EDL Go To Hell!

This evening, Tuesday 15th June, around 6pm roughly fifteen EDL were spotted drinking outside the Grave Maurice Pub next to whitechapel station. They had to be protected by police as within minutes locals descended down, led mainly by british asian lads, the EDL had to be rushed into the tube with the station doors being shut as a few hundred locals let them know what they thought about their presence.

The area has been buzzing all night with hundreds of locals congregating outside and around the area of the East London Mosque on Whitechapel Road, continuing into the night vigilant groups have been keeping an eye out for any unwelcome elements.

The EDL claim they are against Islamic extremism and not Muslims in general, a sentiment articulated well by their leader Tommy Robinson cancelling their counter-demo on 20th due to The Troxy Venue pulling the conference hosting controversial religious speakers, but once again the rhetoric falls flat when we see members of the EDL coming to an area for no reason but to provoke.

Why were they around? Maybe they were returning back from a day’s drinking down in Barking at the returning soldiers parade which was heckled by a tiny fringe group, possibly linked to former Islam4UK, called Muslims Against Crusades. Provoking the crowd – which is as we know the sole aim of small fringe groups of this nature to gain some media headlines – they were attacked by a couple of EDL who managed to get pass police lines. Possibly high on this success a few members thought it brave to test the waters of whitechapel?

Whatever the case the EDL need to learn that tiny fringe groups like Islam4UK and Muslims Against Crusades who, as can be seen in Barking, can barely muster 50 odd do not represent the many Muslim communities we have in London and across Britain. Working class areas like Whitechapel where many ordinary Muslims and non-Muslims live and work in complete harmony will not tolerate divisive groups like the EDL, we live in an area steeped in a history of poverty and hard graft but also a history of standing up for ourselves. You can try and blame this on “angry asian/muslim boys” or “hotheads” but what these young lads represent, alongside all the locals who also joined them, is the East End spirit.

By coming here the EDL have once again shown that they are out to provoke, not to stop the spread of religious extremism but to fan the flames of division through their own rowdy behaviour, well let tonight be a lesson for you. If you come to Whitechapel or Tower Hamlets it’s not the UAF who are going to be out to wave placards at you. And before all you EDL start frothing at the mouth and commenting on here about being attacked for wearing England shirts let it be known that most of the lads round here, like a lot of the Muslim locals, have St. George Crosses flying from their motors in the spirit of the world cup. So you might not see them coming…

For those of you EDL members who are talking about still coming to this area on June 20th despite your leadership cancelling, be warned you will not be welcomed.

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  1. Surely they should be able to drink where ever they wish, the fact that they cannot in this case, merely shows the segregation and aggression in this muslim dominated area, where were the moderate muslims in Barking yesterday, yet again they make themselves irrelevant by their silence.The EDL are a multi race working class reaction, and this is frustrating the f*ck out of the middle class anti-brigade.

  2. Haha! Have you ever been to the East End cause it sounds like you haven’t? There’s pubs everywhere, loads of them, and loads of bookies too. No one has any hassle or problems using them. It’s not “muslim dominated”, it’s the East End, EDL were warned they are not welcome, giving it footy chants and winding people up – this is what happens!! It was no “middle class anti-brigade” that ran them out yesterday was it??

  3. Having a drink in a pub?? They attacked a brown man working in the market trying to support his family! They are racist thugs who shouldn’t be allowed to drink anywhere but in prison!!!! As for those idiots that turned up at the forces march… They are a minority and not representative. After EDL thuggish behavior should we brand all WHITE MEN as thugs? NO engage your brains and wake up out of the EDL brainwashing machine

  4. worzel gummage

    Hello all.
    You claim the EDL came to the area only to provoke problems but yet from what i have read in this post it was the other way round.
    You have assumed the reasons that the EDL were there yet have not taken the time to ask.
    You wonder why there is such a devide when you make assumptions then form a blog to big yourself up.
    you speak about Islam4UK and MAC but was you in barking standing against what they was saying? Was you there making your voices heard and saying hang on not all muslims feel this way?
    The EDL are against Extremist, I am sorry but i would say MAC is full of extremist Islam4uk was also full of them .
    One of the guess speakers who was going to speak at troxy was also on undercover mosques giving a speach saying that suicide bombimg in acceptable and has also called for world domination by Islam.
    Would you say we are to lay down and allow this man to come to England and preach the same stuff. we are a multi cultured country and if another 7/7 should happen ( i hope it does not) it will not just be English people that are killed and injured it will be asians, chinese, polish, french, afro caribean, ect ect. then what. do we say ok extremist hit us again we will turn the other cheek?.

  5. Eric/Mickey

    “it’s the East End, EDL were warned they are not welcome”
    So now the east end population can say who can or cant come to their “Turf”, sounds like fascism to me, not discrimminating against white working class patriots are we?.
    There has never been any “brown people” bashing at any EDL event, this is pure propaganda by UAF/Anarcho-commie groups.Its an attempt by these state dupes to whip up aggression in minority groups so they will do the dirty work that the said anti-blah blah groups should be doing…THEY ARE USING THE MINORITY GROUPS TO FURTHER CABLE STREET FANTASIES.

    How did you know the fifteen or so EDL were exactly that, EDL clothing/apparrel? or was it the cropped hair, or maybe a few England chants in the midst of a world cup?, im sure the odds suited the baying mob of islamists, 250/15 eh, lets turn that scenario round, it would have made the media within hours.
    The reason that the Uaf/anarcho groups are making a faux attempt at community unity, is purely lack of interest and dwindling memberships, they simply cant cope with a reactionary group who can actually handle itself on the street or off.

    • “How did you know the fifteen or so EDL were exactly that, EDL clothing/apparrel?”

      Because Joel Titus was with them. They got clocked in the tube station by our spotters and the word went round.

  6. EDL is the most racist and bigoted hitlers people I have ever known. I attended one of their racist and evil seminar and I can tell you this, they learned alot from past illegal wars and war monger minsters. Now they try to imply the same thoughts and tactics to justy illegal and racist attack on muslims and these people’s area. I think we forgot that it was us who started to kill innocent muslims children, women etc and waged a illegal war on the world. Now every where we go in the world we are actually the most hated nation now, which they won’t reveal to at you present because world people are not ignorant like us. All I can say they had no right to go to other people area, you don’t live there, you don’t belong there and you are not welcome especially if you are a BNP/EDL or war mongers etc. Just as we don’t like other people coming to our own area. I certantly don’t think the south Asain Muslims of Tower Hamlet will tolerate these bunch of extremist terrrorist EDL to enter their peaceful area. Now I guess the terrorist EDL tasted the courage and strenth of these Asain lads and realised it was too much to handle and run back to their EDL mommy. Well all I can advice these mommy’s is you and your terrorist EDL children stay well out of these area’s, stay out of the way of the Muslims and go to Germany or Israile to your papa G w Bush and Blair.

    How come the media don’t say anything about these terrorist EDL and why are the police not arresting these terrorist EDL?

  7. Islam4uk and mac should be banned as much as the EDL. They are all preachers of hate. CAn blog all day long trying to justify thier actions BUT bottom line is that they are thugs, ex failed political party BNP and football hooligans that have criminal backgrounds. None of this can be denied. EDL does not represent the white man as much as islam4uk represents the Moslems.

    If you go on you tube you can see all the antics…. I guess you will deny these thuggish acts too

  8. Mickey mate listen!

    These EDL extremist attacked an elderly defendless asian man who was working on his stall alone. This is a disgrace, pathetic, barberic totally coward attack. What a scumbags!

    These EDL have been plaining to wave terror for a while. Fortunatly these Asain lads are very brave and as in the past they alway protect there local community no matter the what the cost.
    No they can tell anyone not to enter our area and I agree. They have the right to defend their homes, community and peace in there area.

    Why don’t you go there and try to give grief to someone (not defendless) in the market and see what happens to you.

    Unlike us we do not pose that discipline, courage and rightoues. These EDL have been planing to terrorist people who are agaisnt the illegal war and racistism. But like I said these uneducated extremist EDL was very lucky this time and they tasted the strenth and courage of these south asain. So why don’t you and your terrorist and racist mates just go to Germany or Israile and let an English man like me live in peace in eastend with my Muslim neighbours.

    You sick and coward bastards!

  9. I guess most of you’s are war monger, hater, racist, uneducated, brainwashed, and totally bias and agaisnt the innocent Muslims people.

  10. the blog failed to mention them edl scum beat up this old defendless asian man then started spiting on asian womens as threy were passing by.im not a asian but i fully support them asian kids who were defending my community.

  11. I was there amongst the EDL yesterday, and us “spitting” on elderly asian men and women is complete bullshit. This is a biasd report, oviously written by a UAF supporter. We were attacked outside the pub by a muslim who was about 20, who got turned over by one of the EDL youth, who was 16. From there we co-operated with the police, and peacefully walked into the station. Then about 100 muslim youths tried getting passed the 3 female police officers and failed.

    EDL is a non racist organisation, were all colours and races unite. Watch the EDL documentry on BBC, where you see black people, asian people and white people.

    • Phft. You maybe are not racist but you’re organisation certainly is. You’re naive in thinking any different.

  12. and excluding the one with the 20 year old muslim man atacking one of the kids, no fights occured.

  13. people i was der yestaday ayt edl aint nuffink copmared to east london people we made so many fone calls n in minutes so many muslims turned up edl r gona go down just a matter of time u will c………….

  14. Not sure who is writing all these articles, but whatever is written here is a lie.
    The EDL were quietly drinking in the pub when a small gang of Asian muslims started provoking them from the outside of the pub. Upon which the EDL went outside, and kicked the shit out of them (these local Asian Muslim trouble makers)

    No one ran after the EDL, quite the opposite. The police had to protect the asian boys because they got such a beating from the EDL, who also threw frozen pork sausages at them, that they ran away. There were only 30 of them maximum.

    I know because I was there and I filmed it all. I will put it on youtube and expose the lies of this site.

    Thank you.

