WAG @ Anarchist Bookfair 2010

The notorious Whitechapel Anarchist Group (WAG) will be at this years book fair (aka Anarcho Christmas) on Saturday 23rd October 10am-7pm at Queen Marys University (Mile End Road, London E1 4NS) launching our highly anticipated 24page pamphlet.

COME TO THE WAG MEETING – Room EB1 4pm-5pm – to hear our members introduce and talk about the topic. The pamphlet is a collection of reflections upon the events around June 20th 2010 when we had the prospect of the English Defence League coming to Tower Hamlets. The pamphlet tells an honest, warts and all account of our dealings not just with the EDL but religious preachers, the underhanded UAF, dodgy IFE, corrupt local council etc etc. It’s all in their from the number one anarchist group in the uk, personal reflections and honest musings, plenty of slagging off plus ideas and strategies for the way forward not just for WAG but the anarchist movement as a whole.

WAG will be present all day with a stall for old copies of the popular WAG paper, inflammatory stickers, posters etc etc. But most importantly we will be selling the limited edition run of our first ever produced pamphlet for £1.50.

Also at the bookfair we will be taking part in the Radical London Meeting, Room EB4A 3pm-4pm, alongside Haringey Solidarity, Hackney Solidarity, Action East End etc etc, building up a network for local groups across London to co-ordinate and support each other. Come along!!

Following on from the book fair WAG will be hosting a Public Meet and Greet on THURSDAY 4TH NOVEMBER 7-9PM at Larc (London Action Resource Centre) 62 Fieldgate Street E1 1ES for anyone interested! Find out about our regular discussion groups (next one on antifascism), weekly mixed martial arts classes, monthly Red & Black Club, get involved with our new paper / pamphlet / sticker design workshops and find out about our forthcoming strategy with the oncoming cuts and economic crisis.

Whether you’re a fascist, loyalist, trot, leftie, liberal, religious nutter, activista or anarcho-lifestylist – WE ARE the group that EVERYONE just loves to hate…



3 responses to “WAG @ Anarchist Bookfair 2010

  1. will the Pamphlet also be available as a pdf-download?

  2. yeah would love to be able to read this on-line.
    Spread the word.

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