Demolition: A Personal Account


I turned up on the NUS / UCL organised DEMOLITION protest against higher student fees thinking this was just going to be another trudge from point A to point B with the usual boring speeches. Yet within minutes of turning up, I could sense a buzz among many of the students there that told me this one could turn out to be a bit different – the last time I sensed that was way back when on the now infamous Poll Tax riot in 1990 that saw Trafalgar Square turned into a battle ground.

Despite the buzz, the march started off like any other protest although it was clear from the start that the numbers were much greater that the 20-25,000 who were expected – estimates of the turnout are in the 50,000 range. I was on the Radical Students & Workers Bloc which seemed lively enough but at the same time, there was a sense of restraint in preparation for something happening later. In fact, apart from a token smoke bomb and the briefest of sit down protests, going past the Houses of Parliament, it did seem strangely subdued…

However, when we approached the Tory HQ at Millbank, the radical members of the bloc had positioned themselves at the side of the road ready for a swift breakaway. This duly happened – okay they initially went into the wrong part of the building but on realising their mistake, swiftly exited and moved towards the right target… Lesson to be learnt – be a bit more thorough on the research next time!

It has to be pointed out that at this stage, the rozzers were completely absent from the scene. This allowed for a fair few thousand to spontaneously leave the march to start to lay siege to the Tory HQ. Despite all the media hype about alleged anarchist infiltrators and the like, this action worked because of the spontaneous actions of thousands of protesters who were willing to join in and be a part of the fun.

As the numbers inside the courtyard grew, people became more confident and bolder in their actions, things started to happen. Firstly the lobby was occupied, then the building. The windows in the lobby were eventually smashed with the few rozzers who had managed to turn up looking utterly helpless against the mass that was facing them. When the protesters reached the roof of the building, they were greeted by a massive cheer from the crowd below. Then it was party time with the sound system turning up, bonfires being made out of piles of placards and the occasional smoke bomb and flare being set off.

At this point, I decided to have a scout around to see if the rozzers were bringing in reinforcements to try and clear the building and the courtyard. Sure enough, round the corner they were forming up but not with anything like the numbers to achieve anything. On the occasions the rozzers did get to the entrance to the building in an attempt to prevent any further incursions, they looked totally lost. Quite possibly because most of the ground floor plate glass windows had been put in by that stage and people could walk in and out at will! The rozzers were getting plenty of verbal abuse and a constant barrage of missiles aimed at them. Not from the so called usual suspects but from a lot of angry young people who had most likely never been on a protest before. Even when a small detachment of rozzers kitted up in riot gear went in, they couldn’t hold the line and were forced to beat a hasty retreat getting plenty of grief as they did so.

Late in the afternoon, an attempt was made to blockade the Lib Dem HQ just around the corner but the numbers weren’t sufficient and despite running down the road at speed, the rozzers complete with riot gear had got there before us and had formed a line across a very narrow entrance. It ended up as a brief token stand off before returning to the main scene of action.

As the afternoon turned into early evening, inevitably the crowd outside started to thin out as people had to return to their coaches to get home. The concern was at this point, the police would seize the opportunity to wade in and start making arrests. That is the problem with spontaneous actions – co-ordinating a planned withdrawal so no-one gets arrested or beaten up by the rozzers.

Given that this could well be the first of many actions, there are lessons to be learnt from this. The first is that from now on, we can expect the police tactics to be a lot more in your face. They were well and truly shown up and judging from the initial reaction from the establishment, heads will roll and tactics will definitely become tougher.

The second is the need for people new to protest to be aware of the proliferation of CCTV and numerous photographers on protests. While it’s easy to pick out the Met Police photographer, there are quite possibly a number of photo-journalists that cannot be trusted to not hand over images to the rozzers in the aftermath of an action. People need to be aware of the need to mask their identities when taking part in protests and actions. What the movement now has to do is to offer practical solidarity to all of those who were arrested on the day and those who could well face arrest over the next few days or weeks as their identities are uncovered.

Is this action the start of something new? Well for the first time in ages, I left a protest with a spring in my step and a renewed sense of optimism. Sure there’s a lot of hard work to be done but the bar has been raised and if we can keep the momentum going, who knows what could happen… There are lessons to be learnt but all in all, it was a great day and one that’s up there with the 1990 Poll Tax riot!



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  1. First off, grow up. With the behaviour that was on show yesterday, its clear that those people who do end up paying these fabled £9,000 a year fees, will most likely never even have the opportunity to pay it back as they won’t pass the wage threshold. Not through lack of opportunity, but from lack of ambition, intelligence and decency.

    All those involved in the actions yesterday are so lucky that we live in the society that we do. As in other cultures and times, things would have been much worse for the perpetrators.

  2. A civil man fights with his mouth not his fists.

  3. Anon – Oh, no, these people won’t grow up to be rich? What a terrible fate. And what’s this crap about lack of ambition – you can say what you like about yesterday’s (brilliant) events, but you can’t say they weren’t ambitious.
    You might well be right that “in other cultures and times, things would have been much worse for the perpetrators”, but if people had continued to obey the laws, then those times would never have changed. We live in the society that we do today, with its limited freedoms, because of people being prepared to kick off and change things.
    Wendal: Maybe a “civil man” does fight with his mouth and not his fists, so what? What’s that got to do with anything? I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s always going to lose against an uncivil man, in that case.