  15. these edl r racist thugs who hve no life, muslims r gud by heart they do not wnt ne fights but bcoz of these edl they r being provoked in doin so n at the end gues who gets the blame the muslims. The media always show islam n muslims bein in the wrong n wil neva evr show if a racist thug did nething

  16. would the edl bnp like it if their mum got smacked in a market by a muslim no so dont go moaning saying that the police saved u, u shud hve not cme at the first place to do ur racism. This is wat happens edl r bastards they can suck their mums cok if shes got one

  17. ASH well said….

    I support the Asain community, they are very good people that I have been living with all my life. They are very respectful toward their elders and women and will protect their community no matter what the cost and I have seen this before. They will give trouble to those that are racist and those that act their vulnerable elders, children and women.

    As far as I am concern the EDL are terrorist and they will cause unrest in our peaceful borough.
    After all these britsh asain are well tolerent people, they don’t really want any trouble and they are not racist I know that for a fact. Unlike my conterparts racism and hatred runs in their vains.

    Still till now days these people are not going out to hurt people, attack community etc. They just ignore and they know most white man are racist and they put a blind eye to it.

    I support these asain community and I love living with them as neighbours.




  20. I agree, EDL as out there to cause trouble, what is so wrong about a group of youth defending their community. Islam4u does not represent all muslims, likewise, as mentioned, we know that EDL do not represent all white people, The East end may have their differences, but they are also a close knit, friendly community and every time EDL comes, they will see this and be up against this.

  21. Would that be 18 years old mixed race Joel Titus? so what your basically saying is that after the Uaf/indy unemployed spent a day of twittering untruths on the internet and winding the muslim community into a frenzy, the great EDL threat was an 18 year old mixed race kid and a few of his teenage mates.
    What is really sad is the muslim community are buying into all this bullshit and cannot see their being used to further the great commie cause.
    The whole anti/commie/uaf brigade are stinking of desperation, even the mps are seeing through all this shit.
    Check out the East London Advertiser


    Funny, I live on a predominately white working class council estate overflowing with st George flags, the asian lads posting junk mail for their take-aways do so without fear of being attacked or intimidated.
    East London has no exlusivity on access, it is still English, perhaps you would like searchlights and border patrols to keep your paranoia in check..STOP FALLING FOR THE SCAREMONGERING BULLSHIT OF THE UAF etc etc.

  23. Look people, it dont matter what area they come to, it dont matter who they come with. they aint welcome here, luckily the police got involved and escorted the edl out, there would have been serious consequences,

    you dont see a brown man or black man saying you white so and so, close the churches down.
    next time they wont be so lucky. . . .

    • Not a helpful comment there bro or sis.
      Lots of my fellow Rastas are homophobic to one degree or another and I myself didn’t used to think it was “natural” (although always brought up not to discriminate against them or anyone else)… I changed my mind and I’ll tell you one reason why… when my grandmother had a stroke and was unable to speak in Homerton Hospital ages ago, she was ignored and treated quite roughly by a couple of her fellow West Indian “sisters” but there was one flamboyantly gay Filipino nurse there who went out of his way to take absolutely great care of her, and when my gran recovered and was released I had no problem touching fists with that man and saying “respect”. He wasn’t trying to pinch my ass or nothing was he? And ask yourself – if a few people aren’t born with that sort of tendency then how come there are gay people in Texas and other places where they’re liable to be beat up and murdered at a moment’s notice – why would anyone “choose” that if it’s a “choice”?

  24. Lol, The same government who rejects the idea of no-go areas for “whites” in contemporary Britain should take a look at this thread, its f*ckin hilairious.

    “Dont set foot on our turf goofy white Muthaf*ckas” blah blah

    This is England, people should be able to walk wherever they like, no matter of race or creed.

    • Your name is really apt – Tool!
      You ever been to whitechapel – people of all colours, creeds, religions and cultures do live side by side getting along! Just walk down whitechapel market – muslim, jewish, sikh, christian, non-religious etc etc. This isn’t a racial or religious ghetto or a no go zone. But if twats like the EDL come here to stir up shit, getting pissed and hurling abuse then what do you expect to happen???? EDL please fuck off out of whitechapel.

  25. Eric Blair
    Your name really is apt

    So If your white, have close cropped hair and have the cheek to be wearing anything by Stone Island expect a kicking.
    The only people stirring up shit are the UAF, the EDL cancelled the demo when they found out the hate preachers convention was called off, the UAF are using the community in Whitechapel to further its own Trot ideology, think about it, how many muslims have been attacked by the EDL?, How many EDL have actually got pissed and hurled abuse in Whitechapel? How many muslim woman have actually had their veils ripped off by the EDL in Whitechapel?…All the twitter panicking and threats are well engineered propaganda by the UAF and co, its what they do best, the first thing they did was label the EDL as “racist, knowing that the left wing media would go along with it, even though the EDL are non political, multi-race/faith street group.

    • I’d agree that the UAF have been stirring up shit. However, the EDL haven’t exactly been remiss in their unseemly stirring, have they? The EDL came to Whitechapel some time ago, and a couple of them got a whacking – which you’d hope would make them a bit more wary about coming where they’re so plainly not wanted, especially in the light of what happened to Joel Titus and his gallant band a couple of days ago.

  26. old mother hubbard

    rani do you really think this
    is going to help your cause.
    and sajeda do you really think that this is acceptable “they can suck their mums cok if shes got one”.
    If youve got the moral highground then theres no need to resort to childish “your momma” “no your momma” bullshit.
    Nevermind Foysals “GAYYBOIIII!!!!”

    Racism, sexism, fascism, homophobia, ageism, immature people gobbing off and making things worse, it makes me sick.
    Perhaps some site moderation is required here????

    • Well maybe it’s youths doing the typing, as far as “immature”… I see your point, but I don’t think censorship is the way to go, just saying that for myself personally – I am not a member of whitechapel anarchist group.
      Unfortunately a lot of people have been infected with all those ills you mention and more… if the symptoms manifest in some postings that’s a bit “igna’nt” as they’d say in the states, well maybe it’s an opportunity to talk about those issues and maybe help someone see things a little clearer, after all we ain’t born knowing things are we, we gotta learn em…

  27. Rachel, u are chattin a load of crap

  28. I put this to the jury m’lord

    That Joel Titus and his gallant band are guilty of coming to whitechappel and frequenting a drinking establishment.

    Are you seeing how daft this whole argument sounds, 6000 or so Asians in whitechappel shouldnt be up in arms because of an 18 year old mixed race lad and a few of his mates, they probably wouldnt know he was there if the UAF and co stopped posting garbage and stoking up the tension.
    What do you think would happen if the EDL did demo in East London? Its simple.
    They would arrive on masse, be escorted to the event by police, then loads of songs, chants and maybe a speech or two, usually a slanging match with the UAF, and then escorted to the coaches or station and home for a pint.The UAF would prefer the EDL to go mental, and thats why they whip the communities up into a heightened state of awareness, hoping they will fight with the EDL whilst they sit back and say I told you so..
    The UAF are State dupes, middle class government backed puppets.

  29. P.S Backed by a government that has killed thousands of Muslims in the Iraq conflict.

  30. Why is it that every time anyone writes anything against the EDL they are called “UAF/commie/anarcho/middle class students”?
    On Tuesday night the “youth firm” of the EDL including that lemon Joel Titus went to Whitechapel and took the piss, abusing the elderly and abusing women.
    It is not “Indy/Anarchist/commie/middle class students” winding local Muslims “into a frenzy”….the EDL have attacked people, elderly people and women.
    When you say that the “harmless teenagers” of the EDL were just having a drink but think that “Muslim gangs” of the same age are “dangerous” you sound like a brainwashed EDL supporting plum.
    The EDL are racist thugs. The EDL “mates” of mixed race Joel EDL Titus have made a facebook page about him and used a picture of a golliwog to portray him. He is still stupid enough to stay in the EDL. In Dudley EDL racists rioted becuase a female Asain speaker and her Black boyfirend spoke on the stage. The EDL leadership then cliamed that the riots were “caused by UAF and Muslims who threw things into the area that had been fenced off”. Film footage shows that there weren’t any Muslims chucking things and EDL were heard shouting “Lets have a fucking riot” before 800 of the 4,000 there rioted and tore down the railings. Sikh Guramit EDL Singh has said that he has made sure that Sikh temples are well protected on EDL demo days. This shows that he knows that many of the EDL are racist thugs who hate Asians and would attack the Sikh Temples if they could, yet he too stays in the EDL.
    If the EDL go into Whitechapel again you will be met with an even bigger opposition than Tuesday. Anyone who has been taken in by the EDL needs to wake up, leave the EDL and join the campaign against the EDL.

  31. Delusional is probably the best reply I can muster to the above comment, none of your accusations of EDL attacks have credible links, If all this really did happen the media would be having a field day, yet you provide no links only hearsay.
    There are plenty of youtube clips showing UAF and Young asians throwing stones and bottles into the kettled space in Dudley were the EDL were hemmed in, that is the real reason why the 200 or so brought down the fences, the fact that the asian girl and the dreadlocked guy got up and made their speeches in front of 4000 so called “nazi hooligans” without any abuse or harm just goes to disprove the “nazi” propaganda spread by the useful idiots of the UAF and co.The speeches which you say started the riot can be seen here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyGDe6JUO6M&feature=related
    Nobody rioted because of the Asian girl and her partner,in fact they are applauded, keep an eye on the hooded youths at the top of the hill.
    The truth is that out of all the EDL demos and the several thousand people that attend, their arrests total no more than 20 or so compared to the Uaf who have over a hundred arrests, compare the EDLs arrests to other groups like the eco brigade or anti capitalists the EDL seem rather timid in comparison.The EDL are not anti-muslim, they simply do not want to sit on their arse whilst Islam grows amongst their communities.
    “If the EDL go into Whitechapel again you will be met with an even bigger opposition than Tuesday.”
    In this quote of yours, If I replaced the word EDL with ASIAN and replaced whitechapel with Millwall, I would probably be arrested for inciting racial hatred.

  32. The EDL is funded by rich businessmen and was co-founded by a man whose autobiography states that he stabbed football fans and smeared pub toilets with human shit for “fun”, so it’s appeal is pretty limited to people like the trolls who infest this blog. The working class people of this country are proud, decent and tolerant folk. The EDL’s aim is quite clearly to whip up chauvinism to try to divide working class communities amongst themselves, which will not benefit anyone except those who seek to profit from this.

