Steaming “Hot News”

The past few weeks have seen an odd “newspaper” – yes we use the term very very loosely – land on the doormats of east enders, entitled “HOT NEWS” with the bold strapline of “Readerships upto 40,000 by door to door delivery”. A surprising claim seeing as the lay out seems to have been handled by possibly a blind person with no understanding of graphic design ever plus the fact that this “newspaper” has never been seen before – even by residents who have been here for over forty years!

As you flick through it becomes pretty obvious that the main “news” stories have been directly lifted from the internet such as from Yahoo, is this just a case of lazy journalism or does something more insidious lurk? Alongside the lifted “articles” – once again using the term loosely – are lot’s and lot’s of adverts which are maybe the funding behind the paper? Most adverts are fairly normal – cheap fridge freezers, tattoo removal etc – but suddenly you start to get “adverts” for arranged marriages and quotes like “Allah says over 20 times obey the Koran NOW“.

Then it hits you! A centre page spread of religious bombardment. No images – the lay out is really really shit don’t forget – just full on tiny text of quotes from the Koran and articles dealing with such pressing issues as “wife who does normal religious activities and OBEY her husband will go to heaven. So this is great news to woman. Please pass this to your mum and sisters if you want them to go to heaven. So a wife does not obey her husband will surely go to hell and burn there unless husband forgives her. Some woman think this is biased” No shit Sherlock. As you can gather the spelling and italics are exactly as they appear in the “paper”.

Amongst these insights appears the philosophy of Dr Zakir Naik described as “The greatest living scholars on earth” which is an even bolder claim than the front page declaring it’s 40,000 readership. Dr Naik is no stranger to controversy, a kind of religious extremist version of Rupert Murdoch with a zeal for 911 Conspiracies, a vocal supporter of Bin Laden hell bent on making Orwell turn in his grave with his double think “Peace Conferences”. Thankfully many Muslims have stood up and spoken out against Dr Naik’s divisive dogma placing a high number of fatwa’s (20 alone from the Shariah Board Of America) on his head as a Salafi preacher. Also in the east end – Muslim and non-Muslim – people aren’t stupid enough to swallow any old crap posted through their door. Especially when it’s as subtle as a kick in the nuts.

Hot News? Steaming pile of hot shit if you ask us.


2 responses to “Steaming “Hot News”

  1. near the ball, ‘cept this twat has plenty of support in the muslim community. You do know one a disservice sugar coating this evilshit…..that is if you think the execution of homosexuals for being gay is good, or the thought of a genocide against the Israelis makes your nether bits go all tingly.

  2. excuses the, “do know one a disservice” should read “do no one a service” the ganja in British Columbia is fuckin’ straight goods, but makes typing and thinking at the same time a bit of an effort. sorry.

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