  4. Anon: “All those involved in the actions yesterday are so lucky that we live in the society that we do. As in other cultures and times, things would have been much worse for the perpetrators.”

    Wendal: “A civil man fights with his mouth not his fists.”

    You two do realise that this current ‘civil’ society (I’d hardly class the systematic violence of the cuts as being civil) came about through the actions of radicals, who were often the victims of extreme state violence in return for their efforts. Every positive change in society has always been accompanied by a few broken windows – whether you view broken windows as a non-issue, an unfortunate reality or even appalling, doesn’t change that fact.
    Grow up yourselves, and read up on your history – you might learn something.

  5. WAG & this article were just on bbc news! Well done! :-p

  6. It also highlighted the fact WAG had a fascism/antifascism discussion this week…I guess being against fascism makes you a menace to society now!

  7. Oxygen-thieving, puerile CUNT.

  8. Ha ha, mate. Grow up, you tart.

  9. You really need to get a life you sad creature.

    ” As ye shall sow so shall ye reap”.

  10. Gen. William T Sherman


    You are a mere hothouse orchid with an expensive hobby. You are maintained by an extensive support system. Refusing to acknowledge what you are given every day does not make the gift cease to exist. Rather, it makes you a mewling ungrateful little shit.

    Good day sir.

  11. “A civil man fights with his mouth not his fists.”

    And a civil servant fucks with his pen! Civility is often a luxury only afforded by the oppressor. Clam, Smeg & Deadwood-Smith have all been marvellously ‘civil’ as they’ve shafted the most vulnerable people in society.

    • But the coalition’s plans make the rich pay more and the not so well off less…….so what’s the problem? Am I missing something?

      • No, the coalition’s plans are – and it’s been widely publicised – financially regressive. It’s tax breaks for the rich and eviction and cuts in benefit for the poorest.

    • “But the coalition’s plans make the rich pay more and the not so well off less…….so what’s the problem?”

      The problem, Tom mi lad, is that major studies show that the Tory measures are regressive and that the poor will be hit hardest. Unless, of course, you think that the Institute for Fiscal Studies is an anarchist front…

      “The tax and benefit changes are regressive rather than progressive across most of the income distribution. And when we add in the new measures announced yesterday this is, unsurprisingly, reinforced … Our analysis continues to show that, with the notable exception of the richest 2%, the tax and benefit components of the fiscal consolidation are, overall, being implemented in a regressive way.” – Carl Emmerson, acting director of the IFS.

      “The IFS analysis is a devastating dismissal of the chancellor’s hollow claims of fairness … The government’s reputation on fairness is now shot to pieces.” – Imran Hussain, head of policy, rights and advocacy for the Child Poverty Action Group.

      • Yes, but Carl Emmerson and Imran Hussein are both left wingers, so of course they are going to say that aren’t they!
        Please, try and be more objective in your research.

      • We would find it nigh on impossible to match you own level of objectivity dear boy 😉

      • Actually, to be fair, we’re struggling to believe that ‘objectivity’ is either possible or desirable in a search for a better society. The only valid political attitudes are those created through the contemplation of our direct experience of the totality of social being. Political convictions involve much more than purely logical faculties; they involve a strong emotional attachment. Some of us became politically aware through direct – often emotionally negative – experience of the mechanisms of government (in our case the miner’s strike); in other words when the government – ALL government – fucks you over it makes you wanna fuck ’em back 😉

        As anarchists we don’t really want/need to seek objectivity – certainly not between the commentators from left and right; our struggle is between the authoritarian and the libertarian. The only way to guarantee liberty is through a free society based on compassion, cooperation and mutual aid. If our emotive attitude offends then we wholeheartedly apologise – maybe you’d be better off on the planet Vulcan 😉

  12. I may seem uneducated, simple or thick but what is the ultimate goal of you guys?? do you want lower fees?? then why cause trouble, waste tax payers money, and give other students a bad name!! do you just want to fight for the sake of fighting?? then go to a boxing club because its pointless, you were representing all students across the country and you made yourselves out to be right twats, oh wow you broke into a building and……… it achieved nothing. yes your correct the police did fuck up, but they are not our enemy, they have to earn a wage like everyone else, and they were just doing a job. Do you really think people respect you?? pity you is more likely, if you greatest ambition is to get 50 people arrested at a protest of 50,000 and none of which are going to be charged with anything more seriouse than breaking and entering, you really are sad little people. In the past violence has changed the world, but it can also be changed by protests, don’t you think we live in a more civilised world?? where there are far more important things that violence can be used for like poverty, terrorism, war?? or maybe you guys just dont care and just want to hit something because your two brain cells can not process anything more tacting. Don’t involve yourself in other peoples problems if you response is too hit somebody.

    • The ultimate goal I seek, and I would hope you (in your own way) seek too, is a fairer society based on mutual aid, production for need rather than profit and cooperation rather than competition, greed and the crushing of humanity.

