September 22 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm Unite House, 128 Theobald’s Road, Holborn
Solidarity with Muslim and Black communities, migrants, women and all oppressed groups!

Smash Racism and Fascism – End Immigration Controls!

With guest speakers:

Pragna Patel and Helen Lowe from Women Against Fundamentalism: who have been actively campaigning around the issues of race, religion, sexuality and gender for many years.
The past two years has seen the growth in the visibility and confidence of the far right in Britain. The fascist BNP – the British National Party have been able to stand and gain seats in European and local council elections and despite internal problems and their failure so far to win a seat in Parliament or gain control of a council, they remain a serious threat.
The same period has also witnessed the emergence of the EDL – the English Defence League, who have held a series of street demonstrations ‘against Islamic extremism’, and not, they claim ‘ordinary Muslims’. They claim to ‘protect women’ and fight for women’s rights – But their mobilisations have led to indiscriminate violence against Asian communities. This racism has nothing to do with women’s liberation.
The growth of the far right has not occurred in a vacuum. It has grown alongside the scapegoating of migrants as the cause of bad housing, decaying public services, low wages and unemployment by both the current government – Cameron having promised to ‘cut immigration by 75%’ and the previous New Labour administration. On a daily basis vicious racism is pumped out by the tabloid and broadsheet press. Is it any wonder that the far-right is growing?
The main anti-fascist organisations have so far limited themselves to ‘uniting’ the broadest possible coalitions against the ‘Nazis’. This has often meant the same right-wing politicians who have enforced the policies that have allowed these groups to thrive being put on platforms at events against them! Furthermore, the response to attacks on Black communities has often been to uncritically align with the most conservative self-appointed ‘leaders’ of those communities. One of the clearest examples of this was the counter-mobilisation to the [eventually aborted] EDL demonstration in Tower Hamlets. The EDL were notionally going to march against a conference being held by the Islamic Forum of Europe – a far-right Islamist organisation who themselves promote Jewish-conspiracy theories, condone rape, the killing of homosexuals and have links to the war criminals Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh. Much of the official trade-union and left response was to ally themselves uncritically to these people – ignoring the fact that there are many in the Bangladeshi community in East London engaged in struggle against them.
This clumping together of all ‘Muslims’ in one homogeneous bloc has allowed the EDL to use the language of liberation – against sharia law, for women’s rights, gay rights, against anti-Semitism and conflate it with their Islamophobia – racist hostility towards entire Muslim communities.
We need an anti-racist movement that does not patronise black communities but fights the oppressions within them, that puts the arguments for open borders at the centre of the fight against fascism to tackle the basic premise of the politics of the BNP and EDL head on. The mobilisations against them should be used to help organise a working-class movement against the ‘mainstream’ racism Muslims, and all black and migrant communities face -against police violence, deportations, paper checks and all immigration controls.
Campaign Against Immigration Controls
Whitechapel Anarchist Group are not the authors of the above text, while we agree whole heartedly with the sentiments and will be attending the event with our fullest support, we feel we should point out that the EDL’s proposed mobilisation on June 20th 2010 was against a conference organised by the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) and not the under IFE’s name, despite this minor error the statement is correct in it’s analysis of the anti-EDL mobilisation.

39 responses to “NO ONE IS ILLEGAL PUBLIC MEETING: Stop the BNP and EDL!

  1. Everybody is a fascist

    I see less and less concern about the actions of fat cat capitalists and bankers and big government and more about bashing working class people who are turning to the BNP and EDL because they fear for the future of their country and children. For god sakes no wonder we are going down the tubes. Where is the revolutionary spirit and who is the real enemy. It is not the BNP and the EDL for gods sake they are a side show to distract anarchists and the left fromthe real enemy who feed offthe misery of the working class and poor.

    • Where do you see “less and less concern about the actions of fat cat capitalists”? Concern about the actions of fat cat capitalists is written all over this website. Are people not also supposed to be concerned about fascist and pseud0-fascist idiots attempting to divide and disrupt people’s communities (thus furthering the agenda of the fat cat capitalists, whether they know it or not?)
      If someone chucks a bottle at me from a moving vehicle while screaming “die nigger die” am I supposed to give them some leeway and “understand” them because they are “working class people” “fearing for the future of ‘their’ country and children”?
      Are you an anarchist or leftist or are you just another closet EDL supporter?

      • There he goes again, rasta the drooler

        What is said, “The English have good reason to be proud of their history and nation’s accomplishments”

        What rasta the nutlicker hears, “die nigger die”

        he’s pissed because for decades scumshite like him have been given free rein, by well meaning people on the Left with a collective guilt complex, to spew all sorts of false and delusional insidious idiocies about a host of subjects, and the times they are a changing. People will not accept it anymore. A review of the activities of the muslim brotherhood, a wander down to your local masjid bookstore and a perusal of it’s fine collection of muslim imperialist and supremacist materials, a look at substantial sections of the muzzie populations support for the most reactionary aspects of sharia, stoning, death for apostates, etc will make it quite clear that islam isn’t in Britain to co-exist or get along it’s here to dominate, if that process take generations so be it.