  33. http://www.schnews.org.uk/archive/news7277.php

    Read this, apparently the asian youths of Whitechapel battered four anarchist typeson the 15th.And if that dont beat all, read the comments under the article..one says

    Added on 19th June 2010 at 13:40 by Muslim Defence League

    We Muslims don’t want no white-boy anachists to fight our battle. White Chapel is a Muslim area, they need to learn to stay out or they’ll get the same as the pussy EDL.

    You gonna listen now infidels?

    • This is none news. How thick are you?! Anarchists are opposed to racism and religious dogmatism REGARDLESS if the person is white, asian or black.

      So that supposed message from “MDL” means nothing to us, it only exists in the minds of the Fantasists – EDL or MDL or whatever bollocks.

  34. Have a read of this,


    I’m an east Londoner and I will walk any street in the UK, there are no muslim areas only English streets.

    EDL have a right, an absulute right to protest anywhere they like and if those who oppose want to beat people up then that is their fault not the EDLs.
    If you so called antifa and anarchist think for one single minute that we will allow you to take that freedom away then you should think again.

    If muslims are stupid enough to fall for the propaganda that the UAF put out, then don’t blame the EDL.

  35. Further to that, Tower Hamlets police issued a statement saying that all these rumours about the EDL are untrue.

    Question to ask your self is why do the UAF and it’s cronies are trying to produce a race riot, every statement they produce says racist EDL, why, because they want violence, it increases their support and the MONEY they get.

    When 4 anarchists get beaten up because they look like “racists” says it all doesn’t it.

    • Thought you were going to leave amicably “no hard feelings but I’m off” after the arguments on here left you at a loss for words??
      Incidents like the one mentioned are unfortunate but to be expected given the levels of tension in the air. I’m sure things will be sorted out, East London has always been a place where all kinds of people have lived and got on together and it will continue to be so.
      Fuck the EDL.

  36. “Anarchists are opposed to racism and religious dogmatism REGARDLESS if the person is white, asian or black. ”

    So you were gonna protest against religious dogmatism outside the Troxy then?..that’ll be a NO then I take It.

    • @tool

      EDL was always the main enemy to protest against as I have said time and time before, the issues with militant islamism is more effectively handled by other means, by building up a secular opposition involving all elements of the community. That is what is being built in Whitechapel.

  37. I take it you’ll be informing the Bengali youth about this secular opposition?, I think your goin to struggle there, with over half the population of Bangladeshi descent(and most probably practicing muslims), according to posts by young muslims on various sites, this is their turf and they dont want anyone from the Punks(sic) or Uaf interfering and especially the EDL.
    good luck..

  38. Rasta, I was but there are so many lies on this thread that it was like a magnet mate.

    EDL are NOT coming to Tower Hamlets, so all the fuss is about nothing.
    So why are all these groups still ranting as if we were.
    Why is there all this talk of violence, I mean, there is even rumours that 2 EDL raped a women, that we intended to attack a mosque, that we attacked an old man.

    This sort of rumour mongering has to stop, It’s stupid and very dangerous and it seems to me that this type of propaganda can only lead to one thing, violence. What are they hoping for, some sort of heroic battle of Cable street.

    Think about this, EDL, escorted by police, would stand outside the Troxy, protest very noisily for an hour or so, then police escort them away. Where the hell is the attack, it’s a protest, end of, just like any legal protest.

    We are at different ends of the political spectrum but anarchist on here have stated that they too are against Islamofascism, so on that we are agreed, EDL are for Queen and country and a sort of status quo. So in that sense we are enemies, fine by me, you’re completely entitled to your view.

    Where it becomes wrong is when to gain support dreadful lies are told, the police said the reality is different to the rumours and those rumours led to 4 antifa being beaten up, why, because of how they looked, is this what we want, people beaten in the street, because they look like racists, come on!

    We all have an absolute right of protest, are we in agreement there? any person abusing that right by being violent should be arrested and dealt with by a court of law, are we in agreement there?
    So where then is the problem?

    Rasta, I do not, I promise you, see you as an enemy because you are black, I see you as an enemy because of your views, if you can see that then I have to say that this is also the view of the majority of EDL.

  39. Ok, Fuck the rumours. We(EDL) will enter Whitechapel, or any other areas in England, we want, seeing as it is a free country, something which most of you take advantage off. If there is a problem with that, have a go. We will not be bullied out of areas beacuse we are English. For example, we will be marching through Bradfords “No-go For white people” area.

    This page sickens me, and the comment from Rachel at the top of the page is fucking shit.
    Im 16 and I have more sense than most of you. Get a life, and stop talking complete rubbish about the EDL.

  40. Down with EDL, theyre racist cant no one see! They are contradicting themself when they are saying they are not racist and then when you watch videos of them on utube they are so anti black and anti muslim not just anti- extremist like they say.
    people plz fight back their lies

  41. Jade,

    I bert your parents were on the dole while they conceived you? You were brought up watching tv through your Asian neighbours window?

    I think your dad should have got a job and sent you to school you thick prick!

    Get a life, please come again 🙂

  42. Rachel,

    I bet you sucked too many brown dicks? And because the brown fellas wont marry you, you decide to write this crap. I want to see this video.

    Post the fucking link

  43. @JudeEDL I hate to break it to you, but if you are being bullied out of areas (which I very much doubt), it’s not because you’re English. It’s because you’re ignorant and bigoted. Contrary to what the EDL would have you believe, Whitechapel is over 35% white. And, guess what? We don’t live in fear! Because if you’re not a racist islamophobe, Whitechapel is actually a very nice place to live. I’ve never experienced racism or intimidation for being white. Neither has anyone else I know.

  44. im a white peace loving guy whos been living in whitechapel area all my life with my family,i never had any proplm with muslim or asian they are respect full people why are them edl scum coming to my area trying to stire thing up.we are good diverce community whos living peace fully we dont want u jobles hooligans here,get a life u muppets.i cant belive u idiots brainwashd mother fuckr here supporting a racist thug hooligans,didnt u blind mother fuckers see a under cover investigation by the gardian news paper.were they got exposed for who they realy are.a racist hooligans,looking for trouble,going around areas provoking othr race beating them,u blind mother fuckers open ur eyes and see them for who they are,

  45. Jude, I’m the one who mentioned rumours is that a dig at me.

  46. Yesterday people were attacked in the street, including an attack on 5 UAF.
    This is the result of the UAF telling people we were going to attack the east London Mosque.

    Is that the idea then, raise tensions and then somehow twist it to blame the EDL.

    It is a somewhat irresponsible thing to do, to say the least.
    In fact I think that it’s a disgusting thing to do and you all should be ashamed of your selves.

    It has now become clear what you lot are all about, stirring up hatred, you’re as bad as the Islamists.

    • Hi Arthur,

      This so-called attack on UAF is a bit dubious as we were in Whitechapel and didn’t hear or see anything like this. Remember that Indymedia is an OPEN PUBLISHING website, anyone can write anything on it – which leads to alot of BS being put on there.

      There were 30 Whitechapel Anarchists outside east london mosque, amongst around 600 masked up youth and needless to say we were welcomed throughout the 10 hours or so we were with them.

      As for EDL being able to march where ever they want? Well first off EDL are NOT the english, you are a very very small part of the english. For EDL to go through predominantly asian communities is IRRESPONSIBLE and DIVISIVE. This is the reality. I may want to walk down the road completely naked – as is my right(?) – but who will be to blame if I someone gets offended? Me or the people who are offended?

  47. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgAlS5b8AUE watch this video and this is what happend on the day.

    And Arthur, I am syaing fuck the rumours,why has that taking a dig at you?

    • I don’t know why you posted a link to that, when there are some salient differences between what you’ve said happened and what that video says happened.

  48. A, EDL withdrew because the conference went to another venue and a small group protested there.

    We were not looking for confrontation or a riot and we certainly do not want anyone, including the UAF, SWP and any others to be injured and I can tell you this is the Official EDL stance.

    It is one thing to stand opposite each other and chant slogans but it really is not on to bring about real violence, rather than just scuffles etc, which is what happens with many protests, you expect this to happen.

    The main point is EDL were not in Tower Hamlets yesterday, we gave loads of notice that we were not protesting, yet those fools in the UAF kept telling people we were.

    If it is your right to walk naked down the street, then if people are offended surely it’s there problem, not yours.

    • This was the problem with the UAF “anti-EDL” march, most of the kids we spoke to thought the EDL were coming and were surprised to hear they weren’t.

      But Arthur there are mixed messages coming out of EDL. If all you do is attack the nutjobs like Islam4Uk who were at downing street then fair enuff, but EDL have consistently linked this to the supposed apathy of the muslim community to respond to extremism – something which many here have pointed that its not the case.

      EDL has lost the argument and any sympathies it might have got from muslims. The divisions ( excuse the pun ) are cemented now, I don’t think EDL can ever be anything but a reactionary force targeting all muslims in most peoples eyes.

  49. Jude, I was asking as I was the one who was protesting that the rumours had created real violence.

    I didn’t say you were having a dig but asking if you were.
    I thought perhaps you had mistaken me for an anarchist, lol.

    Saw the video on zeta boards, another good one from Reg.

  50. lol, Its all sweet mate.

  51. Muslims were always going to be hard to convince, but as you can see in the video posted by Jude, given the chance to talk they can be convinced. But talking is hard in the type of violent confrontation that has happened in east London.

  52. Maybe you/EDL should have started with talking rather than drunken marches shouting at completely innocent and peaceful muslims – like what happened you first turned up in Whitechapel.

    You can achieve more from working with people than protesting. The problem is that EDL won’t stop until the muslim population is put in its place as it were.

  53. “You can achieve more from working with people than protesting”

    I thought this was an anarchist group not an AA meeting.

  54. A, there has been quite a lot of talk, we have had discussions with the CEMB, with one law for all and numerous other groups and so far it has got us nowhere.

    We make a lot of noise and people listen, Teresa May listened even the Prime Minister has heard of us, we have become a household word in just a few months.

    How else can we put our case across other than the street, voting, pff, writing to our MPs pff, there is only one way that we will be listened to, take to the streets and let them, the politicians know that we are not going down without a fight.

    We want to put Islamofascist in there place, no one else.

    • “we want to put islamofascist in there [sic] place, no one else.”
      It’s plain and obvious that in most of the EDL members’ minds, “islamofascist” = “muslim”.
      By the way, fuck your bloodsucking vampire of a queen. She owes my ancestors who dropped dead under the whip chopping sugarcane billions upon billions in unpaid wages, not that any reparations will suffice.
      And since you’ve now explicitly identified me as an “enemy” (but not because of the colour of my skin, yeah yeah, so what?) you can stop referring to me as “mate” OK (re one of your previous posts).