      Lower fees? No fees would be better. Fighting? Violence is a tactic, not necessarily one of first resort. Respect? I am confident in my beliefs, confident enough that those who currently disagree with me will tend to my way of thinking in the future. It’s certainly not my ambition to have a single person arrested: but you’re fooling yourself if you think breaking and entering is not treated as a fairly serious offence.

      As for the police. Yes, they were doing a job – but is it a job worth doing? Police comes from polis – they represent the state, not the interests of the population of this country. You need look no further than the G20 last year, which saw a widely reported police riot in the City of London. Many, if not most, people in this country know someone who has been harassed, beaten or fitted up by the police. For me, and for many other people, it’s not the rotten apples in the barrel it’s a surprise to meet, it’s the decent cops who stand out by their rarity.

      As for living in a more civilised world than that of 100 or 200 years ago – no, I don’t think we do. Not when things like the Iraq war can be foisted upon us and there’s no widespread resistance worthy of the name, or when the means by which the poorest in society survive are ripped away from them. When the things which make a civilised society civilised are being savaged, things like education, libraries, archives, the arts – when they’re being done away with, you have to question on what grounds this country’s described as civilised.

      • Harry….the ‘polis’ police by consent in this country…..when you are not too busy masking up and fucking up the spelling on your placards, do some revision.
        Your first paragraph does not sound very anarchic. You want to take care or they will kick you out of the ‘Anarchy Club”
        Your Dearest Friend

  13. fucking tv stars. well done!

  14. So its said “they aint seen nothing yet” wait for the unemployed to vent their anger.. god help everyone in 2011…Percy “S”…

  15. This web-site lives in a world of make believe. I thought only kids believed in anarchy. I did when I was a young punk in the seventies. Reading these posts is like watching Rik’s ill-informed rants on the Young Ones. Really! Anarchy!
    You lot crack me up.
    One thing is true, the Police will be ready next time and thats a You Tube Clip I won’t miss

    • Yes, the police will be on hand in larger numbers. Yesterday’s demonstration has quite a bit in common with the 1886 riot down Pall Mall, when the police were incompetent. The then police commissioner was forced to resign. It was followed, in 1887, by Bloody Sunday, when several people were killed in Trafalgar Square. But next year when things kick off again across the country I hope some basic lessons have been learned, lessons like wear a bloody mask! Lessons like watch your back and don’t be too caught up in spectating to forget about movement.

      You may have thought that only kids believe in anarchy. The coming months may well show just how wrong you are.

      • LO Fucking L So you’ll be studying History then ( as a perpetual mature student )
        I guess you better get down the gym and prepare yourself for the ‘Rapture’ in the following months….you wouldn’t want to get caught and feel the full wrath of the Met would you? Your parents would be even more fucking disappointed.
        Peace and Love Motherfucker
        Love ‘The Poleeeez’

      • Are you inciting violence then?

  16. I’m a UK tax payer. I lived with my parents through university and got the bus every single day and back and saved a fortune on my education. I’m one of the people the ambitious young have to convince to be happy funding their education. The violence and destruction I saw yesterday is not going to help the students. Thugs don’t deserve my money. Those students made fools of themselves.

    • Hi Chris, I am a UK Tax Payer too.

      It doesn’t matter if you are happy or not to pay for funding, you will have no choice! And this is the issue, if you look at what is happening to education, it has been reduced SOLELY to providing a self-funded mechanism to produce workers for a labour market. This is having a dramatic impact on the so-called “non-wealth producing” degree courses and a focus to courses which the labour market needs. Now you may see this as logical but ultimately it is about the ideology of capitalism that seeks to reduce literally everything to a commodity to be bought and sold. That in itself has a massive impact on society and the purpose of the economy. Do we want to live in a world whose sole purpose is to work within a labour market, accumulate huge amounts of debt, and for a lot of people, receive a fairly low quality of life?

      Education should be about learning, not about making money, we should all have access to knowledge, and we should all have that throughout our lives, it enriches our lives, it develops us as a people, and makes us happy – these are all attributes we would hold close to us in most meaningful relationships, unfortunately they are less able to be commodified for the capitalists and therefore they can’t talk about this. Thats why we need to. And if it means smashing a few windows to break the dominance of their narrative, then so be it

  17. I’m not sure I understand why anarchists were at a protest against cutting state spending?

    Isn’t that kind of the point of the libertarian/anarchist end of the political spectrum?

    • Halifax Anarchist

      First, students dont get money, they get a loan. They have to pay it back. The bit they dont pay back is made up for by their taxed work later in life (unless they become a politician or a boss, in which case they get away with not paying tax).

      Second, our critique isn’t a simplistic critique of aspects of society, like some useless liberal. Its a critique of its totality. Reducing government spending isnt our aim. Abolishing class society and its distinction is our aim, and shy of that our aim is to improve the quality of living of the working class, ie everyone who is not ruling class, which means a person who lives off investing capital in the labour process and living off its profit, which is to say the vast majority of students, as well as all workers and claimants.

      Third – WAGistas, i missed you on the news earlier, are you going to stick a video of it on the site? I hope so. Congrats on getting such coverage!

