thing clear, anarchists didn’t organise events yesterday it was students of whatever political persuassion organised events and alot of it seemed fairly spontaneous”.

    Alot of the criticisms on here seem to be more out of jealousy and I find it funny that no one is criticising “Student spokesmen” who have gone on TV and said the smashing up of Millbank was a bad thing. WAG is an active – let me correct that – THE most active anarchist group in London so that’s why the media have an interest in them. The idea that once you are an anarchist you can’t talk about your politics on a mainstream platform is ridiculous.

    As I will state again, please show evidence where WAG have claimed responsibility for Millbank and the student kick off – you will not find it I assure you. All they are doing is giving an anarchist perspective on events because they themselves are anarchists active in an anarchist organisation.

    • No one here is saying they’re taking responsibility, their saying that in the grand scheme of things in the case the public eye, you people have just undermined all of us by making us all look stupid.

      Think about what you’re doing, don’t ruin this for everyone.

      • sorry, but how has WAG undermined the action last wednesday? how did what was said make “everyone” (?) look stupid. It seems like common sense to me – “without the “violence” the media couldnt have cared less. ”

        Have a word, it was a 10 second “Vox pop”. it was an interview with one member of WAG, not a WAG statement.

        Lets put things in perspective and concentrate on pushing our politics and actions, instead of all this pathetic backbiting and bitching.

  13. fortunately, this kind of sectarian tribalism seems to be a specific British problem

  14. I am also a student who was at the student demo and I can safely say that alot of student’s I know ARE pissed off at WAG going on the telly and saying what they said. These complaints are not just coming from posh oxbridge idealist’s but from normal working student’s who felt like they had there actions undermined by WAG’s statement to the BBC. The same goes for NUS and any other wally who fell into the trap and gave a statement to the mass-media.

    A working student

  15. Dont panic Mr. Mayor, Tenders are invited for high pressure water cannon in anticipation for use in 2012 incase of disruption of Londons big sports week. shhhh. you didn’t get it from my dept.

  16. Typical anarchists do nothing but slag off middle class students for doing nothing and now that we’ve finally ‘done it’ they jump in and take the glory with a cringe worthy representative with a cringe worthy soundbite.

    WAG, No more statements!

    Another student.

  17. NO STATEMENTS TO MEDIA! You WAG people are fools and sellouts!

    • And you are the fucking international anarchist vanguard ordering people what to do and not do? Go fuck yourself ya malaka or however it’s spelled.
      (I am not a member of WAG by the way).

    • go fuck yourself you pussy greek fucker! you couldn’t protest properly if your life depended on it. That’s why your government anal raped you like a bitch. So go back to sucking your mother’s little saggy tits you dirty greek fucker. Or I will have to personally cum on your mother’s tongue to teach her a lesson!

  18. It should be pointed out that – David M, Anarcho, Greek Anarchist and The Student’s are all posting from the same ip address –
    Split personality??

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