Support the Strikes



2 responses to “Support the Strikes

  1. MHWorkingTAXPAYER

    Perhaps all the students on the protest should think about the people who struggle everyday living and work everyday and pay taxes and all for the students to expect the working majority to fund the higher education they desire if they want this then they should pay and if this means leaving with higher debt so be it you can pay it back when you earn more.
    Perhaps if the crap courses on useless things were dropped more money would be found also taxpayers chose to work to fund there lifestyles with wages so students should fund there lifestyles and courses.
    **********NOTHING IS FREE*******

  2. forgive me if i didnt read thoroughly enough, and i may well have, but you people are the lowest of the low of our society. Rioting is for losers, and/or douchebags.

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