        For rasta, truly a closet racist if ever there was one(the kind that believe it is impossible for black or brown people to be racist) ignore all that islamic supremacist shit, ignore attacks on British girls, ignore what is said about the dirty “kafir” in mosques, ignore the no-go areas for non-muslims in England, you working class yobs you ignore that cause the real imperialists are the Nato troops in Afghanistan, and you are all “racists” anyway.

  2. soft genocidists, perhaps, those who hate the English?

  3. try giving this a read,

    long live the working class, and fuck those who would exploit them for the satisfaction of bullshit ideology and racial identity politics

  4. Denise McNeil, one of the so-called “ringleaders” of the yarl’s wood detention centre hunger strike earlier this year, who was sent to Holloway prison by closet neo-nazi and then-immigration official Phil Woolas for her role in it, despite not being charged with any crime, has just been deported to Jamaica where she faces an uncertain future:
    To my knowledge Shelly Ann Stupart and other hunger strikers remain in prison – will try to post some links about that in the future.
    re Cameron: I do not feel that Cameron is in the least worth engaging with, as he is obviously an asshole who seeks to scapegoat one billion plus people in the world as the source of the world’s problems (“the Muzzies”). Some of what is mentioned in the site he links is worth discussing though, I think.
    While what Norfolk Community Action is saying makes some amount of sense, it ignores the fact that the “working class” is not “one single community” any more than black people, muslims, or any other group made out of vast numbers of individuals are, and that within the working class people do experience the system differently, and that race and gender are important factors that come into play here. Just take a brief glance at the statistics of people who have been killed in police custody. There is a vastly disproportionate amount of black people, that is just undeniable. The fact of the matter is that in a vastly-majority-white country like this one, treating “the working class” as one homogenous entity will inevitably mean that the experiences of black working class people (for eg.) will be sidelined and marginalised. Pointing out the deficiencies of self-serving, mostly middle- and upper-class, and mostly self-appointed “ethnic community leaders” is a straw man argument. Particular communities have every right to prioritize the particular things that affect them the most and this should not be subsumed under some homogenous “working class” priorities, which will always mean more white working class than non-white working class (as white people are the vast majority in this country). As an example: the mention in the article about (primarily though not entirely) white british working class people being concerned about “asylum seekers jumping the queue” as an issue that needs to be addressed; which would be fair enough I suppose, but it is not accompanied by any mention of (primarily though not entirely) non white british working class asylum seekes being concerned about getting blamed, not to mention violently attacked, for supposedly “jumping the queue”, when they (a) often are not doing so in any sense of the word, (b) when they are, it is through no choice or fault of their own – it’s not like they created the gov’t’s dispersal policy, and (c) many of them are living in the type of absolute destitution that even the most deprived british born council estate resident may have difficulty imagining. As there are numerically more white british people concerned about asylum seekers, than there are asylum seekers concerned about white british people’s attitudes, it is perceived as more important to address the concerns of the former than the latter. And that will be the case until asylum seekers (as an example) have their own, authentic, grassroots representatives, as opposed to the type of “community spokespeople” who are condemned in the article. That is not to say that they shouldn’t be part of a broader-based working class movement as the site seems to be advocating – I would argue that they should – but they should have their own autonomy to set their own agenda within that. I don’t feel that the simplistic “we are just one working class” argument of groups like norfolk non aligned and the IWCA is allowing for that. (Though the IWCA was even more simplistic – it countered the “multiculturalist”‘s argument that black people were doing disproportionately badly in schools with statistics that appeared to show that class was the only pertinent issue there, not race – and that lumped the educational results of Black Caribbean, Black African, Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi people together as one lump, which in my experience seems to be the general opinion shared by lots of white people – if it ain’t white, it’s “black” – hence Ali Dizaei could become the head of the Black Police Association although no one in any other country, and certainly not in Iran, would ever have called him “black.”)
    While I’m in general agreement with a lot of what is said on the site, I think they might want to consider the above points, and also consider the fact that people like Cameron appear to be attracted to their views. Unless Cameron is the type of person they want on board.
    I hope that was coherent enough, these issues are a bit complex to go into quickly…

    • Rasta:

      * Phil Woollas, no matter what you think of him, is not a ‘neo-Nazi’. Unless you know something no one else does.

      * Phil Woollas has never been ‘an immigration official’. He is a politician.

      • He was the politician in charge of immigration under the former government, Politicians are “officials”, I thought. If not, I stand corrected.
        “Closet neo nazi”, fair enough he’s probably not a “Mein Kampf” fan (though I wouldn’t rule out the possibility). He’s a racist, xenophobic, cruel and authoritarian person who would have found a good niche among the nazis if he’d been around in those times.

