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Big Thank You to Julien Frentzel who interviewed the Whitechapel Anarchist Group for the feature piece in the latest Pi Magazine. Produced as part of the “Anarchy Issue” by students from UCL (University College London) with a distribution of over 3,000 you can pick up a copy or download (Issue 683) at the Pi Media Website.


2 responses to “UCL Magazine

  1. Hi to everyone at WAG and it’s great to see real folks like yourselves aren’t drones and morons that believe everything they read in the Daily Mail and The Sun.
    Like yourselves i cant stand the right wing, and i took one look at Kronstadt and what happened to Anarchists during the Spanish cival war, and couldn’t see any difference between Stalin and Hitler.
    So am i an Anarchist ? well let’s just say iv’e never agreed more with one bunch of people like yourselves in my whole life.
    It would be great to pop in and see what you are all up to, but unfortunetely im 400 miles away, but one day if i visit London who knows..!!
    Anyway can i make you aware of ATOS healthcare, the corrupt private health company paid by the DWP to fabricate medical reports, this bunch of criminals are writing up bogus medical reports to deny disabled and ill people their lawful rights to benefits.
    What they are doing is scandalous and is being covered up by the Government and the mainstream media, the only outlet to what they are doing is the various web-sites like ‘welcome to my DWP examination’ ‘whywaitforever.com’ ‘benefits and work’ and a few others.
    Keep up the good work.
    Cheers David.

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