  55. Arthur (EDL) said: “there is a lot of discontent among the left and anarchists, which may turn out to be to our advantage.
    The seeds of division have been sown.


    Another supporter (Tha Grenadier) says the EDL should become paramilitary.

    Another international supporter (Shiva) says the EDL should work to undermine groups like One Law for All and poach their supporters for the EDL cause.

  56. “Black Africans were transported to the Islamic empire across the Sahara to Morocco and Tunisia from West Africa, from Chad to Libya, along the Nile from East Africa, and up the coast of East Africa to the Persian Gulf. This trade had been well entrenched for over 600 years before Europeans arrived, and had driven the rapid expansion of Islam across North Africa.”
    You gonna slate the Islamic empires aswell?

  57. Rasta, Who do I complain to about how the Romans sold my ancestors into slavery or how about the Normans enslaving my ancestors.

    All empires took slaves, what’s so special about yours then?

    I meant political enemy.

    • What’s “so special” is that, of all the many systems of servitude and slavery that have existed in the world (yes, including Africa), the transatlantic chattel slave trade was the worst in terms of the harshness of conditions and the number of people affected, it was very recent, and it built up most of the vast wealth of the british empire (and other western nations’ empires). Not only has there been no form of compensation for it, but we the slave descendants are now told that *WE *owe “developed nations” a massive “debt” and the fucking queen you defend refused to even so much as apologise for British involvement in the slave trade, saying that there is nothing to apologise for because it was legal at the time so they didn’t break any laws.
      But when a good brother named Toyin Agbetu recently dared to raise this issue to the said queen, he was said to be “breaking the law” for exercising his freedom of speech and promptly arrested.
      I’m done going over and over things with you lot trying to be “reasonable” as, whatever argument is brought up, you just return to your same old position, so it’s a waste of time to chat to y’all.

      • “A comparison of the Islamic slave trade to the American slave trade reveals some interesting contrasts. While two out of every three slaves shipped across the Atlantic were men, the proportions were reversed in the Islamic slave trade. Two women for every man were enslaved by the Muslims.

        While the mortality rate for slaves being transported across the Atlantic was as high as 10%, the percentage of slaves dying in transit in the Trans Sahara and East African slave trade was between 80 and 90%!

        While almost all the slaves shipped across the Atlantic were for agricultural work, most of the slaves destined for the Muslim Middle East were for sexual exploitation as concubines, in harems, and for military service.

        While many children were born to slaves in the Americas, and millions of their descendants are citizens in Brazil and the USA to this day, very few descendants of the slaves that ended up in the Middle East survive.

        While most slaves who went to the Americas could marry and have families, most of the male slaves destined for the Middle East were castrated, and most of the children born to the women were killed at birth.

        It is estimated that possibly as many as 11 million Africans were transported across the Atlantic (95% of which went to South and Central America, mainly to Portuguese, Spanish and French possessions. Only 5% of the slaves went to the United States).

        African Slaves
        Slaves in Africa – in the early 20th century.
        However, at least 28 million Africans were enslaved in the Muslim Middle East. As at least 80% of those captured by Muslim slave traders were calculated to have died before reaching the slave markets, it is believed that the death toll from the 14 centuries of Muslim slave raids into Africa could have been over 112 million. When added to the number of those sold in the slave markets, the total number of African victims of the Trans Saharan and East African slave trade could be significantly higher than 140 million people.”

    • The issue is not about what type of slavery was worst ( by all accounts they all were) but its legacy and relevance to what has happened in the 20th century and continues to happen now.

      • I think you will find “Rasta” was the poster implying one worst than the other, I was merely offering a different viewpoint.You really dont believe the Bengali youth of east London carry the grievance of european slavery around do you?No, sorry but this is all about Islam, not race, not colour but the rise of Islam all across europe is beginning to take its toll, of course their will be a reaction to it, especially when we have governments who refuse to address the issue, and lazy hacks like Rob Williams who tell us all,

        ” the UK is a place where multiculturalism is succeeding and diversity is truly working.”


      • Sorry but its ridiculous you say that it has nothing to do with race or colour especially when EDL and its members talk about Islam and bangladeshi and pakistani descendants in the same sentence.

        A lot of what EDL people see as Islamisation is in actual fact large communities who are 2nd /3rd generation from those countries. So this mixing of Islam with the supposed wider proponents, south-east asians, is standard when you lot think of Islam and its so called effects.

        “You really dont believe the Bengali youth of east London carry the grievance of european slavery around do you?”

        I doubt it considering Bangladesh didn’t exist when the European slave trade was still legal. Though I would say that like a lot of working class youth in east london, these kids are pissed off and need some progressive channel to direct their anger.

        Unlike many in the EDL who have negative stereotypes of large groups of young asian lads, we were with them, chatting to them, having a laugh and generally being social like they were towards us. These kids are not to be feared in any sense, these kids are our kids as well.

  58. Of course people should also be reminded that folk in Britain were little better than slaves them selves.
    People snatched off the streets and sent to the colonies.
    So I’m dammed if the British people need to apologise for anything.
    As for the Queen, she has served her country well and I also do not believe the sins of the father bs.
    As far as I’m concerned history is just that, history.

    I would rather look at the positive aspects of our history and enjoy and celebrate those because the is a lot of history out side of those few hundred years of the Empire anyway.

    Those who take a negative view, will always do so, victims of history.

    • Thats very poor of you Arthur. This notion that the Queen has served us well is utter BS. They were always enemies of the working class and poor, especially the hundreds of thousands of soldiers that died for King and country.

      And yes, people in england were slaves – to a aristocratic regime that still exists today.

      Don’t be rule Britannia!

    • “As far as I’m concerned history is just that, history.

      I would rather look at the positive aspects of our history and enjoy and celebrate those because the is a lot of history out side of those few hundred years of the Empire anyway.”

      So, history isn’t ‘just’ history then.

  59. A, to me it comes down to which is the best system, what we have now or Islam.
    Democracy or theocracy, with democracy you can move forward, with theocracy you move backwards.

    The battle of the future is going to be holding on to what we have now.
    There won’t be any choices under the Islamists.

    • Holding onto what we have now is a rather unachievable objective. Many people in the past have found out – to their cost – what Canute demonstrated, getting wet feet in the process. I thought that the EDL had rather grander objectives than simply maintaining the status quo – if your thinking is typical of that organization, you and they are doomed to failure.

  60. Arthur, its interesting you think that are the only two choices – a fairly broken representative democracy and a theocratic system like Islam. Do many in the EDL share that thinking?

  61. The young lads of the EDL and the BNP are batterling for their country to remain British.

    As the rest of their countrymen football fanatics !! whos flags and club clothing, are made in China , and the cars they drive are made abroad those gutless Idiots fly the flag once every five years, the BNP and the EDL fly it each day..

    The multi racial overpaid and over here, so called English team. Could not win a egg and spoon race.

    • Max

      Do you mean that the vast majority of the British population who aren’t young men in the EDL or BNP are all gutless idiots?

      What a great way to win friends and influence people.

  62. A,
    “Unlike many in the EDL who have negative stereotypes of large groups of young asian lads, we were with them, chatting to them,”

    Unlike many in the UAF/WAG chattel who have negative stereotypes of young English patriots, we were with them chatting to them, and my gay mate could actually be openly gay around them without fear of a good beating, could you honestly say the same about your newly aquired pawns.

    Is Islam is the new Communism?, do you guys see the Islamic youth of whitechapel as Iran’s revolutionaries or something.
    I see no difference in UAF/Galloway and yourselves, hypochrites riding on the back of the “poor” “oppressed” communities of east London.
    Anarchy=social system based on voluntary cooperation, and were does Islam fit in to your idea of anarchism?

    • tool said: “Is Islam is the new Communism?”

      No, but we’re aware that EDL ‘elite’ are recycling the American neoconservative originating (1970s-1990s) ‘anti-Communist’ propaganda model from the Cold War era against Islam and Muslims.

      THE PROPAGANDA MODEL: AN OVERVIEW: http://www.medialens.org/about/overview_of_the_propaganda_model.php
      “The fifth and final news filter that Herman and Chomsky identified was ‘anti-communism’. Manufacturing Consent was written during the Cold War. A more apt version of this filter is the customary western identification of ‘the enemy’ or an ‘evil dictator’ – Colonel Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, or Slobodan Milosevic (recall the British tabloid headlines of ‘Smash Saddam!’ and ‘Clobba Slobba!’). The same extends to mainstream reporting of environmentalists as ‘eco-terrorists’. The Sunday Times ran a particularly nasty series of articles in 1999 accusing activists from the non-violent direct action group Reclaim The Streets of stocking up on CS gas and stun guns.

      The demonisation of enemies is useful, essential even, in justifying strategic geopolitical manoeuvring and the defence of corporate interests around the world, while mollifying home-based critics of such behaviour. The creation of an ‘evil empire’ of some kind, as in postwar western scaremongering about the ‘Soviet Menace’ or earlier talk of the ‘Evil Hun’, has been a standard device for terrifying the population into supporting arms production and military adventurism abroad – both major sources of profit for big business. Iraq’s Saddam Hussein has been a useful bogeyman for US arms manufacturers who have notched up sales of over $100bn to Saddam’s neighbours in the Middle East. The fifth filter also applies to media demonisation of anti-globalisation protesters – often described as ‘rioters’ – and anyone else perceived as a threat to free-market ideology.”

  63. Tool,

    I myself have no problem with so-called “young English patriots” and I don’t think many do unless they behave like pricks – which goes for anyone despite their colour or level of “englishness”. People can believe in whatever floats their boat, as long that they don’t expect others to follow suit or attempt to cause harm or division amongst the wider community. fair enuff?

    Your also mixing stuff up with nonsense comments so I try and be clear what I think and where the problem lies. Try to keep up.

    At best the EDL are a great bunch of radicalised predominantly white, working class lads interested in making the UK a better place. At worst they a narrow minded group who have been blinded by loyalism to a German queen and an imperialist army with no hope of winning the “war”, that no one wanted, in Afghanistan. In fact England have a better chance of winning the World Cup than the British army has of winning in Afghanistan.