      • PS while you’re asking people questions, maybe you can ask Cameron what a “soft genocidist” is. I don’t want to engage with the guy any more but that is quite an intriguing term. Are the “no one is illegal” organisers planning to mass murder the english softly with their song?

  5. Sorry, I got to Denise McNeil, one of the so………..zzzzzzzzzzzz
    and fell asleep. Fuck me you are boring.

  6. Couple of other quick thoughts re Norfolk Community Action site:
    “the liberal left who cry racism at the drop of a hat”… fair enough if they’re on about the SWP etc. trying to speak to me or tell me what I should and should not be offended by… but I can’t help but read that as code for “non-white people who ever accuse us of being racist.” A lot of the time when non white people accuse white people of being racist, it’s for the quite simple reason that they are being racist. And as soon as I hear a white person say “I’m not a racist” I instantly start to distrust them. Usually the next word is “but…”
    Also Paul Stott’s quote implies that “representatives” of “the white community” emerged as some sort of reaction to the presence of “representatives of [Muslim, Vietnamese, Black and the other various communities he mentions”, when in fact the opposite is true. Groups like the National Front emerged before groups like the Black Parents Movement did. The USA and the KKK existed before the UNIA did.
    And the difference between Black people, Vietnamese etc. organising on an ethnic basis and white people organising on an ethnic basis is that Black people (for eg) have been and are discriminated against and abuse BECAUSE they are Black (amongst other possible reasons). White working class people have been and are discriminated against and abused because they are working class, not because they are white.
    I’ll leave now before I bore another thrill-seeker to death.

    • ‘Paul Stott’s quote’. Where is this quote? Not on this page…

      • It’s in the article on Norfolk Community Action site. I started the post by saying “re Norfolk Community Action site” (which was linked by Cameron).
        It might not be quoted in its full context, and I haven’t read the whole article it comes from. I was discussing what the quote *seemed* to *imply* as it is.

  7. Meant to say “the SWP… trying to speak FOR me” in the third line above.

  8. rasta, dim twat ya,… well, you’re tone changed quite a bit with the posting of an opinion you agree with on this site. Either that or the Docs changed your medications, either way it’s nice to see you you’ve mellowed out a little bit, you daft racist cunt. Gone are your wild accusations, your hypocrisy, empty pointless threats, and all the other drivel that dribbles out your slack jawed mouth, speaking metaphorically. Tell me now that these folks have accepted your rancid assertions that British patriotism is automatically racist, do you still believe that Bitish people like their American cousins are “ignorant” or has the cowering of the site’s crew, to your hourse cries of “racists” satisfied you.

    Oh looking at your creepy attempt to insinuate that a group advocating for the British working class doesn’t meet your ideological standards for what exactly is “non-racist brhaviour” because I support their ideas, and I don’t accept when fucking scumbag twats like you drone on about how racist they are or that I recognize the colonial endeavor that elements of the muzzie community are aiming at the indigenous “whitey’ community. Fuck you are a bit scumshite, rasta. In one of your earlier bits of drivel you moaned about how hard people like you from afar had it in Britain, long hours of work for little pay, all the rest and how much better things were in whatever third world boghole that spawned the racial identity you seem to embrace so heartfeltly, anyways you didn’t explain why you remain in the UK, when you obvious hate it so much, referencing your “ignorant” Britons remark. I get you are a huge twat, moaning about slavery, and perfectly willing to flap your fat lips about if you were there(mauritania), or if you had an AK47, or if you …if you… some cheesy fat fuck, maybe a “professional” activist, …..doesn’t matter people will eventually see through resentful bitter little twats like you…keep shrilly screaming “racist” at everyone you disagree with …because every-time you do the less impact it will make and the more you do it at people who aren’t racist the easier it will be for them to see what you and your like are, anti-English bigots.

    • Didn’t see the defintion of “soft genocidist” anywhere amidst that river of dribble.

      • PS “the Muzzies” seems to have now become “elements of the Muzzie community”. Followers of Cameron’s previous stream-of-consciousness rants would notice that this is the first time he’s made such a distinction. Is he trying to make his opinions a bit more palatable now that he thinks he’s found “common ground” with Norfolk Community Action? (Who I’m sure would disown his fuckery, and who I never accused of being racist, shrilly or otherwise. Questioning the language and tone of the article does not equal a shrill scream of “racist!”)
        As far as Cameron is concerned: I maintain that lumping together one billion plus people and scapegoating them makes you a fucking racist twat, or the equivalent thereof if the hate is based on some other factor than strictly “race”. People who hate all Jews and rant on about Jewish conspiracies aren’t necessarily technically “racist” as “Jews” are not a “race”, but they are the equivalent thereof. Like how Phil Woolas (or Netanyahu and Lieberman or Sarkozy and Berlusconi for that matter) are not neo-nazis after the strict mold of Hitler, but they are the equivalent thereof, as evidenced by their actions and attitudes towards the groups they victimise.