  18. How pathetic.
    Yesterdays acts were a disgrace! I feel sick seeing the images on TV and apauled that people can be so selfish when our country is in major debt.
    Students throw away education grants and loans on drink and other rubbish rather than facing up to the real world and earning their way.
    They should not have everything handed to them on a silver plate, especially after yesterday!

    And before anyone says, I am a 20 year old in the process of setting up my own business and have worked since the age of 15! I am the same age as these thugs. Very sad indeed.

    • Er…

      You clearly know nothing about student financial support. Students take out loans to pay for their living expenses and fees now, and a large proportion of students work part time to make enough to live on. What do you want, only the filthy rich like Cameron and Osborne to be able to afford to send their children to university? Do you think it right that only people who went to public schools and Oxbridge should running the country?

  19. How many of you even cared why students were protesting? Are any of you even students or were you just there because you could kick a few windows through and cause civil disobedience?

    I agree with Anon, it just undermined the whole point students were trying to make.

    • Thanks to the riots, the issues around student funding are now being discussed. A lot. If it’d been a nice peaceful fluffy protest, it’d have got five minutes tops on the news and then been totally forgotten. That’s not what I’d call undermining.

      • In fact apart from the Guardian NO ONE was covering the student demo to any significant degree before the windows were smashed.

        And lets be clear, its not even about current students its about how we see the future of education in the UK – will it be solely about encouraging debt, reducing courses to those most needed by the labour market? Education can enrich peoples lives and that in itself is worth defending.

  20. Build upon this we need to go bigger. I support students but there are people more imediatly affected by tory policy

  21. how long to post my thread xxx???????

  22. The usual parasitic animals in action! Get a job losers!

  23. In case you didn’t see this blog was featured on BBC News earlier on

    Nice bit of free publicity!

  24. This sets the tone, lets start supporting everyone and anyone taking action against the cuts. Fuck all this sectarianism of “student wankers” or “trots”. Lets stay focussed!

  25. You all need to get a grip. This is a civil society which will not sit still for this kind of behaviour. Do you not understand what you are doing? Do you really want violence and disorder? As far as i can tell you are a small group of people, (i use this term loosely you understand) with too much time on your hands.

  26. What sort of civil society is it which allows hundreds of thousands of people to be evicted from their homes for the crime of being poor? What sort of civil society is it which savages funding for arts and humanities and prioritises science? What sort of civil society is it which allows its libraries to be cut – its history to be forgotten? You may have seen that Westminster plans to shut its archives, hiding (if not disposing of) its history. I don’t understand how you think what’s going on will be allowed to pass without major civil disturbances, of which yesterday’s events are but the curtain-raiser.

    Teaching funding from the state has been slashed for many London colleges and universities. This is now expected to be wholly made up from tuition fees, fees so high that only the wealthiest wouldn’t balk at paying them. If education to 16 is mandatory, why shouldn’t education – of whatever sort – be mandatory to the highest level from which people can gain? This doesn’t have to be university education, it could equally well be training via apprenticeships. But under the plans of the coalition, post-16 education will be a bloody poor joke. The futures of today’s teenagers are being thrown away before they’ve begun, with only the richest able to avail themselves of higher education, fastening their grip on power for the foreseeable. Or so the coalition hopes. Civil society? What a bloody joke.

    • Thousands of people are NOT going to be evicted from their home so stop spreading untrue propaganda and nonsense. Stop exaggerating and get real. The country has no money thanks to the last labour government of numpties – they are the ones you should be demonstrating about as they are the ones who have bankrupted the country with their ludicrous fiscal policies. As a student I thought perhaps you may have understood that.

      • Eh? Scores of thousands of people forced to move (effectively evicted) in London alone because of benefit cuts – not to mention the people who’ll be evicted when their homes are repossessed (out of 500,000 public sector workers losing their jobs that’ll be quite a few thousand) – neither nonsense nor propaganda.

      • So what’s your answer Harry? The country has no money – do you understand that? If we had carried on borrowing (as labour wanted to do) then we would have lost our AAA rating (very quickly) and would not have been able to borrow any money! Then there would be absolutely no public money whatsoever, therefore no public services. This is not an exaggeration – ask any economist. Perhaps we should stop giving huge amounts of money to countries like India and the like (overseas aid) until we can get our own house in order. Charity starts at home.
        I understand that you are probably young and are very idealistic (which in itself is good), but in reality we are broke as a country (thanks to that fool Brown) and are borrowing millions every day to keep services running. Unless something is done NOW, the current generation of students would face a very grim future indeed….with exremely high taxes.
        I remember the 70s and 80s – if you were on benefits in London and had nowhere to live you were housed in a b&b which will start happening again. I see nothing wrong with this.

  27. An arrestee support group has been set up. See:
    Please pass this on to anyone who has been arrested, or has had details taken while in the police kettle.

  28. Fuck me, that’s some lazy researchers they’ve got at the BBC!

    Google is your best friend.

  29. I take all of your points, and believe me i think everyone has a right to an opinion on these cuts, but at the end of the day you have to accept that the money just is not there any more. The government is in a mess. The country is in debt to the point that we aquire 120 million more a day through expenditure beyond the country’s means and debt interest alone. How else would you tackle it but with cuts?