    The “yoof” in Tower Hamlets is varied, it features many wonderful kids of all ages, predominantly Bangladeshi, who care about the state of the world, want to be radical and defend their community. If you were told that fascists nazi’s were coming to attack your place of worship ( use pub if it helps with the example ) wouldn’t you take to the streets and get all your mates out? So thats what happened on Sunday in Whitechapel. All good stuff, thousands of our youngsters out on the streets against racism and fascism.

    Now you shouldn’t have a problem with that should you? Because you say your against racism and fascism. Whitechapel anarchists don’t have a problem because they too are against racism and fascism.

    The problem therefore lies that the EDL are seen as racists and fascists, the EDL think anyone that turns up to oppose them must therefore be Islamists Jihadists, whilst poor WAG – good honest working class lads and lasses are stuck in the middle hoping we don’t get a fucking race war on our door step.

    All your protesting does no good. You are further aiding these stereotypes, your creating some sort of rudeboy/chav arms race in towns and cities of the england wherever you turn up. For fuck sake stop and re-address that the horse has fucking bolted – EDL can not and will not be seen as anything but a ‘NartZI’ group because thats all that has been spread.

    As for Islam4UK/MACky Deens – have you actually met them? Their 14 years old, Quran bashing, fantasists sharia geeks – for sure its sad to see such indoctrination in kids so young – but all they are are annoying little pricks. The only ones that believe the shit they say are themselves and EDL!

    Anyway, bollocks to it all I’m going to bed! :-0)

  64. and another thing…

    I am sure there are loads of patriotic youth who will kick the crap out your gay mate….BNP/NF..etc.

  65. “The problem therefore lies that the EDL are seen as racists and fascists, the EDL think anyone that turns up to oppose them must therefore be Islamists Jihadists,”

    The EDL were LABELLED as racist/fascists by the media machines of Uaf/hope not hate etc, under the old adage “A lie told often enough becomes truth”, lets not underestimate the power of this bunch of c*nts, they managed to get the majority of Barkings ethnic/asian community to vote for a jewish woman whose party are responsible for the deaths of countless muslims in Iraq/Afghanistan.
    “If you were told that fascists nazi’s were coming to attack your place of worship ( use pub if it helps with the example )”

    If you were told that a fascist ideology was slowly encroaching upon your community, wouldn’t you take to the streets and get all your mates out?
    The EDL are a working class reaction to Islam, and all the opposition can do is claim academic superiority and try and take the moral high ground.

    I am sure there are loads of patriotic youth who would kick the crap out of said gay mate.


  66. “The EDL are a working class reaction to Islam, and all the opposition can do is claim academic superiority and try and take the moral high ground.”

    Keep to the script mate, aren’t the EDL supposed to be a reaction to political Islamists? BIG DIFFERENCE. Though it must be hard to be PC all the time and just refer to the small insignificant minority like Islam4UK.

    And this is where mask of the EDL falls down. The EDL is against what they see as Islamification, therefore they are against towns and borough’s that have large ethnically south asian people within them. FACT!

    Seems like mission creep by your leadership, huh? Or maybe that was always the plan? you tell me. Why don’t you limit your self in having a pop at Islam4UK and leave the rest of the muslim community alone?

  67. Has anyone seen this facilitation where the police escort youth from Whitechapel-based protest to Downing Street where MAC/I4UK are counter-demonstrating against the One Law for All protest?

  68. So how did that come about? The police facilitated a group holding UAF (?) placards from the Whitechapel demo to move through the streets and enter the Downing Street protests.

    EDL were removed for not having permission to demonstrate, but neither did UAF have permission to demonstrate at Downing Street.

    The police clearly direct them to join the MAC/I4UK group. The final video in the series of 3 shows scenes from inside MAC/I4UK pen.

    • Hi Luther,

      Around 300 mainly bengali youths marched down to Westminster as they were told some hours before EDL turned up, that they were gonna be there. The MAC/I4UK group had nothing to do with what was going on in Whitechapel they were more interested in counter acting the No Sharia Law demo organised by various groups ( which included muslims and non-muslims ).

      When the kids turned up, flanked by several hundred aggressive cops, they were initially marched to the other side of the road. MAC/I4UK were then attempting to communicate with them – shouting slogans in arabic ( i think ) – with only a very small fraction ( 10 or so kids ) responding. The rest seemed very confused and unsure what was happening. Having spoking to these kids I got the impression that all they were interested in was the EDL – they were shouting “Down Down EDL” and various other antifascist slogans.

      They were then marched into another pen NEXT to MAC/I4UK group, which was a site to see. On one corner you had MAC/I4UK trying to get these kids to join them, on the other side you had 300 kids, masked up, many drinking bottles of stella and smoking splifs – as kids in London do!

      Unfortunately the “older boys” of MAC/I4UK managed to get them slowly with them but this was after 15-20 minutes. There were those, maybe 40, that refused to go with them.

      Saying that these kids were as young as 7-8 years old so I wouldn’t assume that they understood all what was happening.

  69. The scripts pretty simple, Islam tolerates you in your community until the population sides in their favour, then like all the other not so Islamic residents you will either take flight or bow down to your new status of minority.
    Islam is tribalist in nature and looks unfavourably upon non believers…Why am I telling you all this shit? you know already you wont be tolerated, you know that Islam is not negotiable, you either follow it or your kuffir/infidel.
    One day you will have to make a choice, the EDL have made their choice.

  70. tool said: The scripts pretty simple, Islam tolerates you in your community until the population sides in their favour, then like all the other not so Islamic residents you will either take flight or bow down to your new status of minority.”

    Thanks for coming here and communicating the nature of your bigotry and fear to the WAG and other anarchists around the country who are reading with great interest the comments made here by various EDL ‘elite’ and rank-and-file members.

    Many of us have lived as ‘non-Muslim minorities’ in the post-industrial cities where Muslims from Kashmir, various Indian states, and Pakistan have lived since the 1950s.

    The idea that as a non-Muslim, we would be forced to ‘bow down’ to the Muslim majority is a pisspoor attempt at scaremongering the non-Muslim majority.

    Bigoted people like yourself experience the world differently to non-bigoted people. Your experience as a bigot can only tell us how a bigot views the world.

    tool said: “Islam is tribalist in nature and looks unfavourably upon non believers…Why am I telling you all this shit? you know already you wont be tolerated, you know that Islam is not negotiable, you either follow it or your kuffir/infidel.”

    Whether you like it or not, EDL are tribalist in nature. EDL looks unfavourably on Muslims and anyone who rejects EDl are labelled ‘commies’ or ‘islamist sympathisers’, whilst your ‘elite’ have dark wankfantasies of slaughtering and ghettoising the Muslim minority in Britain and anyone who they erroneously believe to sympathise.

    We know already you don’t tolerate Muslims. We know you’re confused and use the latin-based, christian term ‘infidel’ to describe ‘non-believers’. This term ‘infidel’ was used during the medieval Crusades, to stir up murderous hatred for the Jews and ‘Saracens’ in Europe. (http://www.eurozine.com/articles/2003-07-11-ginzburg-en.html) And what we see from the EDL elite is the manufacturing of a great conspiracy of British Muslims, the labelling of them as a fifth-column – straight out of Der Ewige Jude (Nazi propaganda against Jews).

    tool said: “One day you will have to make a choice, the EDL have made their choice.”
    I thought it was clear to even a tool like yourself. Anarchists have chosen, and choose not to support neither EDL’s extremism nor Islamic extremism.

    The EDL have made their choice to use extremist far-right propaganda from far-right American-based advocacy groups associated with various US-arms manufacturers. Their aim is to scaremonger and manufacture support in Britain (astroturfing) for US defense aims. These are the same advocacy groups linked to the spread of false stories which led Britain to support the invasion of Iraq.

    Using EDL bigoted terminology, this makes EDL the fifth-column. This is why I claim that the EDL are un-English.

    When the BNP links of your first leader became known, they jettisoned him. If you think EDL is run by the English, you’ve another thing coming. You’re all being duped.

  71. The old hope not hate trick of relating nationalism/patriotism to exremism, looks like your the state dupes appeasing the governments pipedreams for a multi cult minimum wage ideology.Seems like the EDL are the ones going against the grain.
    Fith column,Bigot(five times),extremist, far right,BNP,wankfantasies of slaughtering and ghettoising..thats a lot of scaremongering and labelling for a small retort, Mr Brown also loved the “bigot” term,governments and people on the left use these labels to keep people in their place, fascist anyone?
    The EDL will reach a peak at which the government will tolerate, when they cross that threshold they will destroy the EDL, either by infiltration,financial etc or with help from the left anti groups, they did this with the BNP in Barking, suddenly HnH and the UAF state dupes had hundreds of thousands of pounds to spend on campaigns to shut them down..I have no doubt this will happen to the EDL within a year or two. We cant be having 2 or 3 thousand people starting a patriotic revolution can we! 63 million people in the UK and your wobbling because a tiny percentage want to go against the grain and protect their culture.
    The facts are the state hates the EDL, you jealous?
    Its been good banter on here, but ill not waste your time any longer..cheers to the admin for allowing opposing views to their own.
    Best of British.

  72. bye bye tool,

    hope when you finally reaslise that the manipulators behind the EDL are far from English, far from British, and have no care for your well-being or your culture other than to cynicallly manipulate your senses of patriotism at a time of economic crisis to become part of their physical-force presence on the streets.

    you could be doing constructive community things instead of getting involved with the EDL.

    you’ve been had.

  73. Great piece mate can’t wAit for the edl c.u.n.t.s to come to Bradford yes yes!!

  74. And btw all u edl saying Bradford well b the big1 aye lads we can’t wait to c u lot again plz say gudbye to all coz u ain’t cumin bk haha..

    As they say up north ENGLISH DEFENCE LOSERS

    In Bradford we stand as 1 August 28th the day EDL will want to forget!!

  75. EDFL that’s what they should be called lol

    English Defence FAGGOTS league

    • We defintely had so-called “faggots” with us standing against the so-called welsh defence league when they came here. I know you might not have meant it in a particularly homophobic way but it’s not helpful to alienate allies.
      Even a few of the dancehall artistes in the caribbean who used to sing every other song about “batty boys” are beginning to realise that it’s just cheap scapegoating. I have a problem with rapists and child molesters of any orientation; other than that what people want to do with their dicks and pussies is really no concern of mine.