  9. Well, if muzzies constitute, “the equivalent thereof”a race , do Catholics, how about Mormons, Jehovah witnesses, libertarians, constitutional monarchists, communists, maoists? The superficiality of of rasta’s perspective, obviously the victim of real or imagined racial injustice, seems he’s more frantic at the treatment by white men, some of whom appear to be in his ancestry, than the black men who were complicit in the slave trade, and seems completely oblivious to the endurance breath of the muslim slave trade. As he says he bears the blood of some of these “evil” white men, his self-loathing manifests in an exaggerated hatred of Britons, who fail to share his complexion. A hatred that permeates everything about him, and he seeks to conceal, at times unable to recognize his own racism or racial obsession. He would support any threat to Britain, it’s culture, people, and institutions. It is easily recognizable in his delusional labeling of opposition to islamic supremacism, a fundamental tenet of islam’s five major schools of sharia, as emanating from a bigoted place. As opposed to those who will not accept white supremacism any more than they will accept islamic supremacism, because both are an obscene injustice.

    The canards he floats about the victimization of muslims, the scapegoating of islam, and on and on, all the while not addressing the the character and tenets of islam, such as the elevation of a rapist to the level of moral exemplar, the institutionalization of slavery, pedophilia, and the subjugation and discrimination of non-muslims all of which are easily demonstrable from muslim source material(the kind meant for consideration by other muslims” , demonstrate his racial obsession. It’s funny how he fells free to prattle on about the “ignorance” of Americans and Britons, but verbal attacks on islam and muslims are rejected out of hand as bigoted racism. The oppositional critique of muslims and islam is rejected because with over a billion believers, it fails to account for their diversity, please ignore that every county with a muslim minority of over a few percent, including Thailand and the Philippines, experiences political violence from that minority, or that religious minorities are horrendously persecuted in muslim majority countries. When the reality is that what links them as muslims provides the greatest ground and reason for opposition. I guess, at 300 million plus Yanks and 60 million Brits, they fail to have the numbers to satisfy rasta’s numbers equal diversity idiosy, and it’s not bigoted or an oversimplification to call them all “ignorant” especially since he lived there for a few years and I suppose met them all. rasta, you are a used douchebag, but keep yapping you do more for the recognition that opposition to islam not about race or equivalent to it. As much as you reveal yourself a hypocrite, a racist, and probably based on you defense of an obviously anti-female ideology(islam)(discriminated against in islamic law, honour killings, FGM) a woman-hater, the thought of female equality causing an involuntary release of urine down the front of rasta’s short trousers. Such a Fuckin’ nutlicker is rasta.

    • For the record, I am very critical of Islam, just as I am of Judaism and Christianity. I look at things from the perspective of an African slave descendant, because that is what I am, and none of the above religions have a good history as far as their interactions with Africa and Africans are concerned (although they are all to a large extent based on more ancient teachings that originated in Africa anyway). I think Black African people would have been much better off had we never encountered any of these religions. I am also aware of the role of Black African elites in keeping the slave trades in motion (I say trades plural because I’m referring to both the trans-Saharan and trans-Pacific Arab ‘Muslim’ slave trade and the trans-atlantic European ‘Christian’ and ‘Jewish’ slave trade. (I put the quotes out of respect for the many Muslims, Christians and Jews who feel their religions are NOT compatible with slavery, by their interpretations). I think Black Africans (and everyone) would be much better off without elites.
      (Although having said that, the role of African elites is a bit of red herring used as a cop-out by white and black people who for whatever reason want to minimize the atrocities of the trans-atlantic slave trade. African elites did not drive the institution of slavery, they were just the local collaborators. Every invading and colonizing power has always managed to find elements of the local population to collaborate with them, and Africa is no different in that regard. Also you cannot ignore the role of firearms in the equation. Europeans made guns, Africans did not, and the Europeans deliberately started an arms race in West and Central Africa. There were already traditional enmities between “tribes” which were exacerbated, and new enmities were created, and whoever sold more slaves to the Europeans got more guns.)
      I am only mentioning the above for the record, I mentioned it before on here but not on this thread. I don’t see any need to address anything else the fucking dribbling cunt above is on about, but I’ll go ahead and repeat myself one more fucking time since he seems so intent on distorting and twisting my views – any “anti-female” “pro-slavery” etc. elements that are present in [some interpretations of] Islam are also present, by the bucketful, in [some interpretations of] Judaism and Christianity – not a surprise, since they are all three very similar religions all based on variants of the same “holy texts”. (Although you won’t find any justification for female genital mutilation in any of them, regardless of what some village idiot “imam” or “priest” or “midwife” might think). The fact that Cameron screams bloody murder about “Muzzies” whilst completely ignoring Christianity and Judaism (not to even mention Hinduism, Sikhism etc.), speaks volumes… but then again, so does he, in page after page of nonsensical drivel, so I’ll just leave him to it… I can’t think of anything else I could possibly want to clarify or any other so-called “point” he might make that I’d want to rebut, so I will leave him to it and no longer respond to him even in the third person – and WAG site admin, you can hold me to that.