    I currently study at university and by no means do i expect a free education. I made the choice to go to university, why should someone else pay my bills for me? And i am by no means super wealthy. I come from a workless household where i have been given no encouragement to do what i am doin and to work hard. I want to better my situation and i am willing to pay the price for that.

    Arguably the higher fees will cover the cost in cuts, when they are introduced and as far as i can see in the long run it will improve universities, maybe even bringing in more money than before. This is also an observation by many of my tutors. There is a lot of scaremongering going on and too much hysteria.

    I do not agree that thousands will be evicted from thier homes, this is more political propaganda.

    In all hope this sort of radicalisation within the state will scare the inactive and workshy in this country to sort themselves out. And by this i do mean the cradle to grave workless not the people who are genuine unemployed.

    • I would suggest higher taxes as an alternative to cuts.
      Why should any education be free? Why do we not pay for education from ages 5-18? If you can answer this question, the answer also applies to higher ed.

    • Halifax Anarchist

      Hi Sarah,

      I just graduated (currently unemployed for several months, might get a job working in a bar if im lucky this week), and since you are from a jobless household it would imply you are a working class student like myself, the son of a bus driver and an office worker (who was recently made redundant).

      As a student, you should probably be aware that currently your debts are just that, debts. No one is paying for your study but you. You are paying for it with the promise of your future labour. There is an aspect of it that is seemingly not paid by you, but again that debt will be paid for by your future work in the form of taxes.

      The idea that “the money isnt there” is nonsense, the state has been in more debt before in the past, other states are in more debt and can pay for education. Its an ideological argument for the cuts which isnt based in reality, attempting to divide us. Even within capitalism, a thing id see overthrown, it is possible to continue educating people, and considering the nature of the modern economy it is necessary from a capitalist perspective to continue with higher education. From a human perspective education is a good in itself.

      With regards losing homes, my mother almost lost her home due to the cuts. It is blatantly obvious that a lack of jobs and a lack of state housing subsidy combined with the greed of landlords will result in homelessness. Its political propaganda to argue that people will magic the money out of nowhere – i know my mum cant.

      Id love a job. Sadly all the ones ive applied for have ignored me. Not even had the decency to tell me ive not got it. 5 applicants for each job nationally and around here (the mighty halifax, home of the famous international failed bank) i remember the job in the greasy spoon that had 100-odd applicants. Good times, eh?

      While some “ideal capitalism” might work, actually existing capitalism has failed. It has failed me, my family, and millions of others. Time for something else.

      • Dear Halifax Anarchist,

        I know there are a lot of rpeople in compromising situations with housing at the moment. I do hope that your mum is ok, i know how distressing that sort of problem is. I work in a bar at the moment to fund my cost of living. Try wetherspoons, they are recruiting for christmas. (Although, i hope you find something in good time that compliments your efforts at university).

        I agree that a lot of the cuts are harsh and i have to admit that i havent seen how bare the governments cupoard actually is, but i have read the budget and i do see there are far too many minus figures. This needs addressing, you must see that?! I hope that welfare reform eventually helps everyone. Alot of the cuts will not start to happen for three years or so and in all hope business sectors will have mporved through the governments other initiatives.

        With regards to the paying back of fee’s through our taxes. I want my taxes to go towards more worthwhile causes than something that i have made the choice to do. i want to support people who need it.

  30. Anon you say : A lot of students have forgot what University is about, too may people going for just a good time and get drunk, that just happen to come out of the other end with a degree, and no idea what to do with it.

    Ok, lets agree that a few people may go to university just for fun which sounds a bit irrational because you have to be there at least for three years to do essays, to give exams, to have enough free time to join the lectures and the classes therefore it is much harder to find a job and support financially yourself.

    You continue and say:
    Degrees as a qualification have been devalued by the fact that most 16-18 year olds are pushed towards it.

    Interesting. The degrees have not been devalued by the fact that west is drowning, that the unemployment rates are rising and the economic growth is tiny but because the students they do not have their own will and they are pushed towards it. Who is pushing them towards it?

    You end your comment by saying:
    No matter how poor you are, if you are smart and work hard enough you’ll go to a good university.

    The urban ideology of idealism is here even in an anarchist site. It does not matter if your family does not have food, it does not matter if your mate or your girlfriend is jobless, it does not matter if some people are getting more advantages I have to care for myself and ignore everything else. Besides that “There is no such thing as society: there are individual men and women, and there are families” as Margaret Ugler said.

    Well the society exists before any individualistic ego because a “Man becomes conscious of himself and his humanity only in society”. This is where the people create relations together, this is where the people divided to poor-middle class-upper class, this is where the collectively WE put aside the atomic ego.

    My friend a society who wants to call itself at least democratic – I am not even talking for an anarchist society- has to give their members the same opportunities otherwise it is a totalitarian state.

    comradely and nonsectarian

  31. some goods like free speech, education, a shelter etc it has to be given to everyone for free unless we do not speak for a civil society but for a dictatorship of few….