  76. A homophobic anarchist, I wonder if that means we can tag all anarchists as homophobic?

    • Luther Blissett

      btw – an anarchist who both exhibits homophobia and names himself ‘true brit’ is probably not an anarchist. that he uses the american term ‘faggot’ implies that he’s probably not even a brit.
      the only thing we can be sure of, is that he’s homophobic.

  77. Luther Blissett

    Is that the best you’ve got, Art? Cumon – engage in your customary articulate way.

  78. Luther, it was a bit tongue in cheek and I was hoping some one would see the point which is you can’t tag a whole group because of a few people.

    I apply that to muslims too, I don’t tag all muslims with the terrorist label, Just as the EDL shouldn’t be tagged racist and nazi because of a few idiots.

    Seems to me that UAF deliberately misinformed the locals, by telling them that we were going to “attack” the ELM and the EDL have not attacked mosques in the past nor are we likely to do so in the future. Attack is a strong word, it implies violence, we protest and there is a vast difference between the two.

    All of the language used against the EDL intimate force, i.e., EDL have a static protest but it is described as, the EDL are marching on muslim areas, almost all our protests are static, we are escorted to our protest point, hardly a “march”.

    Then having created this violent atmosphere you complain when it kicks off, blaming EDL of course, in an attempt to restrict our right to protest.
    This is a two legged beast because if the authorities look for new ways to ban static protest then no one can protest.

    So while we work hard to control our hotheads etc it seems that the left and the anarchist are doing their damm best to light a violent fuse.

    You have to realise that once you have lit this fuse it will be beyond your control and the way it looks to me is that starting a rumour that 2 EDL raped a muslim women, what is the point of that if not to start a riot, I’ve seen the video of Galloway talking about 10,000 dead bodies and if EDL dare rip off a hijab, as if we had already done some thing like that.

    You cannot stop our protests because we are determined and the tactics you use only make us more determined.

    • It’s a bit different when “the few people” include all the self-proclaimed “leaders” of the group though, isn’t it.
      (re “Tommy Robinson” or whatever de bai name… or are you gonna say he’s a “reformed” BNP member [and cokehead]?)
      PS How do you know the source of the rumour? Who says it was from “the left” or “anarchists” or “muslims” or whatever other bogeymen you have? The thing about rumours is that they can spread like wildfire from the slightest thing. For all you know it could have been something someone overheard in a pub and misheard… chinese whispers.
      Unlike UAF/SWP, anarchists have never called for you guys (and the one or two girls) to be banned, for precisely the reasons you mentioned – as the anti nazi league found out back in the day when (I gather) they pressed for NF protests to be criminalised but the law was used against them, not the NF. Not to mention that we don’t want to co operate with the state… and that you do indeed have every right to have your protests… just as we have every right to react to them.
      The police have always facilitated “right wing” protest whilst attempting to crush “left wing” or “anarchist” protest. That was obvious when your supposedly “welsh” division came to swansea and was allowed to block a road and climb up a building onto someone’s property to take down an anti-nazi flag and burn it, whilst sieg heiling, right next to the ruins of the castle that was destroyed in the nazi blitz…. while the police tried to force us back from a public square that we had every right to be in (although they had to admit that they were only making a “suggestion” when some of us pointed this out… didn’t stop em from nicking one woman though).
      Your “protests” *will* stop, sooner or later, because you’re a bunch of pissed-up wankers with the attention spans of gnats who will eventually implode in infighting, lose interest and drift away, and/or move on to outright BNP/NF/Nazi type activities and drop your “non-racist” figleaf. Although if you keep doing little provocative incursions into places like Whitechapel, those protests might stop for a different reason – i.e. one or a few of you getting really seriously injured or even killed. Is that what you’re actually looking for? An EDL martyr’s brigade?

  79. You’re determined to, what? March around in a big group until terrorism stops? Sound strategy, mate. I can see the direct correlation between a big group of people marching through, for example, Bradford city centre, each waving two England flags and wearing a third as a cape, shouting “Who the fuck is allah?”, and British Muslims not feeling rejected by western society.

    1) Get into a big group and intimidate Muslims.
    2) ???
    3) Terrorism stops.

  80. Rasta, we are very aware of the danger and we will not be intimidated.
    We do our utmost to keep control of protest and keep things peaceful but if attacked we will defend ourselves vigourously, many of our members, about 900, are service and ex service and can take care of themselves, should the need arise.
    Our numbers grow every day, so, no, EDL is not going away any time soon, rest assured of that.

    Your perception of EDL are what they are, I know that the majority of us are not racist or nazi.

    If this country ever gets to the stage that people get killed for protesting, well we all know what that will mean.

    We will leave the martyr’s to the Islamists.

    • You’ve never heard of Peterloo or Blair Peach or Kevin Gateley then, let alone Bloody Sunday.

      • Or Ian Tomlinson for that matter… not that Ian Tomlinson was protesting, by all accounts he didn’t even know the protest was going on initially, but nowadays just daring to be in the vicinity of a protest, whether knowingly or not, is apparently punishable by death via baton blows from behind from masked maniacs in uniforms. Who are apparently immune from prosecution on normal charges that apply to you and me, like, say, “murder”, or from any serious consequences whatsoever. To my knowledge the only cop involved in the G20 policing who has lost his job was the one who wrote on facebook or some such site that “my colleagues killed a man today.” Correct me if I am wrong…
        and by the way, Arthur, ask your beloved queen who you say shouldn’t “carry the sins of the fathers” or whatever, why she recently signed a queen’s order or whatever the not-even-pretending-to-be-democratic method is called, overturning the high court’s decision to allow the Chagos Islanders to return to Diego Garcia from which they had been forcibly expelled by the british gov’t in the 1970s (not the 1870s), using the same queen’s order, so that they could sell it to the U.S. to use as one of the main military bases sending bombers out to murder and maim innocent people in various theatres of war. It used to be a virtual paradise where everyone had their little plot of land and fished and played with their dogs, with whom they had a close bond, before the british gov’t rounded up all the said dogs and clubbed, poisoned and gased them to death, sending a clear message as far as the islanders were concerned: agree to leave and start a new life starving in a slum in Mauritius, or this’ll happen to you too. Lovely person your beloved queen is isn’t she.

  81. Can’t seem to post, am I banned.

  82. Rasta, I’m not going to argue with you re the Queen and other aspects of British history as I cannot see it would bear any fruit.

    You know, anarchists attacked the EDL first, we had nothing against anarchists, the left or unions until they attacked us.

    All over the net there are plans to confront the EDL in a more militant way, I take this to mean violent so we now plan to attend some of these, public meetings and to debate this issue and I mean debate, as in talk so don’t read between the lines.

    Our basic campaign is against is against extreme Islam and you too are against extreme Islam so on this issue we shouldn’t clash.

    • What you mean to say is “I won’t look into this or any other aspect of British history that might make me feel uncomfortable, in case I might have to change my long-held beliefs.”
      It’s intellectual cowardice pure and simple.
      Your (EDL’s) basic campaign is to unfairly single out and scapegoat Muslims and paint them all as extremists, and on this issue we will always clash. I grew up with Muslims (amongst many others), I hang out with Muslims (amongst many others) and regardless of any disagreements I might have with them I will stand shoulder to shoulder with them against the likes of you. (meaning EDL – I don’t know you personally to know how much you genuinely believe what you type, and how much you are choosing your words carefully to keep up the “we’re only against extremists” front of an organisation that has been largely funded by a wealthy extreme-right businessman, and fronted by an assortment of ex-BNP members/cokeheads/coke dealers, a so-called “Sikh” who is on the record saying that Muslims (not EXTREMIST Muslims, Muslims) should all “burn in fucking hell”, who seems to have a massive blind spot when it comes to honour killings, forced marriages etc. in the Sikh community (you could ask my friend who had to jump out of a window when she was 16 and sleep rough on the street to avoid being sent to the Punjab to marry some 50-something-year old she’d never met), etc.
      Arthur, I can’t see further discussion with you bearing in fruit, so adios.

    • There’s been an interesting thread on the EDL forum about what UAF might stand for.

      Some of the suggestions tend to undermine the EDL’s claims to oppose homophobia.

      The more comes out about the EDL, the less it looks like being against ‘extreme Islam’ is the entire truth.

    • Luther Blissett

      Arthur: “Our basic campaign is against is against extreme Islam and you too are against extreme Islam so on this issue we shouldn’t clash. ”

      Joe Bloggs/Homo Sapien: “(I know there is no moderate Islam)”

      Which of you represents most accurately the views of the EDL, Arthur?

  83. ‘Rasta’ and ‘Confused’ posts on July 1st – best posts I’ve read on EDL in a long time. Absolutely spot-on.

  84. Rasta
    you halfwit wanker fucking selective view of history, blatherin’ on and on about the evil white man and his slave trade without mentioning that the open slave trade was abolished to a great extent by abolitionist Britons and Americans. The ottoman turks only ceased the practice under the guns of the French and Royal navies. Africans that is black Africans still haven’t managed to finish off the disgusting practice. In fact, in Mauritania the justification for it’s continence is it’s acceptability and institutionalization in all five major schools of sharia.

    Your inability to recognize the ideological component of islamic extremism, viewing everything through a racial paradigm speaks more to your internalized racism than anything approaching the the beliefs of the vast majority of EDL membership. Muslims have dark skin, the white man is racist, therefore criticism and opposition to islam must be racist. You are sadly pathetic, and need to catch on no one owe’s you anything because your ancestors were fucked around. Every human on the planet has ancestors who endured slavery. Try letting go of your ideological myopia for an instant, and have a look at the the state of religious minorities in countries dominated by islam.

    • Cunt
      I am quite concerned about the state of religious (and non-religious) minorities in countries dominated by Islam. I wish I could go to Mauritania etc. with a machine gun and kill all the slave owners there. But I don’t live in Muaritania. This country (the one we both live in, unless you are another yank pretending to be a brit like the socalled “EDL anarchist”) is not dominated by Islam, and Muslims here are the main religious minority being scapegoated by ignorant fuckwits like yourself. I know loads of Muslims personally and I grew up with loads in my other country and none of them want to enslave me. I won’t bother to address your other comments as I have already done so on several posts on this site. Now go fuck a pig. You stupid, pathetic, ludicrous bunch of cunts…. just fucking die! Disappear! Go away!