  10. “no longer respond to him even in the third person – and WAG site admin, you can hold me to that.” well …thank christ for that. I’m truly sick of those whose, by virtue of particular ancestral background seem to think that they occupy some sort lofty moral place were they can hurl accusations of “racist” at those who don’t subscribe to their race obsessed view of reality. I mean drawing your identity from crimes that happened to ancestors lifetimes ago…that’s just sad. To take that corrosively flawed self identification and apply it to contemporary events is beyond your run of the mill delusion, it enters land of crazy unavailable to the usual human, even with the aid of very good drugs.

    Christianity has had it’s teeth pulled, the thought that Christians could set up pyres in town squares to burn heretics is unfathomable today to the vast vast majority of Christians. The thought that Jews could or would following ancient Jewish religious law stone to death adulterers is inconceivable to the again vast vast majority of Jews. One of the reasons for this is that both populations have gone through and embraced the Enlightenment. The same cannot be said for the muslims. Ask muslims you know, if mohammed is considered by them the perfect man, a moral example to follow, ask if the koran is the direct word and commandment of God. The vast majority will answer in the affirmative.

    You know I don’t know what is more disgusting about this shitstain calling himself rasta, his attempt to equate modern Christianity and Judaism to islam or his feeble attempt to present his bullshit as occupying some sort of reasoned or rational place. I don’t know if it is ignorance on this pussyclot’s part of the actualities of Islamic islamic law, in that following muhammed’s perfect example the taking of slaves and the practice of slavery is institionalized. No abolitionist movement ever emanated from muslim infested territories, the jihad against Animist and Christians in southern sudan has seen a revival of the slave trade. The nutsack licking saudi scumbags didn’t end officially their slavetrade till the 60’s, and lots of reports from NGO’s say that it continues, with the tact support of the muslim clergy, in the shadows. Fuck knows they treat migrant workers like slaves anyway, but droolers like rasta here will tell you as far as slavery goes they are all pretty much the same. Forget that the open slave trade, you know the one with slave markets in city squares was destroyed by the BRITISH, and the Americans during their civil war, for the first time in human history, at the behest of …..wait for it…..Christians. Fuck me, That’s an odd one if as pussyclot rasta proposes those religions are essentially equivalent. So if you meet some dribbling muzzie who says he wants a return of the sharia, he is in effect saying he wants to resurrect slavery, or revitalize it, if you prefer.

    rasta … are undoubtedly a racist, cum sucking, hypocrite, steaming pile of foul shit, and as the nutritional guides say, “You are what you eat.” so eat shit till your lips find a new shade of brown, ….fuck off and die.

  11. rasta you nutlickin’ moron, here’s an example of what muzzie scum do when the have the numbers and capacity all sanctioned by sharia’s five major schools, though they deny it. Even though their own texts for centuries have acknowledged and reported the slave trade. By playing the useful idiot to islam, you are effectively running interference for this atrocity, and you feel you have the right to criticize Western civilization and the British empire….

    you and those like you fucking disgust me. The theo-ideology, that islam is, needs to have it’s teeth pulled like Christianity, this is done by attacking islam and making muslims as uncomfortable at every opportunity till the turn and confront their own beliefs. Supporting the fabrication that they are despised because of “racism” or that those who oppose them are “facists”, instead of acknowledging that opposition arises from the nature of islamic beliefs, delays muslim confronting the nature and practices of their own unholy law.

  12. and here’s another one rasta, for your complicit support of muzzies you fucking douche,

    don’t forget that this shit following mohammed’s Perfect moral example, all this slavery shit is fucking sharia legal. Fraud mohammed the only founder of a major religion to take and hold slaves, and there all the same. What a fucking lie. On behalf of these poor girls, rasta…. fuck you and all who think like you.

  13. re the original topic of the post:
    Here is a video of a powerful speaker condemning the obscenity that is Yarl’s Wood Immigration Detention Centre (where children are still being held regardless of Clegg and co’s empty pre-election promises):

  14. romanticanarchist

    It’s clinically interesting Mr Cameron to observe that people with manifestly evident borderline personality traits continue to post many of their loneliest ideas on anarchist blogs. Yeah, I’m sure that daddy was a very very naughty man, but hey – go and see your GP eh? Or at least get a girlfriend that doesn’t come with instructions written on the back…