  32. so good to see so many of our young students Bravely standing up and being counted…peacefull protest dont work the goverment wont listen they never do (did blair listen over iraq?) as for all those going on about anarchy being for kids! or the so called civil socity…pay no mind these people have nothing to say or nothing to add…Lets salute our students and give them a big THANK-YOU for what they done and the message they got a cross to this goverment…This is the time for action stand up and be counted…FIGHT BACK!

  33. Well done WAG-cream of the crop…

    We should feel sorry for the bell-ends on here posting garbage when they face the reality of what’s going to occur over the next few years personally…we should…but we won’t…let’s take a deep breath…sigh…and all picture happy thoughts together…


    Tory scum your time will come again!

    • By the time your revolution happens, you will have grown up and put on 30 lbs you 1980’s throwback
      Love the Met

    • Reply to the eloquent Mr……P.I.I.S.T

      If you re read you ridiculous rants, (which are full of hatred and bile), then perhaps, you may understand why people like you will NEVER hold power in this country. Your answer to everything is “Tory scum” whereas in reality it is labour who have done much more damage than the tories ever did, and it is labour we must blame for the present state of the country’s economics. Try and find a little humility and charity in your heart. You are clearly a very unhappy person and I suggest you do a little soul searching, or at the very least try and understand the predicament this country is in after 13 years of nu labour rule.

  34. Sarah Fett…oh fuck off!

  35. From within the occupied Tory HQ, activists have released this statement;

    “We oppose all cuts and we stand in solidarity with public sector workers, and all poor, disabled, elderly and working people. We are occupying the roof in opposition to the marketisation of education pushed through by the coalition government, and the system they are pushing through of helping the rich and attacking the poor. We call for direct action to oppose these cuts- this is only the beginning of the resistance to the destruction of our education system and public services.”

    This was far more than just a few Middle Class read the reports on here and at

  36. I can tell that that is an educated responce P.I.I.S.T

    Now, why dont you try and rarionalise for a moment on what i have said… Your response just further give credit to my argument as you cannot even give a reasonable response or opinion.

  37. Fucking unwashed scum
    Your a complete embarrassment to this country.
    You think it is some sort of game to go around wreaking violence and destruction?
    Bunch of Shithouses, fuck off to Iran or China and demo there.
    Welfare state scrounging cocks.

  38. well done, its about time we stood up in the country and did some thing about this bloody government!!

    fully support everything that happend yesterday, i dont care if a few police got hurt, – its aright for the government to spends millions on killing innocent people in iraq and around the world,!

    this is only the start ! civial war is apon us!

  39. Great to see. I was at Uni 10 years ago when tuition fees were introduced, regret no demonstrating at the time. Also regret not protesting on the Iraq lie. Now I’ve cleared my 10k debt and earn 100k a year so am pretty sorted – but, the anger is still there, these fee increases are wrong for so many reasons, and more direct action is needed.

    10 years ago I wanted to get 50 people together in massive lorries, drive down South until I hit the M25 and park all 50 trucks at the junction – close London until Clegg resigns for his lie of promising not to vote for tuition fee increases! So if you are a student, get on it, go and shut a motorway down!

  40. Maybe a vigilante group should sort out these Anarchist idiots. Sometimes I really wish we had a police state and torture was legal. I sincerely hope our future medical students get the opportunity to study micro surgery and try to find an anarchists brain. A few final words, lock, away. throw,key,time, long,rot. No University for Paul, needs to go to school first

    • Patriot, if you don’t like here then fuck off to communist Burma. Sure you can get a job repressing people there.

    • ‘Patriot’ you’re a fucking wank stain….this country kicked fuck out of you wankers 60 years ago…on ya bike twat! Traitor!

      • I find it hard to believe you are a student. You are clearly not very bright and should not be going to uni. Have you thought about an apprenticeship? This is the problem these days, every Tom Dick and Harry, no matter how thick or stupid, think they have a god given right to go to university and drink and smoke pot at the expense of the state.
        Sorry, but the party is well and truly over. Welcome to the real world!!

    • We do have a police state and torture is legal (or might as well be). Just ask the Territorial Support Group. But make sure you ask them VERY politely or you might end up with a boot in your testicles in the back of a van yourself.

  41. PATRIOT!!!!

    You are fantastic!!!

  42. you bunch or cowardly twats

    sorry, jealous cowardly twats

    vote tory

  43. Sarah if there was a rational response to your tiresome bollocks your computer would’ve exploded in your face….go back to playing on The Mail forum.

    • P.I.I.S.T, once again… a very valid argument from you there.
      The level of your intellect astounds me!
      You have won me over to your way of thinking with that one!

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  45. A class war eh? I see it as redressing the balance from low life scum, who cant be arsed to get out of bed when its AM, dont want to work but expect me to work to pay for them to do…….fuck all. It seems to me that those that contribute the least to society expect and receive the most. You want a home, benefits, free education, healthcare, dentistry etc for free.
    I’m not aiming this at the students, but the twats that maintain this blog. If you dont like the way that this country is being run, fuck off somewhere else.