  85. Your “other” country….. what the fucks’ that about? You are not even a Briton and you want to tell Brits what to do in their own country. fuck you …you fucking parasite …You living off benefits? Easy to live off other peoples money?innit? Scum, Here let’s sum up the arguments of mooching shits like you, I know a couple of muslims they’re good blokes…. so islam must be a religion of peace(they just don’t have the numbers) and they’re a minority so they must be in the right, yeah tell it to the little girls targeted because they are white, then groomed for work in prostitution, by muslim gangs Or rasta, you fucking nut licker, are you only against racism if it comes from whites toward brown and black? hypocrite… is that word to “big” for you..fuckin’ halfwit if the discourse is to much for you, and you can’t handle it find some gutter to crawl into stick a needle up your ass and shut the fuck up ….if i could go to mauritania….if i had a machine gun… if i could shot those nasty slave owners …if i could…if i could… rasta you are whine pathetic moronic little bitch. too fucking stupid to realize that attacking the slave owner won’t do shit …you want to destroy the practice of slavery you attack ideologies that support it. rasta you dim fuckwit

    • Being born in fucking Britain makes you a Briton, asshole. Have you ever heard of dual citizenship? No I am not living off benefits and I never have except once for two fucking weeks between jobs. Not that there’s anything wrong with being on benefits. Some people can’t physically work, would you rather they rob you? Actually that might be a good idea, especially if they kill you as well.
      And of course there are no white british pimps who ever groomed anyone for prostitution, right? And white brits don’t spend millions annually going to places like Thailand and the Phillipines to rape underage girls and boys, right?
      “if the discourse is too much for you….” ha ha ha ha ha ha
      Now fuck off and die a slow and miserable death you fucking pathetic cunt.

  86. No… being born in Britain doesn’t make you a Briton, anymore than being born on an island in Japan to Polish parents would make a baby Japanese. Jesus, you are fucking slow aren’t ya …if you’re a white geezer you are obviously the drooling sort that completely destroy the arguments for white supremacy put forward by racist scum, and if you are a black fella you’re obviously the twisted up, resentful halfwit, still a drooler, sort that make white non-racists think twice when considering the idiotic positions of the nf and bnp. So aside from wishing my death at the hands of disabled severely enough to be on benefits, robbers….can’t stop …laughing….rasta you are a fuckin’ moron my son, thicker than a mile thick plank. As for the pedophiliac scum travellin’ to Thailand and the Philippines, the Thais and Filipino have my and probably every other Brits blessing and encouragement to cut the filths’ bollocks off and feed the scraps back to them. What you miss is that these girls are being targetted because they are not muslim, and it’s not just white girls but black as well. You know if you came across as having more than a single braincell, that wasn’t completely occupied with keeping you breathing in and out of your mouth, I’d suggest you read sayed qtub’s book milestones for a little education in supremacist “cough” thought. What are you? your muzzie mates’ pet kafir, why not just get them to call you “nigger” means about the same.

    ““if the discourse is too much for you….” ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Now fuck off and die a slow and miserable death you fucking pathetic cunt.”

    It’s hard not to picture you gibbering, droolin’ and laughin’ to yourself as you with one finger type that shit, while with your other hand you play with yourself, rolling a nut between your grease fingers. Fuckwits like you rasta should stay away from computers it would be less embarassing and might help your obviously damaged self-esteem. The muzzies are in Britain as colonists and as the descendants peoples colonized by European powers constantly fucking tell us being colonized sucks ass. Or rasta do you only have a problem with colonization when practiced by whites?

    • Cameron:

      “No… being born in Britain doesn’t make you a Briton, anymore than being born on an island in Japan to Polish parents would make a baby Japanese.”

      It did until 1983. Britishness is negotiable.

      • Well ya learn something new every day… course the yanks are trying to rescind that now with their attempts to impose all-out fascism in Arizona… although I wonder if the fact that they’re being whipped up into hysterics about the “Muzzies” now will mean they’ll ease up on the “Mexicans” a bit… are the kkkloset kkklansmen kkkapable of having two different bogeymen at once, or will it overload their brain cells?
        The sheer fucking gall of those muppets daring to persecute Mexican/Central American people whose ancestors have been in the americas for several tens of thousands of years longer than they have would boggle the mind if you weren’t already familiar with it.
        (PS this is obviously not referring to all white americans, but IMO it is referring to 50-plus percent of them).

  87. (a) being born in Britain does in fact make you British. Like it or not, that’s the law.
    (b) Not that it matters, but I also have ancestry in Britain stretching back 1000’s of years.
    (c) I would have thought it obvious that I am a “black fella” (are you typing from Australia like how your mate the so-called “EDL anarchist” was typing from America?), especially since I have said so several times on this site if you could be bothered to look. I also have Celtic ancestry, as it happens.
    (d) re “Muslim gangs” targeting non-Muslim girls: first, I think you mean “gangs of people with ancestry in predominantly Muslim countries”, since I doubt that many of these people are devout Muslims. I have heard that this is an issue in some parts of the country (not around here). Such people should be killed, just like white british non-muslim pimps targeting underage girls of any race or faith should be killed. (Which I would bet happens just as or more often). The skin colour or supposed religion of the perpetrators should make no difference whatsoever. To say that Muslims in general are responsible for this issue is like saying that white brits in general are responsible for underage prostitution in Thailand. Most Muslims are not pimps just as most white brits are not sex tourists.
    (e) in talking about the “Muzzies” I know who I think are “decent blokes” but who really consider me their “pet kafir” or “nigger” (had to find an excuse to throw that word in there, dincha)… you seem to be forgetting that “Muzzies” come in all different colours and that, just like the rest of the population, 50-plus percent of them are women. Many of the Muslims I know are black African themselves, so if they were calling me “nigga” it’d more in a hip hop “my nigga” kind of way. I also know some Bangla, Pakistani and some *white* Muslims, and of course the Guyanese Muslims (mainly of Indian descent) who I went to school with in Guyana, along with the Christians, Hindus etc., certainly made no fucking difference to us kids. I know some “decent birds” who are Muslim along with some “decent blokes”. None of them are “supremacists”. I wouldn’t hang out with muslim supremacists any more than I would with white supremacists.
    (f) You do not understand the word “colonialism”. It means when one country takes over another and uses the people and resources of that country for its own purposes instead of theirs. Like what Britain did to Guyana until 1966 (which is not ancient history). Our whole country was pretty much owned by one family of rich white british cunts, the Bookers. We grew sugarcane and dug bauxite for them, not for us, and if we tried to go on on strike for a better wage they sent in the army to shoot us down in cold blood. That is colonialism. It is NOT colonialism when people from the former colonies move to the former colonial power that got rich off all their stolen labour (and end up working for longer hours in harder jobs, paying more taxes and claiming less benefits than white british people, on the average). It might make closet racists (and you are a racist) uncomfortable because every face on the street is no longer lily white with a british accent, but that’s y’all closet racists’ problem, not mine.
    No more engaging with you so if you choose to dribble out another reply you’ll only be talking to yourself.

  88. “(a) being born in Britain does in fact make you British. Like it or not, that’s the law.”

    No, that’s the United States, being born on British soil does not automatically make one a British Subject. You need to have at least one parent as a Subject.
    so you is Wrong, wrong and again wrong, watching too much Yank tv.

    “(b) Not that it matters, but I also have ancestry in Britain stretching back 1000′s of years.”

    Good for you, me too, fuckin’ brilliant isn’t it.

    “(c) I would have thought it obvious that I am a “black fella” (are you typing from Australia like how your mate the so-called “EDL anarchist” was typing from America?), especially since I have said so several times on this site if you could be bothered to look. I also have Celtic ancestry, as it happens.”

    I’m a visual artist and get to travel around quite a bit, had a show in OZ about 5 years ago, and right now I’m in Canada preparing for a show in Vancouver, British Columbia, next month or just after I’m off to New York for another one. Then back home to Edinburgh for a bit, and maybe visit family in Reading and Norwich, me Gran in Ipswich, before I schmooze my way over to Moscow and St. Petersburg and suck up to some up and coming curators over there for another show. See my Mum’s English and my Dad’s a cranky Scot. I don’t expect you to give a fuck about any of that because to you it would be irrelevant, as most of the shite that you write on this blog would be to me, as would be your Celtic ancestry. Unless that were a predominate part of your identity, where upon I’d embrace you as a brother, well if you weren’t quite so daft.

    “Muslim gangs” targeting non-Muslim girls: first, I think you mean “gangs of people with ancestry in predominantly Muslim countries”, no I mean muslims devout or not, doesn’t matter much as they are still brought up in a supremacist environment, let my simplify it for you although I doubt you could manage to get it. The vast majority Muslims at home and in the mosque are taught that they are better than non-muslims. That the daughters of non-muslims are essentially whores, Why I’m bothering to fucking explain this to an obvious fucking idiot fails me…. oh ya because morons like you have been belching and whinging on about the evils of British colonialism, imperialism, and racism for so long, the bile of your resentment towards …what is it? White people? Westerners? The British Empire? Creating fucking excuses for their own lack of accomplishment and failures, like did you ever cut sugarcane? or dig bauxite? If you did what does anybody who isn’t dead or senile in a nursing home fucking owe you you for it. The British Empire linked the world as never before, it destroyed the open slave trade for the first time in human history. Spread the the seeds of parliamentary democracy and the Enlightenment, was one of the most innovative and generous empires the world has ever seen.

    rasta, you dumb fuck, you are right on one thing muzzies like commies come in all colours and sizes, which makes accusations of “racism” irrational and hysterical as islam is a belief system like communism or catholicism.

