Croydon EDL Division beaten at Whitechapel Tube

Last night (Saturday 14th August) members of the Croydon Division of the EDL (English Defence League) got turned over while flyering at Whitechapel Tube Station by locals. Having had a busy day waving Israeli flags in Central London (Monmouth Street) in support of the cosmetics retailer Ahava, the Croydon Division of the EDL wrongly decided to stop off at Whitechapel Tube Station late Saturday evening when returning from a meeting in Essex. After flyering for about 30 minutes the English Defence League – whose presence in the East End has been clearly made unwelcome before – were attacked by a group of youths. It is believed that one key South London member of the EDL was put in Royal Hospital due to head injuries, but nothing serious. When will they learn?


22 responses to “Croydon EDL Division beaten at Whitechapel Tube

  1. They are such a bunch of dupes.

  2. dupes are on the other side, where is the government money going to uaf

  3. “After flyering for about 30 minutes the English Defence League – whose presence in the East End has been clearly made unwelcome before – were attacked by a group of youths. ”

    Now we know who truly started the violence at Whitechapel. The Muslims of course. Who else?

  4. EDL will send YOU to hell!

    Oh no, I forgot, you’re already there!

  5. They are idiots. If they were spewing the usual racist tripe they got what they deserved. Marching bradfords a disgrace.

  6. london Leadership EDL

    The EDL only attend whitechappel as it’s a free country & have NEVER attacked a muslim on visits due to our tough stance against racist behaviour & to respect moderate muslims rights. The EDL only oppose the minority who are Militant & have views which most decent muslims disagree with anyway.
    The Muslim gang of 30 or so who decided to cowardly racistly attack one lone figure has been condemed by Muslim leaders & I hope will be by all muslims & memembers of east London as otherwise the risk of our peaceful stance may change.
    Don’t misunderstand the EDL’s non-response as weakness… you have been warned.

    • From EDL member “Juniper”‘s blog, linked above:
      “There is no such thing as ‘moderate Muslims.’ That does not exist in their book. What does exist is a special form of lying by which they spread fascislam.”
      The EDL: “Pro-Zionist, Pro-American Right, Pro-Armed Forces, Pro-Serb “, pro-vocative and above all pro-idiocy. A drinking club for the braincell-challenged.
      And what the fuck is a “memember of east london”? Does it mean “member”? Is East London some sort of club or something?

  7. “EDL will send YOU to hell!

    Oh no, I forgot, you’re already there!”

    Ha ha, what the fuck? 😀 He’ll regret that when he sobers up.

  8. LOL the EDL call Obama “Obama/Osama”… ROTFLMAO… (on “Juniper”s blog)…
    not that I’m an Obama fan, but I dislike him for different reasons…
    Seems like the EDL want to get beat up so they can portray themselves as “victims of islamofascism” eh… buncha twats wasting those NHS resources!

  9. Muppets. They’ll get more of the same if they go to Croydon, no doubt.

  10. I came on here to write some profound statement in support of the EDL, but Ive decided that it would be wasted on such a group of sad bearded individuals.
    The pompous shit thats spouted here doesnt warrant any kind of intelligent input and so im not going to bother.
    You really are a bunch of pathetic losers. I mean seriously, what has communism or anarchism achieved in this country or any other western country? Its dead, like a comedic parrot.
    Why do I imagine you all sitting around listening to Lynard Skynard?
    And talking tough, dont make me laugh.A good shit would kill most of you.

  11. “profound statement” and “in support of the EDL” are contradictory terms. Kind of like how “delicious” and “diarrhea” are contradictory terms.
    EDL talking about “pathetic losers” is the funniest shit I’ve heard since the “black white supremacist” skit on the Dave Chappelle show.

  12. rasta

    You might want to be a bit more reserved in your comments considering the extent of you opposition to the EDL seems to stem from an ignorance of muslim ideology and practice and an internalized racism, muslims are dark skinned, EDL are light skinned, Whites are racist, therefore opposition to islam must be racist.

  13. What a joke

  14. brilliant argument….why didn’t I realize that. tt33l3r’s a fuckin’ genius probably the kind of racist that thinks only Whites can be racist, or that supremacism is only a feature of white societies, that the whole world dances to a Western tune, unable to fathom that muslims are completely capable of processing their own civiliational agenda and as their history demonstrates their own form of imperialism. It’s often called islamic civilization for fuck’sake, it has a philosophy, method, basis, manner and drive of it’s own like every other societal grouping we call a civilization.

  15. You can use big words like “societal grouping” all you want, it doesn’t stop you from being a fucking idiot. Now go crawl off into a corner and die.

  16. Fucking useless twat you are, rasta, obviously not that bright, don’t you have some ancient history to whine and whinge about while remaining clueless as to what fucki’ actually happened. The “big” words scare you send a little trickle of brown trailing down your leg, should people keep it monosyllabic to keep from upsetting you. If you don’t understand what is going on save yourself the humiliation, that’s embarrassment,…. those words might be to big, …no understandy shut mouthy ’cause look dumby. rasta you fuckin’ stupid twat, with meatflaps wavin’ in the wind

  17. Jah will provide…….Rasta with a brain.

  18. The perfect thank you, and share information.

  19. fuck the EDL. I anal fucked all the EDL member’s mothers. They love black cum on their tongues. You pussy fuckers, come suck my cock you jealous pussies!

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