  46. This country is far from the fair, morally superior, educated level some of you seem to think it’s at… We invade and rape other countries because we are greedy and materialistic… We don’t go invading Burma or Somalia… Why because there is nothing there we want… We don’t make trade deals with peace loving humanitarian socities… We make them with China, number one abuser of human rights in the “Civilised world”… Our police wear balaclavas and kill us when we step out of line… Every corner is covered in CCTV, every phonecall and internet message watched over…

    You may say peace breeds peace and violence breeds violence, but I disagree and so does history… Personally I believe we are long overdue for a change for the better… GREAT Britain has NEVER been GREAT… We kick the underdog, bully our neighbours and bend over and get rogered by the bigger boys in school… It’s time we looked in the mirror and learnt how to stand up for ourselves… Change is needed… How is irrelevant… Violent or non-violent… whatever it takes… time isn’t just running out for you and I… It’s gone! It ran out years ago and unless we make a move our children won’t have any time either… we are dying as a race… we are dying as a planet… HELP!

  47. nothingiseverlost | November 11, 2010 at 11:31 pm |
    “Thanks to the riots, the issues around student funding are now being discussed. A lot. If it’d been a nice peaceful fluffy protest, it’d have got five minutes tops on the news and then been totally forgotten. That’s not what I’d call undermining.”

    Hahahhaaha, you may not have noticed but in tonight’s national news it’s only getting 5 minutes air time. Tomorrow’s another day, there will be no air time – they came, they saw, they broke some windows, they came back into reality. Yep, nothingiseverlost, you’ve ehhhhhmmmm….lost.

  48. steve.d | November 11, 2010 at 10:26 pm |
    “this is only the start ! civial war is apon us!”

    Oh FFS! Any chance that before this “war” starts maybe you’d like to pick up a fucking dictionary?! Hahahahahaha

  49. anarchist education worker

    well done alex, good work wag.

  50. My experience, from a longish life, is that most of you ‘anarchists’ live very comfortably off the state.
    Every forces personnel defends your rights to act like a complete prat, so don’t cause chaos, damage and mayhem and try to make us believe that you’re doing it for students or workers, or anybody else other that yourselves. You’re sad little people that cannot express yourselves in any way other than using violence under the cover of praceful demonstrators.
    Be bold, be brave and meet the police on your own without hiding among others, and when they’ve kicked the s**t out of you, don’t whine, accept the fair and just retribution of a society that is fed up with your antics.
    Get a life children!!

    • “so don’t cause chaos, damage and mayhem”
      Soldier..? Pot. Kettle. Black.

    • What the fuck are you on about? I have a job and so do most anarchist-minded people I know. The ones that don’t sure ain’t living “comfortably” off the state. £60-odd a week is hardly conducive to a life of luxury.

  51. To the Soldier

    I’m an ex soldier and from an ex soldier to a current one… wake up and get out! You aren’t helping anyone… No one is questioning your bravery or commitment… it’s your orders that are wrong. I was part of the first wave that went over the border in 2003… I saw it with my own eyes… Haliburton… the worlds largest oil company were there at the oil fields before we were.

    You aren’t protecting us from a world of terror… you are unwittingly part of an organisation thats enforcing it… The Afghan people don’t want us there anymore than our soldiers want to go out there… however out of a sense of duty we are prepared to put ourselves in that position… If soldiers had a right to have their own trade union then maybe some of these resource grabbing conflicts could be avoided. I believe the HM Armed Forces should only be used on two occasions… number one.. to protect UK soil and it’s people (You can’t honestly say that is what we are achieving in Afghanistan… How many threats were there before the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and how many have there been since??? Number two… To protect the human rights of those who cannot protect themselves… You can’t say we are doing that either… otherwise we’d be in Burma, Somalia, China and every other country in the world.

    We have the illusions of free speech and democracy in our country but that’s all it is, an illusion… Otherwise how could the same people make it into the same position, impose the same rules and get fat and rich in the process… every influential British politician has there greedy pudgy fingers in some pot or other… Former Prime Minister John Major is a classic example… Margret Thatchers son is another case in point… If a crime is committed one of the first things the police do is look to see who benefits from the crime… In most cases this leads them to the guilty party… Who benefited from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan??? Us? No! The Iraqi and Afghan people? No! Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden? No! The Taliban? No… Our greedy politicians with shares in defence contractors, ammunition suppliers, telecommunication companies, private security firms and high tech weapons development… OH YES! Think how many rounds of ammunition have been sold to the government lately? How many missiles have been bought, sold and blown up, how many ration packs have been eaten and new vehicles built… then look at the list of owners, shareholders and board of governers of each company involved… chances are a few well known names will pop up… Coinicidence… I think not.

    So unknown soldier… We do love you, we do respect what you do and are prepared to do for our country and its people… We are grateful for the risks you take… whilst we benefit from the system that imprisons us. There was a phrase I heard whilst in the army… I can’t remember what it was exactly but it was something along the lines of…
    “A soldier will do anything for his country, his only ask is that he isn’t being asked to do it without good reason”

    • Respect for that post… I think you’d be good at talking to people outside recruitment centres, might change a few minds and save a few lives!
      And needless to say… massive respect to the students and all involved in the trashing of the robber baron hq.