    What is and isn’t colonialism? First off it’s a moving target, by that I mean the phenomena has manifest in a variety of ways throughout history rarely the same. The colonialism practiced by the ancient Greeks, was different than that practiced by the Romans, as was that practiced by my Celtic ancestors , or by my English fore bearers upon my Gaelic family, or by the British upon some of my Daughter’s ancestors in India. Yes, my Daughter is an Indo-Saxon Celt with the prettiest brown eyes you have ever seen. Her Mum is of Punjabi Sikh background, by way of Kenya and Uganda, with most of the family today liking in Coventry. Prit, my daughter would laugh her ass off if you were to tell her I was a racist, closeted or out in the open, though she might try it if I really pissed her off. The racist rasta is you because some asshole called you some shitty name, and maybe you don’t feel “English” you feel the need to denigrate the accomplishments and history of the British people. You are a demented and sad little twat and I would be more than happy if you would shut the fuck up and give up the bandwidth to some one with an opinion that isn’t consumed with the hard done by bile that dribbles out of your mouth. See you notice if a white man says “nigger” but have nothing to say about “kafir” says… a lot about you, boy(said with a heavy southern american like Mississippi accent) …lol I had to do that one.

    One more thing, marcus garvey was a self-important fat ass fantasist and haile selassie a cock sucking lttle dictator, who laughed at rastafari. But Sizzla, Beanieman, Lady Saw are fuckin grand. May Dancehall live forever.

  89. So this fucking twat is jet-setting it around the world while dissing people on benefits and trying to convince them that “the Muzzies” are the “real enemy”, whilst the clique of professional idlers at the helm of the Con-Dems prepare to take away what little safety net does exist for the poorest and most vulnerable people in society. And I must be grateful for the British Empire. And he can’t possibly be a racist because he impregnated an exotic Punjabi and has a brown-eyed daughter. Like Thomas Jefferson the slave-owning civil liberties advocate couldn’t have been a racist because he impreganted one of his barely pubescent slaves. Fuck outta here as they say in New York….
    There are certainly legitimate criticisms that could be made of both Garvey and Selassie, but for the likes of the cunt above, I think King Shango’s advice in the following video is quite appropriate: “dis Marcus Garvey, dem lose dem limbs….”…. so here’s some of dickhead’s beloved dancehall music… BTW for the record I do not agree with the homophobic songs this artist has (which he seems to have been avoiding over the past few years) but he’s still one of the greatest in my book:

  90. rasta …I thought you were not going to post anymore on this thread, not exactly good to your word are you. Kind of like your accusations of racism, constantly you seem to see everything through a racial paradigm. Is the Mother of my Baby a racist because she found my blue eyes beautiful? or she found me exotic? Am I not supposed to love my little girl because her skin’s a bit darker than mine? Seriously you dumb twat, does racism affects the way you look everyone? I get that you can’t see islam and opposition to it for what they are, twisted up as you are in your racist narrative. If you weren’t so pathetic and sad, I might be able to raise some pity for you, but you are so cancerously malignant…. fuck yourself. Why should anyone take you seriously? you said you were done with this thread and …back you are…what kind of lying shitsack are you? do you just deceive yourself, or do you get off on lying to others?

    As to my jet setting, lol, it’s work and how I support my family? I fucking worked my ass off, kept my integrity(well most of it), starved and sacrificed for years before I saw any return. I’m proud of what I’ve worked and sacrificed for if you don’t have that, feel envy and resentment about it, that shit will consume you not me. It’s your life if you want to be some sort of bitter resentful douche …your choice. The only people on benefits that I would diss would be the able-bodied and minded too lazy or possessing an overwhelming sense of entitlement because in the end they end up fucking over people who actually deserve help, giving ammunition to those who would destroy the safety net. you lying asshole.

    As far as islam goes don’t take anyone”s word for it one way or another, but islam isn’t a race it’s a belief system, a voluntary belief system… read sayed qtub, sayyid abul ala maududi, research the muslimbrotherhood and see how prevalent their influence is in british mosques, and how long they have been active in Britain, with not a word from the moderate muslim community till outsiders started paying attention. Stop eating shit from fucking morons like rasta, with an internalized racist axe to grind. You can be proud of England and Britain without being a member of the bnp, combat 18, or the national front. Long live Britain and the British people.

  91. For the record I said “no more engagement with [him]”, not that I wouldn’t post again on the thread. I wasn’t talking to him, I was talking about him.
    Anyway I’ll let him get on with his pressing engagements in New York etc., which probably involve running around with Pamela Geller et al and inciting crowds to attack anyone in a kufti (which hilariously resulted in them attacking a Jewish guy in a skullcap… well, it wasn’t hilarious for the Jewish guy obviously). He had better watch his in-laws, because American baying mobs are even more ignorant than British ones on the average, and as far as they are concerned people in turbans are Muslims, even if they actually happen to be fanatical anti-Muslims still out to settle scores from the partition conflicts of the 1940s.

  92. lol… rasta …you are a laughable twat, twisting more often in just a few paragraphs than a corkscrewing mountain road. You seem especially well versed in muzzie delusional propaganda, are you Black or pakistani? I’m mean first you hysterically call me a racist, when that doesn’t phase me, and really just becomes a demonstrate your racist obsession. First, you engage in pointless anti-Americanism, playing with the stereotype of the ignorant Yank, then refer derogatorily to the ignorant Brit, and then a sideswipe at Sikhs, assuming they’re the ones you refer to in “fanatical anti-Muslims still out to settle scores from the partition conflicts of the 1940s.” as my In-laws. Dim cunt rasta, you seem especially well versed in the bigotries, holding a couple yourself, and politics of the sub-continent.
    Where did you learn that? I get you are a racist, resentful and bitter toward White Brits, but assuming Sikhs hold anti-muslim views …well that requires a specific kind of prejudice, My Partner’s cousin, a nominal Sikh, is a huge reggae fan, calls himself a Rastafari all the time… rasta are you black like islamabad or karachi or lahore are black? That would make sense, usually only people deep in the islamic delusion are so irrational as to accuse others of engaging in racism and then consistently practice bigotry and racism themselves.

  93. I think anyone other than a delusional fanatic like the above would be able to see that my remark about Sikhs applied only to the miniscule minority of Sikhs who ahve affiliated themselves to the EDL due to shared hatred of Muslims, certainly not to Sikhs in general. Most Sikhs would have nothing to do with his lot. Certainly none of the ones I know.
    “The ignorant yank” is not a stereotype. Having spent over 12 years of my life in the U.S.A. – west coast, east coast and midwest – I think I’m qualified to say that. A large percentage (obviously not all) of Yanks are indeed highly ignorant and prejudiced. As demonstrated by the fact that they are presently running around getting into hysterics over the so-called mosque at so-called ground zero, burning Korans and attacking people because they “look Muslim” (even if they are actually Jews or Sikhs, or Rastas for that matter…. although they’d be better off leaving IandI alone, cos Rasta is non violent *except when it comes to self-defence* “if you don’t trouble me then I am meeker than a lamb, trouble me and I will turn into a lion RRRRAH…” (Macka B)

  94. That minuscule minority might be a bit bigger than than you think, rasta.

    You are a bit of laugh, in a mum and dad are first cousins for generations sorta’ way. Inbreeding not good for the family tree, no siree’ way. So now, I’m a, you say, a delusional fanatic, the racist thing not working out. You’ve suggested my death and kinda dismemberment a couple of times in this thread, I don’t recall if I’ve reciprocated don’t think so. Guaranty, I didn’t initiated but, would respond in kind. In fact that is part of my opposition to specifically, sharia as divine law, institutionalized slavery, and pederasty, fuck that. As well, the koran’s lack of history, unchanged since revelation, or the founder’s perfection, moral or otherwise, the qualification of religion subscribing to one of the schools of sharia to govern anything in Britain, or any Western country. It’s to easy to go on with reasons to find sharia and the life of mohammed, and his fraudulent religion repellent. I’m not attached to any religion, that it’s kept a private matter suits me fine. When a religion seeks to advance it’s own power, opposition seems the best path generally, when it looks like islam of the five sharia schools, the islam of qtub or maududi, or the muslim brotherhood. Fuck it….,while it sucks ass.
    I feel the same way about soviet communism, and the nazi state of old adolf.

    I’m quit clear, little sign of delusion of any kind. Actually rasta, you seem to hold a few contradictory views, engage in a fair bit of doublethink, especially around your ideas about race. The fact you can’t distinguish between a purely or better essentially a spiritual belief system and a combo of religious beliefs and supremacist political ideology. Containing in it Glorification of shaheed, or martyrs dying the cause of a religion, while killing others, that is a characteristic of a death cult, the most putrid kind of nihilism. Well, that’s just fuckin’ crazy.

  95. I’m sure Capleton has better things to do than to actually dismember Cameron for dissing Marcus Garvey. It’s dancehall music. So Cameron can stop worrying about ending up limbless. (Although it would have the positive effect of leaving him unable to type up his tirades).
    “I feel the same way about communism or the nazi state of old Adolf”… but apparently not about capitalism or the new Adolfs like Pamela Geller etc. etc. who he is aligned with. And not about Catholic (and other denomination) priests raping children and telling people in AIDS ravaged countries that using condoms will send them to hell, not about forced arranged marriages and honour killings in the Sikh and Hindu communities, not about the Israeli army bombing children, etc. etc.
    “Muzzies” are the only problem and all “Muzzies” are bad… PS Cameron should realise that he’s blowing the EDL’s cover here, doesn’t he realise he’s only supposed to be against “extreme” “Muzzies”?

  96. Who said I was a member of the EDL? Twat rasta needs some better quality ganja, leapin’ all over the place with assumptions and drivel… like guilt by association .. ala’ trying to connect me with Ms. Geller. Wonder if he likes it in reverse from his droolingly slavish defence of poor defenseless muslims, one could easily assume that he supports muzzies like that “moderate” eygptian cleric, we are so often told is quite influential, qaradawi the fucking toad. Tell me rasta…. which school of sharia do you follow the ones that say it is enough to just kill homosexuals or do they need to be tortured first, or are you the kind that says suicide bombing is cool if it happens in Isreal, but not kosher if it happens in London. Beat your women with an open had or a rod no thicker than your thumb?

    Now I’ve already stated the muzzies I oppose and why, but to the innocence of the rest, islamic supremacist material has been preached and been available for decades, just as the islamic supremacist organization the muslim brotherhood has been responsible for the creation of most national groups that claim to represent muslims in the UK, all of which happened under the eyes of the “moderate” muslim community with not a word of condemnation… till people started to take notice. “Commies” followers of a totalitarian political ideology, often accompanied by a cult of personality. “muzzies” followers of an arabian culturally imperialist totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion , often accompanied by a cult of death glorification.

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  98. EDL ARE ********

  99. EDL ARE ********

    yes they are

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