Crown Estate Evictions

Sad loss for some WAG’s and fellow friends. Read all about it in The Hackney Gazette. Great quote:

Madeleine Davis, of the Victoria Park Crown Estate residents’ association said: “Crown Estate bosses are sitting on empty properties to drive up their prices. We are completely in the dark over the future of the properties, as they’ve refused to involve us in discussions, and that it heinous. They’ve said they will consult us when they find a buyer but what is the point in that; It’s meaningless.” She added: “The residents don’t mind the squatters; that’s very clear from the support they’ve shown today.”

Cyril Duff, 80, has lived next door since 1973 and said he was unhappy that the squatters were given no prior warning about the eviction. “The squatters were quite well behaved and I had no problem with them whatsoever,” he said. “It was totally unnecessary the way they dealt with those people today. I’m dismayed because a community has built up here and soon that continuity will be broken, with flashy rents and city types moving in. You can’t express this community in pounds, shillings and pence.”


2 responses to “Crown Estate Evictions

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  2. Marie Liberman, sounds like such a nice lady, misses the point a bit doesn’t she?

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