    • tres romantique more soviet than anarchist

      You must be quite the analyst with the diagnostic skills of of a world class psychologist, which school do you subscribe to freudian… transpersonal,…
      environmental,…..gestalt,… to diagnose from a few blog posts. Or, are you just engaged in some sort of “projection” with the “manifestly evident borderline personality traits”? I like that, did the school nurse put that in your file? …maybe you think like a one of those mass murdering soviets who regularly took dissent as a manifestation of instability, at least nuthouses were a good place to put people who you couldn’t pin an actual crime on. By the way, that’s an insult. I only say because you seem ….well, a fucking idiot. See people who are lonely will typically agree with you or attempt to relate or curry favour, I’ve done none of that. I’ve opposed seems the position of this blog’s editors or admin, demonstrated what a hypocritical anti-English twat rasta. Pointing out that antipathy to an religo-ideology that seeks to stifle dissent through threat and murder(see theo van gogh), that seeks to institutionalize child rape through marraige seeks to revitalize the practice of slavery through application of it’s religious law, as found in the five major schools of sharia blah blah subjugation of women, blah kill the homo’s…it’s own imperialist agenda….the list of reasons someone could quite sanely find to oppose islam, and what is a faith/ideology with out believers, goes on for a very long time, and none of them have anything to do with racism. The question becomes you would have to be very sick in da’ead not to oppose such an ideology. If your refusal to examine islam comes from a place of …it(islam) is the religion of the black or brown man therefore beyond criticism or critique,…or straight out opposition. Well, that’s truly fuckin’ racist.

      Here, I will tell you why I bother to post on this blog, though you shouldn’t really give a shit. Procrastination …..oil paint takes, if you don’t use dryers, a long time to dry, I’ve lived as an anarchist, ten years without a bank account or any form of government issued ID, for a longtime, although much more the libertarian sort it seems, than the anarcho-marxist sort you find here. As for my Girlfriend situ, you must have missed the firsttime little rasta swallowed his nuts. My partner and I’ve been together for over 8 years now, and she seems happy as she hasn’t tossed my ass out on the street yet. We’ve a beautiful little girl, genetically speaking the product of bloodlines that haven’t touched in thousands of years. It’s the most amazing, best part of my life. thanks for your concern …cheers…you so sweet.

      • “I’ve opposed seems the position of this blog’s editors or admin, demonstrated what a hypocritical anti-English twat Rasta”
        Some of you anti-immigrant types would like English-speaking tests to be administered to people… looks like this policy might backfire on you guys… oh wait I see the end of the post now, it’s Cameron again… well I didn’t know it was him/her/it/them when I started writing so I’ll go ahead and post this.

  15. PS it’s curious that the personage above lives “without any form of gov’t-issued ID” and yet manages to travel internationally in pursuit of his graphic design career (for which he presumably gets paid cash-in-hand as he has no bank account).
    PPS thanks for the video about the Islamic slave trade – would be useful information for those not already familiar with it [assuming that it is a factual account – haven’t had a chance to watch it yet]. Of course every Rastafari person worth his or her no-salt ital food would be very familiar with all of that already – as we would be with the history of the European slave trade and its continuing effects to this day.

  16. romanticanarchist

    Hello again Cameron/Equalitist/etc..I’m assuming that the pseudonyms all belong to the same person. It wasn’t a diagnosis of a disorder – merely an observation of particular personality traits that you seem to be unable to disguise in your posts. The purpose was really a kind of experiment to see how you would respond to bullying, albeit a different type to that which you normally prefer to employ yourself. The result again was quite interesting. I’m glad that you’re feeling happy at the moment and that you think that your partner and child are happy too. Obviously it would be useful to obtain their thoughts and feelings on the matter too, but that’s perhaps not possible given the limitations of the internet. I thought it was critical and perhaps instructive, given the length and attention you afforded to replying to my post, that you did not choose to respond at all to the offensive suggestions that I made in respect of your father. Please feel free to respond further. By the way, living without a bank account or an ID has absolutely nothing at all to do with anarchism. If you’re interested Rasta or I could recommend some reading for you that may help you to decide whether you like the idea, or you don’t.

  17. Cameron/Equalitist/etc…..Busted… Cameron and Equalitist, I am both… thought that would be ….well, obvious….Romanticanarchist, I might salute your astute deductive analysis. I’d say you have a profound grasp of the obvious, less the exaggeration of “/etc ” and the accusation of “bullying” …..another exaggeration. If you find words on a blog post intimidating or threatening ….you by far too delicate for this brute world. Do yourself a favour and give your wrists a good deep cut or find a high bridge from which to take a long dive, whispering, “good bye… cruel, cruel world.”
    Has anyone told you being depressed doesn’t make you deep.

    Laughable doesn’t quite reach it as a description of your semantic pretensions, Romanticanarchist, paraphrasing, “I didn’t make a diagnosis, I just made an observation” retreat. My accusing you of sounding like a soviet thought police commissar was mistaken, you are just trying to peddle some pop-psyche turn of phrase you learned from too many hours spent watching afternoon chatshows. My apologies to soviet era thought police.

