At long last


  Since universities first opened in Britain Student protest has added nothing to the anarchist or any revolutionary moment, since 1968 they have been walking from A to B to hear Tony Benn ramble on for an hour… that is until today.
Students of Britain , NICE FUCKING ONE !!! and about bloody time.

Today the Tory Scum, next smash the  spineless snivelling wankers in the NUS offices


26 responses to “At long last

  1. The demo today it was massive with pulse and “revolutionary mood”. This was just the first fight…. unfortunately though some people they got arrested and I believe the anarchist movement has to show its reflexes now and show these people solidarity. Nobody left at state’s hand. The wag collective has to meet for assembly and decide a day to call for solidarity demo.

  2. could’nt agree more. i was there, and my only regret was that students didn’t fully occupy the tory headquarters.

  3. Never thought I’d say this after experiencing student politics at uni, but massive respect to the students!

    Love the fact they scared the shit out of the NUS leadership too! Let’s hope they realise they’ll be better of without those would-be-Tories!

  4. Looking forward to the protests at the State funeral for margaret thatcher next.

  5. Glad it turned the way it did, but hope Camoron doesn’t start fucking about with laws for protests…not that it would make much difference.

    And also, glad the NUS were shocked. They deserve to be taken down.

  6. Sign the statement of solidarity with the students arrested at Millbank, very very important, whitechapel anarchist group have been added to the signatories and make sure you do as well!!!

  7. First off, grow up. With the behaviour that was on show yesterday, its clear that those people who do end up paying these fabled £9,000 a year fees, will most likely never even have the opportunity to pay it back as they won’t pass the wage threshold. Not through lack of opportunity, but from lack of ambition, intelligence and decency.

    All those involved in the actions yesterday are so lucky that we live in the society that we do. As in other cultures and times, things would have been much worse for the perpetrators.

  8. Anon: There are many decent, intelligent and ambitious people who will never get the chance to achieve their potential. Unfortunately for them the, “opportunity” involves having £9,000 (per year for 3 years) to pay up front in the first place before they even get the qualification let alone trying to pay it back later! Try paying attention next time . I dread to think who you are talking about if you are implying that they are less intelligent than you. LOL! 😀

  9. How amusing, you realise that there are no up front fees, and that they aren’t payable until £21k+

    Alot of students have forgot what University is about, too may people going for just a good time and get drunk, that just happen to come out of the other end with a degree, and no idea what to do with it. Degrees as a qualification have been devalued by the fact that most 16-18 year olds are pushed towards it.

    No matter how poor you are, if you are smart and work hard enough you’ll go to a good university.

  10. The name of the game to recover our sovereignty is to attack the real
    enemy… The Banksters…. the day they are stopped from charging interest on money they magic out of thin air things will start to get better.

    More of this in due course


  12. YOU people are the scum. I saw your grunting mong on the BBC News. For fuck sake don’t breed.


  13. you bunch of timewasting wankers!! get a life!! 9000 ponuds per year is CHEAP for a good education!! Stop the fine arts crap and al lthe other timewasting fuckshite degrees and there wojuld be PLE NTY of money to sudents who want a REAL degree not a bunch of liberal crapshit.

  14. Good one, yesterday! I imagine I wasn’t the only one who smiled when I heard the news, and smiled even more when I watched the TV later on. Of course, the issue isn’t just HE fees but cuts in further education too. The loss of Educational Maintenance Allowances will affect a lot of young working class students currently in FE, whilst cuts in funding for adult learning will affect people who want to return to education later on through adult A levels and Access courses. This means the end of ‘2nd chance’ education. FE has always been the poor relation, but radicals need to highlight the real attacks on that sector too. Pleased that the students are angry – whether or not they participated in the trashing of Millbank , but how do we get out to the thousands and thousands of young people in FE colleges.

  15. Fucking mindless violence, by fucking mindless morons!

    • Not mindless but very mindful. The trashing of Millbank was considered and targeted. We could lie down and let the Etonian clique run all over us or we can fight back. Trashing buildings isn’t going to change the world but this is just the latest episode in a long tradition of radical violence. The pious calls for peaceful protest by Tory leaders is crass hypocrisy. It was there granddaddies who hung, evicted, transported, blacked, imprisoned, harassed and outlawed the people who fought – often violently – for the right to protest.

  16. …and I thought the State had a monopoly on the use of force. You act like the evil you claim to fight against.

  17. Really; since 1968- pull the other one.
    You need to do some reading mate.

  18. Just saw one of you “anarchists” talk on the BBC news there. for fuck sake get a haircut, give your baseball cap a wash and grow a pair of balls you inbred little cock.

    • you are the inbred little cock you etonian cock licker. go back to masturbating over pictures of david cameron you dirty tory swine punk fucker. I suppose you lick kay burley’s diseased tranny cock as part of your hobbies you pathetic cunt.

      fuck off back to your etonian shit hole you swine mother fucker.

      fuck the NUS!

  19. Fuck The NUS! fuck the liberal and tories, all multi millionaire cunts who are not “all in this together” like they want us to believe. That ugly bastard cunt george osborne needs to go and anal fuck his own mother the dirty fucker.

    fuck the NUS, these cowards are a bunch of pussies who need a firework shoved up their arses.

    i am the God of Fuck, now fuck off NUS!

  20. A slight change in the Bank Act of 1844 (The Peel Act) in the way the banks regard our deposits as belonging to them, thereby permitting them to ‘leverage’ money out of thin air on a ratio of (recently) 90:1.

    What this means, for every £1000 deposited the banks can lend a massive £9000 of money that is a fiction (does not exist), charge interest on it and expect you to repay it per the IOU you gave them. When that £9000 has been loaned out (as a whole or in bits) and deposited in, say, another bank(s), that bank(s) can lend out £8100 – and so it goes on down the line.

    As to them losing money if you do not repay them they lose nothing for they loaned you nothing – indeed… the IOU (loan agreement) you signed for the loan/mortgage/creditcard you actually signed a cheque which, when stamped on the back and initialled, is paid into an account with your name on it (secret) as a debit to the bank and transferred into your personal account from whence you can pay it away as you wish.

    All this messing about is like trying to mend a bicycle tube that’s gone rotten, it does not work… the current system need to be scrapped before it destroys us all.

  21. Awww bless fuckthenus, you sound so stupid, maybe you need to see a doctor? You really don’t have a clue what you’re talking about as the only comments you can come back with are mindless insults and random swearing.

    Have you ever thought about going to university? You won’t have to pay a penny because from the sound of the mindless drawl that oozes out of your mouth you certainly won’t be earning over £21,000 pounds at any point in your entirely irrelevant existance.

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