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  53. all you inbred little etonian cock lickers. go back to masturbating over pictures of david cameron you dirty tory swine punk fuckers. I suppose you all lick kay burley’s diseased tranny cock as part of your hobbies you pathetic cunts.

    Fuck The NUS! fuck the liberal and tories, all multi millionaire cunts who are not “all in this together” like they want us to believe. That ugly bastard cunt george osborne needs to go and anal fuck his own mother the dirty fucker.

    fuck the NUS, these cowards are a bunch of pussies who need a firework shoved up their arses.

    i am the God of Fuck, now fuck off NUS!

    any punk fucker who comes on here and writes a message saying these protesters are fuckers can go and suck my hairy black cock. I will shove my cock down your mothers throat and cum inside so hard that the cum will choke her like a whore. im a nasty motherfucker, so all you etonian david cameron cock sucking lovers can bend over and you will get foot fucked by me like rocky balboa.

    mother fuckers!

    all hail the Anarchists!
    fuck the government and fuck the NUS!
    i shit on the NUS and i will anal fuck any girl who supports the NUS and make her clitoris explode like an iraqi bomber!

    • I think you have a few issues fella. Good old ‘care in the community’

      • and with a name like Russ, you mum must have dropped you as a child. you’re the one with issues! now stop masturbating over pics of your auntie and clean your filthy ass you lame piece of cum stain.

        fuck the NUS!

  54. @ fuck the nus
    fuck you scumbag.
    You are not an anarchist, you are scum. We’ll come for fuckers like you too!!!

  55. @Rasta
    I would but everyone i’ve met who shows any interest in joining the army has not listened… it’s something you have to experience yourself to realise how pointless your actions are. The shameful thing is that most people join because they want to be a hero or to do heroic things… same with the police… not for the glory, just knowing that they are doing something positive is enough… however you just end up being f*&$£ed by the system and end up with everyone hating you… For once i’d like to see a protest where the police and armed forces march side by side with the protestors… I’d be proud to be part of that demonstration and when the day comes it will mean the end of the way we live at this moment in time.
    One Love

    Yeah mate… with language like that loads of people will listen to what you have to say…

  56. Admittedly, I’m not as keen to British political and economic issues as I am an American. But from what I can tell, none of this is really about anarchy, but rather statism. If students are protesting a rise in tuition due to budget cuts and therefore a lesser subsidy to education, then they’re arguing that the state isn’t doing enough. This is not what anarchy is about. And if there is an anarchist group supporting the protests, they aren’t a REAL anarchist group.

    The only way I can see how this would benefit an anarchist group is that it is an opportunity to be used as an example to point out what happens when the government gets involved and controls something. Government always screws it up.

    By imposing/forcing regulations upon a profit based institution, it results in a higher overhead cost, which is passed down to the consumer(in this case, students). As I understand it, the reason for the subsidies is to keep tuition costs affordable. When you keep regulations in place, but deny subsidies, the tuition price soars, thus making it no longer affordable for the average student.

    If you want to protest anything, protest the government’s involvement in higher eduction as a whole. Allow the universities alone to determine what and how to teach, and what to charge the student. This would create a competitive market where universities are to try to lower their costs to attract students. Universities would be hard pressed to offer a quality education for less than their competitors.

    Free Market Capitalism

    • Anarchism does not equal your U.S. brand of “libertarians.” You U.S. “libertarians” for the most part would be happy if slavery still existed. When you say “get rid of laws” you mean like “laws against child labour”. Real anarchism is completely antithetical to capitalism. Look it up!

  57. Pingback: Police seek to capitalise on student demo to justify further repression and their own budgets « Fitwatch

  58. @Black Order,

    Ok you have a point about true anarchists should not really be interested in this issue… however so many people are upset with the current political climate in the UK right now that they are prepared to demonstrate together and unite against a common enemy. This group… of which I am not a member and other anarchist groups have been accused of initiating the violence in the protest but I have a life ling friend who was there as an individual and he insists that this was not the case. The violence was good old fashioned mob rule style and was spontaneous and not sparked off by another intervening party… be that government agents or anarchists groups.
    I must disagree with your point about free market capitalism though and letting the universities control their own fees… Universities like Cambridge, Oxford and any other “Ivy League” equivilents will be out of reach of the common man and only available to the financial “Elite”. Thereby allowing the rich to continue getting richer and the poor poorer. How in any moral sense is this an appropriate way to behave?
    Free Market Capitalism has fucked our planet, it’s flora, it’s fauna, our environments, our people and our cultures. Free Market Capitalism, in my opinion, is the greediest, most horrible way for a society to exist… Yes science and technology improve, but at what cost? The raping of other nations resources? Choosing our battles on what we will gain from it and not on how a “Leader” treats his/her people. Supplying life saving treatment for the rich only? America is a prime example on how not to do it!
    We have fucked our planet, it’s people So how about preaching free market capitalism to people who will listen, because your wasting the muscles in your fingers in here… I think I can speak for most of us when I say “We are friendly, peaceful people, we are generous, patient and caring, however if you push us to far we will awake… a mighty, powerful humanitarian machine that will wipe away all in our path… through debate, through our demonstrations, through our action and if our government doesn’t listen to us… eventually, regretably and unfortunately… through destruction.

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