Anarchists Versus EDL/UAF

Two Radio Broadcasts letting you know what Anarchists from WAG think on the issues around the EDL, UAF and religious extremism.

Firstly, Broadcast LIVE at the Red & Black Club by Dissident Island Radio on May 21st 2010 (Before the Mobilisation on June 20th was announced), Whitechapel Anarchist Group and other friends discuss the English Defence League (EDL), United Against Fascism (UAF), Nationalism, the Left, the RMT, Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) and local organisation.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Secondly, Broadcast LIVE at the Red & Black Club by Dissident Island Radio on June 18th 2010. WAG discuss the debacle so far with the English Defence League (EDL), United Against Fascism (UAF), corrupt local politics, dodgy socialists and the build up to June 20th in Tower Hamlets.

Part 1:

Part 2:



5 responses to “Anarchists Versus EDL/UAF

  1. By all accounts Sundays WAG presence made strong connections with the local youth, who were keen to see the back of both the EDL and the Islamic extremists. With many of the locals asking questions and expressing an interest in anarchism.
    Congratulations to WAG ,for putting in the groundwork necessary to make political victories like this occur.

  2. anarchism gets laughed at because its a fucking joke how many of you talking come from the east end of london???

  3. slating the edl for only having a few non white members how many non white anarchists within wag?? middle class wannabe revolutionarys fkin jokers

  4. The UAF mess up all the time because operatives like myself from various organisations make it so.
    Most of us aren’t from Fascist groups. We are
    What is worse than a bigot? A blind bigot who creates more dilemas.
    The EDL is nothing more than a by-product of Government action. Unlike other by-products the EDL is an active manifestation to keep you people busy.
    From the start of the Cold-War the Left-Wing and yourselves sought to play a mind game on the world.
    We learnt your game and now your playing it.

  5. I personally am greatful for the EDL. We should speak more against those who want to use Islam and Muslims to do their seek biddings and create blood shed. It’s has nothing to do with “holy”. We should create a muslim coallition to condemn every act of muslim extrimists because not saying anything is agreeing silently!

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