East London Advertiser Letter


One response to “East London Advertiser Letter

  1. All this “real East Enders” nonsense is hilarious – there wasn’t even a real East End until the middle of the 19th Century! Famine-era Irish migration followed by mass Eastern European Jewish immigration created the highly populated city area that became known as the East End, with its population popularly termed East Enders only 100 or so years ago, largely as an insult.

    Cockney was the product of different groups – Yiddish and Romani words are obvious and Irish elements are likely. The oh-so-charming Cockney rhyming slang was very possibly a thieves’ cant, given the high levels of prostitution and thievery amongst particularly the impoverished Irish community (one of the few historical details Guy Ritchie bothered to get right in “Sherlock Holmes”).

    And, as for so-called extremism! The Irish had the Irish Republican Brotherhood (Fenians), the Jews had the anarchists (a minority of whom were insurrectionists). The East End has been home to the “enemy within” since the 1860s.

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