    Employing that psuedonym, Equalitist, then revealing my deception imediately afterward was my own little test. Since those here seem to be unable to distiguish between an ideology and a race of people. I wanted to see if any at this site were capable of recognizing the obvious and draw them out, since rasta is obviously a self contradicting dim twat racist peice of shit harbouring a detestible resentment against England, probably Britain, and most definately whitey. I’m not really sure if I suceeded or not since all I seem to have drawn forth is you, Romanticanarchist a pretentious little chatshowjunkie with some sort of weird father fixation/fetish?

    As to the length of my reply to your previous post, I have to write reams and reams of artspeak essays for work, so writing come quickly and easily to me. What might take you all day takes me minutes, so I wouldn’t read too much into the length and breath of my responses. It’s not like I’m bothering to edit them much. Then again if that makes you feel good about yourself, have at’er, no skin off my ass.

    You know all about Anarchism do you? yes, you do(said as patronizingly as speaking to a spastic 4 year-old, or more a small breed of unintelligent lapdog). You know Anarchism cause you read it in some books, books and reading are magnifcant but a poor substitute for experiment and experience. Don’t worry you might be able to learn the truth of that some day …maybe…possibly…could happen. Anyways, Anarchism is a many branching tree lacking, antitethical really to any formal orthadoxy or orthapraxy. Excepting for those branches co-opted by marxist scumshites and their mass-murdering commie turd comrades, they can be quite ideological. Are you one of them, oh Romanticanarchist? Trying to find ways to live outside exploitive capitalist/statist systems, while not relying on marxist, maoist, leninist, communist or any other bankrupt bullshit theory is the venue of …I guess you could call it though such defies naming and qualification, …. experiment in experiential Anarchism. Hence, it shows up sometimes as a withdrawl from the banking structure, non-participaton and submission to the State. I didn’t need them to tell me who I was. But if you feel you could enlighten me with the words others have writen, while lacking any sence of origonality or freshness of though go ahead….unless it’s some marxiste or socialist crap trying to disguises itself as Anarchism because marxist and hardcore socialists are soiled with the blood and torment of so many tens of millions in the quest for their utopian fantasies. Fuck’em

    And last and least, rasta rastie rasta, just can’t keep up or your word can you?… Travel and no ID, no ID past tense and travel for work is now…How do I explain this past tense is long time ago and now means currently, see peoples lives change over time. Like before I no like you thought you an asshole now I just feel sorry for you, pity. So your Aha! moment with “he says he travels without ID” is like, your skull, a bit empty. But nice try though, I don’t really want to further damage your wounded self-esteem.

    You mind me of a conversation I had with a mate of mine from Saint Lucia, we were getting drunk one night and he was explaining to me his theory as to why black guys dominated professional sports in the states. He said that the slaveowners had their own fucking breeding programs, like for cattle. I said that such a thing was disgusting. He agreed and went on to suggest that all those big black lads were a result of said breeding programs brawn, size and stupidity for the field. Then laughingly, he told me that his family had been house slaves and they had bred for good looks and intelligence. Ratsa, I would bet any amount your people worked the field, you got the supidity alright.

  18. That’s Cameron for any who didn’t cotton on to the name change(rasta)

  19. Romanticanarchist

    You offered to give me a few titles to read so…… I could conform to “approved” or “correct” doctrine? Perhaps you could recommend a good camp I could go to for a good olde fashioned “re-education”? I’m just taking the piss, I’ve been reading shit loads of muslim materials on islamic supremacism , here are a few titles for you and if he can get over his hate of the White man, your little buddy, rasta, the first is available on line it’s called milestones by an Eygptian, named sayed qtub. It’s a short uncomplicated little treatise that even a semi-literate like rasta could plow through. like I said it’s online for your convenience at:

    at a mainstream canadian muslim website no less, love those moderate muslims.

    The next one one my little reading list is “Reliance of the Traveller” a treatise on Shafi’i juriprudence a’la sharia(one of the five major school of islamic law sactioned by the highest authority in sunni islam’s education system al-azhar university in old Cairo probably available in English at your local mosque bookstore. Fun stuff like execution for homosexuals, parents can kill their offspring without consequence, circumcision mandatory for boys and girls ….ooohh just gives you warm and cuddly feeling doesn’t it? Oh but ….wait opposition to muslims and islam is based on racism, and you wouldn’t want to confront anything that conflicts with your prejudices would you? fgm….. Yes, there are some things worse than Western imperialism, like a society that as far as patriarchy goes makes Western culture look like a feminist near-utopia, that is if you aren’t already deluded by hatred of the West to see things as they are.

