Flash Mob hits Vodafone


9 responses to “Flash Mob hits Vodafone

  1. Go London! Keep it up and I won’t be embarrassed to call it my home town any more… respect to the occupiers!

    • Go fuck yourself…. you demented racist twat. Do you really believe anyone cares if you like or are embarrassed to live in London. If you do…. you are even more of a demented mmmmuppet than you previously appeared to be….and fuck me, I would have thought that a feat impossible. Look rrrraaasssttttaaa, if Being a Londoner was such a source of distress for you before …the question is begged why live surrounded by all those nasty, gonna lynch’cha fer lookin’ at the white wymen, white racist people. Do you get off on tryin’ to inflict repulsively exploitive guilttrips on well meaning but naive leftists? Is that how you get laid? Find a low-self esteem girl or boy, who’s been taught or believes that their culture is the epitome of wrong, tell’em that they can right said wrong, the wrong they are by extension guilty of virtuously because of their ancestry, by giving your nob a good polishin’. Is that your reason for staying in the UK, a place you seem to despise so? Proper strong black women back home find you ….lacking? Not blessed with that stereotype, stereotypical member, that I have never heard the most destroy evil Babylon, black man complain about? poor wee little rasta

      As to your other post about the “kkkunt” rentacops that had custody of Jimmy Mubenga, coppers can be assholes …wannabe private coppers are even more likely to be so….. newsflash…. nobody know that? Here in Canada
      a year or so ago a group of rcmp, that’s the national politzi were busted for killing a Polish immigrant…. racism had fuck all to do with it, and without fucking evidence Mubenga was more likely killed because of asshole cops than racist ones. You race obsessed scumshite rasta, it is far more important that the truth of his death come to light than your racist political agenda be served. Gods’ you are fucking disgusting.

  2. Ah! An ominous chill fills the air as Police nervously await the arrival of the ‘mob’. Oh wait! they say. It’s just a bunch of over-privilged middles class lefty students who haven’t yet worked out that if they,* ahem*, overthrow the state and capitalism then mummy and daddy won’t be able to provide them with any more pocket money. The police courageously confront these workshy layabouts, their nostrils filled with the stench of unwashed clothing as they direct these skinny and weak bodies away from their ‘revolutionary’ objective.

    Grow up, get a haircut, have a shower, find a job and do something with your pathetic lives.

    Rule Britannia and God save the Queen!

  3. Another good action… and looks like a good bunch of people to link with… the Anti-Injustice Movement:

    • Interesting yer man on that link references John Brown – the famous abolitionist and Christian – as a major influence.

      • Listen mate.
        (1) that discussion is on another board – no one here knows why you even mention that.
        (2) My mum is a Christian and she is a major influence on me. My ex-fiancee was a Christian (before she became a “black hebrew”… much love to her, but the less said about that the better). Loads of people I grew up with and people who I associate with are Christian. I was just talking to the pastor of the local Nigerian (mostly) church the other day about Jimmy Mubenga. Does that mean I can’t criticize Christianity?
        (3) on the discussion in question I was directing my invective at “so called” Christians (using the conventional spelling since you’re so concerned about proper English and what not) who violently assault, and sometimes murder, children, because they are supposedly “possessed by demons”, not everyone who considers themselves to be Christian.
        More to the point, there is a
        Friday Nov 12th
        Meet 10:30 AM at the Angolan embassy
        22 Dorset St., London W1U 6QY
        (nearest tube: Baker St/Marylebone)
        March to the Home Office
        2 Marsham St., London.
        Also if anyone reading is in the Swansea area or wants to go there, we’ll be having a night to remember Jimmy Mubenga and Ian Tomlinson (and all other victims of state brutality) on Thurs Dec 2nd, Sigma club, downtown Swansea, 9pm-3 or 4 pm, loadsa dj’s and emcees playing reggae, hip hop, jungle and possibly drummers and a live band t.b.a. proceeds to be split 50/50 between Ian Tomlinson family campaign and National Coaltion against Deportations. With a special shout out to our friend Benjamin who was deported to the “democratic” republic of congo around the same time Jimmy Mubenga was deported.

      • Yes. I can tell the difference between websites. I’m making the point that it is interesting that someone from the Anti-Injustice Movement should reference him rather than, for example, Mumia Abu Jamal or Lawrence Peltier or the Black Panthers.

  4. Well from the photo they look like mostly white folks, at least the ones in Glasgow. I’ve never come into contact with them myself – I just found the website and thought they looked like a good group. I am an emcee myself so it interested me.

  5. Interesting video….Did everyone get an afternoon off community college to take part? How many of you got banished to your rooms and your £20 pocket money stopped for the week and your laptops taken off you when mummy and daddy found out you’d skipped community college to “bring down vodafone”? Even the police can be seen laughing at the such pathetic attempts.

    Pssst….I wonder how manyof you “flash mob” (sounds like a rap group form the 80s) actually have vodafone mobile phones? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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