Discussion Group: Fascism / Antifascism

The monthly WAG Discussion Group comes back around, every second Tuesday of the month, on TUESDAY 9TH NOVEMBER 6-8pm at London Action Resource Centre (LARC) 62 Fieldgate Street Whitechapel E1 1ES and this months topic is FASCISM / ANTIFASCISM. Reflecting on the past but also looking at the current political climate with a view to future developments. All welcome come along.

Next month – TUESDAY 14TH DECEMBER – we will be discussing Gentrification and Housing.


3 responses to “Discussion Group: Fascism / Antifascism

  1. what I cannot understand is how the police stood back and allowed this demo to get out of hand without shooting to kill this shitload of niggerloving arsefucking parasites.

  2. you fucking middle class ponces who have never lived in the inner city muslim extremist filled shitholes go on there little jolly march against the tory and lib cunts who they voted in,one posh middle class student cunt was shouting!! the people united will never be defeated !!! silly cunt did not read the script its!! the workers united will never be defeated !!you posh cunt,as for anti fascism,where are all you cunts when these racist muslim hate preachers anjem chouday and omar brooks are preaching there hatred against my working class brothers and sisters all over the uk,so called fucking anti racists and fucking hypocrites,bollocks to the lot of ya,

  3. Everybody is a tough guy on the internet …

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