  20. So you lot of islamophiles….you’re really into this:

    Why do you hate Gay people so much, or why support the adherents of an ideology that hates Homos? Is it because they’re….mostly brown(not the gays)? or non-white? If it is you practice the Racism of lowered expectations or if you’re white native Briton you are engaged in some sort of pathological self-loathing, and you need help. Either way, you are a fuckwit and not in anyway a progressive. This religio-ideology has turned one of the world’s most gay-friendly cities, Amsterdam, into a place with among the highest incidence of assaults on Queers, and if some dare attack islam they are labled stinking fascist and racists. If attacks on islam offend you you are not a progressive you are a fauxgressive, and do the world a favour off yourself, and let people who actually care about equality, anti-poverty and human rights get on with the fight.

  21. The filthy kkkunts of the UK Border Agency and their G4s hired goons at work… UKBA and G4S need to feel some fucking heat over this…

  22. Fuck Me, Ive been asleep for six weeks and missed the best bits. Rasta getting ragged by Cameron.

    Any chance of putting the clown hat on for me now?

    Please Forward Widely
    Denise McNeil, Aminata Camara and Shellyann Stupart were abitrarily jailed on the orders of former immigration minister Phil Woolas for daring to take part in a hunger strike last year to protest the brutal conditions at Yarl’s Wood Immigration prison for families and children. Almost a year later they are still in prison. Denise came within a hair’s breadth of being deported to Jamaica where she faces possible death as a witness in the killings of members of her family by the gangs which control Jamaica on behalf of the political parties. She has a bail hearing this coming Tuesday and could use all the support she can get – info below:
    Denise McNeil has a bail hearing this Tuesday 25th January from 10am at Richmond Magistrates Court, Parkshot, Richmond TW9 2RF:
    The nearest train station is Richmond, which is the final station on the District and Overground lines.
    We really want to show a lot of support for her inside and outside the court.

    There’s a Facebook page for the bail hearing here:!/event.php?eid=104376259637313

    Please ‘like’ this and send it to your friends and contacts.
    It’s almost a year since the Yarl’s Wood hunger strike began. Sheree and Aminata will also have bail hearings in the coming month. Your support is very welcome. If you would like to come to the court to show support for them or to get involved in the campaign contact

    Free the Yarl’s Wood 3!

  24. Quick correction re the above – it is Sheree Wilson who is in prison, not Shellyann Stupart.
    More info and suggestions of what people can do here:

    Support Denise at her bail hearing!
    ********9.45am, Tuesday 25th January, IAC Hatton Cross NOT Richmond as previously stated.***************
    PLEASE NOTE NEW VENUE: IAC Hatton Cross NOT Richmond Magistrates Court. Please forward this message to people who received the first call out so they don’t end up in the wrong place!

    IAC Hatton Cross, York House, 2/3 Dukes Green Avenue, Feltham, Middlesex, TW14 0LS. (20 mins walk from Hatton Cross tube on Piccadilly line, or buses 285 or 90 to Faggs Road bus stop). Travel directions here:
    Denise McNeil, imprisoned in Holloway for nearly a year since taking part in the hunger strike at Yarl’s Wood, has a bail hearing this Tuesday 25th January at 10am. We aim to meet inside the building outside the court room at 9.45am. Although she will be taking part in the hearing by video link, we want to be there in person to demonstrate to the judge the level of support for her release.
    Let’s show that Denise has lots of support. Out of respect for her we will sit quietly in the public gallery during the hearing and not do anything that disrupts her chance of being granted bail.
    It’s almost a year since the Yarl’s Wood hunger strike began. Sheree and Aminata will also have bail hearings in the coming month. Your support is very welcome. If you would like to come to the court to show support for them or to get involved in the campaign contact

    Free the Yarl’s Wood 3!
    Please also come to the campaign planning meeting this Friday, where we sincerely hope Denise can join us:
    Free the Yarl’s Wood 3!
    Campaign planning meeting, 6pm-7.30pm, Fri 28 January
    Fin Future, 225-229 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, London, N4 2DA (2 minutes from Finsbury Park tube station – come out main entrance, go past Arsenal shop, turn right down Seven Sisters Rd, go under railway bridge and Fin Future is on your right with big windows and yellow/green window frames or come out Seven Sisters Rd exit, and it’s just on your right)

    In February 2010, women at Yarl’s Wood immigration prison went on hunger strike to demand an end to indefinite and abusive imprisonment. The women experienced violent attacks and abusive treatment in an attempt to end their protest. Six women were accused of being ring-leaders and moved into isolation and prisons. Nearly a year later, three women remain in prison without charge: Aminata Camara, Denise McNeil and Sheree Wilson.

    Come along to this meeting to plan how to take the campaign for their release forward. Hear messages from the women and plan how to respond to their requests for solidarity.

    The venue is wheelchair accessible. Please let us know if you need childcare for the meeting, and we’ll arrange a creche.

    More information on Free Denise McNeil:
    Read the recent article in the Observer:
    Stay in touch with the campaign:
    Join the Facebook group:

    Twitter feed: @freedenisenow
    NCADC site:

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